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					                                                                                              The Newsletter of
                                                                                             Sydney HOG Chapter

HARBOUR HOG                                                                             Issue 5, Sept/Oct 2009
                                                                                               Chapter 2102

     Director’s Report

          Fanbloodytastic.                               p h o t o gr a p h s and
                                                         articles for the website
Weekends away. Full day and half day runs.               and magazine. And
Chapter meetings. Committee meetings. The                we need ideas for runs
National Rally. Moonie runs. First-Aid courses.          and a zillion other
Advanced riders and learn to ride courses. YOTS.         good ideas.
BBQ. Dealer discounts and ride days. Sydney HOG
                                                         I came back from the weekend Run to Goulburn
website. Harbour HOG magazine. It’s all
                                                         via Canberra the next day. The weather was
happening. Yippee!
                                                         definitely cold and windy… but not unbearable. It
So how does all this magically happen? Because           will start to get warmer soon, but in the meantime
people volunteer and we have a great bunch of            don the warm thermal clothing, get those heated
members who are prepared to do things to make            hand-grips put on your bike and join in a ride
us the largest and healthiest HOG Chapter.               soon. No excuses. The reward for those who
                                                         volunteer is your participation.
Members do this work for the benefit of all Chap-
ter members. Thank you to the Committee -                Ride well… and often.
Russell B, Little John, Dianne, John Holsinger,
                                                         Fred Madderom, Director
Michael Chesworth, Paulette, Peter Kelly, Bob Astil
and Andy Draper.                                         Sydney HOG Chapter
Thank you to all the Road Captains who ‘give up
their ride’ for the benefit of all.
And thank you to all who volunteer to take YOTS
on runs and do the BBQ with good grace and               Inside this issue, clockwise from
good humour.                                             right:

                      This has got to be the best        • Managing a mid life crisis (P4)
                      Ch a p t er  in  Au st r a l i a   • HART Pre-learners’ Course (P9)
                      because of those who
                                                         • 18 Months of Sundays (P10)
                      volunteer. If you feel you
                      can make a contribution in         • A Bird’s Eye
                      any way please let me, or           View ( (P8)
                      any of the Committee               • Michael’s Softail
                      members know.                       Rocker (P6/7)

                      We need experienced                • Guilty by Asso-
                      riders to step up and train in      ciation (P5)
                      Road Captain duties. We
                      need help on the YOTS BBQ.
                      W e         n e e d
                      Page 2                                                      Harbour HOG

          Editor’s Report
Hello Folks,                                                              Daniel has continued our bike review
                                                                          theme which we introduced last issue with
Haven’t we had some great riding weather recently? Unfortu-
                                                                          the article on the Road Kings. He has
nately I had the head gasket go on the sporty so have spent
an inordinate amount of time in the garage over the last                  tested several of the Buell sportbike range,
month or so, and less time than I’d like wearing the tyres out            and his thoughts are on page 5.
on the ‘King. Still, it is a reminder that actually working on our        Following on from Paulette’s article last issue, we have some
bikes, whilst no substitute for a good ride on a sunny day, can           more great input from our female members. Sharalynne
actually be a satisfying and fulfilling pastime on its own.               recounts a trip of a lifetime for four of our members across the
As I write this we are rushing towards the print deadline again           USA, and Kim and Shelli fill us in on the recent HART pre-learners
and finishing all the formatting and proof reading to try and             course. Thanks loads guys.
remove as many of the furfies as we can and try to include as
much as possible in 12 short pages.                                       Having a mid-life crisis? There’s a user guide on page 4, so don’t
                                                                          say we don’t help...
Many thanks to our contributors this month, especially Michael
who rode his custom Rocker straight out of the workshop and               Please keep those funny, informative and interesting articles
in front of my lens for the feature on pages 6+7. A fantastic             coming.
bike I’m sure you’ll agree. Remember, if you have an interest-
ing custom ride please let me know so we can get it in a                  Andy Draper,, Editor, andydraper@hotmail.com / 0412 684 315
future issue.

         Activities Officer’s Report-2009 National Rally
It’s just on 2 months until the National HOG Rally in                     Strait to Melbourne; and a 1 night stop
Launceston, Tasmania, and we’ve got a number of options                   (TBC) between Melbourne & Sydney
for those who can’t take the whole two weeks off for the full             Contact: Gary Betts – email:
chapter ride:                                                             gary_betts@bigpond.com
Option 1: The full trip                                                   Option 3: Tap into both ends of the ride
Leaving Sydney on Friday, October 30 we’ll enjoy a couple of              You’ll need to take a couple of days off work, but you’ll be well-
days’ ride down to Melbourne, with Wagga Wagga our first                  rewarded.
night stop.                                                               Ride a: A long weekend run. Join the chapter as we head
After an overnight ferry trip on Saturday night, we’ll be ready           down to Wagga Wagga on the morning of Friday October 30.
6 days of touring – Strahan, Hobart & Bicheno – on our way to             Enjoy a great day’s riding followed by dinner with the whole
the Rally.                                                                group.
The rally itself will be the usual exciting blend of peaceful             The following morning, bid bon voyage to the main group and
scenery contrasted with the sound of several thousand                     head east for 1 night in Tathra, before heading back to Sydney
Harleys and their leather and denim-clad HOG member                       via the scenic coastal route.
owners.                                                                   Ride b: Depart Sydney the morning of Tuesday November 10
A return night ferry on Monday 9 November and a great ride                and head south to arrive in Khancoban late afternoon - in
on the Snowy Mountains Highway for our last night’s stop,                 plenty of time to catch up with the rest of the chapter. Hear all
lakeside at Khancoban.                                                    the stories over a few beers and resolve not to miss next year’s
A full day scenic ride puts us back in Sydney late afternoon on           rally!!
Wednesday November 11, tired but excited, and full of stories             The following morning, head north on the Snowy Mountains
sure to inspire envy in fellow members who missed out.                    Highway as part of the full chapter ride home.
Option 2: A race down to Launceston!                                      Contact: Keith Hutcheson (“Hutch”) – email:
This option misses out on the Tassie touring, but still lets you get      progressive777@bigpond.com
to the Rally.
This group leaves Sydney on Wednesday November 4 and                      Come on! Be involved. Isn’t this why you own a Harley?
returns Tuesday November 10.                                              Michael Chesworth, Activities Officer
1 night Wagga; 4 nights Launceston; 1 night crossing Bass

         A word from our Dealer Representative...
How do know if you’re a biker or you just own a bike?                     •   Would you rather a cold beer in a country pub far from
                                                                              home or cocktails at the Hilton?
•   Are the stories you tell about the places you’ve been and the
    trouble you had getting there and back or how you got this part       •   When it rains do you think of your brothers and sisters
    on E-bay at half the price?                                               out there doing it tough?

•   Do you see someone stranded on the side of the road and stop to       •   Does the weather radar stop you when you really want
    help and if you can’t wish them well anyway?                              to ride?

•   Do you laugh when your mate drops his bike in the car park in front   •   Do you know “Thunderbolt’s Way”?
    of everybody and then you help him pick it up?
                                                                          •   If you’re thinking of your next ride right now then you’re a biker and
•   Would you rather be bone tired from a long day’s ride or from             always will be.
    working 18 hours straight to get that big contract?
                                                                          Peter Kelly | Sales Consultant
•   Does the sound of any motorcycle make you think of the road?          Trivett Harley-Davidson Sydney

                                                                          Don’t forget—The Peter Kelly Band plays every Thursday night
                                                                          from 6.30pm at Wheels and Cupcakes, behind Trivett HD.
                                                                          Come down for some great music and good food!
                              Issue 5, Sept/Oct 2009                                                                Page 3

       Posse rides in America (Part One)
In 2004 Phil Williams talked me into registering for the next     before the start of the ride. A lot of riders wanted to talk to you
Posse Ride that HOG was organizing. A Posse Ride is a ride        – especially if they were from the States in the middle of the US.
run by the “sheriff” chasing an imaginary person that we          They were amazed we had travelled so far to get to the ride.
never catch. The ride was in two parts ridden over two            We tried to tell them we swam over with the bikes.
                                                                                                     The idea of the ride is that we
In 2004 the ride started in                                                                          do not ride in one mass of 650
Colorado Springs CO and                                                                              bikes one behind the other.
travelled west (see map                                                                              Everyone is booked into a one
right) then north and back                                                                           of several hotels for the next
along the states bordering                                                                           night. It is your job to leave
Canada. We travelled as far                                                                          when you want and choose
east as Minnesota then                                                                               either the route that HOG give
turned south and crossed                                                                             you or make up your own.
the Mississippi before riding                                                                        Some people would leave at
all the way to Baton Rouge                                                                           5am others 11am. The social
in Louisiana. We had the                                                                             aspect is that wherever you
pleasure to get to Sturgis on                                                                        stop there are Harleys there
the day after it finished and                                                                        and each bike had a sticker on
“made a killing” buying T                                                                            the headlight to indicate you
shirts and stuff at half price.                                                                      were not a “Maverick”. There
There Phil threw his leg over                                                                        was a “Dealer Party” held at
a “Boss Hoss” (see photo                                                                             the Harley Dealer in the over-
below)                                                                                               night stop and they put on a
                                                                                                     Bar-b-que and a band for the
                                                                  Posse Riders. It was
                                    Phil and I rented two Road
                                                                  very well organised by
                                    Glide Harleys through the
                                                                  HOG. There were
                                    “Fly and Ride” program
                                                                  Police to stop traffic if
                                    run through HOG. By con-
                                                                  the entrance to the
                                    tacting HOG in Milwaukee
                                                                  dealer was a difficult
                                    you can rent bikes from
                                                                  left hand turn
                                    about 12 different dealers
                                                                  (remember they drive
                                    in the US. For US$120 a
                                                                  on the other side of the
                                    day you rent the bike. For
                                    this you get breakdown
                                    service insurance and         Along the ride there
tyres. All you need to supply is the fuel. The insurance excess   were special places to
was US$1,000. But if you take out travel insurance (you           visit and they were
would be crazy not having medical insurance at the top            noted down in your
level) there is a $4,000 allowance for rental vehicles.           “Passport”. At each
I dropped the bike and scratched the fairing and was              stop you collected
charged the excess. I made a claim when I got
home and there was $180 excess on the travel
insurance and I got the balance of the money                                                               dealer stamps to prove
back. Fly and Ride is a good way to rent bikes                                                             you completed the ride.
without the hassle of shipping your own bike over                                                          One was given a medal
and back again without the quarantine problems                                                             for completing the ride.
returning from Australia. The other way is to check                                                        We rode 14,000KM in 24
out the web for “Authorized Rental Dealers” but                                                            days.
bikes are dearer.
                                                                                                            At the end of the ride in
The bikes were picked up in Phoenix AZ. We rode                                                             Baton Rouge Phil and I
the first day to Las Vegas then through Utah to                                                             had to ride back to
Montrose in Colorado (500 mile day). The last day                                                           Phoenix (some 1,500
was a short day to the start of the “Western Cam-                                                           miles) to return the bikes.
paign”. There we met up with 648 other riders. Phil                                                         This is one of the condi-
and I were two                                                                                              tions of rental- the bike
of the four Aus-                                                                                            must go back to where
tralians on the                                                   you rented it. All it means is, if you are planning a trip – plan a
ride. There was                                                   circle!!!!
a couple from
                                                                  The Posse Rides aren’t on every year but are enjoyed by those
Queensland. We
                                                                  who like big miles(400 miles or 650 km) in a day for multiple days
became a bit of
                                                                  in a row and going a lot harder than one can in Australia. I
a novelty and it
                                                                  found when on the interstates if you were not doing 80 miles
took me a long
                                                                  per hour (that’s about 140 KPH!) you were overtaken by Ma &
time to get to
                                                                  Pa Kettle in their Winnebago towing a Jeep Cherokee on an A
the toilet at the
                                                                  frame with the semi driver right up their clacker blowing the
sit down dinner
                                                                  horn trying to overtake!!!!!!! Graeme Fisk, Road Captain
                    Page 4                                               Harbour HOG

       How I managed my mid-life crisis and lived to tell the tale

I could feel my fiftieth birthday creeping up on me from over        bike for pregnant
my shoulder, counting down the days, hours, minutes – tick           women and old
tock – as if some sad old Padre was walking the line towards         men – or so we
my prison cell to collect me, the guard beside him paused            thought back then.
ready to call out, “Dead Man Walking,” as they lead me               I guess in the end
slowly to my fate.                                                   my opinion was
                                                                     right, for although
Too dramatic? Maybe just a tad. But hey, it’s my midlife crisis
                                                                     I’ve never been
and I’ll tell it like I see it…
                                                                     pregnant, the ripe
A year and a half ago, feeling like the best years of my life        age of 50 certainly
were mostly behind me, a friend and I were talking over a            places me in the
beer about our old motorcycle riding days more than 25 years         latter category.
ago. We sat there diligently trying to recapture the feeling
                                                                     The difference be-
through the traditional beer-induced tall tales and true of the
                                                                     tween then and
legendary past, while all around were things reminding us of
                                                                     now, is that as a
our current place in life. Our wives, our kids and our respective
                                                                     youth I used to
                                                                     choose the bikes I
Some weeks later he called me on the phone, discussing how           purchased. Now, however, it was like the bike chose me.
badly he had taken his own fiftieth birthday, leaving him            I walked into my local Harley Davidson dealership, nearly
wanting to rekindle just a little of that youthful magic some-       blinded by the chrome and my head giddy from the smell of
how. It was then I had my epiphany – the closest thing to a          all that leather, facing a plethora of models. But then I saw
religious experience I’ve ever had. I told him I felt the same       her, a jet-black Road King Classic. Our eyes met from across
about my approaching milestone and said I had just two               the room, as I glided towards her in slow motion to a chorus of
words to rectify the problem…                                        angels (or so it seemed). If I didn’t believe in love at first sight
                                                                     before, I certainly did at that defining moment. I found her…
  “Harley – Davidson,” I said succinctly and slowly, like some
                                                                     Or rather, she found me.
                  prophet from the mount.
                                                                     So, just a few precious months before my birthday, I trium-
I naturally thought he’d jump at the idea, but was immedi-
                                                                     phantly rode my Road King home, a stupid grin on my face
ately taken back with the long list of reasons he had not to
                                                                     that proved difficult to remove for some time. Let me tell you,
purchase a Harley or any other motorcycle for that matter.
                                                                     there’s something transforming about slipping on a leather
It certainly knocked me out of that beer-induced excited idiot
                                                                     jacket and hitting the highways at my age. An element of
phase I’d recently plunged into. Needless to say I was a little
                                                                     restored youth, of profound anonymity, the shackles of mar-
disheartened, naturally preferring to embark on this great
                                                                     riage, parenthood, career and mortgage released if only for a
adventure with a likeminded sidekick, but it didn’t appear to
                                                                     little while. The bike and I seemed to get on just fine, even
be working out that way. Disappointed, but undeterred,
                                                                     though it’s been more than a quarter-century since I last rode
I considered my next crucial hurdle… The Misses.
                                                                     on a regular basis. It was the beginning of what I hoped will
How would she handle my new-found wish to rekindle a little          become a long love affair.
of my youth in what was beginning to appear like a reckless
                                                                     Well, that’s how it all began, but months down the trail of
and selfish endeavour? I knew I couldn’t just throw the notion
                                                                     Harley ownership, the Road King is now a part of the family,
out there, because chances are she’d just throw it back –
                                                                     both my wife and kids loving nothing more than a Sunday ride
hard. When the subject of my midlife crisis came up one night
                                                                     around home in the beautiful Southern Highlands. In fact the
I suggested that I had two popular options for a man of my
                                                                     bike has affectionately become known as “The Mistress”,
delicate age. “Well,” I said puffing up my chest, “I either get
                                                                     based on my wife’s original comment and the fact that I often
myself a Harley, or I get myself a mistress, the choice is yours.”
                                                                     steal away to spend time with her down in the barn. It has
Like the gunslingers of yore, without so mush as blinking, she       become a lifestyle for us, having met many a likeminded rider
replied, “For your children’s sake, get the mistress.”               around town and out on the highways. So, in her own way, our
                                                                     Harley has not only successfully scratched my mid-life itch, but
“Why?” I asked somewhat dumfound at the way she called
                                                                     has even brought us closer as a family.
my bluff.
“Because,” she said, “no one has ever killed them selves fal-
ling off a mistress.”                                                       Fifty years old? Bah! Not when I’m on my Harley…
Well, no doubt she couldn’t actually prove such a statistic,
but by the same token, I couldn’t disprove it either. Needless
                                                                     So what ever happened to my friend, I hear you ask? The guy
to say however, my wife finally came around, although my
                                                                     with a million reasons not to buy a motorcycle? Well, no
quest for approval became a work-in-progress for nearly a
                                                                     sooner had he laid eyes on my beautiful Road King parked in
year or so. I guess in the end, I painted an adequate enough
                                                                     the barn, that he too was seduced by her gleaming chrome
picture to reassure her that riding a slow old muscle bike like a
                                                                     and leather. Two weeks later, he was the proud owner of a
Harley Davidson will be vastly different to the way I used to
                                                                     $44,000 top of the range Honda Gold-Wing. Not my cup of
throw my Jap sports bikes around the highways of this vast
                                                                     tea, but hey, he may be forty-grand poorer, but judging by
country back in my youth. So with permission granted, what to
                                                                     that familiar stupid grin on his face, he’s certainly forty-grand
buy? After all, there are Harleys, and there are Harleys.
It’s a funny thing, but in my youth I progressively owned three
                                                                     Barry Radburn, Chapter Member
Japanese sports bikes, and wouldn’t be caught dead on a
big twin Harley. They were large, chunky and slow, the perfect
                                 Issue 5, Sept/Oct 2009                                                                 Page 5

                                              Guilty by Association

We all love our Harleys with a passion, weather you are a green          had enough grunt to
rider or a seasoned veteran, there is nothing like jumping on            bring a smile to your
that solid V-Twin piece of Muscle bike and riding off into the           face, even the power
sunset. I also like spending time at the dealer, dreaming or plan-       came on like a moto-
ning my next modification. I must say though I have found walk-          cross bike with a
ing into Trivett and seeing a sports bike on the floor a bit ‘wrong’,    power band. The seat
but is it?                                                               is more suited for a 6 ft
                                                                         man, not a 5 foot
What am I talking about? Well it is the Buell range of bikes.            nothing midget, so I struggled a bit thanks to my Italian DNA.
Although they have different brand names Buell shares some               I left the best to last, and from the moment I jumped on the
important and lasting bloodlines with our treasured Harley               CVR I knew I was in for the ride of my life It twitched like a
Davidsons. Its namesake and founder is an engineer that had a            cantankerous teenager doped up on steroids. This is not a
hand in creating some iconic                                                                  bike I would like to ride around in traffic,
Harley models (including the                                                                  but its the one I would definitely put in my
superb FXR), Erik Buell, who in the                                                           garage out of the three. The sound from
mid ‘80s left Harley Davidson to                                                              the CVR when you rattle through the gears
continue his dream of creating a                                                              is an absolute oral delight, and the CVR
race bike. Eventually his fledgling                                                           sounded like it belonged on the track.
company, which sourced Harley                                                                 Going down through the gears before a
parts in their designs, was bought                                                            corner particularly sounded awesome. I
by HD and now operates as a                                                                   was having so much fun I didn’t want to
‘company within a company’                                                                    take it back, but unfortunately in life some
                                                                                              good things do come to an end, so back
So is there any resemblance to
                                                                                              to the dealership it went and I handed
Harley? The answer is definitely
                                                                                              back the keys feeling like an idiot with a
‘yes’ on 2 of the models I tested,
                                                                                              smile I couldn’t contain.
the Ulysees and Lightning. Both
these bikes run a similar engine                                                              My conclusion is that the Buell deserves its
design as the Sportster models.                                                               place in a Harley Dealership, it is a rebel
Both engines are modified produc-                                                             of a motorcycle, sounds fantastic and the
ing a keen 100Hp. The CVR that I                                                              CVR with its massive air intakes, looking
also test rode has less of an obvi-                                                           like it belongs in the Transformer movie
ous HD pedigree with a Rotax                                                                  was just a delight to ride. If you ever want
engine producing 140Hp.                                                                       to add a sports bike this is the way to go, I
                                                                                              know there are other motorbikes out there
From the moment I donned my full
                                                                                              that could get the better of the Buell, but I
face helmet (which I haven’t used
                                                                                              haven’t had as much fun on a sports bike
since buying my Harley) I knew I
                                                                                              as I did on the lightning and CVR.
wasn’t in Kansas anymore. I
climbed aboard the Lightning first                                                                    So Guilty By Association –
and gingerly pulled out of the
driveway. The seating position on                                                                         Abso-bloody-lutley.
the lighting, although having my
feet tucked under my armpits, was
surprisingly comfortable in traffic, and you can’t mistake the
                                                                         P.S Many thanks to Trivett HD for letting me
vibration of the V-Twin (although it is slightly smoother than my
                                                                         test ride their bikes for this article
Sportster). I found a bit of road that was clear and wound on the
throttle, and as the front wheel raised ever so slightly in defiance     Daniel Romaine, Chapter Member
of the grandma driver my dreams were answered (if only my
                                                    1200 Sportster       Daniel writes a blog on his experiences
                                                    could go this        with Harleys, and you con read more at:
                                                   Next I climbed
                                                   onto         the      In case you think Buell’s theme of putting a hot-rodded
                                                   Ulysees, which        Harley engine in a sportbike chassis is a fairly new thing,
                                                   felt more like a      consider that Erik Buell created his RR1000 Battletwin in the
                                                   motocross bike        mid-‘80s, a Harley
                                                   with the high         XR1000-powered
                                                   guards and its        sportbike     with
                                                   upright seating       modern-day Buell
                                                   position. It did-     innovations such
                                                   n’t   seem to         as    an    under-
                                                   have the same         engine muffler and
                                                   power as the          shock    absorber.
                                                   Lighting, but still   (Right)
           Page 6                                   Issue 5, Sept/Oct 2009

                 Member’s Bikes-Proudly sponsored by Shannons Insurance

                                Michael’s Softail Rocker
 This started out as a stock Rocker—not the chromed        have no trouble with it on
up rocker custom—and has been developed by                 the twisty roads, keeping it
Michael over the last year or so. This is what he had      stock height and with the
to say about his bike….                                    longer rake on the front
 Why the Rocker model?                                     means I rarely scrape the
 I was looking for a Softail and wanted something          pegs where the others with
that had the Chopper style that I could personalise. I     footboards or lowered
like to play around with my bikes and after having a       shocks do. With the way
V Rod that virtually had no aftermarket bits available     the seat is set up now and the pullback on the bars it
the Rocker standard fitted the bill perfectly and has      gives a nice laid back riding position.
                                                                             What are the advantages/
                                                                             disadvantages for this model over
                                                                             others you have tried?
                                                                             I guess the main advantage for me is
                                                                             that it looks different to most other
                                                                             Harleys and with the single seat and
                                                                             chopper look turns heads. The
                                                                             disadvantages would be little to no
                                                                             storage space and if you want to
                                                                             carry a pillion the two options
                                                                             available are either a small fold out
                                                                             seat or a setup on struts that looks a
                                                                             little out of place.
                                                                             What sort of trips are most suited to
                                                                             this model?
                                                                             This is really suited to cruising around
                                                                             town, short day trips. It is easy to
                                                                             manoeuvre in traffic and the low seat
                                                                             height has you sitting well down in
                                                                             the frame. Although I did take it on
                                                                             last year’s Rally but had it set up with
                                                                             saddlebags and the rack, it really
                                                                             didn’t win any beauty contests set up
                                                                             like that but it got me there and back
                                                                             with all my gear. Full days in the
                                                                             saddle were not a problem but not
                                                                             ideal either... That’s what I bought
                                                                             the Road King for.

                             the Fat 240 rear end on        What gave you the idea for the paint job?
                             it. It was the bare            I was looking for something a bit subtle and different
                             bones      model       that   to the regular Skulls and Flame design. I decided to go
                             appealed as a blank
                             canvas       to    play
                             around with and
                             being a softail nearly
                             everything in the HD
                             accessories      cata-
                             logue goes on it.
                             How does it ride?
                             It rides very well for a
                             bike with a Fat rear
                             tyre and a skinny
                             front. It does not
                             handle as well as
                             other models with
                             fatter front ends but I
                                       Harbour HOG                                             Page 7

                          with Silver shadow flames
                          and the Willie G Skull
                          design. I liked the idea of
                          shadowing the Skulls into
                          the flames so it gives a sort
                          of two dimensional effect
                          and you have to look into
                          the flames to see them.
                          What is your favourite
                          I think the Wimmer Spike,
                          (the air cleaner), it really
                          suits the Rocker.
What’s the best value customisation you have done
on your bike?
Removing the pillion set up when I split up with my

                                                                         Michael’s Modifications:

Fiancé..... lol ok then ... The LED accent lights that cost      Custom paint job including wheels
me nothing , my friend Neung installed them for me ...           Vance and Hines Big Radius with Dobec
 I would have liked to get a set of Contrast Cut wheels              EFI Controller
but after the amount of dollars I have sunk into this so
                                                                 Wimmer Spike Air Cleaner
far, the appeal of another $5k for wheels, rotors and
                                                                 Danny Gray Solo Seat
pulley is not that great.
                                                                 Skull Grips, foot controls, derby and timer
 Any       future     plans      for    more     work?               covers
I think this one is complete... but you never know.              Burleigh 1.5 Inch Roller bars
                                                                 HD Braided cables
                               Words: Michael/Andy, Pics: Andy
                                                                 HD Chrome hand controls and switch
                                                                 Bullet Chrome headlight
                                                                 Chrome Triple trees and lower fork covers
                                                                 Chrome Belt covers
                                                                 Chrome engine kit and primary cover
                                                                 LED Blue accent lights
                                                                 Removable Saddle bags
                                                                 Rack and pillion seat set up
                                                                 Leather Fork Bag
                                                                 Flush mount fuel cap
                                                                     and gauge
                                                                 Skull tank console
                  Page 8                                                   Harbour HOG

                                                  A Bird’s Eye View
I have enjoyed reading the new Harbour Hog newsletter, but             and wet weathers
have noticed a lack of female perspective. I understand that           only to get on the
this is a man’s realm, but now, thanks to our recent trip, I think I   bike and see another
should share……so here is a bird’s eye view.                            great photo opportu-
                                                                       nity …then quickly
A very long time ago Mike Williams added to his ‘bucket list’ a        shed      the     gloves
journey most people only dream about. When this was men-               “don’t lose them –
tioned to his lifelong friend, Peter Courtney, he had only one         you’re not getting
question – when do we leave?                                           another pair”, unzip
Fortunately for Magali and myself, there was just enough               jacket, find camera,
room for us on the chosen mode of transport – if we could be           dislodge earphone -
trusted to pack sparingly. After many discussions regarding            damn!, then miss that
the permissible luggage size, then countless nights packing,           photo anyway, it did-
discarding, condensing and re-packing, it was finally time for         n’t     really    matter
us girls to relax and enjoy a champers on our flight to the            though, plenty more
States.                                                                where that came
                                                                       Having inadvertently
                                                                       chosen a motel in a
                                                                       ‘dry county’ at the
                                                                       end of a particularly
                                                                       long day – I now ap-
                                                                       preciate the value of
                                                                       a cleansing ale after
                                                                       riding a few hundred miles. We ‘snuck’ into the outside lane
                                                                       after getting caught in a typical US freeway pile-up, which
                                                                       determined where we would spend another night – so much
                                                                       for the itinerary. We admired the pretty clouds and white-
                                                                       capped distant mountains until the cute little flakes caught
                                                                       up with us. We crossed 3 states in one day and still couldn’t
                                                                       find a decent coffee – let’s not even go there. We sampled
                                                                       (and agreed) that Missouri Hick BBQ has the best cherry pie in
                                                                       the US of A. We passed through 3 different Springfield’s and
                                                                       still couldn’t find Homer. We walked down into the Grand
                                                                       Canyon where Mike and Magali soldiered on to the 3 mile
                                                                       point – and back whilst Peter and I nursed sore knees from the
                                                                       measly 1 ½ mile track. We collectively cheered when the sun
Peter and Mike, having arrived 2 weeks before us, had                  finally stayed out and we could discard the wet weathers,
motored west from LA, after a brief stopover in Vegas, they            even though that meant unpacking, re-fitting, rolling etc. We
chased snow storms, rain, freezing temperatures, and the odd           have incredible memories ranging from the amazing sights on
blizzard, through Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and on to Illinois,          Route 66, to encountering snow in Albuquerque, from Cirque
but I digress, that’s their story to tell.                             de Soleil in Vegas to Cowboy Kevin in Flagstaff and Mike’s
We caught up with the boys in Chicago and after 3 days of              homecoming to Williams in Arizona.
touristy sight-seeing, particularly fine dining, a toast or two,       After approximately 2,600 miles, across 8 states, over nearly 2
some amazing jazz and blues, we farewelled the windy city              weeks it was almost a sad moment when the Santa Monica
and headed off on famous Route 66.
                                                                       Pier loomed ahead of us, as this marked the end of a truly
Day 1, a bit chilly and overcast, but we were on the road.             remarkable journey. I can honestly say I will never again un-
Route 66 historically, connected east to west of America,              derestimate the beauty of the road ahead stretching off into
these days however, the original Mother Road can take a bit            the distance. I did wonder before I left whether spending that
of detective work to uncover. Long unbroken stretches of the
                                                                       long on the back of a bike would be a good holiday, now I
real Route 66 are still there if you have the patience to look,
and plenty of time to criss-cross the new road in search of the        just wonder where the next ride will take us.
old. Mike had put a lot of effort into mapping what he could
from the trusty internet, but that didn’t stop us from turning         Sharalynne
down many an undisclosed dead end. Not that we minded,
we were on holidays, on Harleys, on the other side of the
We covered a lot of miles most days, though in distance we
didn’t get very far. When we encountered slightly warmer
weather it was usually because of the rain, hooray for Harley
wet weather gear, we all looked like Michelin men, but we
were dry. I had no idea it was possible to wear that many
clothes at once and still be able to bend. Each day new
personal records were set gearing up, eventually getting the
hang of beanies, iPod earphones, helmets, sunnies, scarf(s),
sleeves tucked inside gloves with thermal liners, then jackets
                                Issue 5, Sept/Oct 2009                                                         Page 9

                                    HART Pre-learners Course
                      Well it had finally arrived! On Satur-      So all 6 of us     Rhys
                      day 11 July 2009 4 members from             mounted         our
                      Sydney HOG chapter attended at              bikes (using the
HART to attempt their pre learning course. Present were Kim,      standard “head
Sandi, Shelli and Rhys. Another girl Lisa or “LJ” joined our      check”), started
group.                                                            it up and sat in
                                                                  the ready posi-
Our very patient instructor Richard asked our level of experi-
                                                                  tion.       Several
                                       ence (none for all 4 of
                                                                  warm up laps
                                       us apart from pillion)
                                                                  and then the
                                       and what we wished
  Sandy                                to gain from this
                                                                  next lot of tasks
                                                                  began.          We
                                       course. LJ suggested
                                                                  managed to do
                                       she and her brothers
                                       had some experience
                                                                  stops, changing up and down gears (which we had briefly
                                       growing up riding dirt
                                                                  touched on the day before), corners and much more. We were
                                       bikes, or as she put it
                                                                  all enjoying ourselves immensely now and thought that we were
                                       “chook chasers” and
                                                                  real bike riders.
                                       had     also    toured
                                       around Thailand on a       The last task of the day was a simulated track asking us to obey
                                       bike. Well, we were        road rules. These included stop and give way signs, changing
                                       all very impressed by      up and down gears, increasing our speed, cornering, using the
                                       that.                      buffering zone and general road craft. Making things more
                                                                  complex was the light rain which had started to fall and the fact
                                   The   first exercise
                                                                  that we now had to use indicators. As the indicator switch sat
                                   taught us how to
                                                                  very close to the horn you can imagine the noise that went on.
mount the bike using the required “head check” every
time. We then progressed to pushing                                                   At the end of the second day we were all
each other around the course which                                                    awarded our certificate of competency
allowed us to eventually take both        Shellie                                     but we all know that we have a long way
feet of the ground onto the foot                                                      to go.
pegs. We were flying!!!
                                                                                      We would like to thank Paulette for going to
Richard was very patient and ex-                                                      so much trouble in organising this for
plained to us each of the tasks we                                                    us. She came and visited us on both days
were about to undertake and the                                                       to see how we were going and that was
reasons for doing what he was dem-                                                    over and above the call of duty.
onstrating. A lot of nervous chatter
                                                                                      Everyone who was there would like to en-
and giggling went on. It became
                                                                                      courage other non riders to enrol in this
more nerve racking and frustrating as
                                                                                      course. Once you get over the nerves you
some of us managed to make mis-
                                                                                      do have a great day.
takes like knocking down the cones
stalling or the bike falling to the                                                   We are all hoping to continue with HART’s
ground. Richard assured us that it                                                    other courses prior to gaining our P plates.
was OK but our egos were beginning to suffer a little.
                                           It then came time
                                                                                                       Kim and Shelli
                                           that we were al-
  Kim                                      lowed to start the
                                           engine. This sent
                                           waves of panic
                                           over several of us
                                           including the feel-
                                           ing of nausea, dry
                                           mouth and even
                                           wanting to spend
                                           more time in the
                                       By the end of the
                                       first day we had
managed to mount, start and even travel in a straight line
with the engine running and both feet off the ground. We
were now on our way.
On the second day another girl Sha joined us for the second
part of the course. She was very happy to see 4 girls as she      Sydney HOG will be running another Pre-Learners
had done the course originally with all young guys who had
passed and she was left feeling inadequate. A little stiff from
                                                                  course soon. If you know someone who would be in-
the day before we were all looking eager despite the threat       terested contact Paulette McGiver, our LOH officer
of rain.                                                          and Road Captain at:
                    Page 10                                                  Harbour HOG

                                             18 Months of Sundays
                               (or how to build a cheapo chopper))

         Part 3—It all comes together (eventually)                       master cylinder would not work with the ‘77 disc calliper, but
                                                                         not why, so we figured it would. It does, but getting a line
The story so far - My friend Andrew bought a ‘74 Ironhead
                                                                         made up to fit was not so easy.
Sportster cheap sight unseen on EBay as his first bike. We
stripped it to the frame and had set about updating and repair-          Eventually one Sunday we realised as we entered the
ing it on our spare Sunday afternoons.                                   workshop that we were nearly done. Funny how it creeps up
                                                                         on you, the end seems a long way away and then you are
Andrew makes friends easily, and I mean really good friends.             talking about filling the lubricants and fitting the battery. So we
The kind of friends that would paint his motorcycle for free. I’m        pushed it out, removed the oil filter and plugs and turned the
not talking a rattle can job, or just the tank and fenders, but a        engine over to prime the oil pump and lines. Then it was time.
full professional paintjob and the frame, oil tank, the whole            Andrew got on it, turned on the fuel, gave the throttle a
thing in a gorgeous Mazda metallic red. Lucky him I say.                 couple of blips and hit the starter—it fired and ran immediately!
So now we were well on our way, the engine was OK, the                   It was almost an anticlimax after almost 18 months of Sunday
transmission cases had been welded and we put the transmis-              afternoons…
sion back in and lifted the engine into the frame. By ‘we’ I             Andrew grabbed his helmet and jumped on for a test ride, and
really mean ‘Andrew’ as I scurried around under it sliding in            I followed him on my sporty. The bike went fantastically and
engine mounts and bolts as he went purple. Those ironhead                sounded superb! There were a few little glitches, the indicators
engines are really heavy, and Andrew has one strong back!                kept turning themselves on and off of their own volition, the
With the engine in the frame it suddenly looked a little more            rear shocks were too short and gave a harsh ride, the bars
like a bike. The frontend and swingarm added to the ‘nearly              were too long and set back, and the only really big issue was
done’ effect, but it is a lie, as the worst part of the job is without   the rear swingarm bearings. We hadn’t got the torque setting
a doubt the wiring. Now, we added 1996-up controls, elec-                on them right so they had too much play which caused he
tronic ignition, modern solenoid and voltage regulator as well
as halogen headlight and modern self-cancelling turn signals
to make matters more complex. Suddenly Sunday afternoons                                                         We used an aftermarket
were not fun anymore as I was left with a huge tangle of wires                                                   chrome tube coil which
                                                                                                                 can be seen in this shot
                                                                                                                 under the tank. The elec-
                                                                                                                 tronic ignition and this new
                                                                                                                 coil has made kick starting
                                                                                                                 the bike a (reasonably)
                                                                                                                 easy proposition!

                                                                                                                 rear wheel to move a
                                                                                                                 little under acceleration
                                                                                                                 and foul the inside of the
                                                                                                                 fender on the RH side.
                                                                                                                 There was no problem
                                                                                                                 with the front brakes or
                                                                                                                 the braded oil lines, or
                                                                                                                 the many other modifi-
                                                                                                                 cations we had made
                                                                         despite ‘those who know’ telling us it could not be done.
                              The gas tank is an aftermarket
and a wiring loom which I mustang 4 gallon. I really like                Over the next few months all of these little ‘glitches’ were
was creating as I went!                                                  slowly ironed out, and now Andrew has a unique and reliable
                             the shape on the Sportster
The real problem with                                                    classic bike, for a tiny fraction of the cost of a new 1200
wiring is also that you can
                             frame - it leaves a nice gap
test the line but you really above the engine and is not
don’t know if it all works too bulky                                                                                        Andy D, Editor
until you turn that key and
hit the starter button, and we were a long way from that point.
Whilst that was going on, Andrew was plumbing in the oil
cooler and modern spin-on oil filter mount. He was told by a
very talented professional Harley mechanic that you can’t use
braided lines to do this—they are too thick and won’t fit, but
this just made him more stubborn. The whole bike is plumbed in
braided, and it’s a testament to a lot of hours problem solving
and a few cut fingers (the ends of cut braided lines are like
razor wire).
The wheels were relaced with stainless spokes and new
chrome rims, and fitted with new tyres, and the rebuilt brakes
mounted to the fork legs. We were also told that the modern

                                  Andrew’s Neighbour is a fan
                                  of the finished product...
                                Issue 5, Sept/Oct 2009                                                                       Page 11

                                                       Ride Reports
              A cold August ride to Nelson Bay                        Goulburn Craft Brewery Run. Why did you miss it?
  Neil Diamond may well have sung on a Hot August                     Weekends away only happen three times a year at Sydney
  Night, but Sydney Chapter departed Trivett H-D for Nel-             HOG.
  son Bay on a very cold August morning!                              It’s a great way to really get to know your fellow HOG members.
                                                                      Especially when Diane had to walk through my room to walk
  On what was probably the coldest morning so far this                through John and Rebecca’s room to use the very share bath-
  winter (9o C for our English & US members – read it and             room.
  weep!), 21 bikes left the dealership for an eventful day’s          This made it the bonding session to end all bonding sessions.
  ride to a particularly scenic part of the state. After we           What a great place the Goulburn Craft Brewery is.
  picked up a bunch of bikes along the way the group                  “Quaint, rustic, original.” All fine adjectives used to describe
  swelled to 26 bikes all up.                                         what is a beautiful 1836 Francis Greenway designed set of build-
  Fairly early in the ride, an incident highlighted the value         ings. http://goulburnbrewery.servebeer.com/
  of corner marking. The group split at a set of lights on            They still brew a Fine Sparkling Ale, Goulburn Gold, and my fa-
  the way out of Sydney and didn’t meet up again until                vourite on the day (and night) Goulburn Stout.
  the first stop at Wyong!                                            The most important feature of these Real Ales is that they are not
                                                                      filtered. The yeast remains in the brew, maintaining its traditional
  The day warmed a little through the morning, becoming               function of keeping the liver healthy and preventing liver dis-
  more agreeable as we approached our lunch stop at                   ease, and helping the liver to digest the alcohol so that there is
  Nelson Bay.                                                         less likelihood of getting intoxicated and much less likelihood of
  After a pleasant lunch, we were back on the road, on                headaches and hangovers. Here’s a tip for you... drink only
  our way back to Sydney. The group hung together well                cloudy beers and avoid the consequences of inferior preserva-
  all the way to our final stop at the Twin Service stations          tive saturated beers. It’s all true... trust me.
  on the freeway heading south.                                       Hang on... this is a HOG magazine.
                                                                      The ride down was great. Not as cold as last years run that
                                                                      snowed us in at Orange.
  In all, another good roll-up for quite an enjoyable day’s           Russell took us down the long and scenic way through Picton,
  ride.                                                               Bowral, Bundernoon, Wingello, Marulan and on to Goulburn.
                                                                      We arrived about 3.30pm ‘as one’. Oh yea, Hutch had to stop
  Michael Chesworth, Road Captain/Activities Officer                  for fuel up the road so I waited on a corner until he caught up
                                                                      again. At 4pm we got stuck into the healthy elixir (mentioned
                                                                      previously) and had a brewery tour. Oops, I ran out of space.
                                                                      It was fun, make sure you come on a weekend away next time.

                                                         Craft Brewery Run

New Members                                       I have been riding for around 18 years now and this is my second Harley Davidson. I was living in
Get your face known as a new member—              Germany and had a Sportster 1200 but it was taken away from me by a drunk driver. I have
                                                  been back in Australia with my wife and two sons for around a year and a half. My new bike is a
send a picture and a few words about
                                                  2009 Street Bob, number 199 of a 200 limited edition. My dream ride is across route 66 from
yourself to the editor...                         Chicago to LA and maybe one day will become a reality. I am looking forward to the rides that I
                                                  will be doing in the future now that I am a member, the friends I will make and the joy of sharing
                                                  the passion for the ride. Take Care and see you all out there, Craig
                                                  Used to ride a dirt bike with a mate in the
                                                  Snowies thousands of years ago, and hadn’t
                                                  ridden for some years after my bike was
                                                  flogged near Bondi while I was at Uni. I found
                                                  however, that the sound of a passing Harley
                                                  always caught my attention, and even more
                                                  so after I had reached my half century. Listen-
                                                  ing to clips of Harleys on You Tube sealed the
                                                  deal, and my Custom Softail now has pride of
                                                  place in the hallway – it won’t fit in the bed-
                                                  room. I’m still not sure if it’s a mid-life crisis,
                                                  but who cares? Henry
                             The Newsletter of Sydney HOG Chapter

 September to October 2009 Rides and Events
             All Chapter rides start at Trivett HD - 75/85 O’Riordan Street, Alexandria
 September 1      Tues 7pm         Chapter Meeting                      Trivett HD
 September 4  Fri 6pm              Full ‘Harvest Moon’ Run              Springwood
 September 13 Sun 9am              Sydney Beaches                       Cronulla/Palm
 September 19 Sat 9am              Introductory Ride YOTS BBQ           Brooklyn
 September 27 Sun 1pm              Half Day Run - back by 6pm           Wiseman’s/Peats Ridge
                                   ‘The inaugural father and son run’
 September 30 Wed 9am              Mid Week Run                         Destination TBA

 October 4        Sun 6pm          Full ‘Hunter’s Moon’ Run             Bundeena/Nat Park
 October 6        Tues 7pm         Chapter Meeting                      Trivett HD
 October 11       Sun 8am          Ironside Run                         Jenolan Caves
 October 25       Sun 8am          Half Day Run - back by 1pm           Hardey’s Bay/Terrigal
                   Followed by a BBQ at Centennial Park from 1pm- bring the family!
 October 30       Fri 9am         National Rally - 12 days             Launceston Tasmania
     th                            st                         st
Fri 30 Trivett HD – Wagga; Sat 31 Ferry to Devonport; 1 Strahan Full Moon Dinner; 2nd Strahan; Tue 3rd
Hobart - Chapter Meeting Dinner; 4th Hobart; 5th Bicheno; Fri 6th - Sun 8th Launceston/Rally; Mon 9th Devon-
port/Ferry; Tue 10th Khancoban; Wed 11th pm - Return to Sydney

Nov 14            Sat 9am       Introductory Ride YOTS BBQ              Cronulla to Bondi
Nov 22            Sun 1pm       Half Day Run - back by 6                Kiama

Dec 1            Tue 7pm        CHRISTMAS PARTY/AGM                     Trivett HD
Dec 13           Sun 9pm        Third Anniversary Run                   Yarramalong Valley
Dec 27           Sun 8am        Half Day Run back by 1pm                Picton
Dec 31           Thu 6pm        Once in a ‘Cold Blue Moon’ - New Years Run - Manly
             Fact: A Blue Moon only falls on New Years Eve, on average, once every 19 years.

          Please arrive 15 minutes before the ride for the ride briefing.
             Don’t forget we are on the web at: sydneyhog.com.au
 Check for ride updates and confirmation of rides up to 2 hours before
                         the scheduled run.

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