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					Cookie Manager Training
  Packet Contents
   1 Cookie Program Activity Troop Guidebook
   1 Cookie Program Activity Meeting Kit for the
        program grade level of the troop
   1 T1B Troop Worksheet
   1 N/S4 Delivery Sheet
   1 Receipt Book
   Cookie Order Card (1 per girl + 2) appropriate to the
        age level of the troop
   Goal Getter Order Form (1 per girl)
   Money Envelope (1 per girl)
   Cookie Times (1 per girl)
   Parent/Guardian Permission Form (1 per girl + 2)
         Service Unit 527 New Brighton
Thank you for volunteering
and being a vital part of your
scout’s troop! We could not
have this fundraising program
without you, the volunteers.
       New or Changed this year
• Cookies
   – All Abouts are gone.
       • We have to go back to the traditional recipe for s’mores.
   – Lemon Chalet Cremes are round.
   – Introducing….Dulce de Leche
       • sweet, indulgent cookies, rich with milk caramel chips and stripes.
• Program Age Level Additions
   – C.E.O. (Cookie Executive Officer)
       • Business Literacy Program for Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors to explore
         the world of business while earning extra troop proceeds.
       • May earn an additional $.05 per package
       • All business plans evaluated to win a lunch with RV CEO, Linda Keene
   – Daisies are allowed to sell cookies this year.
       • Sell only to Friends and Family
• Cookie Incentives available to borrow from me.
• New Theme
          New or Changed this Year
• Goal Getter Order periods
   – In addition to the initial order period, two separate additional order
     periods with due dates.
   – First Goal Getter order period ends Second Goal Getter order period end
   – Should solve problems of knowing when to stop selling and if the cookies
     will be available
• Sequence
   –   Troop Program Activities
   –   Family Meeting & Distribute Cards
   –   Go Day Jan 17th (Order taking begins.)
   –   Delivery and Cookie Booths
   –   Additional Order Dates
        • Goal Getter Orders Feb. 28 & March 14
   – Collect Money
   – Order Recognitions and Turn in Money
       New or Changed this Year
• Banking
  – Use Wells Fargo instead of US Bank
  – Deposit slips will be distributed to you soon and not
    at delivery.
  – Get 5 initial deposit slips from me (not yet available)
  – Additional deposit slips available by request from
    the council
  – Money not collected until the cookies are delivered
  – Deposit the money into council and troop accounts
    often throughout the sale period
  – Especially recommend depositing most of the
    money before spring break
     New or Changed this Year
• Cookie Booths
  – Two types, Council Arranged and Troop Arranged
  – Council Arranged
     • Jan. 5 troops log on to eBudde and begin selecting dates and
         – 1 booth per location
         – Max 3 locations
     • Jan. 12, log on to eBudde to select up to 3 additional booths
         – Max of 3 times per location
         – Total of 6 council-arranged Cookie Booths
     • Jan. 26 log on to eBudde to select any Cookie Booths still
       open, no limits
  – Troop Arranged
     • Please do not contact large corporations directly, have already
       been contacted by council.
     • At locally owned, independent businesses, churches, etc.
         – Enter in eBudde so information is available to general public,
           may get more customers
         – No limits on Troop arranged booths
       New or Changed this Year
• Product/Money Problem Reports
  – Get a report form from me or from the council
  – Troop Managers will fill them out this year
  – Submit a problem report if
     • shortage of money owed
         – Problems collecting money from parent or guardian for cookies sold
     • NSF check
     • Product defect
  – Problem reports – 3 parts
     • 1 part sent to the person that owes the money or keep if a product
     • 1 part sent to the Service Unit Cookie Manager
     • 1 part kept in Troop Records
  – All Problem Reports must be submitted by June 1, 2009
   New or Changed this Year
• Cookies 4 A Change
  – Troops are encouraged to plan a specific
    Community Service activity for which they will
    use their Cookie Program Funds
  – See the Pre-season Planner in the Meeting
    Kit for grade appropriate examples
  – Publicize the project on the cookie materials
    to help encourage sales
       New or Changed this Year
• Gift of Caring replaced by Cookie Care & Share
  – two options
     • Care is basically the same as Gift of Caring
         – Troop finds group to donate boxes to such as food shelf, nursing home,
           specific contact with military troops
         – Troop sells boxes using the blank line next to the Lemon Chalet Cremes
         – Troop takes care of delivery of the boxes to the group
     • Share is where the council handles distribution of the Share
       packages and your troop never touches the boxes
         – Council has certain specific groups selected as recipients
         – Troops do not choose which group receives the cookies under Share
  – Report Share and Care cookies through River Valleys
    website after placing initial order
     • Update with additional orders if more Share and/or Care orders
  – Yes, you can do both at once.
                                Care & Share
•   Two ways to donate boxes of cookies to worthy causes
•   Council managed program – Cookie Share
     – Council tracks sales of cookies for the Share program and donates boxes of cookies to
            Emergency Food Shelf Network                         Second Harvest Food Shelves
            Operation MN Nice                                    Armed Forces Service Center
            Other local food shelves and/or organizations that support military families or veterans

     – You do not select which organization receives your Share cookies
     – Troop never takes delivery of Share boxes, just collects the money

•   Troop managed program – Cookie Care
     – Select a non-profit group (have troop help with selection) to receive your troop’s
     – Select someone associated with troop to coordinate the gift to that group.
     – Talk to your troop about the group or visit the group if possible.
     – Use the extra boxes your troop receives to fill out the case order, order additional if
     – Troop actually receives the Care boxes and takes or mails them to their chosen group
•   Yes, you can do both Care and Share at the same time.
                  Care & Share (cont.)
• With either Care or Share
   – Fill in the # of Care or Share boxes sold in the white column on the far
     left of the order form.
   – Do not select a type of Care & Share cookie, e.g. Thin Mints, Samoas,
   – Cookie manager keeps track of number of Care & Share boxes and
     enters in form at RV website
   – Report the number of Care and/or Share boxes your troop sold using
     the form on the RV website (not eBudde)
   – If Care boxes, make sure you have sufficient boxes on hand at the end
     of the sale to meet the need for Care boxes then deliver the Care
     boxes to the organization of the troop’s choice
   – If Share boxes, the council takes over and delivers the # of boxes you
     sold along with those of all the other troops in the council to the Share
   – Make order card placards to give the girls with order forms to help
     promote sales.
   – Additional materials from council website (hopefully)
       • Order card placard
       • Care & Share receipt for customers
       • Booth sale table tent
          New or Changed this Year
• Delivery
   – You do not sign up with me for a delivery date
   – After your initial order is entered, go to the Delivery tab in eBudde and
       • Site for delivery
       • Date and time
       • Yes! You may choose any site and any delivery date within the River Valleys
   – In general, delivery sites will be trailer deliveries similar to the one we
     have used in the past
       • Cookie cases handled by delivery personnel only
       • May not be any volunteers checking in/out or helping with counting
   – Make sure you take your N/S4 form, i.e. Bubble Sheet filled in with your
     cookie cases to the Delivery site
   – Take a copy of your order with you for your information
   – No other materials will be distributed at delivery
       • No deposit slips
       • No badges, patches, etc.
   New or Changed this Year
• Cookie Cupboards
  – Each of 5 service centers will have a cupboard
    • Brooklyn Center
    • St. Paul
  – Regional cookie cupboards
    • Reduced in number from previous years
    • Hopefully Ron will still be in Mounds View
  – Service Unit cookie cupboard
    • I will have a limited number of cookies for replacing
      damaged cookies and some smaller orders
              New and Old Tools
• T-1B Troop Work Sheet
   – Hold over from days when everything was done on paper (no
   – Useful for working out troop order or taking girl orders over the
   – Do not have to turn it in
   – Do not have to use it if you do not want to
• Receipt Book
   –   Used by some former councils to aid in troop bookkeeping
   –   May be used as parent receipts when picking up cookies
   –   May be used to track transfers between troops
   –   Not mandatory to use
• Receipts to print up from eBudde
   – Alternate to receipt book is to print up girl records from eBudde
   – Advantage is that eBudde tracks girl orders for you
   – Specific instructions will be listed on unit website
Cookie Manager Registration
All adults including troop/group cookie managers are
required to complete an Adult Volunteer Application form
and an Adult Member Registration form.
   Adult Registration forms are available at this meeting, ask me if
    you need one.
   Return Adult Registration forms to the New Brighton Unit
           (contact through service unit cookie manager or service unit
             manager, Lynne Mitchell-Becker)
   Adult Registration is required yearly.
   The Adult Volunteer Application form only needs to be filed once
    and may be found on the back of the Adult Registration form.
   Complete the Volunteer Application Check online at
 Basic Tasks of Cookie Manager
• Complete cookie training and paperwork
• Have an e-mail address and access to the internet
• Train the troop
   – Meet with the girls and parents
• Manage the troop cookie program
   –   Collect permission slips and distribute sale materials
   –   Take orders, enter in eBudde system
   –   Pick up cookies at delivery site, count and distribute to troop
   –   Collect money and handle deposits to bank
   –   Pick up troop’s incentives and deliver them to the girls
• Jan 5 – Submit choices online for council sponsored Cookie Booths
• Jan. 9th – Cookie Rally
• Jan. 12 – Second chance to submit choices for council sponsored Cookie
• Jan. 17th – Cookie Sales Start (and not before!)
• Jan 24th – All Cookie Booth locations opened, no limit, log on to eBudde to
• Feb. 4th – Collect order cards, distribute Goal Getter order cards
• Feb. 6th Submit orders on eBudde
• Feb. 18th–Mar. 1st – Initial Order Deliveries
• Feb. 27th–Mar. 29th – Booth Sales
• Feb. 28th – Additional troop order submitted.
• March 14th – Final troop order submitted.
• April 1st – End of Program
    • All deposits need to be made to Council account
    • submit recognitions order on eBUDDE
• April 3rd – Submit final paperwork to Service Unit cookie manager
• Week of May 4th – Pick up recognitions for Service Unit Cookie Manager
        Calendar with School Dates

Cookie Rally
         Jan. 9
Cookie Go Day
         Jan. 17
           Calendar with School Dates

Initial Order
Cards Due
         Feb. 4
Initial Deliveries
           Feb. 18
Booth Sales Start
           Feb. 27
First Goal Getter
Order Due
           Feb. 28
       Calendar with School Dates

Final Goal Getter
Order Due
          Mar. 14
End of Booth Sales
All Money due to
Troop Cookie Mgr.
          Mar. 29
       Calendar with School Dates

All Deposits
Due to Council
Account and
Orders Due!
         Apr. 1
delivered to SU
1st Week of May
                     Getting Started
 Read the Troop Cookie Manager Guidebook and the Cookie Times
 Consent forms are required for every scout AND every scout must be
  registered! Contact me if you have questions about individual
 Train Troop
       Review program changes with Troop Leader
       With Troop Leader and troop, set troop goals
       Help girls in troop to set personal goals
       Register Girls into online Cookie Club
 No order taking until Saturday, January 17th and no internet sales ever.
 Safety First!
     Make sure your troops know the safety rules. Train the younger
      scouts and remind older scouts of safety rules for sales.
     See page 7 of TCM Guidebook or page 5 of Cookie Times
     Cookie Proceeds Defined
                How the Cookie Crumbles
$3.50 per box                                 Troop Proceeds            $ .56

                                              Girl awards and
                                                                        $ .14

                                              Baker                     $ .83

                                              program events,           $1.97
                                              properties and services

None of the cookie proceeds go to GS USA.
  Last year’s sale by the numbers
• During initial sale period: sold 34,800 boxes
• Goal Getter orders and Cookie Booths: sold 1,599
  additional boxes
• Total of 36,399 boxes sold by New Brighton troops
• Gift of Caring: 154 boxes
• Per Girl Average: 126 boxes
• Earned for council: $106,115.45
• Earned for New Brighton troops: $21,281.05
                         Train Troop
• Talk about theme with girls

    – Use the Cookie Program Activity Kit (book) for ideas for meetings
 See page 9 of the Troop Cookie Manager Guidebook for related patches
  and programs to use for training
• Use information from and to help.
• Emphasize safety rules.
• Remind them there are NO internet sales of Girl Scout Cookies.
• Troop must pay for all cookies ordered, including those needed to fill out
  cases. Arrange for sale of those cookies:
    –   at a booth
    –   through Care and Share.
    –   other means such as workplaces but not the internet.
    –   Don’t be afraid to ask parents for help.
                           Parent Meeting
• Ensure all girls who are participating in the sale are registered Girl Scouts.
    – Work with your leader or troop registrar to make sure.
    – Don’t just assume they are. Ask me if you are unsure.
• Each girl must have a completed and signed consent form before
  receiving her order card.
• Review Cookie Times with the parents.
    – DO NOT SELL COOKIES BEFORE Jan. 17th!!!!
    − Make sure due dates and responsibilities are clear
        • have them count boxes and sign receipts for cookies at delivery
        • remind them that they will be responsible for the full payment for initial order cookies and any
          goal getter orders by the due date on the calendar.
• Review the order forms with the parents.
    – Column before Lemon Chalet Cremes is for Care and Share, no specific
      variety needed!
    – Regular order card for orders until February 4.
    – Goal Getter order cards until Feb. 28 and March 14
        • May want to wait to pass these out.
        • Two periods for Goal Getter orders to be entered:
             – First Goal Getter order due on February 28.
             – Second Goal Getter order due on March 14.
• Remind the parents that all money for Goal Getters and original orders on
  or before March 29.
         Parent Responsibilities
Parents/guardians must agree to the following:
   – Girl Scout is registered with River Valleys for 2008-2009
   – Girl Scout has permission to participate in the sale
   – Their Girl Scout and they will participate in the sale and their
     daughter will have adult guidance at all times
   – Begin selling cookies no earlier than January 17th.
   – They accept financial responsibility for all cookies and the money
     they receive
   – They will collect $3.50 per package when the cookies are
     delivered to the customers
   – They will turn over all money for cookies (including Goal Getter
     sales) to the troop cookie manager by March 29th.
   – They will not sell Girl Scout Cookies online. Email to a list of
     friends and family is okay. Setting up a website for sales or listing
     on ebay is not allowed.
               Cookie Rally
•   Party and training for the girls
•   Review safety rules
•   Talk about ways to sell
•   Fun and crafts
•   Older Troops and Girl Scouts will help
•   Second Friday in January –
•   This is a great way to get the girls motivated for
    the cookie sale. Hope to see you there!
                  Money Management
• Money envelopes should have scout’s first name and troop’s cookie
  manager’s phone number. Fill that out before your troop meeting.
• Do not carry too much cash at one time. Either you or the troop members.
• Checks should be made out to the council (River Valleys or Girl Scouts of
  Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys) to reduce problems for the troop in
  handling bounced checks.
• Make sure each scout has a correct list of the cost of the boxes of cookies.
    – Even if the troop did the calculations together, double-check to make sure each
      girl has written down the multiples correctly.
• Be sure to deposit the troop’s portion of the proceeds into the troop account.
    – Deposit cash and “trusted” checks in the troop account to make up troop portion
• Council’s portion is deposited into the council account through Wells Fargo.
    – Deposit the rest of the checks in the council account
    – Protects the troop against NSF checks
• eBudde will tell you what portion you need to deposit in those accounts
  Manage the Cookie Program
• Use Troop Cookie Manager Guidebook, Safety-
  Wise, Program Activity Kit (booklet), Council
  Guide and other cookie program materials as
• Meet due dates for orders and paperwork
• Pick up or arrange for pick up of cookies from
  distribution site and distribute cookies to troop.
• Arrange for sale of any extra cookies the troop
  has ordered to fill out cases.
• Collect money from troop members.
• Deposit money into Council and Troop accounts
• Pick up and deliver incentives to troop
                   Ordering Cookies
• All varieties of cookies are packaged 12 boxes to a case
• Initial Order
   – Enter each girl’s order into eBudde
   – eBudde will total the cookies ordered and round up to the number of
     cases you need
   – IF you are holding cookie booths, rounding up is probably what you want.
   – If you would prefer to round down,
       • alter your initial order to the nearest full case numbers
       • pick up additional boxes to fill out orders from the cookie cupboards
       • Please drop me an email if you want to pick them up at the SU cupboard
• Cookie Booth Sales
   – May add boxes in the “Other” line of initial order to have on hand for your
   – Otherwise pick up additional cases or boxes at cookie cupboards
   – Cookies are not returnable to the cookie cupboards
• Your troop may reserve a preview box of the
  recognitions through me.
• This helps your troop get excited about the sale.
   – The recognitions will also be displayed at the Cookie
• Remember that recognitions are cumulative -- the
  girls earn one incentive for each level achieved.
• All incentives need to be picked up within three
  weeks of their delivery to the unit manager. After
  that, the incentives will be returned to the council
  for pick up at the St. Paul Service Center.
50 pkgs sold    100 pkgs sold   130 pkgs sold           150 pkgs sold

                $10 cookie

     200 pkgs sold

                                           $5 Cookie Credits earned
                                           for every additional 50 pkgs
                                           At 750 pkgs sold, earn $75
                                           Cookie Extra Credit!
        Patches and other awards
    12 pkgs sold                100+ pkgs sold             500+ pkgs sold
                                                           Become a member
                                                           of the 500+ Club and
                                                           be invited to a day at
                                                           camp especially for
                                                           500+ sellers
                             Achievement Bar patch
                           earned at highest level sold.

1000+ pkgs sold
Become a member of
the 1000+ Club and be
invited to an event just
for members on May 16,
2009. Check out the         The top program grade          Every scout who
River Valleys website       level seller in each           participates in the
for more details.           service unit will receive      Care & Share program
                            the Super Seller Patch.        earns this patch.
• Computer system entry for orders and incentives
• Must have web access and an email address to be
  a troop manager or have reliable arrangements
  with someone who has such access.
• Do not have to turn off pop-up blockers to access
• Updated format.
• Unit manager may send messages to you through
  the eBUDDE system.
   – Cannot reply to those messages, use my address for
   – Webinars for eBudde training start Jan. 5

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