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                              March 2010

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                          Northern Lights • March 2010   1

                                                                                           Manager’s Desk
                                                                                                       Across the
L             I           G          H          T            S
    Northern Lights (USPS 016488), Vol. 57, No. 3 is
    published monthly by Beltrami Electric Cooperative
    Inc., 4111 Technology Drive N.W., Bemidji,
    Minnesota 56619-0488. Subscription rate $5.
    Periodicals postage paid at Bemidji, MN 56601.
    Postmaster: Please send address corrections to
    Beltrami Electric Cooperative Inc., P.O. Box 488,                                       Lynette Nieuwsma, General Manager
    Bemidji, Minnesota 56619-0488.
             Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

                                                                           Explaining the Beltrami
                      Monday – Friday
               Customer Service: 218-444-2540
                     or 1-800-955-6083


                      Board of Directors
                               Jack Swenson, District 4
                                                                            electric rate changes
    Vice President                  Rick Coe, District 6         An expected 7.5 percent wholesale              only use a few months out of the year.
                                                                 rate increase to Beltrami Electric for         Unfortunately, regardless of how seldom
    Secretary           Arnold Christianson, District 7
                                                                 March 2010 has been lowered to 5               some people use electricity compared
    Treasurer                   Frank Zentek, District 5         percent. Although that decision will not       to others, there are transformers, poles,
    Directors: Emmet Weidenborner, District 1,                   be a painless one for Minnkota Power           wire, substations, meters and other
    (Square Butte Director); Lea Perkins, District 2;            Cooperative (our electricity provider) to      fixed costs, which must be in place and
    Jeff Nelson, District 3; Terry Diffley, District 8,          endure, we are appreciative of its efforts     ready to deliver power at the flip of the
    (Minnkota Director); Judy Honer, District 9                  to accomplish this change.                     switch. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter
                                                                     In turn we are projecting a 4.5 percent    how often or for how long the switch is
    General Manager                      Lynette Nieuwsma        retail rate increase on March 20. At the       flipped. The customer charge helps pay
    Editor                                     Mitch Raile       time that I’m writing this column, we          for these fixed costs to make electricity
                                                                 are still working on how to spread this        available at any time you choose to use
    Minnesota State Electrical Inspectors                        increase over the various rate components      it. One of the major challenges we face
         Beltrami and Clearwater Counties                        the Cooperative utilizes.                      is how to effectively manage and recover
                     Mark Smythe                                     The Cooperative is getting pressure        the Cooperative’s fixed costs.
           218-751-0487 or fax 218-751-3900                      from some of our members to get rid of              Ideally, BEC would like to be in a
          e-mail:                        our declining two-step rate, which may         position where conservation and lowered
                                                                 be perceived by some as encouraging            usage would not negatively impact the
                          consumption. In reality, the first step        financial condition of the Cooperative,
              Cass and Hubbard Counties                          (>500 kWh) is higher not to encourage          and all fixed costs and margins would
                    Steve Schauland                              consumption, but to recover the fixed          come from the customer service charge.
            218-652-2213 or fax 218-333-0451                     costs that are not being collected in          I don’t, however, expect to see that any
    These are the inspectors covering the area served            our customer service charge. We will           time soon. In the meantime we will
    by Beltrami Electric. They can be reached by                 be working to bring our charge blocks          work toward creating the right retail
    phone Monday through Friday between 7 and                    closer together; however, this will require    rate for energy conservation and energy
    8:30 a.m. or by fax or e-mail as indicated.
                                                                 increasing the customer charge, which          efficiency. We want to align the interests
                                                                 will definitely not be popular to some.        of the consumer and the Cooperative.
                                                                     As we look toward the future, we
              Gopher State One Call                              think it will take two or three years to
                                                                                                                Regional ice storms
                                                                                                                    Many cooperatives in South Dakota,
                1-800-252-1166                                   get to a one block rate and get closer to
                                                                                                                North Dakota and Iowa had powerful
                                                                 where our customer charge should be,
    Anyone who is planning to dig is required by law                                                            snow and ice storms travel through their
                                                                 based on our cost of service study. Most
    to notify the state of their intentions at least 48                                                         areas at the end of January and leave a
                                                                 of our neighboring co-ops have moved in
    hours in advance.                                                                                           path of devastation. We are thankful when
                                                                 this direction, with their customer service
                                                                                                                those storms don’t touch our area, but we
    All digging requires the 48-hour notification                charges reaching upwards of $22-$35.
    so that buried telephone line, television cable,
                                                                                                                are willing to help those in need when
                                                                     Our average residential member uses
    pipelines, electrical lines, water lines and sewer                                                          warranted. Eight Beltrami Electric line
                                                                 about 1,500 kWh per month. We will
    lines can be located to ensure that none will be                                                            workers went to Milbank and Ipswich,
                                                                 work toward keeping these members’ rate
    severed or damaged.                                                                                         S.D., to help get the power restored to
                                                                 increase at about 4.5 percent, even with
                                                                                                                these fellow cooperatives in the affected
    On the cOver: Oak Hills Christian                            increasing the customer charge. Seasonal
                                                                                                                area. It is very hard work under difficult
                                                                 type accounts with little electrical use, on
    College south of Bemidji participated                                                                       conditions, and the job our guys did there
                                                                 the other hand, will see a higher percent
    in Beltrami Electric’s Direct Install                                                                       was very much appreciated. I’m proud
                                                                 increase in their bills as we move in this
    program.                                                                                                    of their work to help our cooperative
                                                                 direction. I understand their reluctance
                                                                                                                neighbors. Our help is part of being in the
                                                                 to pay for something that they feel they
2     Northern Lights • March 2010
   Co-op Board of Director nominations
  accepted at district meetings in March
  Consider becoming a board member for Beltrami Electric Cooperative. Nominations are accepted for director positions at district
  meetings scheduled in March. Beltrami Electric Cooperative is divided into nine districts each represented by a director. This year,
  director positions are open for District 1, 5 and 8. The top two candidates as determined by popular vote will have their names on
  the general election ballot in April.
      Persons eligible to become or remain a director of the Cooperative shall be                                                        BIRCH
                                                                                                                                        ISLAND         RED LAKE
                                                                                                                                                                    WASKISH -      UNORG.

  a member in good standing of the Cooperative, receiving electric service at the
                                                                                                                                                                     NORTH       T155N R29W

  member’s primary residence in the district where nominated. If you have any
  questions regarding qualifications or responsibilities about board members,                                                                                        WASKISH -

  please contact BEC General Manager Lynette Nieuwsma at 444-2540.
                                                                                                                                                     SHOTLEY-         ELAND

  District 1: Tues., March 23, 7 p.m., Kelliher Community Center                                                                                                                   UNORG.

  This will be a vacant position due to term limits held by Emmet Weidenborner.
                                                                                                                                                     WOODROW         KELLIHER    T152N R29W

                                                                                                                                           BATTLE                  KELLIHER

  Townships in Beltrami County: Battle (including account 11-27-018 in Section

  27), Birch Island, Cormant, Eland, Hornet, Kelliher, Langor, O’Brien, Quiring,
                                                                                                                                                      CORMANT        SHOOKS      T151N R29W

                                                                                                          RED LAKE       REDBY

  Red Lake, Shooks, Shotley (East and West), Waskish (North, South and West),                          RED LAKE INDIAN RESERVATION

  Woodrow. Townships in Koochiching County: Unorganized T151N R29W,
                                                                                                                                       O’BRIEN        LANGOR         HORNET
                                                                                            ALASKA -       ALASKA -
                                                                                              WEST                       NEBISH

  Unorganized T152N R29W, Unorganized T155N R29W.                                          ROOSEVELT     MAPLE RIDGE
                                                                                                                                       HAGALI                      SUMMIT

                                                                                                                          DURAND                       HINES

  District 5: Mon., March 22, 7 p.m., Ten Lake Town Hall                                     BUZZLE         LIBERTY    TURTLE LAKE
  Frank Zentek is the incumbent. Townships in Beltrami County: Brook Lake,
                                                                                                                                     PORT HOPE        TAYLOR          BIRCH      THIRD RIVER

  Frohn (Section 25), Moose Lake, Sugar Bush, Ten Lake. Townships in Cass                   LAMMERS                     NORTHERN       TURTLE
                                                                                                            ECKLES                      RIVER
  County: Otter Tail Peninsula - NW (Sections 1 thru 18), Pike Bay, Unorganized                                                                     SUGAR BUSH MOOSE LAKE

                                                                                                                                        6                      5
                                                                                            S O LWAY

  T145N R30W, Wilkinson (Sections 1 thru 18).                                                JONES          GRANT
                                                                                                                                                     TEN LAKE
                                                                                                                                                                  BROOK LAKE

                                                                                                            VALLEY       BEMIDJI

  District 8: Thurs., March 25, 7 p.m., Rockwood Town Hall.                                           8
                                                                                             FERN                                                   LAKE
  Terry Diffley is the incumbent. Townships in Beltrami County: Eckles, Grant
                                                                                                          ROCKWOOD                     FARDEN                        UNORG.
                                                                                                                                                    PIKE           T145N R30W

  Valley, Jones, Lammers. Townships in Hubbard County: Fern, Guthrie, Lake                   LAKE
                                                                                             HATTIE                     GUTHRIE

  Hattie, Rockwood, Schoolcraft.                                                                                                     HART LAKE      WILKINSON      OTTER TAIL
                                                                                                                                     L A P O R T E LAKE
                                                                                                                       HENDRICKSON                                  UNORG.

      District meetings are held each year in accordance with your Cooperative’s
                                                                                                                                                                  T143N R30W

  bylaws presenting the opportunity to place names on the ballot for director                                                                    9

  positions. The meetings also serve as a prelude to the upcoming annual meeting                                                       RIVER
                                                                                                                                                   SHINGOBEE -

  Thursday, April 29, at Bemidji High School.

Manager’s Desk
      Across the

cooperative family, whereas if we ever
                                                           Become a ‘fan’ of Beltrami
                                                              Electric on Facebook
                                                   s a new way to stay in touch with Beltrami Electric’s member-owners, BEC has
                                                     created a fan page on Facebook, a social networking Web site.
need the favor returned under similar
circumstances, we are certain other                 With a free Facebook account, users can add friends and send them messages, and
cooperatives would answer our call.           update their personal profiles to notify friends about themselves. Additionally, they can
    I know of several co-ops, including       join networks organized by city, workplace, and school or college. Visit www.facebook.
the one I worked at before coming             com to join the fun. Once you are there, visit our fan page by entering “Beltrami
to BEC, saw damage estimates come             Electric Cooperative” into the search area.
in more than $5 million, in addition                We’ll be using this page to help you save money
to thousands of their members being           and energy at home by providing energy-saving tips
without power for more than a week.           and links to other resources. In addition, BEC will
    Until next month,                         be able to provide up-to-date information regarding
                                              holiday closings, legislative updates and other member news. Finally, you’ll see
                                              a list of our favorite pages, including area chamber of commerces and other
                                              related organizations.
                                                                                                                                                       Northern Lights • March 2010            3
    P              owerSavers launches new efficiency programs

         elping your home or business take advantage of                      light retrofits where applicable.
      cost-effective energy efficiency programs is the focus of                These programs are valued at $58.53 for residential
      PowerSavers – a Conservation Improvement Program                       customers and $337.53 for commercial accounts. At the same
formed by Beltrami Electric Cooperative and other area utilities.            time, residential customers could see savings of $185 on their
  For those considering efficiency upgrades, the timing                      annual bill, while commercial accounts could reach $461 in
couldn’t be better. Thousands of dollars in rebates and                      savings.
incentives are available.                                                      “If home or business owners are considering efficiency
  But the best deal may be coming with the addition of two                   upgrades, it’s an ideal time to do so under this program,” said
new programs that give customers free access to energy-saving                Sam Mason, manager of marketing and communications. “We
measures.                                                                    are able to identify the largest energy users and replace them
  The Commercial and Residential Direct Install programs                     with newer, more efficient models that will save money in the
offer customers the opportunity to go through a quick energy                 long run.”
assessment of their home or business with a staff member from                  While opportunities for energy savings abound, the real
their local utility. While on site, they will install energy-saving          advantage of the program is the ability to go through each
measures free of charge and offer other energy-efficiency tips.              area of your home or business and speak one-on-one with a
These items include CFLs, bath and kitchen faucet aerators,                  representative from your utility.
low-flow showerheads, pre-rinse sprayer valves and LED exit                    To get started on a quick energy assessment or to learn

                                                                                                 Residential                    Commercial
      2.2 GPM Dual Setting Kitchen Aerator with swivel, $4.25 each ....................... $ 4.25 .........................$                4.25
       Earth®Massage 1.5 GPM Showerhead, $19.99 each ......................................... $ 19.99 .........................$          19.99
      23-Watt CFL Bulb (Res. Max 6, Comm. Max 12), $5.50 each ........................... $ 33.00 .........................$               66.00
      Bathroom Faucet Aerator 1.5 GPM, $1.29 each ................................................ $ 1.29 .........................$        1.29
      LED Exit Light Replacement Kits - White bulbs (max 4), $19 each.................                    N/A .........................$   76.00
      Power Pre-Rinse Sprayer Valve (max 2), $85 each ............................................        N/A .........................$ 170.00
             Total value of Direct Install items installed in your home or business ............. $ 58.53 .........................$ 337.53

4   Northern Lights • March 2010
about other energy-efficiency programs, please contact
Beltrami Electric.
Getting started
                                                                                              Direct Install
                                                                                               Looking for a quick and easy way to lower
  Members from your local utility attended training seminars                                   your energy bill? Contact Beltrami Electric
for the Residential and Business Direct Install programs in early                              and have a staff member visit your home
December.                                                                                      or business. While on site, they will install
  After reviewing the forms and learning the basics of each                   energy-saving measures free of charge and offer other
program, the group conducted its first Direct Install quick                   energy-efficiency tips. Available items include CFLs, bath and
energy assessment at Oak Hills Christian College, located                     kitchen faucet aerators, low-flow showerheads, pre-rinse
outside of Bemidji, Minn., on Lake Marquette.                                 sprayer valves, LED exit light retrofits and more! Contact
  Oak Hills was an ideal place to conduct several of the                      your cooperative at 444-2540 to lower your bill and save
assessments. The college has cafeterias, dorm rooms, offices                  energy today!
and other unique areas. Each zone of the campus was exam-
ined by the class, followed by discussion to determine the best
energy-efficiency improvements for that area.
  “We have quite a variety of old and new when it comes to
electrical and heating systems and lighting,” said Chuck Allen,
Oak Hills director of facilities and maintenance. “We have stuff
that has been put in during the past year that is pretty efficient,
and stuff that is years and years old that we’re looking to
replace in the future.
  “We were pretty well aware of where we stood, and they
helped confirm the direction that we need to go.”
  The group performed an abbreviated audit, identifying
potential savings within the campus over a three-day period.
They installed 107 pieces of energy-efficient equipment at no
cost to the college.
  “We’re always looking, primarily not for the gifts, but just for
the communication,” Allen said. “We like to be interactive with
the neighborhood and businesses in town and this was a
wonderful opportunity to have that exchange of ideas.”
  As a Beltrami Electric Cooperative member, Oak Hills now
has an energy savings potential of 12,676 kilowatt-hours (kWh)
and $891.87 annually.
  “It’s always nice to have outside input on what’s going on,”
Allen said. “There are so many new products out there and so
many different areas to touch when you’re looking for ideas. It’s
always helpful to have input, especially from the experts.”

                   Direct Install Program for Commercial and Residential Customers
                                                                                                    Estimated total kWh annual savings
  C=Commercial,                     Measure                      Deemed            Low ($.08/kWh)                    High ($.10/kWh)
   R=Residential                                              savings (kWh)
        C, R           CFLs                                            39                  $3                                  $4
                       (Res. - max 6, Comm. - max 12)
        C, R           Kitchen aerators                               191                  $15                                $19
        C, R           Bath aerators                                  191                  $15                                $19
        C, R           Showerheads                                    468                  $37                                $47
          C            Pre-rinse sprayers (max 2)                     957                  $77                                $96
          C            LED exit sign retro (max 4)                    153                  $12                                $15
        C, R           Water heater turndown                          758                  $61                                $76
                       Commercial total                               4,602               $366                              $461
                       Residential total                              1,842               $146                              $185
                                                                                                                        Northern Lights • March 2010   5
    Northe rn Lights                        Classifieds
                                                       Cross bow exerciser, $800 new, make offer,               G.E. electric stove, 4 years old, needs power cord;   2-5 acres of wooded land to build on in Bemidji
                 For Sale:                             751-6082.                                                Hot Point, 17-cubic foot fridge, asking $400 for      area, reasonably priced, 333-8554.
Boxer pups, 224-2669 or lylerobinson@hotmail.                                                                   pair, 444-9422.
                                                       2007 Ford Taurus, 98K highway, runs and drives                                                                 Doghouse, bedroom set, reasonably priced, good
com.                                                                                                            Propane gas refrigerator, 18 cu ft., efficient,       condition, 751-6210.
                                                       A-1, very nice, sacrifice, $5,900, 368-3568.
Interior primed pre-hung Woodlite French door,                                                                  dependable, 556-9440.
                                                       Light tan microsuede couch, good condition, $80;                                                               IBM Selectric 2 typewriter (good working
60”x 80,” right hand with head and foot pins. Still                                                             1998 Honda Civic, new clutch, distributor cap &       condition); country school desk looking for a set
                                                       swivel bar stools, set of 4, $80 for set, 243-2898.
in the box it was shipped in, $350/offer, 791-6070.                                                             rotor, brakes, plugs, wires and coil, needs motor,    of two or three, (good condition); 10-key electric
                                                       Mathews Drenalin bow, 60 lbs, 29 inch draw, ready        $200, 835-9051.                                       adding machine (good working condition); portable
2003 Friendship mobile home, 16’x 80’, 3 bdr, 2
                                                       to hunt, $750, 243-2898.                                                                                       dishwasher (good working condition); electric iron
bathm, $24,500, serious inquiries only, 368-1689                                                                Whirlpool 30” elec. range, almond color, self-
after 4 p.m.                                           60”h x 54”w Oak entertainment center, in good                                                                  machine/mangle for clothes, 407-0422 cell (LM)
                                                                                                                cleaning, very clean, $100, 759-1919.
                                                       condition, handmade, $100/obo, 751-1703.                                                                       or 586-2661.
1987 F-150 4x4, 302 auto, just over 200K, runs                                                                  Homemade crazy block quilts, twin $35, full $40,
good, body ok, interior near mint, offer, 751-9288.    Fish house 8’ x 16’ on wheels, 30,000 Btu furnace,                                                             Small round trampoline for inside, 335-3994.
                                                                                                                queen $45, king $50; Antique oak chairs $25
2003 Kawasaki Vulcan 750 V-Twin cycle, custom          4 bunks, 12V lights, insulated, carpeted, $1,900,        each; rockers $75; desk chair $100; parlor table      Outboard motors, riding lawn mowers, utility
CORBIN seat, pipes, new tires, 16K mi., $3,900,        224-2836.                                                $75, sq. dining room table, $275/obo; cabinet and     trailers, boat trailers, 224-3675.
586-2499.                                              54” x 28” Colonial style dollhouse, ton of furniture,    portable sewing machine $15, works good; mesh
                                                                                                                                                                      Hoover elec. washing machines, 2 tubs (1 for
                                                                                                                steel end gate $50, Weslo Cadence 815 treadmill
First and second crop baled hay, $2.75 & $3.00,        also has a stand, must see! $100, 751-1703.                                                                    washing, 1 for extracting water), 0510 and up
                                                                                                                $35, 243-2702.
delivery available, 243-2325.                                                                                                                                         models, 751-1616.
                                                       Hickory kitchen cabinets, $1,000; fridge, $50;
                                                                                                                Ford 8N and Ford Jubilee tractors, new paint
Highlander black heifers, young red bull, good         dshwshr, $100; 32 x 32 white shower, $50, call                                                                 Beta VCR that works, 586-2541.
                                                                                                                and tires, excellent conditions, 507-289-2904 or
breeding, can be papered, 294-6729.                    Shane, 760-8118.
                                                                                                                507-259-5117.                                         Reloading Press and any equipment that would
’01 Olds Aurora, 164,000 miles, $3,000; ’09 Dodge      8 pt deer head mount, $200; (4) 16” chrome rims for                                                            help me get started in reloading handgun and rifle
                                                                                                                Bosch bread machine with blender & salad attach-
Avenger, 22,000 miles, $14,000; Silver Bear .223       Ford truck, $250, call Shane, 760-8118.                                                                        ammo, 444-8297.
                                                                                                                ments, $100, 444-5243.
shells, 760-0894.                                                                                                                                                     Honey extractor 218-444-7305.
                                                       1999 Chevy Astro Van, AWD, seats 8, 167K, runs           2002 Olds Alero, 4 cyl., 4 door, auto locks
2 used portable fish houses; used boat trailer
(1,200 lbs), 556-8603.
                                                       great, $2,000/obo, 333-8595.                             & windows, great shape, runs good, $3,000,                                Free:
                                                       Delta Midi Lathe with PSI mini-chuck, $350,              766-8542.
                                                                                                                                                                      Several grocery coupons ranging from 50 cents
Straw bales, small sq, $2.75 each, IH Vibra Shank      835-6586.                                                Two Honda 4 wheelers, one is four wheel drive and     to $15 on many types of items, none are expired.
field cultivator 24,’ leave message, 751-0408.                                                                  the other is two wheel drive, 556-8603.               E-mail me for coupons at
                                                       Makita drill, 9.6 volt and flashlight set with charger
2003 Lincoln Town Car Executive, 142,000, very         and 2 new batteries, $150; Like new Gibson and                            Wanted:                              40 Beta VCR tapes, 586-2541.
clean, new tires, $5,000 or best offer, 243-2664.      Magic Chef chest freezers, $300 each; 1942-              Beekeeping equipment, 224-2669 or lylerobin-
8.5’ x 20’ 2007 Haulmark cargo trailer, brand new,     1958 old trucks for parts; C743 Kodak easy-share
never been used! $4,999/obo, call 243-2633.            camera, $50, 586-2860.
                                                                                                                Medium sized or larger adult dog for good home,         Classified ads rules
1998 Toyota Camry, 184K, remote start, $4,500,         1997 Ford Explorer XLT 5.OL V8 AWD 140,000               up-to-date shots and house trained preferred,           For sale and wanted items only.
224-2875.                                              miles asking $3,000, call 556-1306.                      333-8622.                                               No rental, business, service, real
Tool Shop 16” Scroll saw, 5 speed-24” drill press,     Picture window 86.5 W x 59.5 H solar low E & argon       Old mechanical typewriters, working or not.             estate or personal ads. Please
Roto Zip set, $75 for each, 444-6403 or 556-4926.      brown frame new never installed, $500, 987-2138.         Premium paid for unusual ones, 224-2588.
                                                                                                                                                                        limit your ad to 10 words. Limited
                                                                                                                                                                        to one for sale ad and one wanted
’96 Schult 16’ x 80,’ 3 br, 2 bath, $19,500;           90+ med-lg-dish moving boxes for $75/obo,                Agitator for older Speedqueen washing machine           ad per issue. Ads are published
’78 Artcraft 14’ x 80’, 3br, 1.5 bath, $9,750; 1977    586-2858.                                                (about a 1979 model ), 444-4121.                        on a first-come, first-served basis
Artcraft 14 ‘x 70,’ 2br, 1bath, $7,500, 766-5110.                                                                                                                       and are free to Beltrami Electric
                                                       Wooden headboard, queen size bed, $50,                   14 to 16 foot Catamaran, 444-9299.
Detroiter home, 16’ x 80’, recently
                                                                                                                                                                        members. The ad deadline is the
renovated, very nice, must see, $6,000,
                                                                                                                Good used piano, no uprights, 835-4375.                 first of the month to be included in
763-229-8396.                                          Adult ring neck pheasants, hens $10 each, roosters       Male peach-faced Lovebird for lonely female
                                                                                                                                                                        the next issue. For example, an ad
                                                       $12 each, 586-2839.                                      Lovebird, 444-5243.
                                                                                                                                                                        received June 1 would be included
Trailer house steps, metal, $350, 368-2631.                                                                                                                             in the July issue due out the end
                                                       Gas insert for fireplace, $200, 586-2285.                Senior center in Blackduck is looking for a piano,      of June. An ad received June 2
’93 Buick LeSabre, 250,000 miles, silver inside
                                                       Trailer hitch, Nissan Sentra, 2000-2006, $50,            835-4212.                                               would be included in the August
and outside, needs a blower motor, $1,200/obo,
                                                       586-2541.                                                                                                        issue due out the end of July. Ads
766-5772.                                                                                                       Newer, used single baby jogger stroller, call
                                                                                                                                                                        are preferred via e-mail at info@
                                                       2005 Grand Am, $6,495, please leave message,             Melissa, 444-8322.
Farm raise beef, quarter or half, reasonably priced,                                                                                                          , but may
686-4040.                                              209-3214.                                                One used, but working rototiller, 209-1661.             be submitted by mail, phone or
                                                       1989 Yamaha Phazer (2), 3,600 miles, runs great          Buttons, any size, shape and style for wedding          in person at the cooperative. All
2007 Polaris 500 EFI w/ Plow 500 miles/4’ x 8’
                                                       $600, 556-2196.                                          decorations, 224-2875.                                  telephone numbers are presumed
trailer/ toilet in good cond., 773-294-2314.
                                                                                                                                                                        to have a 218 area code unless
Small antique rocking chair, excellent cond., $40,     1993 Dutchman Royal Series 33’ 5th wheel trailer,        Drill press, table saw, dust collector, 243-2145.       otherwise noted.
835-7484.                                              good condition, 507-376-5714.                            Pack & Play, 444-5992.

6    Northern Lights • March 2010
                                                                                                                                  Board Meeting
                              Corner Cupboard                                                     Zesty Chicken                   Highlights
                           • 2 (10 ounce) cans chunk chicken, drained • 2 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese, softened
                           • 1 cup Ranch dressing • ¾ cup pepper sauce • 1 ½ cups shredded Cheddar cheese                         Beltrami Electric’s board of
                                                                                                                                  directors conducted its monthly
         • 1 bunch celery, cleaned and cut into 4 inch pieces • 1 (8 ounce) box chicken-flavored crackers                         meeting Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2010.
         Directions                                                                                                               All directors were present. Also
                                                                                                                                  present were General Manager
         Heat chicken and hot sauce in a skillet over medium heat, until heated through. Stir in cream cheese and

                                                                                                                                  Lynette Nieuwsma, Manager of
                                                                                                                                  Accounting Sid Sletten and
         Ranch dressing. Cook, stirring until well blended and warm. Mix in half of the shredded cheese, and transfer             Executive Secretary Kay Olson.
         the mixture to a slow cooker. Sprinkle the remaining cheese over the top, cover and cook on low setting
                                                                                                                                  The following reports were given:
         until hot and bubbly. Serve with celery sticks and crackers.                                                             •	 The	manager	gave	her	monthly	
                                                                                                                                     report, including sales and revenue
                                                                                                                                     by classification and other
                                                                                                                                     cooperative statistics and budget
                                                                                                                                     comparisons. Non-operating
                                                                                                                                     margins were also discussed.
                                                                                                                                  •	 Beltrami	Electric	has	provided	

     Be a part of                                                                                                                    crews to a South Dakota
                                                                                                                                     cooperative to help restore
                                                                                                                                     power due to a severe ice storm.
     Beltrami Electric’s 4th Annual                                                                                               •	 Sid	Sletten	reviewed	the	December	
                                                                                                                                     and Year-End Financial and

       Indoor garage sale
                                                                                                                                     Statistical report, including work
                                                                                                                                     order inventories and special
                                                                                                                                     equipment purchases for the year.
                                                                                                                                  •	 Dan	Edens	gave	a	detailed	report	
                                                                                                                                     on the interruption summary for
                                                                                                                                     2009. He also reviewed the vehicle

                              to benefit the                                                                                         and employee accidents for 2009
                                                                                                                                     and reviewed the Service
                                                                                                                                     Reliability and Quality (SAIDI,
                                                                                                                                     CAIDI and SAIFI) reports for
                SATURDAY, MAY 1                                                   VENDORS NEEDED                                     2005-2009.
                                                                                                                                  •	 The	manager	and	staff	presented	
                                                                                                                                     the 2010 Budget and Narrative.
                  8 a.m. – 3 p.m.                                     Rent a 10’ x 12’ booth space for $25 (tables are
                                                                                                                                  Also discussed were:
           at Beltrami Electric (in the garage)                        an additional $10 each) and receive a prime,               •	 The	MREA	District	1	meeting	held	

            4111 Technology Dr NW, Bemidji                                 indoor location and a huge crowd of                       January 5, 2010.
                                                                                                                                  •	 The	Annual	Meeting	of	Members,	
                                                                       shoppers. You will not have to worry about                    which will be April 29, 2010,
              (near Paul Bunyan Telephone)                                                                                           at Bemidji High School.
                                                                       parking, weather or advertising and will get               •	 District	meeting	dates,	locations	
              Reserve your space early.                               to keep all your proceeds. Contact Cammie at                   and times for District 1, District 5
                                                                                                                                     and District 8.
                   They go fast!                             or 444-3675 for
                                                                                                                                  The following actions were taken:
                                                                                    more information.                             •	 Approve	a	contribution	to	the	
                                                                                                                                     NRECA International Program for
                                                                                                                                     the Haitian relief efforts disaster

Statement of Operations                                                 Year-to-date: December 2009                               •	 Approve	the	2010	Budget	and	
                                                                                                                                  •	 To	record	all	2009	non-operating	
                                                                                                                                     margins as permanent, non-
                                                                                              December 2008       December 2009      allocated equity as provided for
Operating Revenue .................................................................$           34,701,993     $    37,037,285        under Article 6, Section 8 of the
Cost of Purchased Power .......................................................$               20,408,017     $    22,548,706     •	 Approve	BEC’s	payment	of	
Other Operating Expenses .....................................................$                12,878,113     $    13,099,574        unclaimed capital credits as
                                                                                                                                     scholarships to eight area schools.
Total Cost ...............................................................................$    33,286,130     $    35,648,280     •	 All	directors	were	appointed	as	
                                                                                                                                     delegates to the Minnkota and
Operating Margin ...................................................................$            1,415,863    $      1,389,005       Square Butte Annual meetings.
Interest Income.......................................................................$             71,108    $         73,507    The next board meeting will be
Other Margins ........................................................................$            767,882    $        768,283    Feb. 24, 2010, beginning at 9 a.m.
Total Margins .........................................................................$         2,254,853    $      2,230,795

kWh Purchased ......................................................................          511,081,436         497,782,182
kWh Sold ...............................................................................      482,540,766         471,704,395
Meters Billed..........................................................................            19,982              20,156
                                                                                                                                               Northern Lights • March 2010   7
                      4111 Technology DR NW
                      PO Box 488
                      Bemidji, MN 56619-0488
                      218-444-2540	•	800-955-6083

                                                                      accepting Youth Tour applications
Beltrami Electric Cooperative is accepting applications for its         2010, and are available through area high school guidance
fun-filled 2010 Youth Tour, an all-expense paid trip to Washington,     counselors, downloaded from Beltrami Electric’s Web site at
D.C., June 12-17. Each year the Cooperative sponsors one high      or at the Beltrami Electric
school junior whose parent or guardian is a member of                              Cooperative office. Those interested should mail
Beltrami Electric Cooperative.                                                         their applications, letters of recommendation
       The successful candidate will join                                                   and essays toYouth Tour, Beltrami Electric
hundreds of other high school coopera-                                                         Cooperative, Inc.; PO Box 488,
tive representatives from across the                                                               Bemidji, MN 56619-0488.
nation as they tour our nation’s capi-                                                                        For more infor ma-
tol, meet members of congress,                                                                          tion, contact Mitch Raile
visit historic sites and learn the role                                                                   at Beltrami Electric,
government plays in the electric                                                                           218-444-2540 or 800-
industry.                                                                                                    955-6083 or visit www.
      To qualify, candidates                                                                         for
must submit an application,                                                                                    exciting highlights
write a 500-word essay and                                                                                      of past Electr ic
submit two letters of refer-                                                                                     Cooperative Youth
ence from teachers, group                                                                                            Tours.
or community leaders.
must be received
by Monday,
March 22,

      8   Northern Lights • March 2010