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					Password Safe Documentation

Password Safe allows you to safely and easily create a secured and encrypted user
name/password list. With Password Safe all you have to do is create and remember a
single "Master Password" of your choice in order to unlock and access your entire user
name/password list.
Password safe only works in Windows operating system.

The Master Password must be a strong password and kept safe. Remember that if
you lose access to this password you will lose access to the rest of your passwords.
You should follow the guideline for creating a strong password and change it

An alternative to Password Safe is Password Gorilla. It can be found here:
Password Gorilla works in Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.
Download Password safe here:
If you don’t have admin access, please submit a work request and a tech can install it for

Double click the installation file and follow the next few steps.
Locate the Password Safe
icon on your Desktop and
click on it

                                        Click on

                           Select where you
                           want the
                           pwsafe.psafe3 file to
                           be saved. In this
                           case, I saved it on
                           my c:/ drive
                     Enter a Master
                     Password of
                     your choice.
                     Read the
                     Attention notice
                     above before
                     doing so.

In case your
password is not
strong enough, you
will get notified.
Click on the ‘+’sign
to enter a new entry

                       Complete the
                       entry and
                       click ok to
                       save it
                              If your user name is
                              different for each entry click
                              ‘No’, also you can click on
                              ‘Don’t ask me again’

Your entry should now be saved. Exit the program by going to File -> Exit
Locate the Password Safe icon on your Desktop and start the program again.

                                                                        Click here to
                                                                        locate the
                                                                        file if it’s not
                                                                        already there

                                                                      Enter your
                                                                      Password and
                                                                      click ‘OK’
If you need help please contact:
Georgios Mousouros
Information Security Liaison


SBSTech at 621-1596