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SILVER BULLET                                            LT1 LJ TORRIE

                                                                                             performance street car
PLUS ONE MAD HILUX...                                    
            • Coming Up Next Month: Old School Hotrod Special.
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                                                                                        JH COOL EVAPORATIVE
                                                                                        MOBILE AIR COOLER
                                                                                         Cools up to 150 square metres of floor space.
                                                                                           Power Saving mode uses 80% less power.
                                                                                                     Increases Air Oxygen.
                                                                                          Perfect for workshops, sheds and outdoor
                                                                                         entertaining, with variable speed settings and
                                                                                            a remote control, you can’t go past the
                                                                                              JH Evaporative Air Cooler


                                             2.5HP HYUNDAI     3.0HP HYUNDAI                                    2.0HP Air
                                              Air Compressor    Air Compressor                                 Compressor                               3/8” Air Hose
                                                  HY2524             HYLB3015                                        WTD-2516TS
                                                 24L Tank           80L Tank                                          8L Tank                          15mx10mmx300PSI
                                                 $159               $880                                              $99                                     $159
                                                                                                                                                        3/8” Air Hose
performance street car


                                             2.5HP HYUNDAI     3.0HP HYUNDAI                                   12V 4x4 Air
                                              Air Compressor    Air Compressor                                 Compressor
                                                  HY2550             HYLB3017                                    WTCC12HD/2
                                                 50L Tank           100L Tank                                        100L Tank
                                                 $249               $990                                             $149

                           TRADE DEPOT                                 WA’s biggest stockist for HYUNDAI Air             Mob:     042 372 1331                Open Hours
                                                                Compressors, Generators, Petrol and Diesel Pumps.        Tel:     (08) 9274 8082              Mon-Fri : 8.30am - 5.00pm
                           29 Farrall Rd                         Full range of Welders, Air Tools, Consumables and       Fax:     (08) 9274 2627
                           Midvale WA 6056                                   Everything you need.                        Email:
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YSJ-3000                                                                                    YLJ-3600C
                      3000kg                                                                Gantry Lift
2 Post Lift
                     capacity                                                               4 tonne
   3 tonne

$2950                                                                                       $3400
 PHONE : ( 08 ) 9302 6800 • FAX ( 08 ) 9302 6844


                                                                                                            performance street car
                                                                                 & FITTED


  The                                                                9317 1988
Spoiler Shop                                            Unit 4/70 Norma Road, Myaree, Perth WA 6154
                         276 POWERED BY TRADING POST® MOBILE AND ONLINE

                          OH WHAT A FEELING
                                                                                                                                Words by Jon Grove
                                                                                                                                Pics by Leith Cowan

                          The latest model Hilux has become            the Hilux was now wearing some tough match its newfound look Jordan went a
                          incredibly popular and with more and         candy green flames and this was just see another mate Shaun from Grapnell
                          more getting modified, the old label of       the start to a big change.                Mufflers in Balcatta. Shaun fitted a
                          just being a work car is gone. Jordan                                                  three-inch system from the turbo back
                          Roche’s 2007 dual-cab turbo-diesel is        All the bar work was then removed with high-flow mufflers allowing the
                          a perfect of example of what can be          and sent to B&D Powder Coaters who turbo the breathe a little easier. Jordan
                          accomplished. Having never owned a           acid dipped everything before coating then fitted a K&N filter and a DP chip,
                          turbo-diesel before it was new territory     everything in matt black. “I sold off which really brought the turbo-diesel
                          for Jordan but after driving the petrol      the chrome bling wheels, headlights to life “best money spent recommend
                          model, it seemed the diesel had just         and taillights and bought 24-inch it to anyone with a turbo diesel”.
                          as much power yet managed almost             black Phang wheels, which the chrome
                          double the mileage per tank.                 inserts can be taken off for an all black With the exterior and the horsepower
                                                                       look” all thanks to Jordan’s mate John all sorted Jordan then turned his
                          Initially the Hilux received a set of 24-    at Tempe Tyres. The headlights and attention to the interior. The seats
                          inch chrome wheels, two-inch lift thanks     taillights were replaced with black units and doors were re-trimmed in black
                          to Brett at Wilkinsons Suspension, clear     with the windows receiving some new and grey, with Jordan fitting chrome
                          taillights, chrome Altezza headlights        black tint. Rally 4000 spotties are now surrounds on the factory gauges as
                          and a bling front grill. However this only   found on the bull bar, painted in black well the heater fan dials. Next up was
                          lasted six months before Jordan had a        of coarse with Monster stickers on the a set of Toyota genuine racing pedals
                          sudden change of heart and something         covers helping to tie in the flames.       that he had to get from Thailand, since
                          a little tougher came to mind. After                                                   they don’t sell them here. A custom
                          going to see James at Creative Works         Now in need of a bit more grunt to audio system was fitted starting with
performance street car
                                            POWERED BY TRADING POST® MOBILE AND ONLINE   277

a Pioneer DVD stereo with four-inch
yellow splits in the front and four-inch
splits in the back. A custom box was
made up to fit the Pioneer 10-inch slim
subs behind the back seat with two
Alpine amps under the front seat to
run it all. Two Sony Playstations found
there way into the glovebox, that are
connected to the two screens in the
back of the headrests, which Jordan
says is for the “screaming children”.

With so much going on you think this
Hilux wouldn’t get driven very much,
but you would be wrong. Jordan takes
the family out to Wedge Island fairly
regularly for some four-wheel driving
and Jordan’s wife Alisha also takes the
kids to school every day in the black
beast, though they call it the hot-
wheels truck.

Not to get bored Jordan has already
started thinking about the next project,
a 200 series Landcruiser with a twin-
turbo V8, candy apple red paint, billet
grill and a set of 26-inch rims. In order
to start that project though the Hilux
will have to depart, so if you interested
in a one of a kind Hilux call Jordan on
0409 849 841

                                                                                               performance street car
                         278 POWERED BY TRADING POST® MOBILE AND ONLINE

                            Specialists in F250 automatic
                            transmission upgrades,
                            recon’s and mod’s
                            Fully modified and upgraded, exchange
                            F250 transmissions in stock.
                            UPGRADE MODS INCLUDE;
                                                     thermo transmission coolers including
performance street car

                                                                                             Phone: 9240 1470

                                                                                             Balcatta’s only registered RAC Automatic Repairer
                                                 POWERED BY TRADING POST® MOBILE AND ONLINE           279

                              Phone: 08 9244 9699
                    60 KING EDWARD ROAD • OSBORNE PARK WA 6017
                  (Statewide Delivery Service) Email:
    To suit imports, Holden and Ford                                     F6
                                             PRESENT                   TURBO
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                                            ON TYRES
                                             & WHEEL
                                              (NEW ONLY)

                                                                                        NEW BA
                              • Minitrucks Chrome 16”-22”                           & BF F6 wheels
                                                                                   now available in
                               6 stud to suit all SUV & 4WD                            18” & 19”

                 e won’t • LAY-BY REPAIRS AND REJUVENATION
                   won’t           • TRADE/SWAP • WHEEL REPAIRS
               be be ate n
               be be
                              We can do the weird or unusual - just ask!

24 hour / 7 Day Service. Late model tilt trays for all towing/transport needs.                              performance street car
 We specialise in race/drag cars, show cars, project cars and daily drivers.
                               Fully Insured.

                        Ph: 0409 005 923
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                                                                                 STREET TORQUE
                                                                                       PERFORMANCE CENTRE

                                          LS1 / LS2 / LS3 PACKAGE SPECIALS
                                                                                                        PACEMAKER 4 INTO 1 EXTRACTORS, TWIN 21/2” EXHAUST SYSTEM, EXCHANGE PORTED
                            VT-VZ Package 1                                                             THROTTLE BODY, 4” INTAKE PIPE, FULL CUSTOM MAFLESS PCM TUNE TO SUIT VEHICLE
                                                                                                        MODS UP TO 340 RWHP .........................................................................................................               $2300
                            VT-VZ Package 2                                                             AS PER PACKAGE 1 AND CUSTOM GROUND CAMSHAFT DOUBLE VALVE SPRINGS AND
                                                                                                        RETAINERS ...............................................................................................................................   $4500
                             VE Package 1                                                               4 INTO 1 EXTRACTION HIFLOW CATS, TWIN 3” EXHAUST SYSTEM, OTR COLD AIR INTAKE
                                                                                                        AND FULL CUSTOM MAFLESS TUNE TO SUIT VEHICLE MODS UP TO 400 RWHP .............                                                              $4800
                             VE Package 2                                                               AS PER PACKAGE 1 AND CUSTOM GROUND CAMSHAFT DOUBLE VALVE SPRINGS AND
                                                                                                        RETAINERS UP TO 450 RWHP .................................................................................................                  $6800
                            VT-VZ LS1                   CAM ONLY PACKAGE ................................   $2350                                 VE MAFLESS TUNES ............................................................................ $900
                            VT-VZ MAFLESS TUNE ................................................................. $600                             BA-FG TUNING NOW AVAILABLE
                                 UNIT 4, 15 ALLOA ROAD ~ MADDINGTON •                                                                                             PHONE 0405 345 906

                           IMPROVE YOUR FUEL ECONOMY!
                           INCREASE YOUR POWER!                                                                                                                                                            Drive one.

                           CUSTOM TUNES $900

                                                                                                                                                                           FPV COBRA
                                                                                                                                                                                            LIMITED EDITION
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Only 15,000 KMS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Enhanced Exhaust & Suspension
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         2007 - COBRA 196

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ONLY 250 BUILT
performance street car

                           XR5 TURBO MODIFICATIONS
                                 AVAILABLE AT                         PERFORMANCE
                           BLACK MAC PERFORMANCE                       EQUIPMENT
                                         HAVE YOUR CAR SERVICED BY OUR
                                         FACTORY TRAINED TECHNICIANS.
                                                                                                                                           SMS: D5046 to 0429877678 to view our full range via phone
                                                                               Unit 1/38 Russell Street,
                                                                                  Morley W.A. 6062                                                                                       THE ALL NEW
                                                                             Ph 9275 1333 Fax 9375 9019
                                                                                                                                              239 WALTER ROAD, MORLEY
                                                                                                                                                       (CNR RUSSELL ST) DL2871
                                                           POWERED BY TRADING POST® MOBILE AND ONLINE                    281

                                 UNIT 3 - 21 VALE STREET, MALAGA
         Telephone: 9248 7433
    Specialising in: Late Model & JDM Vehicles
                                                                   • Log Book Servicing
                                                                   • Performance Upgrade Packages
                                                                   • 4WD/2WD Dyno Tuning
                                                                   • Performance Engine Builds

Australian Cosworth
Distributor, Many Subaru/
Mitsubishi Cosworth parts in stock.

                                                                                         4” TURBO


                                                                                                                               performance street car
          Falcon Sedan
          left and right
                                         Falcon Sedan
                                                             V8 FG Falcon Range Exhaust Systems
            hand exit
             system                     system standard
                                            side exit

                                                                 • Mandrel bent stainless steel • Bolt-on precision fitment
                     Retail and trade enquiries welcome.                       • Utilising OE bracket positions for fitment
                            Call now for more info!
                                                                                                       What’s Available?
              Phone 1300 659 602                                            BA – FG, XR6, XR6 Turbo, XR8/GT, Ute and Sedan
                         282 POWERED BY TRADING POST® MOBILE AND ONLINE

                           SILVER BULLET
                                                                                                                 Story by Jon Grove
                                                                                                                 Photos by Brian White

                            There is something about building a         of black and silver with modified Hilux Transgo Stage 2 shift kit and fronted
                            car yourself that makes the build that      Surf seats replacing the factory units.   by a 3500rpm lock-up torque converter.
                            little bit more special. Knowing that it                                              With the gearbox all done and ready for
                            was your blood, sweat and tears that        Not very popular in Australia is the some strip action the final piece in the
                            went into the car to make it what it is.    Chevrolet LT1 engine that now resides puzzle was the diff. Phil at Final Drive
                            Darren Kerr’s 1972 four-door Torana is      in the engine bay. “Anyone contem- was commissioned to build a short-
                            the perfect example of what can be ac-      plating using it must know that get- ened nine-inch to suit, with Moser 31-
                            complished yourself.                        ting performance parts in Australia is spline billet axles, a steel hat LSD and
                                                                        almost impossible”                        heavy duty clutches. Helping slow the
                            Now Darren will be the first to say he       Stretched out to 383ci thanks to a Scat back wheels is a set of VZ HSV single
                            couldn’t have done it without the help      forged crank and H-beam rods with piston calipers clamping onto 315mm
                            of some of the best in business but Dar-    Lunati forged pistons finishing of the rotors, while up front StubTech two-
                            ren tackled the bodywork, assembly          assembly. The heads were modified to inch drop spindles hold 330mm rotors
                            of the engine, the wiring, fabricating      handle a bigger Comp Cams roller cam being clamped by VZ HSV twin-piston
                            suspension components and custom            with a BBK 1000cfm twin 58mm throt- calipers.
                            fabricated an aluminum dash. Before         tlebody finishing of the intake system.
                            becoming a Managing Director at a           The interesting part of these engines is, While we are on the exterior, look-
                            mining supply company Darren was a          like a Ford, the dizzy is in the front of ing down the side of those stunningly
                            welder/machinist, which made things a       the engine, which makes for something straight panels is what really puts this
                            bit easier. Darren filled the dash with      a bit different. The ignition system was Torana on a different playing field. With
                            Auto Meter Phantom gauges, with the         swapped for a full MSD Optispark dizzy, help from Sam and Cassie Rhodes from
                            interior the finding a Billet Specialties    Digital 6 controller, coil and leads.     Vulcan Panel and Paint the body was
                            steering wheel mounted to a Flam-                                                     prepped to a show quality before be-
                            ing River steering column and a B&M         To handle all that new found horse- ing covered in Mercury Silver by Nick
                            Stealth Pro Ratchet shifter. The interior   power the 4L60E needed to be heav- Sassi. The colour suits chrome pieces
                            was then re-trimmed by GK Trimmers          ily modified. With Alto HD clutches, perfectly, partically those 17-inch Boyd
                            and Johns Motor Trimmers in a mixture       Beast sun gear shell, Kevlar bands, a Magneto rims. Measuring 17x7 up front
performance street car
                                              POWERED BY TRADING POST® MOBILE AND ONLINE   283

and 17x10 in the rear all wrapped in
Federal tyres.

With the Torana seeing a few trips down
the quarter with a little bit of giggle gas
thrown in, a set of 90/10 race shocks
have been fitted under the front of the
car, with QA1 adjustable coil overs in
the rear. With only a 75hp shot of ni-
trous Darren has already run a 11.08
but not really wanting to fit a cage the
full potential is still unknown.
“A mention to Sam and Cass Rhodes,
Dustin Rhodes, Nick Sassi, Garry at
GK Trimmers, Danny at Performance
Modifications, Phil at Final Drive, Keith
at W.A Transmissions John at Johns
Motor Trimmers. Last but not least is
Steph who regardless of the money or
my many moods throughout the build
gave me constant support and encour-
agement which without the LJ may
never reached where it is today”

So with more than few awards on the
shelf at home and a garage holding one
of the best Torana’s in WA you think
Darren would be more than satisfied.
However next on the agenda is a HK-
T-G ute with late model HSV running
gear, “A car you could jump into and
drive to Albany in”

                                                                                                 performance street car
                         284 POWERED BY TRADING POST® MOBILE AND ONLINE

                                       Prestige Sunroofs W.A.
                                           9317 1944

                                                       One stop sunroof shop – all types of
                                                        sunroofs installed and repaired.
                          Come and see

                            WA's No.1 Sunroof Centre
                            1a Shields Crescent, Booragoon WA 6154 - M: 0414 782 386 - Ph: 9317 1944


                                           heel Deal
                              17" Tyre & W                                               175/70 x 13       from $79
                                   from $1350                                            185/65 x 14       from $92
                                                                                         205/65 x 15       from $95
                                                                                         225/50 x 16    from $135
                                                                                                        from $169
performance street car

                                                                                         235/45 x 17
                                                                                         31.10.5 x 15RV from $189
                                                                                         Also Alloys, Lowering & Brakes

                                                                                          Bring in this advert to
                                                                                          receive FREE $30.00
                                                                                           voucher with every
                                                                                          2-4 tyre purchase for
                                                                18" Tyre & W               balance or rotation.
                                                                             heel Deal
                                                                     from $1750
                                                                                            Ask for Cookie!

                           Ph 9409 8182                             2/11 Prindiville Drive, Wangara 6065
                           Fax 9309 1234                                
                                               POWERED BY TRADING POST® MOBILE AND ONLINE   285

Darren Kerr
1972 LJ Four Door

-   383ci LT1
-   BBK 1000cfm twin 58mm throttlebody
-   Modified LT1 heads
-   Comp cams hydraulic roller
-   Scat 5.7in H-beams
-   Comp cams pro Magnum roller
-   Lunati forged racing pistons
-   Scat forged crank
-   Comp cams beehive springs
-   2.00in, 1.55ex
-   Castle Auto extractors, magnaflow
-   MSD digital 6 controller, leads and coil
-   Optispark dizzy

-   4L60E electronic 4-speed
-   3500rpm lock-up torque converter

- Shortened 9in, 31-spline billet axles,

 LSD Suspension
-   HD V8 springs
-   90/10 race shocks(f), QA1 adjustable
    coil overs (r)
-   StubTech 2in drop spindles

                                                                                                  performance street car
-   Brakes VZ HSV twin-piston calipers with
    330mm rotors (f), VZ HSV single piston
    calipers with 315mm rotors (r)
-   Master cylinder Wilwood

Wheel & Tyres
-  Federal 205/40/17 (f), 275/40/17 (r)
-  Boyd Magnetos 17x7, 17x10

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