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					Connect & Empower

Welcome to Max International’s
     Top Team Training
  This training is designed to be the nucleus to
  illustrate and direct the new associate to the
    resources for conducting the MAX business

   Use this information as a catalyst to ignite
   your MAX business and get your feet firmly
              planted on the ground.

Everything covered in this training is meant to
  connect and empower the new associate.
             What to Expect
   Max International structure and products
   “The System”
   3-Way calls
   Where to find Online Resources
   The Compensation Plan Brief
Connect and Empower
   We all come from different
 This is not about sales!
 There are no sales skills required, as a matter
  of fact being a Super Salesperson can work
  against us
 Let’s face it, most are NOT sales people
            Master Inviters
 Sales is about talking and convincing, we are
  in the sorting business… not the convincing
  business (master inviters)
 “Say less to more people faster” (cover more
  ground using the tools without saying too
 Don’t carry people. Point them to the way
  they should go.
      Formula for Success…
*The Network Marketing Industry is unique and
  it is critical that even the most savvy
  business person understands its principles*
 With this industry “Success” is the ability to
  apply the simple proven “System” and to
  duplicate it through training others.
 Understanding and applying these principles
  will ensure the elusive Sustainability within
  our business
                 The System

 We want our business to be “System” dependant and
  not skill or person dependant
 The key in this industry is to create layers upon
  layers of duplication using the “System”
 This “System" is based on “Team Work” and
 “This is a relationship business not a business
  The System cont. ~ 3 steps
 Peak interest without saying too much

 Provide one of our tools

 Follow up with the prospect, having a
 support team member on the phone
 with you, to give recommendations
         Knowledge is Power

 Learn everything you can about the company &
  upcoming events. Events build business FAST

 Determine your personal “Why”

 Attend every possible event/training

 Spend time reading for personal development
Your Co-Founders
Steven K. Scott

Co-founder American Telecast

Multimillion Dollar Success with
Total Gym

One of the 25 Most Influential
People in Direct Response TV

Authored Six International Best
Greg Fullerton

Co-Founder & trainer with “Franklin”
time management (now Franklin
Covey). Fortune 500 Consultant

Renowned Public Speaker Worldwide

Shared the Stage with Bill Gates,
Steven Jobs, George Lucas and More

              One of the World’s Largest Direct
              Response Television Companies.
 Bill Guthy
              Leading Producer of Informercials
                    Pro-Active Solution
              Sales of $1.8 Billion per Year

Greg Renker   Strategic Offices Around the Globe
What is the most important
  tool in this business?
   3ways-Getting Connected
 Getting connected begins prior to enrollment
  through the first 3-way conversation with a
  Senior Partner
 During that conversation the new person is
  given recommendations from experience
  and gets a glimpse of the teamwork that
  awaits them
            The 3-Way Call
 During this initial conversation the new
  person hears reasons to execute quickly like
  the “first mover advantage”.
 This is much more effective when conveyed
  from a third party.
 It takes the “salesman cap” off of the referring
 We call this the 3-way call
           The 3-Way Call
 This 3-way call is the third step of a 3-step
  system which is outlined in the “Max System
  to Success and Leadership” document which
  should be provided by your sponsor
           The 3-Way Call
 These conversations are the lifeblood of the
  business and are highly encouraged to be
  done with prospects and team members on a
  regular basis

 * A consistent flow of 3-way conversations
  throughout your organization will infuse
  energy and empower your team *
            The 3-Way Call
 Be sure to ask your sponsor to introduce you
  to all available Senior Partners

 The 3-way calls are meant to introduce,
  inform, encourage, invite and empower

 Fostering pillars of leadership within our team
  creates business sustainability
 Having a separate Gmail email account for
  your MAX business is encouraged. Business
  email wont be lost in clutter & access to the
  “Super Max Team” Google group resources
  will be easy.
 Be sure to request our regular team email & text
  broadcasts from Steve Lee & Steven Kent
         (Online Resources)
 We have the FREE online “Super Max Team”
  Google Group with abundant files and audio
  clips to fortify your business. Take advantage
  of this membership right away and begin with
  the “audio training”!
 Spend some time @
 Log in to the site with your
  user ID/password and spend time
  familiarizing yourself with your ‘back office’. A
  domain name is encouraged.
 Also provided by your sponsor will be:
   Guidelines of conducting 3-way calls
   Senior Partner support contact info
   Senior Partner bios for 3-way intros
   *Audio CD training* Listen ASAP,
    frequently review & duplicate for your new
    associates getting started benefit
                      Power Tools
 Event Promotion: Local, out of state & international. Weekly
   briefings & home
     Health Professionals:
     Formulator Interview:
         MaxGXL TV @
         This training:

         Success From Home magazine
             As with all tools be sure to qualify your prospect before
             Bundles available through your back office when ordering or included in
              your autoship.
           Power Tools
Dr Keller Audio CD
 The audio CD is the tool of choice for the
 wellness professional or anyone else who
 might be opposed to hearing about the
 business first. Refer to “First exposure
 with a Wellness Professional” email
                   Power Tools
 Videos/DVD’s
    Max International offers DVD’s for purchase.
    For the online version, direct your contacts to & the “MaxGXL TV” option.
     Recommend the “Timing & Trends” video in the “Corporate
     Videos” section
    Business Cards Available from Max International or ask your
     sponsor for the “Team” card

 Brochures and support material available from your
  back office when ordering
 Refer to the “Max System for Success and
  Leadership” for recommended use of all tools
           The GXL Product
 Our dynamic product MaxGXL stands in a
  differentiated category of is own. Refer to it as
  a “nutraceutical” to set it apart.
    The Intro Pack is a combination of marketing tools
     and a 2-week *sample* supply of MaxGXL
 Explain to the new person that although many
  do, not everyone will experience noticeable
  benefit within 2-weeks
    *Always give a “Performance Chart” with Max
   GXL Product- 4-week supply
 Plan A is to always have the new person
  consume MaxGXL for a full 4-weeks
 Plan B is to give/sell a 2-week supply along with
  suitable marketing materials. Be sure to let the
  person receiving this know that it is only a sample.
  To give any nutritional product a fair-shake, they
  need to consume it consistently for at least month.
 *Combine N*Fuze with MaxGXL for best results.
  Provide several sample packs*
              Max N*Fuze
 The “Usher” leading to GXL at times
 Nano-tech advanced cell delivery liquid
  multi-vitamin/mineral/herbal formulation
 Enhances/compliments benefit from MaxGXL
 Fast acting and dynamic…can be sampled to
  enroll new associates/customers effectively.
 Makes all other multi-vitamins obsolete
  compared to its advanced delivery system.
      Compensation Brief
 Preferred Cus. Plan pays 25%
 commission ~ *$17.25 per box * paid
 through weekly checks

 2 Level Fast Track bonuses $5, $15,
 $50, $100 & $225 paid weekly on new
 associate purchases of product packs
 *within 60 days of enrollment*
    Compensation (residual)
 Monthly residual Team volume
 commissions (CV) paid on infinite
 levels. *Must be “active” with a
 minimum of 50PV & be “qualified”

 Build 2 teams…get paid 10% of entire
 smaller team’s volume to infinity &
 Matching Bonuses on the larger team
Compensation ~ Wealth Building
 7 levels of Matching Bonuses paid up to
 50% on *personally enrolled* lineage.
 Determined by paid rank & must be on
 1 box Autoship to qualify

 “Diamond Pack Associates” receive 6
 months of Silver level Matching
 Bonuses, which is 30%, 10% & 9%
Compensation ~ more bonuses
 Global, Platinum & Diamond bonus
 pools paid to qualified associates based
 on percentages of global revenue. (See
 plan for details)

 “Diamond Pack Associates” receive
 DOUBLE bonus pool $$ FOR LIFE!!!
        Luxury Car Bonus
 $500 - $1500 paid monthly to qualified
 associates based on paid rank. (See
 plan for details)

 Be sure to upgrade to a Diamond Pack
 prior to 60 days of enrollment to
 maximize income earning potential
     Now that you have the
 Next Step
   Get introduced to Senior-Associates
   Set *hand written* Goals
   Make a written name list of prospects
   *Execute Daily Action using the
    system…put yourself in the public*
   Most importantly ENJOY THE JOURNEY!