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					                               Playlist fuiven DJ André (Eagle)
            Uitvoerder                      Naam                                  Jaar      Genre
            101                             Rock to the beat                             new beat
            2 Many DJ's                     Independent women+dreadlock holiday   2002   pop
            4 Strings                       Take me away (into the night          2002   House
            Abba                            Dancing queen                         1976   disco
            AC DC                           Highway to hell                       1979   Rock
            Afroman                         Because I get high                    2002   R&B
            Alanis Morissette               You oughta know                       1995   Rock
            Alcazar                         Crying at the discotheque             2000   DiscoNouveau
            Anastacia                       Paid my dues                          2001   R&B
            Anne Clark                      Sleeper in Metropolis                        wave
            Anouck                          Nobody's wife                         1997   rock
            Apollo Four Forty               Ain't talkin' about dub                      Dance
            Aretha Franklin                 Think                                        swing
            Arid                            Too late tonight                             Rock
            Arid                            Wintertime                            2002   Slow
            Arid                            You are                               2002   Rock
            Arno                            Oh la la la                                  rock
            A-team                          Theme from the A-team                        ambi
            Atlanta Symphony Orchestra      Carmina Burana                        1981   klassiek
            Atlantis 6                      Life is a mystery                     1998   House
            Atomic Kitten                   Whole again                           2001   R&B
            B-52's                          Love shack                            1989   rock
            Ballistic Brothers              Peckings                                     Dance
            Bangles                         Walk like an Egyptian                 1985   Rock
            Basement Jaxx                   Red alert                             1999   Dance
            BBE                             Desire                                1997   house
            BBE                             Seven days & one week                        House
            Beastie Boys                    Fight for your right                  1986   Rock
            Beastie Boys                    Intergalactic                         1998   rap
            Beastie boys                    Sabotage                              1994   Rock
            Beatles                         Yellow submarine                      1966   Ambi
            Beck                            Loser                                 1994   Rock
            Beegees                         Stayin' alive                                disco
            Benny Neyman                    Vrijgezel                                    ambi
            Bill Medley & Jeniffer Warnes   The time of my life                          swing
            Björk                           It's oh so quiet                             Ambi
            Black & White brothers          Pump it up                            1999   House
            Black Sabbath                   Paranoid                                     Rock
            Bloodhound gang                 The bad touch                         1999   Rock
            Blue                            Fly By II                             2002   R&B
            Blur                            Song 2                                1997   Rock
            Bob Marley & the Wailers        Could you be loved                    1980   reggae
            Bob Marley & the Wailers        No woman no cry                       1974   reggae
            Body Count                      Born dead                             1994   Rock
            Bomfunk MC's                    Freestyler                            1999   Rap
            Bon Jovi                        It's my life                          2000   Rock
            Bonnie Tyler                    Total eclipse of the heart            1983   Slow
            Booker T & the MG's             Green onions                          1964   Instrumentaal
            Boomtown Rats                   I don't like Mondays                  1979   Rock
            Brainpower                      Dansplaat                             2002   Rap
            Bruce Springsteen               The river                             1979   Slow
            Bryan Adams                     Heaven                                1984   Slow
            Bryan Adams                     Summer of '69                         1984   rock

Eagle Vertrouwelijk                            playlist fuiven                                    Pagina 1
            Carl Orff                   O Fortuna                                klassiek
            Cheap Trick                 I want you to want me             1979   Rock
            Chef                        Chocolate salty balls             1998   Ambi
            Chemical Brothers           Hey boy hey girl                  1999   Dance
            Cher                        Strong enough                     1999   disco
            Chic                        Le Freak                                 disco
            Christina Aguilera          Genie in a bottle                        R&B
            Christina Millan            AM to PM                          2002   R&B
            Chumbawamba                 Tubthumping                       1997   Rock
            Commander Tom               Are am eye?                              house
            Cranberries                 Zombie                            1994   Rock
            Cure                        A forest                          1980   wave
            Cure                        In between days                   1985   wave
            Cypress Hill                Insane in the brain               1993   rap
            Da Hool                     Meet her at the love parade       1997   House
            Daan                        Swedish Designer Drugs            2002   Rock
            Daft Punk                   Da funk                           1996   Dance
            Daft Punk                   One more time                     2001   Dance
            Darude                      Feel the beat                     2001   House
            Dave Clarke                 Southside                         1996   Dance
            Deee-lite                   Groove is in the heart            1990   disco
            Deep Zone                   It's gonna be alright                    House
            Depeche Mode                Just can't get enough             1981   80s
            Des'ree                     Life                              1998   Dance
            Destiny's Child             Bootylicious                      2001   R&B
            Destiny's Child             Survivor                          2001   R&B
            dEUS                        Roses                                    Rock
            dEUS                        Suds & soda                       1994   Rock
            Dexy's Midnight Runners     Come on Eileen                    1982   Rock
            Dick Dale & His Del-Tones   Misirlou                                 surf
            Dillinger                   Cocaine                                  reggae
            Dinky Toys feat Luna        Declaracion de amor                      world
            DJ Boozywoozy               Jumpin' around                    2002   House
            DJ Jean                     Love come home                    2000   House
            DJ Jurgen                   Better off alone                  1999   House
            DJ Marco Bailey             Sniff                                    house
            DJ Quicksilver              Ameno                             1996   House
            DJ Sammy & Yanou feat Do    Heaven                            2002   House
            DJ Tiesto                   Lethal industry                          House
            Doe Maar                    Nederwiet                                reggae
            Doe Maar                    Sinds een dag of twee (32 jaar)          pop
            Doors                       Alabama song                             ambi
            Doors                       Light my fire                     1967   Rock
            Double Vision               Knockin'                          1995   disco
            Dr. Alban                   It's my life                      1992   House
            Dropkick Murphys            Wild rover                        2002   folk
            Elvis Costello              I want you                               Slow
            Elvis feat. JXL             A little less conversation        2002   Dance
            EMF                         Unbelievable                      1990   rock
            Eminem                      Hi! My name is Slim Shady         1999   Rap
            Energy 52                   Cafe del Mar                      1997   House
            Enrique Iglesias            Escape                            2002   R&B
            Eskobar feat Heather Nova   Someone new                       2001   Slow
            Europe                      The Final Countdown               1986   Rock
            Eurythmics                  Sweet dreams (are made of this)   1983   80s
            Everything but the girl     Missing                           1994   disco

Eagle Vertrouwelijk                         playlist fuiven                                 Pagina 2
            Faithless                   God is a DJ                       1995 Techno
            Faithless                   Insomnia                          1996 Dance
            Faithless                   We come 1                         2001 Dance
            Falco                       Jeanny                                 Slow
            Fatboy Slim                 Right here, right now             1999 Dance
            Fatboy Slim                 The Rockafeller skank             1998 Rock
            Feeder                      Buck Rogers                            Rock
            Felix                       Don't you want me                 1992 House
            Felix da Housecat           Madame Hollywood                  2001 Dance
            Fine Young Cannibals        She drives me crazy               1988 disco
            Fiocco                      Afflitto                          1997 House
            Fiocco                      The spirit                        1997 House
            Firm                        Star trekkin'                     1987 Fiesta
            Five                        Slam Dunk (Da funk)               1997 Rap
            Flip Kowlier                Welgemeende                            pop
            Fragma                      Toca's miracle                    2000 House
            Frank Sinatra               New York                               crooner
            Frankie goes to Hollywood   Relax                             1984 80s
            Front 242                   No shuffle                             wave
            Gala                        Freed from desire                 1996 House
            Geri Halliwell              It's raining men                  2001 Dance
            Gigi d'Agostino             l'Amour toujours                  2002 disco
            Gipsy Kings                 Bamboleo                               world
            Gloria Estefan              Conga                             1985 world
            Gloria Estefan              Oye mi canto                      1989 world
            Goede Doel                  België (is er leven op Pluto)          80s
            Golden Earring              Radar love                        1973 Rock
            Golden Earring              When the lady smiles              1984 Rock
            Gompie                      Alice, who the fuck is Alice      1995 ambi
            Gorki                       Mia                                    Slow
            Grauzone                    Eisbaer                                wave
            Green Velvet                La la land                        2001 Dance
            Groovezone                  Eisbaer                           1997 House
            Guns n' Roses               Paradise city                     1987 Rock
            Guus Meeuwis & Vagant       Het is een nacht (levensecht)     1995 ambi
            Guus Meeuwis & Vagant       Per spoor (kedeng kedeng)              ambi
            Hermes House Band           I will survive                         Ambi
            Hooverphonic                Jackie Cane                       2000 pop
            Hooverphonic                Mad about you                     2000 slow
            Hooverphonic                Sometimes                         2002 pop
            Hooverphonic                The world is mine                 2002 pop
            Hooverphonic                Vinegar & Salt                    2000 slow
            House of pain               Jump around                       1992 rap
            Human League                Don't you want me                 1981 80s
            Ian Van Dahl                Try                               2002 House
            Iggy Pop                    Lust for life                     1978 Rock
            Indeep                      Last night the DJ saved my life        disco
            In-grid                     Tu es foutu                       2002 House
            INXS                        Need you tonight                       80s
            Irene Cara                  Flashdance (what a feeling)            disco
            Isabelle A                  Hé lekker beest                        ambi
            Ixxel                       Drop the beat                     1999 House
            Jacksons                    Can you feel it                   1981 disco
            Jacksons                    Don't stop till you get enough    1981 disco
            James Brown                 Get up (Sex Machine)              1970 Funk
            Jamiroquay                  Deeper underground                     Rock

Eagle Vertrouwelijk                         playlist fuiven                              Pagina 3
            Jamiroquay                    Cosmic girl                  1996   disco
            Janez Detd                    Take on me                   2000   Rock
                                          Life Kolacny
            Jasper Steverlinck + Steven & Stijn on Mars                2002   Slow
            Jaydee                        Plastic dreams               1997   House
            Jeff Buckley                  Everybody here wants you            Slow
            Jennifer Lopez                Let's get loud               1999   Dance
            Jimmy 'Bo' Horne              Spank                               disco
            Jimmy Cliff                   Reggae Night                        disco
            Jimmy Tenor                   Take me baby                        Wave
            Joan Jett & the Blackhearts   I love rock 'n' Roll                Rock
            Joe Cocker                    You can leave your hat on           Ambi
            Joe Loss                      The stripper                        instrumentaal
            John Lee Hooker               Boom Boom                    1992   blues
            John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John Megamix                 1981   ambi
            Jones & Stephenson            First rebirth                       House
            Jovanotti                     L'Ombelico del mondo                world
            Joy Division                  Love will tear us apart      1995   wave
            June Lodge                    Someone loves you honey             reggae
            Kadoc                         The nighttrain                      House
            Kaoma                         Lambada                             ambi
            Kate Ryan                     Désenchantée                 2002   House
            Katrina & the Waves           Walking on sunshine                 Rock
            KC & the sunshine band        That's the way (I like it)   1975   disco
            Ketchup                       The Ketchup Song (Asereje)   2002   ambi
            Kim Wilde                     Kids in America              1981   Rock
            Kinks                         Lola                         1970   Rock
            Kool & the Gang               Celebration                  1980   disco
            Kosheen                       Hide U                       2000   Dance
            Kosmonova vs. Fiocco          Celebrate                           house
            Kreuners                      Ik wil je                           Rock
            Krezip                        I would stay                 2000   Slow
            K's Choice                    Not an addict                1995   Slow
            Kylie Minogue                 Please stay                  2001   disco
            Kylie Minogue                 Spinning around              2000   disco
            Laïs                          t Smidje                            Folk
            Lenny Kravitz                 Are you gonna go my way      1993   Rock
            Lenny Kravitz                 Mr. Cabdriver                1989   Rock
            Levellers                     Liberty song                 1991   Folk
            Levellers                     One way                      1991   folk
            Lil'Kim                       How many licks                      R&B
            Limp Bizkit                   My generation                2000   Rock
            Liquid feat Silvy             Turn the tide                2000   House
            Liquido                       Narcotic                     1998   Rock
            Live                          I alone                      1994   Rock
            Live                          They stood up for love       1999   Slow
            Lords of Acid                 Gimme gimme                  2002   Dance
            Lou Reed                      Perfect day                         Slow
            Lucy Pearl                    Don't mess with my man       2001   R&B
            Mackenzie feat Jessy          All I need                   2001   House
            Mad'house                     Like a prayer                2002   House
            Madness                       One step beyond              1979   Ska
            Madonna                       Holiday                             disco
            Madonna                       Into the groove                     disco
            Madonna                       Like a prayer                       disco
            Madonna                       Like a virgin                       disco
            Madonna                       Live to tell                 1986   Slow

Eagle Vertrouwelijk                          playlist fuiven                            Pagina 4
            Madonna                       Music                                       2000   Dance
            Madonna                       Ray of Light                                1998   pop
            Magnapop                      Lay it down                                 1993   Rock
            Manic Street Preachers        You stole the sun from my heart                    Rock
            Mano negra                    King kong five                              1989   Rock
            Manu Chao                     Me Gustas tu                                2001   Rock
            Marco Borsato                 Dromen zijn bedrog                          1994   pop
            Marco Borsato & Sita          Lopen op het water                          2002   Slow
            Marilyn Manson                I don't like the drugs but the drugs like me1999   Rock
            Marilyn Manson                Sweet dreams (are made of this) live        1998   Rock
            Marisa Turner                 People 2 people                             1998   DiscoNouveau
            Mark Morrison                 Return of the Mack                          1996   rap
            Marshall Masters              I like it loud                              1997   House
            Mary J Blige                  Dance for me                                2002   R&B
            Mary J Blige                  Family affair                                      R&B
            Massive Attack                Teardrop                                    1998   Slow
            Maurrizio                     New emotion (here comes the rain again)1999        House
            Meat Loaf                     Paradise by the dashboard light             1978   Rock
            Mecano                        Hijo de la luna                                    Slow
            Melanie B & Missy Elliott     I want you back                             1998   r&b
            Melissa Etheridge             Like the way I do                           1988   Rock
            Mens                          En in Gent                                         Rock
            Metallica                     Enter sandman                               1991   Rock
            Metallica                     Master of puppets                           1986   Rock
            Metallica                     Nothing else matters                        1991   Slow
            Metallica                     One                                                Rock
            Michael Jackson               Beat it                                            disco
            Michael Jackson               Billie Jean                                        disco
            Michael Jackson               Wanna be startin' sometning                        disco
            Mighty Dub Cats               Magic carpet ride                           1995   House
            Milk Inc.                     In my eyes                                         House
            Milk Inc.                     Never again                                 2001   House
            Milk Inc.                     Walk on water                               2000   House
            Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott   Get ur freak on                             2001   R&B
            Moby                          Extreme ways                                2002   Rock
            Moby                          Go                                          1997   Dance
            Moby                          Honey                                       1998   Rock
            Moby                          South side                                  1999   Rock
            Moby                          We are all made of stars                    2002   Rock
            Moby + Jaydee                 Go + Plastic Dreams (mix)                   1997   House
            Modjo                         Chillin'                                           disco
            Modjo                         Lady (hear me tonight)                      2000   Dance
            Moloko                        The time is now                             2000   disco
            Monifah                       Touch it                                    1998   R&B
            Muse                          Bliss                                       2001   Rock
            Muse                          Feeling good                                2001   Rock
            Muse                          New born                                    2001   Rock
            Muse                          Unintended                                  1999   Slow
            MYA                           Case of the ex                              2001   R&B
            Mylène Farmer                 Désenchantée                                       ambi
            Natural born deejays          A good day                                  1997   House
            Neil Young                    Rockin in the free world                    1989   Rock
            Nelly                         Hot in here                                 2002   R&B
            Nena                          99 Luftballons                                     80s
            Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue     Where the wild roses grow                   1995   Slow
            Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds     Straight to you                                    Slow

Eagle Vertrouwelijk                           playlist fuiven                                        Pagina 5
            Nickelback                    How you remind me               2002 slow
            Niels Van Gogh                Pulvertum                            House
            Nightflyer                    Voyage voyage                   2002 House
            Nirvana                       Smells like teen spirit         1991 Rock
            No Doubt                      Don't speak                          Slow
            Noordkaap                     Ik hou van u                         Ambi
            Normaal                       Oerend Hard                          Rock
            N-Trance                      Stayin' alive                   1995 disco
            Offspring                     Pretty fly (for a white guy)    1998 Rock
            Oh                            Won't you show me the way       1999 House
            Ones                          Flawless                        2002 Dance
            Opus                          Life is life                         ambi
            Orbital                       The box                              Dance
            Orchestral Manoeuvres in the dark gay                         1980 80s
            Out of Grace                  Anglia                               house
            Outhere Brothers              Don't stop (wiggle, wiggle)          House
            Ozark Henry                   Intersexual                     2002 pop
            Paco                          Amor de mis amores (la foule)        world
            Par-T-One vs. INXS            I'm so crazy                    2001 Dance
            Paul De Leeuw                 Vlieg met me mee                1991 Ambi
            Paul Oakenfold                Starry eyed surprise            2002 Dance
            Paul Simon                    You can call me all             1986 pop
            Pearl Jam                     Alive                           1992 Rock
            Pennywise                     Bro Hymn                             Rock
            People Movers                 C lime woman                    1997 House
            PF Project                    Choose life                     1998 House
            Phats & Small                 Turn Around                     1999 DiscoNouveau
            Pink                          Get the party started           2002 R&B
            Pink                          Just like a pill                2002 R&B
            Pixies                        Monkey gone to heaven           1989 Rock
            Pixies                        Where is my mind?               1988 Slow
            Pizzaman                      Sex on the streets                   House
            Placebo                       Every you every me              1998 Rock
            Placebo                       Pure morning                    1998 Rock
            Placebo                       You don't care about us         1998 Rock
            Plastic Bertrand              Ca plane pour moi                    Rock
            Plaza                         Yoyo                                 House
            Pogues                        Fiesta                          1987 Folk
            Police                        Every breath you take           1983 Slow
            Police                        Roxanne                         1978 Rock
            PPK                           Resurrection                    2002 House
            Praga Khan                    Breakfast in Vegas              1999 Dance
            Praga Khan                    Glamour girl                    2002 Dance
            Praga Khan                    Tausend sterne                  2002 wave
            Primus                        Too many puppies                1990 rock
            Prince                        1999                            1982 disco
            Prince                        Kiss                                 disco
            Prince                        Purple rain                          Slow
            Prince                        Raspberry beret                      disco
            Proclaimers                   I'm going to be (500 Miles)     1988 Rock
            Prodigy                       Breathe                         1997 Dance
            Prodigy                       Firestarter                     1997 Rock
            Prodigy                       No good (start the dance)       1994 Dance
            Prodigy                       One love                        1994 Dance
            Prodigy                       Out of space                    1992 Dance
            Prodigy                       Poison                          1994 Dance

Eagle Vertrouwelijk                           playlist fuiven                          Pagina 6
            Prodigy                    Smack my bitch up                1997 Rock
            Prodigy                    Voodoo people                    1994 Dance
            Proyecto Uno               Latinos                          1996 House
            Pulp                       Common people                         Rock
            Puncher                    The wall                         1997 House
            Puretone                   Addicted to bass                 2002 Dance
            Queen                      We will rock you                 1977 Rock
            Queen/Wyclef Jean          Another one bites the dust       1998 R&B
            Radiohead                  Creep                                 Slow
            Rage against the machine   Killing in the name                   Rock
            Rammstein                  Mutter                           2002 Rock
            Rammstein                  Rammstein                        1996 Wave
            Rammstein                  Sonne                            2001 Wave
            Ramones                    Rock 'n' Roll Highschool              Rock
            Rank 1                     Awakening                        2002 House
            Rare Earth                 Get ready                             Rock
            Red Hot Chilli Peppers     Give it away                     1991 Rock
            Red Hot Chilli Peppers     Higher ground                    1989 Rock
            Red Hot Chilli Peppers     Under the bridge                 1991 Slow
            Red Zebra                  Can't live in a living room      1980 wave
            Rednex                     Cotton eye Joe                        Ambi
            REM                        The one I love                        Rock
            Rembrandts                 I'll be there for you            1995 Rock
            Riva feat Danny Minogue    Who do you love now?             2002 House
            Robbie Tronco              Fright Train                     1998 House
            Robbie Williams            Angels                           1998 Slow
            Robbie Williams            Rock DJ                          2000 pop
            Robert Armani              Hit hard                              House
            Robert Miles               Children                              House
            Robyn S                    Show me love                     1998 House
            Rolling stones             Satisfaction                     1965 rock
            Rolling stones             Sympathy for the devil           1968 rock
            Rose Royce                 Car wash                         1976 disco
            Rozalla                    Everybody's free                      House
            Run-DMC vs. Jason Nevins   It's like that                   1997 House
            Safri Duo                  Played-a-live (the Bongo song)        House
            Sagat                      Funk dat                         1993 Dance
            Salt n' Peppa              Push it                               rap
            Samantha Fu                Theme from Discotheque           2001 Dance
            Sash                       Encore une fois                       house
            Sasha                      If you believe                   1999 Slow
            Scene                      Blauw                            1990 Rock
            Scoop                      Drop it                          1999 House
            Scooter                    How much is the fish?            1998 House
            Scooter                    I was made for lovin you         1998 House
            Scooter                    Move your ass                         House
            Sergio & The Ladies        Sister                           2002 Ambi
            S-Express                  Theme from S-Express             1988 Dance
            Shaggy                     It wasn't me                          disco
            Shakira                    Whenever wherever                2002 R&B
            Shania Twain               That don't impress me much       1999 Dance
            Simon and Garfunkel        Mrs. Robinson                    1968 Rock
            Simple Minds               Don't you (forget about me)      1983 80s
            Simple Minds               New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)     1983 wave
            Sinéad O'Connor            Nothing compares 2 U                  Slow
            Sinéad O'Connor            Troy                             1987 Rock

Eagle Vertrouwelijk                        playlist fuiven                           Pagina 7
            Sisters of Mercy              Alice                         1983   wave
            Sisters of Mercy              Temple of Love (ext)          1983   wave
            Skee-Lo                       I wish                        1995   rap
            Skunk Anansie                 Weak                          1995   Rock
            Smashing Pumpkins             1979                          1995   Rock
            Smashing Pumpkins             Disarm                        1993   Slow
            Smashing Pumpkins             Tonight, tonight              1995   Rock
            Smiths                        Panic                         1986   Rock
            Soft Cell                     Tainted love                  1981   80s
            Sono                          Keep control                  2001   Dance
            Soulsister                    The way to your heart                pop
            Soulwax                       Caramel                       1996   Rock
            Soulwax                       Kill your darlings            1996   Rock
            Soulwax                       Saturday                      1999   Rock
            Soulwax                       Too many DJ's                 1999   Rock
            Southern Culture on the Skids Camel walk                           surf
            Spice Girls                   Spice up your life            1997   R&B
            Spin Doctors                  Two princes                          Rock
            Spooks                        Things I've seen                     R&B
            St Germain                    Rose rouge                    2000   Dance
            St Germain                    So flute                      2000   Dance
            St Germain                    Sure thing                    2000   Dance
            Stardust                      Music Sound better with you   1998   DiscoNouveau
            Starflam                      La Sonora                     2001   Rap
            Status Quo                    Whatever you want             1979   rock
            Stray Cats                    Stray cat strut               1981   Rock
            Streets                       Weak becomes heroes           2002   Dance
            Sugababes                     Freak like me                 2002   R&B
            Sunclub                       Fiesta de los tamborileiros          House
            Supergrass                    Alright                              Rock
            Survivor                      Eye of the tiger              1982   Rock
            Suzanne Vega                  Tom's Diner (Live)            1987   Ambi
            Svenson & Gielen              The beauty of silence         2001   House
            Sylver                        Forever in love               2001   House
            Tarkan                        Simarik                       1997   Fiesta
            TC Matic                      Oh la la la                          wave
            Technohead                    I wanna ne a hippy            1995   House
            Technotronic                  Pump up the jam               1989   Dance
            T-Eclipse                     Total eclipse of the heart    2002   House
            Therapy?                      Diane                                Slow
            Thunderball                   Bonzai                               House
            Thunderball                   Thunderdance                         House
            Tiga & Zyntherius             Sunglasses at night           2001   wave
            Timo Maas                     To get down                   2002   Dance
            Tom Jones                     Sexbomb                       1999   disco
            Tom Waits                     Martha                        1973   Slow
            Tom Wilson                    Technocat                            House
            Trio Hellenique               Zorba's dance                        sirtaki
            Twarres                       Wer Bisto                     2001   slow
                                          Oops (oh
            Tweet feat Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott my)                  2002   R&B
            U2                            I will follow                 1980   Rock
            U2                            One                           1991   Slow
            U2                            Pride (in the name of love)   1984   Rock
            U2                            Sunday bloody Sunday          1983   Rock
            U2                            With or without you           1987   Rock
            UB 40 & Chrissie Hynde        I got you babe                       reggae

Eagle Vertrouwelijk                           playlist fuiven                          Pagina 8
            Ugly kid Joe            Everything about you          1992 Rock
            Underworld              Born slippy                        Dance
            US3                     Cantaloop                     1992 disco
            Viper                   Blue sunshine                 1998 House
            Virtual Zone            Virtual Zone                       House
            Wamdue projects         King of my castle             1998 House
            Wet Wet Wet             Love is all around            1994 Slow
            Whale                   Hobo humpin' slobo babe       1993 Rock
            Wham!                   Freedom                       1984 disco
            Wham!                   Wake me up before you go go   1984 disco
            Wheatus                 Teenage dirtbag               2001 Rock
            Whirlpool Productions   From disco to disco           1997 Dance
            Will Smith              Men in black                  1997 Dance
            Will Tura               Mooi, 't leven is mooi             ambi
            Within Temptation       Ice queen                     2001 wave
            Within Temptation       Mother Earth                  2001 wave
            X-press 2               Lazy                          2002 Dance
            Yasmina Karatz          Take this heart               2002 Slow
            Zhivago                 Celebrate the love            1996 House
            Zita Swoon              Disco                         1999 disco
            Zolex                   Carat Trax II                      House
            Zombie Nation           Kernkraft 400                      House
            Zornik                  Hey Girl                           Rock
            Zornik                  You move me                   2002 Rock
            ZZ Top                  Gimme all your lovin'         1983 Rock
            ZZ Top                  Sharp dressed man                  Rock

Eagle Vertrouwelijk                    playlist fuiven                         Pagina 9

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