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									       Detainable Deficiencies raised as result of PSC inspections of NK-SMC ships in November 2009

1. Lifeboats
 ( Battery low charge, Steering system malfunction, Bolt & plates corroded ) ( 4 Cases )

2. Fire dampers
 ( E/R ventilation dampers wasted, not working ) ( 3 Cases )

3. Oily water separator
 ( Oil residue in overboard pipe, 15ppm alarm monitor not maintained, auto stop device not working ) (3 Cases)

4. Cleanness of E/R
 ( Exhausted pipe dirty, E/R bilge oily ) ( 2 Cases )

Case-1 (Port in Australia)
   Def.                                                                                         Act.   ISM
           Type of deficiency                           Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                           Code   Code
   743 Fire-dampers                   1.Port and Stbd E/R ventilator Fire dampers wasted,
                                                                                                 30     -
                                      sections missing.
   743 Fire-dampers                   2.No.1 E/R ventilator Fire damper not fully closing.       17     -
   739 Emergency Fire Pump            3.Emergency Fire pump priming pump not disengaging
                                                                                                 17     -
                                      when pressurized.
  2660 Water level indicator          4.Cargo Hold Water ingress alarm system-several
                                                                                                 15     -
                                      sensors defective.

Case-2 (Port in Australia)
   Def.                                                                                         Act.   ISM
           Type of deficiency                           Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                           Code   Code
  2050 Operation of machinery         1.SOLAS training manual not ship's particular              16      -
  2330 Garbage record book            2.Garbage record book entries not as required              16      -
  1594 Voyage or passage plan         3.Passage plan not as required by SOLAS CV R3.4            17      -
  1560 Charts                         4.Temporary amd preliminary charts not marked on
                                                                                                 17     -
                                      charts in use.
  1565 Automatic Identification       5.AIS incorrectly set up
                                                                                                 17     -
       System (AIS)
   650 Lifebuoys                     6.Lifebouy lights on boat deck salt water activated - no
                                                                                                 17     -
                                     expiry date
  1280   Machinery space openings 7.Steering gear vent closure stiff                             17     -
   730   Fire fighting equipment and 8.Fire hose fwd - holed
                                                                                                 17     -
   680   Embarkation arrangements - 9.Shackles for fwd liferaft embarkation ladder - seized
                                                                                                 17     -
         survival craft
   999   Other (stability/structure) 10.Cracked in No.8 hold - repaired by ships crew (99:
                                                                                                 99     -
                                     To be referrers is clear file to departure.)
  2545   Reports and analysis of non-11.Damage to No.8 hold not reported to the
         conformities, accidents and appropriate authorities                                     18     9
         hazardous occurrences
  1499   Other (machinery)           12.No.2 Generator fuel oil circulating pump leaking         17     -
  1430   Auxiliary engine            13.No.2 and 3 Generator oil leaks and excess oil in
                                                                                                 17     -
                                     save all
  2550   Maintenance of the ship     14.The above deficiencies are objective evidence that
         and equipment               the safety management system fails to ensure                18     10
                                     adequate maintenance of the vessel

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Case-3 (Port in Australia)
   Def.                                                                                           Act.   ISM
           Type of deficiency                           Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                             Code   Code
  2055 Manuals, instructions, etc.1.SOLAS training manual not ship specific                        16      -
  1560 Charts                     2.Temporary and preliminary chart corrections not
                                                                                                   17     -
                                  marked on charts in use
  1543 Compass correction log     3.Frequency on compass error - not as per STCW95                 16     -
   680 Embarkation arrangements - 4.Fwd embarkation ladder - deteriorating
                                                                                                   15     -
       survival craft
   743 Fire-dampers               5.E/R vent - center - seized open                                30     -

Case-4 (Port in Australia)
   Def.                                                                                           Act.   ISM
            Type of deficiency                          Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                             Code   Code
   955 Pilot ladders                  1.Pilot ladder- seizing's on rung chocks weathered,
                                                                                                   99     -
                                      broken, missing. (99: Ladder to be repaired.)
   799   Other (fire safety)          2.Paint/thinners stored in Boatswain Store                   17     -
   610   Lifeboats                    3.Lifeboats port and stbd secondary start batteries low
                                                                                                   30     -
                                      charge. Unable to start engines.
   620   Inflatable liferafts         4.Liferafts port painter weak links not attached.            17     -
  1596   Navigation records           5.No navigation records for pilotage available. (99:
                                                                                                   99     -
                                      Records to be kept from departure Newcastle.)
  2550   Maintenance of the ship      6.Inspection and maintenance of WBT/Void Space/ FO
                                                                                                   18     10
         and equipment                Tank vent heads inadequate to detect faults.
  2055   Manuals, instructions, etc. 7.SOLAS training Manual -no specific instructions for
                                                                                                   16     -
                                      lifeboat on load releases.
   551   Gas instruments              8.Multi gas meter - fault indicated.                         15     -
   739   Emergency Fire Pump          9.Emergency fire pump - priming pump not engaging
                                                                                                   16     -
   610   Lifeboats                    10.Lifeboat painters-releases seized.                        17     -
  9901   Deficiencies clearly         11.Chemical Store- Steering Gear Room- shelving
         hazardous to safety, health securing bars-sections missing.
                                                                                                   17     -
         or environment, specified in
         clear text
  1740   Oil discharge monitoring     12.OWS- relief valve seized.
                                                                                                   17     -
         and control system

Case-5 (Port in Belgium)
   Def.                                                                                           Act.   ISM
            Type of deficiency                          Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                             Code   Code
  2110 Oil and oily mixtures from     1.Oil in E/R bilges and on tank Top
                                                                                                   30     -
        machinery spaces
   533 Obstruction/slipping, etc.   2.Loose floor plates in E/R                                    17     -
   950 Electric equipment in        3.Electrical cables, switches, contact boxes in E/R,
                                                                                                   30     -
        general                     emergency lighting not in order
   799 Other (fire safety)          4.Oil fuel flanges to be protected with anti spray tape        17     -
  1410 Propulsion main engine       5.Main engine - air cooler leaking, oil fuel leaks, several
                                                                                                   17     -
                                    rubber drain pipes
  1420   Cleanliness of engine room 6.Oil fuel leaks on pumps and valves, cleaning required        17     -
  1730   Oil filtering equipment    7.Oil residue in OWS overboard pipe                            30     -
  1745   15 PPM alarm               8.15 ppm monitor to be maintained
                                                                                                   30     -
  1499   Other (machinery)          9.Shaft generator out of order ( see previous
                                                                                                   17     -
  1499   Other (machinery)          10.Pump foundations and piping in E/R                          17     -
   441   Cold room temperature      11.Cold room alarm not working                                 17     -
  1560   Charts                     12.T & P corrections not marked on voyage charts               17     -
  1550   Lights, shapes, sound-     13.NUC lights not approved
                                                                                                   17     -
  1581   Rudder angle indicator     14.Rudder angle indicator 5 degrees off helm                   17     -
  1399   Other (mooring)            15.Brake linings wasted, safety pins missing                   17     -

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   628 Stowage of liferafts          16.Liferaft painter not correctly connected to HRU           17     -
   610 Lifeboats                     17.Lifeboat hook foundation bolts and plates thinned
                                                                                                  30     -
                                     and corroded
   610 Lifeboats                     18.Engine protection shield not fire retardant, propeller
                                                                                                  30     -
                                     shaft protection loose, canopy and stantions missing
  1150 Loading and unloading         19.Cargo winch brake linings wasted
                                                                                                  17     -
  1299 Other (load lines)            20.Cargo holes entrance hatches, gaskets wasted              17     -
  1275 Ventilators, air pipes,       21.Ballast tanks air pipe heads wasted, balls not moving
                                                                                                  30     -
  1275 Ventilators, air pipes,       22.Gooseneck ventilator heads not closing properly
                                                                                                  30     -
  1280 Machinery space openings      23.Emergency escape hatch butterfly nuts missing             17     -
   799 Other (fire safety)           24.CO2 bottle for paint room - release handle missing        17     -
  2535 Development of plans for      25.Hazards associated with lifeboat launching /
                                                                                                  17     7
       shipboard operations          recovery not in SMS
   695 On board training and         26.Crew not familiar with IMO documentation MSC
                                                                                                  17     -
       instructions                  1205 , 1206
  2540 Emergency preparedness        27.Lifeboats not ready for use, ISM audit required           30     8
  2550 Maintenance of the ship       28.Due to numerous deficiencies, ISM not implemented
                                                                                                  30     10
       and equipment                 on board, Audit required

Case-6 (Port in Spain)
   Def.                                                                                          Act.   ISM
           Type of deficiency                         Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                            Code   Code
  2055 Manuals, instructions, etc.   1.Operation instructions for S/G not legible in the S/G
                                                                                                  30     -
  2055   Manuals, instructions, etc. 2.Name Plates for valves missing or not legible              16     -
  1420   Cleanliness of engine room 3.Manifold between M/E Cylinders and Exhaust Pipe
                                                                                                  30     -
                                     found dirty.
   743   Fire-dampers                4.Fire dampers in funnel not working                         30     -
  1623   MF/HF radio installation    5.MF/HF radio installation inoperative                       30     -
  2600   Bulk carriers ? Additional 6.Remote control valve for dewatering in boatswain
                                                                                                  30     -
         safety measures             store inoperative
   330   Sanitary facilities         7.Lack of hot water in ratings shower                        30     -
   420   Provisions (quantity)       8.Lack of fresh vegetables and fruits for the intended
                                                                                                  17     -
   543   Steam pipes and pressure 9.Insulation of steam and injection pipes deficient
                                                                                                  30     -
  1470   Insulation wetted through 10.FO Pipes to M/E deficient insulation and leaking
                                                                                                  30     -
   150   Prevention of Pollution by 11.IOPP Supplement Form A not properly filled
                                                                                                  16     -
         Oil (IOPP)
  1770   SBT, CBT, COW               12.High quantity of oil residues on board.                   17     -
  2550   Maintenance of the ship     13.Maintenace not according with the SMS
                                                                                                  30     10
         and equipment
   715   Fire detection              14.Fire alarm panel with trouble failure                     17     -
  1430   Auxiliary engine            15.No.1 Main Generator D/E FO leakage                        17     -
  1430   Auxiliary engine            16.No.1 Main Generator D/E high pressure leakage
                                                                                                  17     -
                                     alarms inoperative.
  1430   Auxiliary engine            17.No.3 Main Generator leaking by the cooling pump.          17     -
   630   Launching arrangements      18.Remote control wire handle for LSA brake found
                                                                                                  17     -
         for survival craft          broken
  1435   Gauges, thermometers, etc 19.Pyrometrs and thermometers in No.1, 2 and 3 Main
                                                                                                  17     -
                                     Generator D/E found most inoperative.
  1430   Auxiliary engine            20.No.3 Main Generator D/E high pressure leakage
                                                                                                  17     -
                                     alarms inoperative.
  1430   Auxiliary engine            21.No.1 leaking by the crankcase tap, area underneath
                                                                                                  17     -
  2600   Bulk carriers ? Additional 22.FPT stop valve found inoperative
                                                                                                  17     -
         safety measures

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Case-7 (Port in U.K.)
   Def.                                                                                          Act.   ISM
           Type of deficiency                         Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                            Code   Code
  2025 Abandon ship drills           1.Lifeboats not in water within 3 months / Flag & Class
                                                                                                  16     -
   695 On board training and         2.No MSC circulars 1205 & 1206 sighted on board
  2010 Muster list                   3.Muster list does not identify key substitutes or
                                                                                                  16     -
                                     person responsible for LSA
   695 On board training and         4.Several key crew members do not appear to be
       instructions                  thoroughly familiar with on load release mechanism.
                                     Lifeboat technical superintendent on board and               17     -
                                     providing additional training report to be sent to Hull
                                     M.O. Beverley.
   599 Other (working spaces)        5.SWL not indicated on main engine beams / aft
                                     mooring rope in poor condition in one area in particular     16     -
                                     safe walkway areas not identified on main deck
   960 Means of escape               6.Emergency escape from steering gear & provision
                                     store compromise safety permanent bolt catchers on           17     -
                                     inside to be removed
  1543 Compass correction log        7.Compass correction logbook to be taking at more
                                     regular interval
  2535 Development of plans for      8.No specific rescue drill identified for enclosed space
       shipboard operations          entry and no specific date for last calibration of oxygen    18     7
                                     gas analyze

Case-8 (Port in Hong Kong, China )
   Def.                                                                                          Act.   ISM
           Type of deficiency                       Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                            Code   Code
   696 Maintenance and inspection 1.Stbd lifeboat recovery limit switch sticked.
                                                                                                  17     -
   713 Main vertical zone            2.E/R upper deck entry door, one self closing device
                                                                                                  30     -
                                     removed and one could not fully closed.
  1430 Auxiliary engine              3.No.1 generator, RPM indicator was defective                16     -
  1745 15 PPM alarm                  4.Oily water separator, the auto stop device (3-way
                                                                                                  30     -
       arrangements                  valve) was not in operation.
  2565 Certification, verification   5.Corrective actions were not taken to deal with 3
       and control                   NCN's as imposed by NKK with deadline by 5 Sept.             30     13
                                     2009 during renewal SMC audit.

Case-9 (Port in Italy)
   Def.                                                                                          Act.   ISM
            Type of deficiency                        Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                            Code   Code
  2550 Maintenance of the ship       1.There is a lack of effective and systematic
        and equipment                implementation of requirements to set down "M/E
                                     remote control system manual" referred to splendid
                                                                                                  18     10
                                     ISM to be improved accordingly external audit should
                                     be conducted within 3 months.
  1710 Oil record book               2.On ORB code 6) (referred to incinerator operations)
                                     has been used instead of code 7). Master and chief           99     -
                                     engineer instructed accordingly. (99: Rectified)
   984 Hull - cracking               3.External plate of forepeak IWO anchor eye found
                                                                                                  17     -
                                     damage due to collision . Class survey required.

Case-10 (Port in Japan)
   Def.                                                                                          Act.   ISM
           Type of deficiency                         Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                            Code   Code

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   745 Ventilation                    1.Ventilator manual operation device and its gear on
                                      vent house on upper deck.
                                      - 40pcs is collapsed and not operated properly. Bed          99     -
                                      plate of device corroded and wasted heavily.(99: to
                                      repair or renewal by schedule see on classNK)
   720 Readily availability of fire   2.Nozzle of sprinkler in paint store
                                                                                                   17     -
       fighting equipment             - Not effect due to obstacle plate.
  2530 Resources and personnel        3.Procedure of maintenance for ventilation system
                                                                                                   18     6
                                      -Not understood.

Case-11 (Port in Japan)
   Def.                                                                                           Act.   ISM
            Type of deficiency                         Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                             Code   Code
   715 Fire detection               1.Fire detection system out of order since January
                                    2009 (previous Captain informed
                                                                                                   30     -
                                    SMS document: Ref. No, MARG-09-01E-001 on 05-01-
  2515   Company responsibility and 2.Management company didn’t take appropriate action
         authority                  timely in accordance with ISM code refer above                 30     -
                                    deficiency (Internal audit conducted on 22?23-01-
   610   Lifeboats                  3.Stbd Lifeboat steering system malfunction by wheel
                                                                                                   30     -
                                    and emergency tiller.
  2535   Development of plans for 4.Ship-Shore Checklist not completed before cargo
         shipboard operations       operation was started (No signature by shore terminal          18     7
  2550   Maintenance of the ship    5.Fire-fighting appliance not carried out correctly as
         and equipment              evidenced fire equipments check list being in order            18     10
                                    about fire detection system.
  2525   Masters responsibility and 6.The Master didn’t inform to port state about refer
         authority                  deficiency item 1 according to SOLAS 74 Chapter 1              18     5
                                    Reg. 11.3

Case-12 (Port in Turkey)
   Def.                                                                                           Act.   ISM
           Type of deficiency                          Details of deficiency
 Code                                                                                             Code   Code
  1560 Charts                         1.ADM. Charts No.437,224,1005,1195,2230nand3330 are
                                                                                                   17     -
                                      old edition / or missing.
  1570 Nautical publications          2.ADM.Chart Catalogue 2008 edition is missing.               17     -
  1570 Nautical publications          3.ISM Code 2002 Ed. IMDG Code 2008 edition and ILO
                                                                                                   17     -
                                      Maritime Labor convention 2008 edition are missing.
  1699 Other (radio)                  4.ITU list of call signs 2003 edition and ITU Manual for
                                                                                                   17     -
                                      use 1003 Ed. are missing.
  1655 Facilities for reception of    5.NAVTEX is not working by emergency source.
                                                                                                   17     -
       marine safety information
   945 Emergency lighting,            6.Engine Lighting for fireman outfit locker on bridge and
       batteries and switches         some eng. lights for lifeboats and liferafts are not         30     -
                                      working, out of order.
  1710 Oil record book                7.Wrong information                                          30     -
   150 Prevention of Pollution by     8.Incinerator capacity is not compliance with IOPP
                                                                                                   15     -
       Oil (IOPP)                     certificate and incinerator booklet.
   725 Fixed fire extinguishing       9.Alarm of halon system for E/R is not working.
                                                                                                   30     -

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