EASTERN MASS. GMO CHAPTER
                                                   August 2002volume 11 issue 5

ROCKET POWER NEWSLETTER!! Last one if dues are not paid by 8/15

    PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE                    WE DID IT!         WE ALL DID IT!
It would be cool if the Berejiks would     Oldsmobile was the most represented
lead our caravan from Berejiks             automobile at the Endicott show on
Oldsmobile      on     Aug.     11th  to   July 14th.       We had 47 in our
Alderman Oldsmobile. It would be a         Oldsmobile section and 13 more
GRAND FINALE.       The Berejik family     scattered at other locations. A total of
has put much time and money into this
                                           60 Oldsmobiles Thank you to
club and held fabulous shows at their
dealership for many years. Most people
                                           everyone who came and/or brought a
do not realize this. They have truly       car. Some were by accident and some
helped to make the Oldsmobile name         by intent but it was a great show! It all
well respected and known. A Shelby         started months ago with our board
would look cool leading our group to       members drafting Oldsmobile owners
Alderman!                                  into our club. Most of you also sent
Our board hopes to see a great             names and addressed to me to add
showing, with all of us wearing our        to our list. From that point on each
GMO shirts.        We will make our        new member got our complimentary
presence known.         Be ready New
                                           newsletter, which highlights key shows
England Olds Club, we are coming
in force !                                 and cruise nights designed for
Steve Minore, be worried! We have          Oldsmobile owners.( we now ask you
some really nice cars coming to your all   to send $10.00 so we may continue
Oldsmobile show on Aug. 11th.          I   to send them to you)
heard that Glen Johnson #079 is             After that your board members
going!                                     attended several meetings with the
Bunjie, Arthur Bonneau and Linda           fabulous and dedicated members of the Bay
are hoping to be at the Alderman show,     State Auto Club, of which some of us are
maybe bringing a freshly restored ’71      members as well.
Red W-30 442 convertible ???         The   On Saturday, myself and Dave Johnson
editor would be thrilled to see it!.       arrived at Endicott to secure our spot and
A WORD FROM YOUR EDITOR…. Paul             help out. It is crucial to pre arrange these
Iantosca                                   things because on the day of the show, the
                                           cars come quickly. We needed to arrange
“Military    vehicles   were               our helpers especially to inform all Oldsmobile
needed to guard all the                    Owners that they are invited to the all
                                           Oldsmobile section for the purposes of
beautiful OLDSMOBILES on                   socializing and meeting other Olds owners
site due to record crowds! ‘’              who share common interests and might have
                                           good information. It was also great because
peers with other Oldsmobiles were judging        Speaking of thank you, “thank you” Arthur
us.                                              Bonneau (Bunjie) and his wife Linda for
Dave and I picked a shady and breezy area        attending     and      answering    everyone’s
under some trees (we could have parked 2         restoration questions.       Many discussions
more cars there) and a common meeting,           were taking place with all sorts of information
resting and lounging spot was established for    being traded. We had people who wanted to
everyone’s enjoyment. Dave and Amanda            buy and sell (a 1970 official Hurst Pace Car
Johnson had an inexhaustible supply of           convertible anyone? only $42,000). (see
drinks and sandwiches for anyone who would       picture) Doug Stavros tried it on for size but
accept one. Thanks Amanda! Then of               the owner would not take his check.? Oh
course we got to sample the most delicious       well.      (see special 72 Hurst Olds
homemade blueberry muffins baked by Karen        suppliment)
Santucci. I think Rich helped make them,         David Perone and his Hurst 1969 HO 455
but he won’t admit it. They were better than     arrived with his wonderful and cheery
the Jordan Marsh blueberry muffins of years      daughters Natalie and Kristen. They were
ago. I forced myself to quit after 3- yum!       the best – and mom- he took great care of
                                                 the girls. Thanks girls for letting every
The point is anyone who arrived with an Olds     enjoy your car. This car was not at a show
was greeted at the gate by our members,          in 3 years..Dave brought it just for us.
then after being parked in a location of their   Richie Spears was at his usual spot next to
choice they were encouraged to join under        us ,under his own tree ,selling lots of great
the trees for muffins and snacks. Beer was       parts. He was so busy he told me he did not
also available, non-alcoholic of course –right   get to see all the cars. Richie said that in his
!! We were all there, weren’t you? Why not?      20 years at Endicott he’d never seen so many
As you can see we got some great pictures of     Everett Horton came with his extended
owners and many new names thanks to Ryan         family and they brought three great cars. One
Long, our writer and new member. Ryan            was a 63 Starfire, a 69 442 and a 71 Cutlass
was able to (are you ready) get 35 NEW           convertible. Call him for any parts you might
members added to our list. This is how we        need. He also does a great job chroming
grow. We reach out to all the Oldsmobile         bumpers and he is very honest (see his ad).
owners who might not know of our club and        George Touzos showed up with a complete
its events. These new members can join us        new interior in his red 70 442 convertible. It
at our club meetings, shows and special          looks great George!
events. Oh yeah, they also get this highly       Another couple we met at Riley’s the night
collectible newsletter to keep- DO NOT           before came all the way up from CT. Don and
THROW THESE OUT! SAVE THEM!                      Ruth Jack with their ’53 red Olds ninty
I almost forgot to mention that Frank, who       eight. (see picture)
organized the show, originally only gave us      There was a gorgeous ’72 Hurst Olds
only 27 spaces We had intended to move the       convertible that arrived. Heads really turned
V W area if we had to, however at 9AM and        for this and there were many other examples
not a moment too soon, the V W area was          of perfectly restored cars. We had many ’71
moved and Oldsmobile was allowed to take         442 w-30s and 70 w-30s on display. It was
its proper place at the show. We even got the    really great to see all the owners who did not
military vehicles to relinquish some of their    know each other before the show, all sharing
space (see pictures). In the end we had a        information and becoming friends. That is
FULL house. Thank you to everyone. .             what this club is all about!
Did you know that their club president, Bob      Remember…. If your 2002-2003 dues
Di Dominico, has a 1962 Oldsmobile               are not paid by August 15t 2002, we
Starfire. Oh ya, he is now on our list!
                                                 will not be able to send the
September Olds newsletter.                So.,     Don and Ruth Jack, who drove all the way
please remit today..Thanks!!                       up from Stratford CT in their shining 1953
                                                   Oldsmobile ninety-eight Holiday, about a 150
                                                   mile drive. This antique auto originated in
 SEND DUES TO :                                    Connecticut, and its original owners lived
Paul Iantosca                                      across the street from where Ruth lived in
21 Ingleside Rd                                    years past. As I walked away from Ruth and
Needham, Ma 02492                                  Don, I saw a familiar car that my Grandfather
                                                   used to drive when I was quite young, a 1985
                                                   Oldsmobile Cutlass. Keri and Bill Riely
Editor of Newsletter
                                                   owned this specific one, and it was a beauty.
_______________________________                    Finally I got to speak to the owners of the car
               Letter to the editor                that caught my eye as soon as I walked in.
I went to Rileys auto cruise on Saturday night     The antique jade green 1971 442 W-30 that
July 14 and I had never been there before, so      was owned by Rich and Karen Santucci.
I didn’t know what exactly to expect. I knew       The color was the first thing that I noticed
one thing though, we couldn’t have asked for       because I had never seen that shade of
better weather. I got a bit lost on my way         green before, it was magnificent. This 4
there, but when I saw two early seventies          speed manual 455ci was purchased on New
442’s followed by a 57 chevy, I knew if I          Years day of 1999 in New Jersey by Karen
followed them I would be ok. Pulling up to a       and Rich . It is truly a remarkable car.
parking lot filled with classic cars everywhere,   All in all, the Oldsmobile people I met were
I got a nostalgic feeling about me. Hearing        extremely kind and I thank them for making
the throaty exhausts approaching from down         me feel at home. Hopefully I will get to see
the road and the purring engines idling while      them again and meet the people I didn’t get a
waiting to turn into the lot, I felt like I was    chance to speak with. The next step is for me
transported back in time. There had to be at       to save my money and get my own car so I
least 800 cylinders, 200 exhaust pipes and         can truly be a part of the fellowship of
over 40,000 horsepower all packed into             Oldsmobile owners. Ryan Long
Rileys parking lot with a lot of cars spilling
over into adjacent lots. What more could a
                                                               Letter to the editor
guy ask for? Oh yeah, food!
As I stepped into Rileys, I was greeted by
numerous snapshots of some remarkable              At first when I was asked to get to the
vehicles and a smell usually corresponding to      Endicott estate by 6:30am on a Sunday, I
the beach, fried food. They had everything         had my reservations, but once I got there I
from burgers to chicken, roast beef to fried       realized how much fun I was going to have.
fish and onion rings, and it was great. I got      After I found a parking space, I took a look
the clam strips, which were delicious, and         around and saw Paul Iantoscas 1970 442
was definitely satisfied with both the food        convertible with the G.M.O. sign on the door.
itself and the portion. When I had finished        It was picture perfectly perched on a hill in the
eating I spoke to some of the great people         corner by some nice shady trees. Shortly
who owned those great cars.                        after my arrival we were pleasantly surprised
        The first gentleman I spoke to was Ted     to find out that the section for VW’s was
Loranz who was standing next to his vibrant        moved elsewhere so we had more room for
red 1965 442 convertible. After Ted gave me        all those Oldsmobiles that were beginning to
his card, I knew he was a serious                  trickle in.
Oldsmobile fan because he had color                Soon after, there was a steady stream of
pictures of his cars on the back. Hopefully        autos pouring in, and it looked like it would
some day I will get to see the rest of his cars    never end. Before long, Dave and Amanda
in person. The next people I spoke to were         Johnson drove up in their 1971 black w-30
442, shortly followed by Rich and Karen            James Overko, Frank St. Elmo, and Larry
Santucci in their antique jade green 442.          Scott. I apologize to anyone whose name I
Next was Ted Loranz in his 1965 442                left out.
convertible, and after that I lost track. I do     All things considered, it was a great day. I
remember seeing Ruth and Don Jack with             saw hundreds of beautiful cars and met many
their 1953 ninety-eight holiday, whom I met        wonderful people. We had the weather on
the previous evening at cruise night at Rileys.    our side and all together there were 47
Oldsmobile’s were flooding the once vacant         Oldsmobiles, more than any other kind of
section of grass and I had a hard time             car, representing three great decades of
keeping track of who was coming in. We had         quality machinery. Hope to see you there
cars from the 50’s 60’s and 70’s and they          next year!
were      all   magnificent,    including   two    Happy Motoring,          Ryan Long
Indianapolis 500 pace cars from 70 and 72.                          Letter to the editor
After the rush of cars let up a bit I glanced at   And the legend of the spray bomb… Satin
what was, merely hours before, an open field       black, need I say more? It is the only black
of grass. Now it was a sea of cars, whose          spray paint you should be using on your Olds!
different shapes and sizes made it look like       Not gloss, not flat and not semi.
waves on an ocean with white caps of               I prefer VHT Rollbar Chassis satin black
convertible tops. The sight was breathtaking.      available locally at Consumer Auto Parts
There were vendors selling everything from         (C.A.P) for $4.99. It goes on thick, doesn’t
original 8-tracks that were handed out by the      run, and I have three C.A.P stores within five
dealership upon purchase of a brand new            miles (I use a lot of it). East woods
vehicle, to hard to get parts for almost any car   undercoating gone. Spray it on and watch it
you could imagine. There was great food            disappear. This stuff really works. Firewalls
including ribs, chicken, Italian sausages, cold    and frame rails that are loaded with
beverages and even ice cream trucks. It was        overspray, and undercoating are now ready
truly fun for the whole family.                    for restoration. There is a whole bunch of
After I had taken it all in, I got a chance to     neat items and paints in Eastwoods’ catalog.
speak with Mike Pavone, who brought his            Silver Cad and Detail Grey work great for me.
1969 Hurst/Olds. This car was actually the         You can call (800)-345-1178 for a catalog.
cover car for “Muscle Car Magazine” in             Olds 455 Blue; do not even think about
1993. When I asked if he drove it regularly,       getting it at a parts store or paint shop. Olds
Mike said he did, there is no use to have          Blue is exclusive and it is not the same as GM
such a nice car just to keep it locked up in a     Blue, Pontiac Blue or-sorry to use the ‘F’
garage all the time. You might as well enjoy       word-FORD Blue. Buy yours from Fusick
it. He purchased it January first, 1999 from       Automotive in East Windsor, CT. You can
New Jersey.                                        call (860)-623-1583 and ask for a FREE
I met so many kind people and saw so many          catalog. I recommend these guys because
remarkable cars and would like to thank            they only do Olds, and they do it right.
everyone for being so friendly to me. Also, I      Kar Kare Aluminum Silver is the closest thing
would like to thank all the people who gave        to Argeat Silver, and it works well when
me their names and addresses so as to be on        cleaning up ‘68-’72 442 Grilles and taillight
our mailing list. Those people are: Doug           assemblies. I also use it on my windshield
Rotundi,       Carole     Pawnsworth,      Mike    wiper motors. Most wiper motors on the
Boutiette, Jack Farrell, Al Fanara, Dan            firewall still function but suffer from the crusty,
Harple, Ray Tracy, Phil Cafarella, Laura           scaly look, making them unattractive and lost
Lamp, John Votta, Howard Lau, Steve                within the wiring harness.
Depanphilis, Robert Arakelian, Kevin               The lord said unto thee…let there be light!
Hayes, James Dean, Dennis McConville,              Bring that baby back to life with Kar Kare
Tony Roy, David Wolfson, Ruth and Don              silver on the top section and K-Mart chrome
Jack, Steve Economou, Ralph Perone,                spray for the bottom bulb section. For about
$9.00 and 20 minutes of your time, you can       Please       send $10.00 if you
be styling.
Do not forget to scrub and degrease
                                                 have not done so.---------------
everything before you paint.         Greased     ----------
lightning degreaser is cheap (that means you     • Current membership in OCA
can use a lot of it).       It is available at      required!
Wallgreens or Walmart. Green Scrubby pads        • Newsletter     Published     7
are also needed to scuff the surface so paint
will adhere.                                        times /year!
Remember, when painting your firewall (satin        (G.M.O. Officers)
black) do not paint over your crayon or          PRESIDENT      Dave Johnson
stamped alphabet code. TAPE THEM UP! If          VICE PRESIDENT Doug Stavros
you do not think they are valuable, someone      MEMBER SEC. Amanda Johnson
else will.                                       SECRETARY         Paul Iantosca
Finally, Cast blast is the best stuff I have     TREASURER         Kevin P. Crotty
found. High heat 1200 degrees works well on      CLUB REP     Everett Horton
exhaust manifolds, master cylinders, power       EDITOR       Paul Iantosca
steering pumps and hood hinges.
Hope this article stimulates some brain cells.
Keep in mind I’m just a backyard, junkyard        ABOVE: Bunjie, Rich Santucci, and Bob Korte
dog, Mickey Mouse mechanic with an               BELOW: Cassie Murphy, Al Fanara, Howard Lau,
addiction for the preservation of a true                and Karen & Richard Santucci
gentlemen’s muscle car.                                SHOWS AND EVENTS
Doug Stavros VP                                  August 10, 2002 – Cruise Night @
                                                 Riley’s Roast Beef in Framingham at
             YEAR ADVISORS                       4 pm.
1937                 Russell Geer (#35)           August 11, 2002 – At Alderman
1947                 Alfred Maurer (#109)        Oldsmobile, Meridan CT 8AM –3PM:
1948                 John Erkkila (#39)          For this event, we will meet at
1953                 Stan Kana (#10)             Berejik’s         Oldsmobile         in
1955                 Louie LaBella (#89)         Needham,Ma@ Exit 19 ,off Rt 128,
1959                 Bill Stearns (#16)          at 7:30 AM . Head in the opposite
1961 Full Size       Everett Horton (#99)        direction of MUZI FORD. Go to 1 st
1961 64 Cut/F-85     Bruce Sweeter (#1)          light and see Berejiks on right
1962 Full Size       Bruce Sweeter (#1)          side.We will caravan to the show!
1964 Full Size       Bill Stearns (#16)           Usually at least 15 members come,
1966 4-4-2           Jack McDevitt (#41)
                                                 we have 14 as of now we hope you
1967 Cut/F-85        Manuel Leitao (#179)
                                                 are coming with us too!
1969 4-4-2/W-30      Glenn Johnson (#79)
1970-72 Cut/F-85     Alan Reedy (#25)             Plan on it, its an easy ride and is a
1970-72 4-4-2 W-30   Paul Iantosca (#05)         lot of fun. Excellent Oldsmobiles
1973-74 Full Size    Edward LaBlanc (#53)        from 5 states are on display. The
1984 Toronado        Mark Ringer (#123)          New England Oldsmobile Club runs
1987 4-4-2           Mike Laudarowicz (#15)      the show.
                                                 (A registration form will be in the
Membership Dues are DUE                          July newsletter for you to send in!)
NOW!  $10.00..send in now                        Mark your calendar and tell the family
.                                                today! August 11th Sunday
                                                 ABOVE: Kevin Lewtas Gazing at Editor’s 1970
                                                 442 Convertible
BELOW: Cruise Night @ Riley’s July 13th.        15    1968 Olds 442-Coup Gold with black interior-
Cars were in attendance from our club!                very nice! Auto, only 43,000 miles, asking
                                                      1996 Olds Aurora Black on black, chrome rims,
                                                      CD, moonroof, 63K miles, very clean car
                                                      $10,500 call Doug 978-973-3882 for the above
                                                      mentioned cars.
ABOVE: VP Dpug Stavros                                1971 Cutlass Convertible Texas car needs
BELOW: Pres Dave Johnson & Rich Santucci              restoration but is a very solid starting point.
                                                      350 automatic, buckets, console, SSII’s. Prior
                                                      owner started frame off, frame and suspension
                                                      done, engine rebuilt. Perfect trunk and floor
                                                      pans. $3,000 Jeff 860-651-6291 or 860-205-
                                                      1976 Olds Regency 98 60,000 miles, great
                                                      ride $5,000 Richard 401-353-9559 at Home or
                                                      401-677-0900 for Cell.
                                                      1967 Cutlass 4dr, Nice Driver, best offer
                                                      Richard 401-353-9559 at Home or 401-677-
                                                      0900 for Cell.
           CARS FOR SALE                              1967       Oldsmobile       Cutlass    Supreme
                                                      Convertible Red w/ black top and interior, 330
1971 Cutlass Supreme A North Carolina car this is a   V8 auto trans. PS+PB Much recent work. Runs
fully documented 3 owners vehicle with names and
                                                      great,     clean,    sharp,   turnkey     cruiser:
#s available. Frame up restoration 2 years ago-
absolutely flawless.    Everything correct-Rootheer   $8,500/obo. Call Steve Bailey days @ (508)-
brown metallic with white top and interior. Runs      653-1194 or nights @ (508)-429-5443. Keep
perfectly and needs 0 work! Call Paul Iantosca @      Trying!
(617)-543-0777 for a bargain at $10,500.              __________________________________
__________________________________________            1971 Olds ‘98’ Coupe Arizona Car, 120,000
1966 Olds Starfire Sport Coupe Only about 2,000       miles.     Rust free-Drives and looks GREAT!
Starfires were manufactured from ‘61-’66. 425 C.I.    $1,600 cash
375 hp. V8 with dual exhausts. Power steering,        Call Rich Spears (617)-361-3461
breaks and factory air-all in excellent condition.
101,379 original miles. Breaks, exhaust, radiator,
                                                      1970 Olds Toronado GT
hoses, water pump, battery, tires and front end
                                                      455, A/C Power seat, steering and antenna. Tilt
have all been replaced in the last 5 years.
                                                      and telescope, solid car in need of TLC. $4000
Reupholstered seats and carpeting redone.
                                                      Call      Bill    860-763-3134      or     E-mail
Body sanded to metal and repainted factory
original color in 1995 and chrome is still in
excellent condition. The original car invoice is
                                                      Special Collectible Cars For Sale
in the glove compartment. A person on Cape
                                                      The following cars are in a dealership in PA.
Cod purchased the car from the original owner
                                                      They were taken in on trade and kept. I was
in 1985 and the current owner purchased it
                                                      asked by the dealer to sell them. Serious
from him on 6/28/86 with 70,051 original miles.
                                                      inquiries only:
For assistance in determining value go to
                                                      1940 Olds 60 Series 23,000 orig miles
http://www.nadaguides.com/ and view classic cars.
                                                      1955 Olds S-88 Holiday Sedan 21,000
Priced a $9,500 by John (no phone number
                                                      original miles
given by seller)
                                                      1972 Hurst Olds Coupe w/ e/fc moon roof
                                                      8,900 original miles
1967 Olds Toronado for restoration or parts.
                                                      1975 Delta Conv 35,000 original miles
Runs good, best reasonable offer. Please call
                                                      Call Everett Horton E+G Automotive
Teddy 781-592-2668 or Pager – 617-675-5447.
                                                                  PARTS FOR SALE
                                                      For NOS parts call:
                  Ron Memmer                        ___________________________________________
           3711 East Lake Road 28 West              Art’s Automotive…35 Clyde St ,
               Montichello Ind. 47960
               Phone (219)-583-9763                 Needham, Ma..”SPECIALIZING IN
Recommended by our club members!                    CLASSIC Olds REPAIRS”
Olds Omega Rally Rims Complete W/W out
                                                    781-444-1101      Art Ficcardi (owner)
Tires, Excellent Dave 508-881-3516                  Does Very good work.
A 20 yr collection of parts from 69-85
Cutlass, 442 and Deltas Richard Spears
                                                    Several members recommended !
617-361-3461                                            Paul Iantosca recommends:
 New Reproduction fenders. 1970-72 Cutlass          Contact all Oldsmobile site on the
$399.00 each, $750 a pair………….
1973-77 Cutlass 4 Speed set up complete,            Web at     (www.442.com ) you
pedals to Posi rear end Everett              E&G    will love it. It is the largest all
Automotive 401-435-7139                             Oldsmobile site in the world and it is
68-77 Olds parts                                    World Wide!
Rear ends, trans, motors, fenders, doors,
glass,      trunk    lids,    chrome,    correct
numbered         alternators,     carbs,    right   *Ted Loranz’s Web site address has
manifold-‘68 “you need it I’ve got it!”             changed,     please     go      to:
20 years of inventory-selling cheap!                http://users.rcn.com/aloranz/gmo.html
Rich Spears (617)-361-3461
1940 Oldsmobile Series 90 L90 Custom cruiser        To all new recipients of this
4 door touring sedan gas tank. Or Set of 4 hub
caps, which I have been told are for a 1962 or
                                                    letter, welcome aboard!
’63. Best reasonable offers.
Call: Burt Tankel GMO #30                           SEND ARTICLES and dues TO: PAUL
16 Tapley Street.
Lynn Massachusetts 01904-2861
                                                    IANTOSCA AT 21 INGLESIDE ROAD,
Tel: 781 593 4359                                   NEEDHAM, MA 02492
Email: bstankel@hotmail.com                         Or IANTOSCA@ATTBI.COM
                 PARTS WANTED
Wanted: Underhood wiring harness, from
fuseblock on firewall to relay and feeds coil
alternator. Also looking for any misc. parts for
a 64 cutlass/f-85             Richard Rudinsky
(RI)(401)-334-2452 Myolds66@aol.com
Wanted: For a 1959 Olds Dynamic Holiday
sceni coupe.      “88” (with 2 pins intact for
installation) for front center of hood.      Door
panels, armrests and arm rest holders (two-
tone blue and white for door panels), (medium
blue for arm rests and holders); also functioning
dimmer switch compatible with autronic eye.
Call: Burt Tankel GMO #30
Tel: 781 593 4359
Email: bstankel@hotmail.com

Sacchetti Insurance Agency, Inc. 845- Post
Road, Warwick, RI 02888 401-461-0900 –
“Specializes in Classic Auto Insurance
Everett Horton P.O. Box 16095 9 Newman
Avenue Rumford, R.I. 02916 401-435-7139

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