7th grade MATH CURRICULUM MAP by malj


									                                                    7th Grade Pre-Algebra Mathematics Curriculum Map
                                                             Scotland County Schools 2009-10

                                                                           1st NINE WEEKS
 Suggested                                                   Essential
                       Objectives                                                          Resources                          Vocabulary                           Writing
Time Frame                                                   Questions
August 25 –     5.02 Translate among different 5.02 How do you translate        5.02 Glencoe Textbook                 5.02 term, like terms,
September 25    representations of algebraic   algebraic expressions?           *Blackline Masters (V-10, V-11,      combining like terms, simplify,
                expressions, equations and                                      V-38 – V-41,                         factor, equivalent expressions,
                inequalities.                                                                                                                             *Write an algebraic
Variables and                                       5.01 How would you identify V-44 – V-50)                         coefficient, variable, exponents,
                                                                                                                                                          expression involving two
Patterns        5.01 Identify, analyze, and         patterns when given         *Indicators p. 37,38                 rules of exponents, multiplicative
                                                                                                                                                          variables and two or more
                create linear relations,            problems with functions?    * Week by Week Essentials            identity, additive identity,
                                                                                                                                                          operations. Assign values to
+10 days to     sequences, and functions using                                  * p. 15 Daily Intervention           multiplicative inverse,
                                                                                                                                                          the variables and evaluate.
extend 8th      symbols, graphs, tables,            5.03 How do you write a     *Classroom Strategies p.             additive inverse, grouping
                diagrams, and written
                                                                                                                                                          Write a paragraph showing
grade, goal 5                                       problem given a linear                                           symbols, order of operations,
                descriptions.                                                   69-73                                                                     how the result was
objectives                                          equation or inequality?                                          parentheses, brackets, braces
                                                                                                                            Students need to be
                5.03 Use and evaluate                                                                                                                     *During a workourt, a target
                                                    5.03 How do you evaluate                                               familiar with a variety
                algebraic expressions, linear                                                                                                             heart rate, y in beats per
                equations or inequalities to        algebraic expressions? 5.01 *Glencoe Textbook                              of notations for
                                                                                                                                                          minute, is represented by y=
                solve problems.                                            * Blackline Masters                                 multiplication:
                                                                                                                                                          .7(220 – x), where x is a
                                                5.02 How do you translate  (V-8, V-9, V-31 –                                        axb
                                                                                                                                                          person’s age. Compare your
                5.04 Develop fluency in the use and solve algebraic        V-37, V-42, V-43)                                        a•b
                                                                                                                                                          target heart rate to that of
                of formulas to solve problems. equations?                  *Indicators p. 35,36                                      a(b)
                                                                                                                                                          a 30 yr. old.
                                                                           * Week by Week Essentials
                8.5.01 Develop an               5.04 How can you use       * p. 176 Hands-On-Lab                     5.01 variable, independent
                understanding of function.
                a) Translate among verbal,      formulas to help you solve * Classroom Strategies p. 67 & 68         dependent, evaluate, order of
                                                    problems?                                                        operations, simplify, like terms
                tabular, graphic, and algebraic
                representations of functions.                                                                        domain, range, input, output
                b) Identify relations and                                        5.03 *Glencoe Textbook
                functions as linear or nonlinear.                                *Blackline Masters (V-1 – V-7,      5.03 variable, additive inverse
                c) Find, identify, and interpret                                  V-12 – V-21,                       multiplicative inverse,
                the slope (rate of change) and                                   V – 30)                             distributive property, equivalent,
                intercepts of a linear relation.                                 *Indicators p. 39,40                expressions, order of operations,
                d) Interpret and compare                                         * Week by Week Essentials           less than <, greater than >, less
                properties of linear functions
                                                                                 * p. 154 Hands-On-Lab               than or equal to ≤, greater than
                from tables, graphs, or
                equations.                                                       * Classroom Strategies p. 74 - 76   or equal to ≥, compound
                                                                                                                     inequality, Function, Domain,
                8.5.02 Write an equation of a                                                                        Range, Input / Output,
                linear relationship given: two                                                                       Parentheses, Brackets, Braces,
                points, the slope and one point                                                                      Distributive, Property,
                on the line, or                                                                                      Substitution
                the slope and y-intercept.
                                                                                                                                                          5.04 Knowing the formulas
                8.5.03 Solve problems using
                                                                                                                     5.04 substitution, variable,         for area and perimeter of
                linear equations and                                                                                 evaluate, transform,                 rectangles, Is it sometimes,
                inequalities; justify                                                                                investment, interest                 always, or never true that
                symbolically and graphically.
                                                                                                                                                          the perimeter of a rectangle
                                                                                                                     8th grade: slope intercept, point    is numerically greater than
                8.5.04 Solve equations using                                                                         slope form, cube root
                the inverse relationships of                                                                                                              its area? Give several
                addition and subtraction,                                                                                                                 examples in your
                multiplication and division,                                                                                                              explanation.
                squares and square roots,
                and cubes and cube roots.
                                                   7th Grade Pre-Algebra Mathematics Curriculum Map
                                                            Scotland County Schools 2009-10
                                                                           1st NINE WEEKS
 Suggested                                                 Essential
                         Objectives                                                            Resources                                        Vocabulary                           Writing
Time Frame                                                Questions
                  1.01                             1.01 How can you              1.01 *Week by Week Essentials                       1.01 equivalence, equivalent ratios,    1.01 Write a letter to a
                  Develop and use ratios,                                        *Glencoe Textbook                                   ratio table, rate, unit rate, best buy,
Sept. 28 –                                         compare rational               p. 228 Daily Intervention                                                                  friend explaining how to
Oct. 16           proportions, and percents to                                                                                       part-to-part relationship, part-to-
                  solve problems.                  numbers?                       p. 293 Daily Intervention
                                                                                                                                     whole relationship, taxes,              find discount price.
Stretching and                                                                    p. 355 Daily Intervention
                                                                                  p.358                                              commission, interest, discount, mark-
Shrinking         8.1.01 Develop number sense                                                                                        up, percent of change, percent of
+2 days for 8th
                                                   1.01 How do you solve         *Classroom Strategies
                  for the real numbers.                                          *Indicators p. 3-7                                  increase, percent of decrease,          2.01 Write as many
grade 1.01                                         proportions?
                  a) Define and use                                              Have students sort M & M candy according            wholesale, retail,                      examples of a ratio that you
                  irrational numbers.                                            to color to find the ratio and percent of the       similarity, circle graphs               can think of in five minutes.
                  b) Compare and order.            1.01 How could you use        different colors in the package.
                  c) Use estimates of              ratio, proportion or                                                              8.1.01 radical, terminating decimal,
                                                                                 Have students cut out sale ads offering
                  irrational numbers in                                                                                              repeating decimal, non-terminating,
                                                   percent to solve real life    percents discounts. Ask students to group
                                                                                                                                     non-repeating, pi, π, square root,
                  appropriate situations.                                        the ads according to the percent. Have
                                                   problems?                     them calculate the amount of savings on             radicand, perfect square, number line,
                  1.03 Develop flexibility in                                    each item. Then organize the ads by                 equal=, less than <, greater than >, less
                  solving problems by selecting                                  amount of savings.                                  than or equal to
                                                                                                                                     ≤, greater than or equal to
                  strategies and using mental      1.03 How could you use        Blackline Masters                                   ≥, compound inequality (ex. a < x < b),
                  computations, estimation,        integers and rational         (I-26 and I-27, I-3 - I-7, I-2, I-15 and I-28, I-   ascending order, descending, order,
                  calculators or computers, and    numbers to solve real life    8 - I-14, I-33)                                     estimation, place value,
                  paper and pencil.                                              Blackline Master I-1, I-17                          benchmark values
                                                                                 Blackline Masters I-18, I-22 and 1-30
                  2.01                                                           *Week by Week Essentials
                                                                                                                          1.03 percent, percent of change,
                                                                                 *Classroom Strategies p. 8-26
                  Draw objects to scale and use    3.03 How do you find                                                   percent of increase, percent of
                  scale drawings to solve          missing lengths or missing    *Glencoe Textbook --p. 121 Daily         decrease, mark-up, selling price,
                  problem.                                                                                                sales tax, commission, discount,
                                                   angles of similar figures?    Intervention-p. 106
                                                                                 Daily Intervention -p. 109               regular price, sale price, interest,
                  3.03                                                                                                    circle graphs, guess and test,
                  Use scaling and proportional     3.02 How can you justify                                               make a table/chart/graph, make a
                  reasoning to solve problems                                    2.01 Blackline Masters
                                                   whether a figure is similar   http://regentsprep.org/Regents/Math/scal
                                                                                                                          diagram/picture, make an organized
                  related to similar and                                                                                  list, work backwards,
                  congruent polygons.              and/or congruent?             e/PracScale.htm
                                                                                                                          find a pattern, work a simpler
                                                                                 http://www.indiana.edu/~atmat/units/rati problem, extraneous information
                  3.02 Identify, define, and                                     o/ratio_s4.htm
                  describe similar and congruent                                 Classroom Strategies                                2.01 Proportion, Ratio, Equivalence,
                  polygons with respect to angle                                 p. 29-30                                            Similarity, Dilation, Scale factor,
                  measures, length of sides, and                                                                                     Enlargement, Reduction,
                  proportionality of sides.                                      3.03 Classroom Strategies
                                                                                 p. 42-44                                            Projection point
                                                                                 Blackline Masters
                                                                                                                                     3.03 Corresponding parts, Cross
                                                                                 http://www.math.com/school/subject3/le              product, Indirect, measurement,
                                                                                 ssons/S3U3L2DP.html                                 Transformation, Dilation, Scale,
                                                                                 3.02 Blackline Masters
                                                                                                                                     3.02 Corresponding Sides, angles,
                                                                                                                                     Symbol for congruence ≈, Symbol for

                                        1st Quarter Benchmark Assessment                                                      October 19-23
                                                               1.01,1.03, 2.01, 5.01, 5.02, 5.03, 5.04
                                             7th Grade Pre-Algebra Mathematics Curriculum Map
                                                      Scotland County Schools 2009-10
                                                                   2nd NINE WEEKS
   Time                   Objectives              Essential Questions                Resources                         Vocabulary                  Writing
Oct 19 – 30      1.03 Develop flexibility in     1.03 How could you use                                     1.03 percent, percent of change,
                 solving problems by selecting   integers and rational                                      percent of increase, percent of
Stretching and   strategies and using mental     numbers to solve real life                                 decrease, mark-up, selling price,
Shrinking        computations, estimation,       problems?                                                  sales tax, commission, discount,
                                                                                                            regular price, sale price, interest,
                 calculators or computers, and
                                                                                                            circle graphs, guess and test,
                 paper and pencil.                                                                          make a table/chart/graph, make a
                                                                                                            diagram/picture, make an organized
                                                                                                            list, work backwards,
                                                                                                            find a pattern, work a simpler
                                                                                                            problem, extraneous information
                                                 3.03 How do you find         3.03 Classroom Strategies
                                                 missing lengths or           p. 42-44                      3.03 Corresponding parts,
                 Use scaling and proportional
                                                 missing angles of similar    Blackline Masters             Cross product
                 reasoning to solve problems
                                                 figures?                                                   Indirect, measurement,
                 related to similar and
                 congruent polygons.                                          http://www.math.com/scho      Transformation, Dilation,
                                                                              ol/subject3/lessons/S3U3L2D   Scale, factor
                 3.02 Identify, define, and                                   P.html
                                                 3.02 How can you justify                                   3.02 Corresponding Sides,
                 describe similar and
                                                 whether a figure is          3.02 Blackline Masters        angles, Symbol for
                 congruent polygons with
                                                 similar                                                    congruence ≈, Symbol for
                 respect to angle measures,
                                                 and/or congruent?                                          similarity~
                 length of sides, and
                 proportionality of sides.
                                                                                                            8.3.02 right triangle, hypotenuse,
                                                                                                            Leg, Pythagorean triple,
                 8.3.02 Apply geometric
                                                                                                            complementary angles,
                 properties and relationships,
                                                                                                            supplementary angles, perimeter,
                 including the                                                                              Area, square, square root,
                 Pythagorean theorem,                                                                       irrational number
                 to solve problems.
                                                                                                            8.3.03 transformation, enlargement
                 8.3.03 Identify, predict,                                                                  Reduction, shrink, stretch, scaling,
                 and describe dilations                                                                     scale factor, image, pre-image,
                 in the coordinate                                                                          notation:
                 plane.                                                                                     ΔABC ΔDEF
                                                                                                            ΔABC ΔA’B’C’
                                                                                                            A A’
                                                                                                            (x, y) (x’, y’)
                                                                                                            (x’, y’) = (ax, ay)
                                                                                                            Similarity, ratio, proportion,
                                                                                                            corresponding parts,
                                                                                                            coordinate plane
                                                7th Grade Pre-Algebra Mathematics Curriculum Map
                                                         Scotland County Schools 2009-10

                                                                          2nd NINE WEEKS
   Time                 Objectives                                                    Resources                        Vocabulary                        Writing
Nov. 3 – Dec. 4    1.01                         1.01 How can you                                              1.01 equivalence, equivalent
Comparing and
                   Develop and use ratios,      compare rational                                              ratios, ratio table, rate, unit
                   proportions, and             numbers?                                                      rate, best buy, part-to-part
                   percents to solve                                                                          relationship, part-to-whole
                   problems.                    1.01 How do you solve                                         relationship, taxes,
                                                proportions?                                                  commission, interest,
                                                                                                              discount, mark-up, percent of
                                                1.01 How could you use                                        change, percent of increase,
                                                ratio, proportion or                                          percent of decrease,
                                                percent to solve real life                                    wholesale, retail,
                                                problems?                                                     similarity, circle graphs

Dec. 7 – Jan. 21   1.02 Develop fluency In      1.02 How do I add,                                            1.02 integers, rational numbers,    Tell the students to
Accentuate the     addition, subtraction,       subtract, multiply, and                                       proper fraction, improper           explain in their own
                                                                             *Week by Week Essentials
Negative           multiplication, and          divide integers                                               fraction, mixed number,             words how to add and
                                                                             *Classroom Strategies p. 27-28
                   division of rational                                                                       terminating decimal, repeating      subtract integers.
                                                                             *Indicators Daily Intervention
                   numbers.                                                                                   decimal, inverses/ opposites,
                    a) Analyze                                                                                reciprocal, inverse operations,
                       computational                                         Integer Addition Race            factors, multiples, least common
                       strategies.                                                                            multiple, greatest common factor,
                    b) Describe the effect of                                                                 prime number, composite number,
                                                                             Integer Computation and Square
                       operations on size.                                                                    prime factorization
                                                                             and Triangle Puzzle
                    c) Estimate the results
                       of computations.
                                                                             Rational Math Bingo
                    d) Judge the
                       reasonableness of

                                        2nd Quarter Benchmark Assessment January 11-15
                                                  Obj. 1.01, 1.02, 1.03, 3.02, 3.03
                                             7th Grade Pre-Algebra Mathematics Curriculum Map
                                                      Scotland County Schools 2009-10

                                                                 3rd NINE WEEKS
Suggested Time
                              Objectives                   Essential Questions                Resources                     Vocabulary                   Writing
Jan. 25 – 29           3.01                          3.01 How do you identify a view    3.01http://www.math.c         3.01 3D figure, Prism,
*Playing with          Using three-dimensional       when given a three-dimensional     om/school/subject3/less       Pyramid, Cylinder, Cone,
Blocks: Visualizing    figures:                      drawing?                           ons/S3U4L1GL.html             Sphere, Polyhedron,
Functions (Packet)     a) Identify, describe, and                                                                     Net, Isometric view,
                       draw from various views       3.01 How do you draw the end,      om/homework_help/mat
                                                                                                                      Bird’s eye view,
                       (top, side, front, corner).   side, and top views of three-      h_help/problem?id=minig       Linking cube
                       b) Build from various         dimensional figures?               eogt_11_1_1_1_100
+5 days for 8th        views.                                                           Isometric dot paper           8.3.01 geometric probability
grade, goal 3          c) Describe cross-                                               Classroom Strategies p.       Area, volume, cylinder, cube
objectives             sectional views.                                                 31-41
                       8.3.01 Represent problem                                         SpaceFiguresQuiz.html
                       situations with geometric

                                                                                        2.02 Blackline Masters        2.01 Proportion, Ratio,        2.02 Write haiku
                       2.01                                                             Classroom Strategies          Equivalence, Similarity,       poems for
Feb. 1 – March 5       Draw objects to scale and     2.02 How do you find the volume    p. 31-35                      Dilation, Scale factor,        geometric solids.
Filling and Wrapping   use scale drawings to solve   of prisms, cylinders, and          http://www.shodor.org/in      Enlargement, Reduction,        Ex:Triangular Prism
                       problem.                      rectangular solids?                teractivate/activities/sa_v   Projection point               Would I use the
                                                                                        olume/                                                       formula for SA or
                       2.02                                                                                                                          for volume if I
                                                                                                                      2.02 Triangular prism,         wanted to
                       Solve problems involving                                         d/math9/strand3/3107.ht       Rectangular prism, Cube,       find the mount of
                       volume and surface area       2.02 How do you find the surface   m                             Pentagonal prism,              wrapping paper
                       of cylinders, prisms, and     area of rectangular solids and                                   Hexagonal prism, Length,       needed to wrap a
                       composite shapes.                                                http://www.aaaknow.com                                       box? Explain.
                                                     cylinders?                                                       Width, Height, Base,           Would I use the
                                                                                                                      Face, Lateral face,            formula for SA or
                                                                                        *Blackline Masters (V-22 –
                                                                                        V – 29)                       Lateral area, Radius,          for volume if I
                                                                                                                      Diameter,                      wanted to
                                                                                        * Indicators p. 41                                           find out how much
                                                                                        * Week by Week Essentials     Circumference, Density         water a swimming
                                                                                        * Classroom Strategies p.                                    pool could hold?
                                                                                        77-78                                                        Explain.

                                    3rd Quarter Benchmark Assessment March 15 – 19
                                                     “mock” EOG- all objectives assessed
                                            7th Grade Pre-Algebra Mathematics Curriculum Map
                                                     Scotland County Schools 2009-10

                                                                        4th NINE WEEKS
   Time                     Objectives                     Essential Questions                     Resources                                                         Writing
+ 5 days to     8.2.01 Determine the                     8.2.01 How do I determine the                                        8.2.01 length, width,
                                                                                                                              base, height, radius,
teach 8th       effect on perimeter,                     effect on perimeter, area or
                                                                                                                              diameter, circumference,      *Give students a data set
grade, goal                                              volume then one or more
                area or volume when                                                                                           pi, π, polygon, prism,        to analyze. Have them
                                                         dimensions are changed?                                              cube, cylinder
2 objectives    one or more dimensions of two and                                                                                                           write a short report of
                three dimensional                                                           4.02
                                                         8.2.02 How do I use ratios,                                          8.2.02 similar figures,       their analysis including
                                                                                             * Week by Week Essentials        corresponding parts, ratio,
                figures are changed.                     similar figures, and the                                                                           use of mean, median,
                                                                                            * p. 75 The Game Zone             proportion,
                                                         Pythagorean theorem to
                                                                                            * Classroom Strategies p. 56      scale drawings,               mode, and range.
                                                         determine measurements that
                8.2.02 Apply and use                                                        - 59                              Pythagorean theorem
                                                         are difficult or inconvenient to
                concepts of indirect                     find with direct measurement?                                        Goal 4: Box and Whisker       *A real estate guide lists the
                                                                                            4.03                                                            “average” home prices for
                measurement.                                                                * Week by Week Essentials
                                                                                                                              Plot, Quartile, Lower
                                                                                                                              Quartile, First Quartile,     counties in your state. Do
                                                         4.02 How do you create             * Classroom Strategies p. 60      Middle                        you think the mean,
                                                         different graphs of the same       - 62                              Quartile/Median,              median, or mode would be
                                                                                            * Glencoe Textbook                Second Quartile, Upper
                                                         data?                                                                                              the most useful average for
                                                                                            *Blackline Masters (IV – 7, IV    Quartile,
                                                                                                                              Third Quartile, Minimum       homebuyers? Explain your
                4.02 Calculate, use, and interpret                                          – 11,
                                                         How do you determine all                                             Value,                        answer.
                                                                                            IV – 12, IV – 23)
                the mean, median, mode, range,           measures of central                * Indicators p.29
                                                                                                                              Maximum Value,
                                                                                                                              Outlier, Range,               *An alien is visiting your
March 8 – 31    frequency distribution, and inter-       tendency of a set of data?                                           Inter-Quartile Range,
                quartile range for a set of data                                            4.04                              Measures of Central
                                                                                                                                                            classroom. Explain in detail
Data                                                                                                                          Tendency, Mean, Median,       how you would find the
                                                         4.03 When is it helpful to         * Week by Week Essentials
Distributions                                                                               * Classroom Strategies p. 63      Mode, Frequency Table,        mean, median, mode, and
                4.03 Describe how the mean,              use mean, median, and                                                Interval, Histogram,          range of the following data:
                                                                                            & 64
                median, mode, range, frequency           mode?                                                                Stem and Leaf Plot,           5, 7, 8, 9, 9, 6, 3
                distribution, and inter-quartile range                                                                        Line Plot, Circle Graph,
                                                                                            4.05                              Line Graph,
                of a set of data affect its graph.       4.04 What role do outliers         * Week by Week Essentials         Bar Graph                     *Explain why this statement
                                                         play when choosing the best        * Classroom Strategies p. 65                                    is false. Provide an example.
                4.04 Identify outliers and determine     measure of central tendency
                their effect on the mean, median,                                           4.01                                                            You can reconstruct the
                                                         to describe a data set?            * Week by Week Essentials                                       original data from a box-
                mode, and range of a set of data.                                           * p. 73 Hands-On-Lab                                            and-whisker plot.
                                                                                            * Classroom Strategies p. 49
                4.05 Solve problems involving two        4.05 What are some                 - 55
                or more sets of data using               examples of statistical data       *Blackline Masters (IV – 17)
                appropriate statistical measures.                                           * Indicators p.30,31
                                                         being used and misused?
                                                                                            *Indicators p.32
                                                                                            *Blackline Masters (IV– 18 –
                4.01 Collect, organize, analyze, and     4.01 How do you construct          IV– 21,
                display data (including box plots and    histograms?                        IV-28, IV-29)
                histograms) to solve problems.           How would you compare and          *Indicators p.33,34
                                                         contrast a histogram and a
                                                                                            *Glencoe Textbook
                                                         bar graph?                         * Blackline Masters (IV-1 – IV-
                                                                                            5, IV-14 – IV-16, IV-24 – IV-
                                                                                            *Indicators p.28
                                           7th Grade Pre-Algebra Mathematics Curriculum Map
                                                    Scotland County Schools 2009-10

                                                                    4th NINE WEEKS
   Time                    Objectives                     Essential Questions       Resources                             Writing
+5 days to     8.4.01 Collect, organize, analyze,       8.4.01 How do I collect,                8.4.01 coordinate
                                                                                                plane, dependent
teach 8th      and display data (including              organize, analyze, and                  variable, independent
grade, goal    scatterplots) to solve problems.         display data?                           variable, trend line
4 objectives                                                                                    ,line of best fit,
               8.4.02 Approximate a line of
                                                                                                positive correlation
               best fit for a given scatterplot;        8.4.02 How do I find the                ,positive relationship,
               explain the meaning of the line as it    line of best fit?                       negative correlation,
               relates to the problem and make                                                  negative relationship,
                                                                                                no correlation,
               predictions.                             8.4.03 How does misuse of               no relationship,
                                                        statistics, by the media,               constant relationship
               8.4.03 Identify misuses of statistical   impact the public?
               and numerical data.                                                              8.4.02 coordinate
                                                                                                dependent variable,
                                                                                                independent variable,
                                                                                                ordered pair,
                                                                                                slope (rate of change),
                                                                                                positive correlation,
                                                                                                positive relationship,
                                                                                                negative correlation,
                                                                                                negative relationship,
                                                                                                no correlation,
                                                                                                no relationship,
                                                                                                constant relationship

                                                                                                8.4.03 measures of
                                                                                                central tendency,
                                                                                                Mean, median, mode,
                                                                                                range, outlier,
                                                                                                Sample representative,
                                                                                                sample, biased sample,
                                                                                                sample size,

                                                             EOG MAY 24 – 28 (?)

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