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                                      Friday, October 26, 2007
                                   Seneca College – King Campus

Anthony Azzopardi
          Anthony Azzopardi has been involved in mathematics education for more than 25
          years. He is currently an education officer with the Ministry of Education, where
          he been the lead for the revision of the Grades 1 – 12 mathematics curriculum and
          now focuses on supporting implementation. Prior to this, Anthony was the K-12
          mathematics program coordinator for the Toronto Catholic DSB, a secondary vice
          principal, a mathematics department head and a mathematics and science teacher.
          Anthony Azzopardi has been involved in mathematics education for more than 25

Cindy Dundon Hazell
          Cindy Dundon Hazell is currently Senior Vice-President at Seneca College and is
          responsible for providing academic and strategic leadership to faculty and staff in
          all full time, continuing education and contract training programs at the college.
          Cindy has served in numerous academic leadership positions at Seneca since
          joining the College as a faculty member in 1980, including Chair, Centre for
          Independent Learning, Dean of Continuing Education, Dean of Business, and in
          2001 as Vice-President Academic.

Hassan Assiri
          Hassan is presently the Manager of Academic Computing Systems/Performance
          and Research Computing at Seneca College and is leading the college’s initiative
          in High Performance Computing. He is an advisor to the Faculties of Technology,
          and develops IT strategies and solutions in concert with the academic units to
          enable them to achieve their goals with respect to program development,
          curriculum, applied research and partnerships. Hassan has been the quantitative
          data analysis resource for the College Math Project.

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Patricia (Trish) Byers

          Trish Byers has been teaching in the college system for 28 years, having taught
          college mathematics for 14 years in business studies, health sciences, and
          engineering technology programs. Her focus has been on the secondary
          school/college interface and the challenges facing students as they transition
          through first semester college mathematics. She is currently pursuing a PhD to
          investigate these issues and to develop classroom strategies to help student
          mediate this transitional experience. Participation in the College Mathematics
          Project demonstrates one step towards this goal.

Graham Orpwood
          Graham Orpwood is a former faculty member at St Lawrence College, Kingston,
          and now Professor Emeritus and Senior Scholar at York University. He is also
          Project Manager of the College Mathematics Project. His research interests
          include science and technology education and assessment, particularly the use of
          assessment for student success and school improvement.

Laurel Schollen
          Laurel has been the Dean of Applied Sciences and Engineering Technology at
          Seneca College since 2002 and Co-Director of the York/Seneca Institute for
          Mathematics, Science and Technology Education since its inception in 1999.
          Laurel has been a member of the provincial Heads of Technology group since
          2002 and it was through her work with Heads of Technology that she became
          interested in examining the relationship between secondary school mathematics
          experience and first year college technology mathematics performance with a
          view to create a seamless math experience for students. This interest has lead to
          the realization of the College Math Project.

Margaret Sinclair
          Dr. Margaret Sinclair is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education at
          York University where she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in
          mathematics education. She brings to this work almost twenty years of experience
          as an elementary and secondary classroom teacher. Dr. Sinclair’s research focuses
          on the use and design of pre-constructed dynamic geometry sketches, the
          development of visual reasoning, transitions from secondary to college
          mathematics, and applications of eLearning to professional development.

Patricia (Trish) Byers – Curriculum
          For Trish's bio, please see College Math Project Team (above).

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Carol Henry – Career/Guidance
          Carol Henry is the Associate Director of Student Services at Seneca College and
          is responsible for liaison, recruitment, Credit and Degree Transfer Advisement
          Services and Career Services. Carol is a member of the Connecting GTA
          Teachers Regional Planning Team and was the project lead for the STEPs to
          College program with Parkdale Collegiate.

Amy Lin – Curriculum
          Amy Lin is currently the Numeracy Consultant ( JK-12) for the Halton District
          School Board. Amy is a member of the College Math Project Steering Committee
          and has worked on the development of the Revised Secondary Mathematics
          Curriculum. Amy has taught in the elementary, secondary and post-secondary
          levels and has a strong interest in transitions, student success initiatives and
          numeracy across the curriculum.

Kevin Maguire – Curriculum
          Kevin is an Instructional Leader with the Toronto District School Board. He is a
          member of the College Mathematics Project Steering Committee, and has helped
          craft the revised Secondary Mathematics Curriculum. Kevin has also helped in the
          development of the Provincial Training Sessions for the revised Mathematics

Lorri McLeod – At Risk/Student Success
       Lorri holds the position of Learning Strategist in Student Success, Georgian
       College, Barrie, ON. She takes great pride in helping students learn more
       efficiently and effectively through skills development in time management and
       organization, reading comprehension and note taking, organizing and structuring
       writing tasks, studying and test taking, and learning strategies for math. Her
       teaching career includes teaching students with specific learning disabilities, a
       ‘Success at College’ course, marketing, recruitment and selection, and Career
       Success. She holds an MA in Adult Education (Central Michigan
       University/University of Toronto), having concentrated her studies on learning
       strategies and disabilities. Lorri has several years of experience working in both
       the employment and education fields with ‘at risk’ populations.

Graham Orpwood
          For Graham's bio, please see College Math Project Team (above).

Laurel Schollen -- Provincial
          For Laurel's bio, please see College Math Project Team (above).

Margaret Sinclair
          For Margaret's bio, please see College Math Project Team (above).

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