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Cutlery Corner Dave Sacks_ Owner


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									                              Cutlery Corner
                                   Dave Sacks, Owner
                                      Plainfield, IL
                      Tel/Fax: 815-254-3855 * Cell: 847-840-5135
                   www.cutlery-corner.com * Email: dsacks@sbcglobal.net

                               Business Gifting
1. Customer Benefits
     o A CUTCO Business Gift Consultant
     o Gift Services
     o Personalized Gift Cards
     o Engraving/Monogramming
     o Volume Discounts & Savings

2. Testimonials
      o The Buzz – What other business owners and executives are
         saying about CUTCO.

3. Business Tips
     o Getting An Edge -
       Why Business Gifts Are So Important
     o Customer and Employee Retention
     o Cost Per Impression

4. Engraving
     o Getting Personal – Expressing Your Company’s Appreciation With Engraving

5. Custom Gift Packages
     o Beyond Expectations: Creating A Business Gift Unlike Any Other

6. Gifting Occasions
     o Top 10 Reasons To Present CUTCO For Business Occasions

Here are some of the "extras" you automatically receive when you purchase business gifts from CUTCO.

      A CUTCO Business Gift Consultant
       Your personal assistant for selecting gifts for employees, clients and associates - all the special people
       who have helped you achieve success. Of course, these professional services are completely free of
       charge to our business customers.
      Gift Services
       Executive-level gift boxes and gift wrap that transform your business gift or award into an elegant
      Personalized Gift Cards
       We will happily include personalized gift cards with your special message with any CUTCO Business
       Gift. Just let us know what you would like your gift card to say when you place your order. There is no
       charge for this service.
      Engraving/Monogramming
       The blades of most of our knives can be engraved with a name, a message or even your company logo.
       We also monogram brass nameplates that can be mounted on knife blocks and chests. Your CUTCO
       Business Gift Consultant will offer a number of suggestions to suit your needs.
      Volume Discounts & Savings
       CUTCO appreciates businesses and offers incentives on larger orders. Discounts may apply to orders of
       $500 or more.

"I just wanted to let you know how your products have helped me in my home building company. I've given
CUTCO knife sets as business gifts for many years. CUTCO is always recognized as a sophisticated gift and is
appreciated by every one of my clients who receives it."Ivan Yoder
Ivan Yoder Builders, LLC
"My marketing communications firm helps other companies communicate with their customers. You and your
team have helped me communicate with mine. With CUTCO knives, you've helped me identify the best 'You're
Valued' or 'Thanks so much'."Sue Grabowski, President
Grabowski & Company
"The knives are really one of the most unique gifts we've ever found. Our employees were delighted with the
knife sets, as were our customers. I would highly recommend any CUTCO product."Eli Wengerd
Alpine Cabinets
"Many thanks for your prompt and efficient follow-up in handling our employee gifts. Your company offers a
very beautiful product line (with an excellent guarantee). Thank you for your remarkable service!"Bryan J.
Schrocks' Of Walnut Creek and Hiland Wood Products
"I know the value and importance my employees place on the family. And, since I started a recognition program
using CUTCO products, I've found that I not only make my employees happy, but their wives are very happy as
well. Thank you for your quality products and service."Dwain Schlabach
Mt. Eaton Pallet Ltd.
"We are pleased to offer employees, business associates, family and friends such a superior product as a gift. It's
become our company's way of saying 'thanks for a job well done'. For a true cutting edge, 'Go CUTCO!'"Marty
Scenic Wood Products
"I have personally used CUTCO products for many years and am very pleased that I can share the experience
with employees and customers of A&R Builders. Through a gift reward program for employees, we've helped
them to build a complete set of CUTCO knives, several pieces at a time. That's why CUTCO is appreciated by
just about everyone-because there's always a need for one more great knife in the kitchen. Thank you for all
your wonderful suggestions for business gifts."Erma Yoder
A&R Builders Ltd.
                            Business Gifting - Business Tips
Getting An Edge -
Why Business Gifts Are So Important

If you're used to purchasing professional gifts only during the holidays, it's time to rethink the reasons why you
give them and start integrating gift giving into your overall marketing plan. Use CUTCO gifts at just the right
times - the same way you use advertising - to target your prime customers and look for new business. You'll
find that a few hundred dollars invested in well-placed gifts could easily outperform an ad or mailing that costs
a few thousand dollars.

Customer and Employee Retention

Two important areas that every business - large or small - needs to address are Customer and Employee
Retention and Cost Per Impression.

Look at the facts:

      The average U.S. company loses 50% of its customer base every five years.
      Nearly half of the customers who change companies they do business with say their top reason for the
       change was customer service
      Most companies can double their profits by reducing customer defection by just 5%.
      A lost employee costs a company an average of $70,000

These statements will hopefully encourage you to take a look at the importance of improving your company's
performance in the areas of customer and staff retention. Giving a gift to reward an employee, thanking a
customer for a new order, or renewing interest in an area where your sales have been lagging may not only
bring you more money, but save you money, too.

Cost Per Impression

Advertising and promotion is all about Cost Per Impression: how much does your business need to pay to send
a message to an average customer?

In an ad campaign, Cost Per Impression (CPI) is computed by dividing the total cost of the campaign by the
number of people reached. Considering the fact that most promotional campaigns reach a broad audience that
might only include a very small percentage of interested parties, CPI can easily be in the hundred dollar range
for your prime prospects.

With an ad campaign, you'll also get a lot of exposure. But once the initial impression has been made, the
message can be quickly forgotten.

A well-chosen gift, on the other hand, stays with important contacts as a reminder of your business. In some
cases, that could be for years, long after your coupon has been tossed or the newspaper ad has been recycled.

With a promotional gift, CPI is computed by dividing the cost of your gift, by the average number of days it's
used. The cost of a CUTCO gift, for example, could be $75. The average number of days that the gift will be
used per year could easily be 200 or more. That means that an average cost of reminding your customers, prime
prospects and employees about your company - JUST FOR THE FIRST YEAR - is about 35 cents per
impression. Compare that with the cost of a radio spot, mailing or circular!

Engraving a gift with a special date, your company's logo or the recipient's initials personalizes the gesture and
creates a lasting memory of the occasion. Your CUTCO Business Gift Consultant can offer you great

Engraving, Monogramming And Brass Plates

Allow an additional 5-7 business days for delivery of personalized orders, even if next day or 2-day delivery is
requested. Due to the personalization, engraved and monogrammed products cannot be returned under the
Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. All other aspects of the Forever Guarantee do apply.

Engraving of Blades And Handles

The blade of most knives and accessories can be engraved in block or script letters. The handles of the Pocket
Knife and Mini-Pocket Knife Plus can be engraved in block or script letters (white engraving only).

Engraving is available in two styles. We recommend script font be upper and lower case. Engraving styles
cannot be combined on the same item.

Styles for handle engraving:

Styles for blade engraving:

Engraved messages can contain up to 15 characters per line, per item.


$5.00 per engraved side.

Monogramming of Blades

The blade of most knives and accessories can be monogrammed in style 1, 2 or 3. Monogrammed handles are
not available.

Initials will appear in the following order (First name initial, last name initial, middle name initial).

$5.00 per knife, for single or triple initials.

                         Style 1 Monogram         Style 2 Monogram   Style 3 Monogram

Brass Plates

Rectangular or Diamond-Shaped Brass Plates can be personalized and mounted on most CUTCO wood blocks
and the Cherry Wood Chest.

Brass plates are $4.


We'll be happy to work with you to design a Customized Gift Package - anything from a small token of
appreciation to a grand assortment of CUTCO's most popular items.

When the occasion demands the very best, or a creative gift solution, you can count on CUTCO to offer
outstanding business gift options.

To create a unique gift for your company, call your CUTCO Business gift consultant at

Is there an awards program coming up on your company's agenda? Or a sales rally that needs an extra touch of

No matter what kind of business you're in, there are plenty of opportunities to use CUTCO to build your
revenue. These gifts become even more effective when they're engraved with a personal message or milestone

Top 10 Business Gift Opportunities

10. Rewarding your best customers

9. Thanking a customer for their first order

8. Giving prizes at a corporate event

7. Saying "sorry" for a business mistake your company made

6. Marking an employee's anniversary with your firm

5. Motivating a business team

4. Sending holiday greetings

3. Driving trade show traffic to your booth

2. Celebrating a retirement

1. Beginning an awards or incentive program for top employee performance.

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