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Name: Sunitha                                                Mobile: +91-9491683622

Career Objective:

      To be a successful individual by adapting to the latest developments and contributing my
knowledge and adroitness in achieving objectives and goals of the organization.

Professional Summary:

    Over all 2.8 years of experience in software development, this includes 2.2 years of SAP BI
     experience and around 0.6 years of ABAP/4 experience.
    Working as SAP BI Consultant with Lending Space Technologies from June 2007 to till date.
    Involved in design and development of Info Objects, DSO, Info Cubes, Multi Providers, Info
      Sources, Info Packages, Transfer/ Update rules, Communication Structure Aggregates.
    Expertise in Data Modeling using ERM, MDM and BI Extended Star Schema Models.
    Worked extensively with AWH (Administrator Workbench) to develop BI Objects, Data
      Extraction, Scheduling and monitoring the function.
    Expertise in OLTP extractions from SAP R/3 using LO Cockpit, Generic Extractions.
    Info Cube management with Aggregates, Compression, rollup, Reconstruction Indexes.
    Migration of Data sources From BW 3.X to Net weaver 2004s.
    Extraction-Extensively involved in extraction of data from SAP-R/3 using Generic-Extraction,
     Customized LO Cockpit and extraction of data from Flat Files. Having knowledge on SAP
     Delivered information structures and User Defined information structures for extracting data
      From different Logistics Information Systems (LIS).
    Activated Business Content according to the requirement based on the Application areas.
      Knowledge in Job Process Chains and scheduling tools. Monitoring and managing data loads
      With full update and delta update Mechanism.
    Worked on Web Application Designer (WAD), created web templates using web items to
      Meet the reporting requirement.
    Extensively worked on Variables such as Text variable, Formula Variable.
    Knowledge on Remodeling, Repartitioning in SAP NETWEAVER 2004s BI.
    Knowledge on RDA (Real Time Data Acquisition).
    Knowledge on Report Designer, Information Broadcasting.
    Created Dash Boards for different business scenarios in HR.
    Reporting-Business Explorer Analyzer, BEX QUERY, Workbook, Info set Query,
      Free Characteristics, Restricted Key figures, Variables, Structures, Exceptions,
      Filters, Conditions, RRI.
Technical Skills:

   Data Warehousing          :    SAP-BI 7.0 and BW.
   ERP                       :    SAP R/3 4.7 and ECC.
   OS                        :    Windows XP/ NT / 2K.
   Database                  :    Oracle 9i.
   Programming Language      :    ABAP/4, JAVA.

        Completed MCA (Master Of Computer Applications) from Andhra University in 2007.

Projects Details:

Project # 3    Inventory Management Systems
Client        : NewDay Financial
Environment   : SAP BI 7.0, BEx Analyzer, ECC6.0
Duration      : April 2009 to till date.
Role           : SAP-BI Consultant

Client Information: NewDay Financial is one of the nation's fastest growing FHA and Reverse
Montage lenders and we will work with you to find a home equity solution and get you the money you
need FAST! We have helped thousands of homeowners nationwide who have been turned down for
credit elsewhere. Our commitment to service and integrity makes us a leader in solving consumer's
debt challenges, while also creating exciting and dynamic career opportunities for our employees.

Responsibilities: -

          Gathered requirements from functional users in functional analysis.
          Monitored the development of data model to satisfy the various functional requirements
           by implementing queries and cubes using business content.
          Worked with functional consultant for mapping the source data to target Data Sources in
          Worked on new data flow capabilities like DTP (Data Transfer process), DSO (Data Store
           Object) and enhanced & graphical transformation capabilities.
          Configured Custom cubes, Transfer rules, Transfer Structures, Update Rules, ODS,
           Cubes, Aggregates, queries and workbooks.
          Involved in customization and maintenance of Data Sources
          Used process chains to schedule the info packages and data transfer processes.
          Also customized primary LO Cockpit structures and set the extraction process using LO
           cockpit and V-3 updates.
          Also configured BI objects including generic data sources to extract data from R/3
Project # 2   CAMS

Client        : Atlantic Security Systems.
Environment   : SAP BI 7.0, BEx Analyzer, ECC6.0.
Duration      : Jan 2008 to Feb 2009.
Role           : SAP-BI Consultant
Client Information: Atlantic Security Systems, Inc. can custom design the right system to meet the
special needs of your business, using the latest technology in security and fire systems, access control
and CCTV surveillance. Protecting Homes & Families…Will you keep an eye on things for me? That's
all it used to take to make you feel secure about your home. Your neighbor was there to check on your
house, and you were there to keep your eye on his.
Responsibilities: -

          Involved in Design, Development and Implementation of BI using Extended Star schema.
          Created Info cube and DSO to store transactional data for Reporting.

          Uploaded master data and transactional data from Flat File and SAP R/ 3 to BI system.
          Analyzed and activated relevant Business Content and set SAP R/ 3, Flat File and BI as
           source systems.
          Scheduled data loads to BI from SAP R/ 3 Monitored data loads, which are running
           hourly, daily, weekly & monthly basis Using process Chain.
          Worked on performance related issues by Creating Aggregates, Partitioning, and
           Compression etc.
          Worked on BEx Analyzer and Web Application Designer, Configured the use of
           Exceptions, Filters, and conditions, Structure, Variables, Restricted and Calculated Key
Project # 1 Resume profile maker and matching system.

Client           : First Guaranty Bank
Duration         : June 2007 to Dec 2007
Role             : SAP-ABAP Consultant

Client Information: First Guaranty Bank has served both families and businesses in Jacksonville with
a conservative financial approach. In the midst of our country's financial turmoil, we continue to
maintain capital in excess of regulatory requirements. You may wonder if we have felt the pinch—are
our customers struggling to meet their obligations to us. The answer is yes. We did not participate in
the residential sub prime market that helped fuel today's current economic downturn. Yet some of our
customers, like many others across our country, are experiencing a downturn.

Responsibilities: -

    Worked on report development side in ABAP- ALV report, sap script, dialogue programming
     and interactive reports and ABAP new report development and enhancement.
    Creation and Testing of Tables, Views, Domains, Data Elements and function modules.
    Worked on Exits like customer exits screen exits.

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