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					Volume 5 Spring 2006


                            GANGSTER ATTITUDE
                              LOADING UP 240T
                               WHEELS OF TIME
                               THE AC PEDIGREE
                             FUEL-SAVING TITAN
                           BEATING THE BOWSER

  The working dog on the bonnet always means performance,
     productivity and low operating costs. But put the Vision
 FleetSpec in a tight spot and watch its agile turning circle and
    low tare spec churn out a strong argument for short haul.

    OUTSTANDING FUEL ECONOMY. Aerodynamic styling and Mack
    CCRS engine efficiency add up to less time at the bowser.
 LOW TARE. A 7.05 tonne cab / chassis for maximum productivity.
  Michellin X series tyres and a very handy 15.7m turning circle.
 SEDAN-LIKE COMFORT. Wide, air-suspended cab, Hi-Visibility doors,
   peeper window, full instrumentation, quality sound system,
    power windows and mirrors, luxury driver’s seat and more.

                      AND ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE.

                          LOW TARE
Turning circle: 15.7m   7.05 tonne cab / chassis   macktrucks.com.au
                                              t h i s                                                        i s s u e

                                                                                                            COVER STORIES

w e l c o m e                                                                                                      06       Gangster Attitude
                                                                                                                            Loading Up 240 tonne
      here are few things as rewarding as knowing that your
T     products are performing at optimum levels time and time
again. And hearing it first hand from satisfied customers is
                                                                                                                   14       Wheels of Time
                                                                                                                            The AC Pedigree

one of the great pleasures I get from working at Mack.                                                             16       Fuel-Saving Titan
   Last week I met with the manager of one of the fleet                                                                     Beating the Bowser
companies we supply and I was very happy to listen as he told
me about how outstanding our products are. It is a valuable
reminder of the work you are doing when a customer is                                                              10       Welcome to the Pack
willing to talk openly and honestly about the results they are                                                              The Short Haul Master
achieving with the help of your trucks. And it is for reasons
like this that Mack is recording record levels of sales in 2006.                                                   11       Welcome to the Pack
                                                                                                                            Mack’s Best Friend
   Our results have been buoyant for two consecutive months
and we are expecting this trend to continue for the remainder                                                      13       Products
of the year with. June was the start of our assault on market                                                               Talking technical
share and we recorded our best figures for the year to date.                                                                                                           11
The results saw us move into third position and we’ve held                                                         18       Dog Bites
                                                                                                                            Latest news and views
this spot now for another month. We won’t be giving up this
seat without a fight.                                                                                              20       Start Line
   These results are a testament to the hard-working nature of                                                              Bulldust to Bitumen… and Beyond
both our trucks and our people and I would like to thank
everyone involved for their dedication to our enduring brand.                                                      22       Sales Focus
   The Mack calendar represents an ideal way for us to                                                                      Terry Muddle and his unforgettable Motto
showcase both our customers and our trucks. I’m pleased to
                                                                                                                   23       Events
say that I had a part in selecting the photos for use in our 2007
calendar and I can promise you it will be one of the best yet.                                                     24       Mack Merchandise
For the true Mack enthusiasts amongst us, we’ve put together                                                                Plus! How to get a free 2007 Mack calendar
a special offer that will see you take home a free 2007 Mack
                                                                                                                   26       Letters
calendar. More details are printed on a page 25.
                                                                                                                            Blast from the Past competition winner
   With record sales spurring us to new heights and the
anticipation of the calendar to come, I’m sure the third quarter
of the year will be an exciting time.
   I hope you enjoy this issue of Bulldog.

Until next season

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Gary Bone
Senior Vice President
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Mack Trucks                                                                                                  FUPS?..... page 13

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                                                        on the cover


Don’t forget…
If your kids love drawing Mack trucks, send us
one of their best. We’re searching for the front        Watch out for this big, bold Gangster owned by Jon Kelly of Heavy Haulage
cover of our 2006 Christmas card so if you              Australia. ‘Gangsters Paradise’ is a Mack Titan well-known in Queensland for
think you’re on to a winner, send your entry            running over-dimensional loads on a daily basis. In one of its most recent
to: Leah Davis, Mack Trucks, PO Box 364,                outings, the Titan carried a 13 metre barge weighing in at 120 tonne. Jon thinks
Richlands Q 4077. The winner will take home             it could be the widest load ever shifted in the history of transport, so we’ll wait
a Kids Mack Pack valued at $120.                        and see what the good people at Guinness Records think.
What have you got?
                                               To all those “big“ operators out there
                                               running 200 tonne, Jon Kelly says you’ve
                                               got nothing unless it’s a Mack Titan.
There’s no doubt about it… hard work has       there. You’ve got to learn to work well       transport pioneer who also knew the value
never looked so good. Climb on board this      under pressure.”                              of a Mack truck, and his father Brian Kelly
‘paradise’ on wheels and meet the man             At the early age of 19, Jon established    first started the White Motor Corporation
riding shotgun in what could be the            Heavy Haulage Australia, a transport          in Queensland.
biggest road registered bogey-drive prime      company specialising in the high end of          “My grandfather always had Mack
mover in the world.                            heavy moving, that’s 100 tonne plus. He       trucks. I grew up following him around,
                                               recently launched a new venture targeting     climbing in and out of cabs and sitting
The Man                                        the sales and customisation segment –         next to him on big trips. On school
At only 26 years of age, Jon Kelly has
                                               Custom Australia.                             holidays and in my spare time I’d be
already made a name for himself in the
                                                  “I have two companies both operating       down in the yard bumming around with
transport industry. Some call him a big
time show off; others say he just knows his    out of our premises at Sumner Park here       trucks and trailers. I could never get
trucks. Whatever the case, there’s no          in Brisbane. But our work takes us all        enough of them – especially the V8
doubting his commitment to the industry.       over the state. Heavy Haulage Australia       Super-Liner. And it’s the same story today
   “In my first 12 months of being in          has been around now for close to eight        – that truck remains my all time favourite,
business one of my major contractors went      years and that’s the part of my business      100%,” says Jon.
broke, owing me more than $100,000.            where I get to work with my Titan –              The V8 Super-Liner might be Jon’s most-
That’s a big blow in your first year and it    Gangsters Paradise.”                          loved model, but he knows that only a
really levelled me. But I love my trucks and      Jon represents the third generation of a   Titan could do the massive job he requires.
this industry – it’s all I’ve ever wanted to   successful and truck-proud family. His        And that’s what led him to Mack’s Brisbane
do. So you take the knocks and hang in         grandfather, Frank (Smiler) Nilon is a true   dealership in June last year.

6 The BULLDOG Magazine
                                                                         Rig Specs
                                                                         GVM                  26,470kg
                                                                         GCM                  240,000kg
                                                                         Wheelbase            5900mm
                                                                         Engine               Cummins Signature
                                                                         Horsepower           630Hp
                                                                         Torque               2250 ft lb
                                                                         Clutch               Spicer ST3000
                                                                         Transmission         Mack 18 speed   with Spicer 4-speed joey box

                                                                         Air Cleaner          Donaldson 18”
                                                                         Fuel Tank Capacity   2000L

The Truck                                      as new with a second hand price tag.”
                                                   Once the handshake was made and the
“Gangsters Paradise was born out of
good timing,” says Jon.                        keys handed over, Jon’s first stop was the
  In mid-2005 Jon sat down with Steve          paint shop.
Schostakowski, one of Mack’s Brisbane              “I didn’t want to be a fringe player. I
Sales Representatives.                         wanted to make this Titan unforgettable. I
  “I was in the middle of pricing a brand      wanted to blow people away so they
new Titan with Steve and we happened to        agreed without question that this is the
get talking about this fantastic Titan         best truck around.
owned at the time by Albert Hunt. I                “I bought the truck in June and for the
wanted mine to be set up exactly like his; I   next nine and a half months I watched it
just thought it was a great truck. Anyway,     transform. We took the truck and stripped
two weeks before I’m due to order my           it to its absolute bare shell. Cab off,
new Titan, his came up for sale. It was        bonnet off, dash out, everything. It was a
only two and a half months old and had         complete strip.”
only done 7000 kilometres. It was too              The truck was in the spray booth for
good to be true. The perfect truck – good      13 weeks with a Lamborghini gun metal

                                                                                                              The BULLDOG Magazine 7
  The cab is a cool place to be thanks to the custom-designed Icepack 2000 aircon unit.

  Jon has positioned five DVD screens throughout the sleeper and doors.

grey used as one of the key colours,            else is allowed behind that wheel.              possible and it’s not uncommon to see
matched with black and a couple of              Combined with that, it’s got tough, good        him move through metropolitan areas.
shades of blue. The look was inspired by a      looks. On road it looks meaner than             Whatever the job, you can bet there’s a
current trend in the United States called       anything else. The Titan shows what both        mountain of paperwork to go along with it.
the ‘gangster look’. It’s where you try and     my businesses are capable, heavy transport        “Last week I hauled a Komatsu WA 900
make your truck seem like the biggest,          in one hand and tailored customisation in       up to Mount Larkham. It took us about an
baddest rig the road has ever eyeballed.        the other. It’s the complete package and I      hour to load and fourteen hours to get
   Jon’s ‘Gangster’ is a truck customised       reckon I’m going to put a statement in my       there. Sitting in my glove box the whole
to the hilt with every little nook and          Will that if I go, she comes with me.”          time was a stack of permits, over 35
cranny given special attention from the            With nearly 50,000kms knocked over on        pages worth. That’s probably the most
cover over the turntable to the detailed        the gauge and thousands more to come,           nerve wracking part of this. You need the
mural behind the cab. It’s the kind of          the Titan tackled its biggest payload ever in   okay from ten or so groups every time
attention that will leave a $175,000 hole in    July. The 140 tonne excavator was carried       you want to move something. But it’s also
your pocket, but as far as Jon’s concerned      600 kilometres to Rockhampton in north          probably the most important part too
it’s money very well spent.                     Queensland. It mightn’t sound like much of      because you’re highly susceptible to
   “The Titan can handle any job you            a distance, but when you’re grossing out at     peanuts out on the road.”
throw at it. Its 240 tonne rating makes it      over 200 tonne, you know you’re alive. The        What about fuel? The 2000 litre tanks
the biggest road registered bogey-drive         excavator was a big boy, even with the          help with refuelling but as Jon explains,
prime mover in the world as far as I know       trailer opened out to its maximum width of      this is just part of the job.
of. And the Titan is the only truck that can    5.5m there was an overhang of more than           “I don’t get fuel economy – I get fuel
give you this rating. That’s some good          100mm on either side.                           consumption. But that’s just all part of this
bragging rights for Mack.                          Carrying such big loads doesn’t              type of work – it’s unavoidable. I tare 63
   “The truck is hard-working, reliable and I   necessarily mean Jon sticks to the              tonne before I start. When I’m fully loaded I
love it that much there’s no way anyone         highway either. He uses back roads where        get about 900 metres to a litre. Sounds crazy,

8 The BULLDOG Magazine
but that’s good for the work it’s doing.”         Show where the Titan wowed the general         I’d love to take it over to the US Kentucky
   Jon’s Titan is an impressive sight, either     public into awarding it with the People’s      Truck Show in March. That would be a
bob tail or hitched to his one million dollar     Choice award. Jon believes the most            dream come true.
trailer. Yep, you read right. $1, 000, 0000.      interesting title so far has been Best            “Some of the blokes from Mack Trucks
   “My Drake trailer is co-owned by               Presented Vehicle at the Queensland Car        over in the States saw photos and got in
Richland’s Heavy Haulage and we had it            Audio Sound Competition held in Brisbane.      touch with me. They reckon it’s crazy and
kitted up to match Gangsters Paradise. All        Gangster beat out a field of 90 competitors    would love to have her over there for the
chrome rims, the same custom lights, same         and was the first truck ever to be entered.    show, especially because it’s a Titan and
custom paint, custom tool boxes. The whole           “I think that truck shows represent a       that’s just something they don’t have.
works. All up, the float and dolly is worth       good way of getting some positive light        They’ve never seen anything like it.”
over a million dollars. I think I stressed        on this industry. Nothing upsets me more          The Titan has its fair share of admirers
Drake out fairly well when it was being           than the way we are perceived in the           here in Australia too. Jon points out that
made. The bloke who painted it might have         general public. Transporters operate under     there’s three blokes lined up at the
even resigned after it was finished. I’m sure     a dark cloud most of the time and the          moment, just waiting for him to sell. But
they were glad to see the back of me!”            media plays its part in perpetuating that.     that’s not something he’s considering.
   The customisation of the trailer shows         Where are the cameras when there’s 200            “I’m not over the novelty of this truck. I
just how serious Jon is about presenting          truckies rallying with Convoy for Kids?        love it through and through. My aim now
a professional and committed image on                “Any type of show or community event        is to win Rig of the Year. That’s what I want
road and to the general public.                   represents a good way of getting some          more than anything. Since I was five or six
   “I’ve really become interested in the          positive exposure for the industry. It helps   years of age, I’ve looked up to the blokes
show scene over the past two years. I’ve          educate people about trucks and you can        who won that award. I wanted to raise the
even built a couple of dedicated trucks to        show people how they actually work – and       bar here in Australia for the truck show
demonstrate what we can do in our custom          that’s important in breaking down barriers.”   scene, and I want to win Rig of the Year.
business. And the Titan gets its fair share of       Well said.                                  Now I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.”
attention too when I bring her out.”                                                                While he’s waiting for the results, Jon
   In its first official outing, Gangsters        The Future                                     and his Titan will get back to the hard
Paradise took home Best Truck of the Show         With a trophy case bursting at the seams,      work of hauling the big loads. And with a
for the Lights on the Hill Convoy. Shortly        what’s next for Gangster’s Paradise?           whopping 240 tonne rating, there’s no
after, Jon travelled to the Penrith Truck          “If I have a really good year this year,      doubt the Titan is ready for anything.

   Modification Checklist
   Complete Respray               Took 4 months to complete with more than 120 litres of product used
   Custom Trim                    Interior completely gutted including dash removal so
                                  it could be trimmed in leather
   Stereo System                  4000 watt with 10 sets of Earthquake splits and 2 x 15” focal subwoofers
                                  Complete surround sound
   Screens                        2 x 20” LCD screens in sleeper, 2 x 15” LCD screens in the doors and
                                  1 x 8” screen in dash
   Imported Parts                 $30,000 worth of US parts including 8” exhaust system,
                                  LED lights, sunvisor, and the list goes on…

                                                                                                                       The BULLDOG Magazine 9

A Vision
to Smile
Making sure drivers are behind the             Tactical the Vision advantage.                 circle comes in handy.
wheel of the best equipment possible              “We started our Melbourne base in              “When our drivers first heard we were
goes a long way towards keeping them           July and the Visions were purchased            changing to Mack trucks, there was a bit
happy according to Chris Brooks,               specifically to change over some of the        of moaning. They were used to the cab
managing director for Tactical Cargo           aging fleet that were a part of the            over way of life. But from the moment
Solutions. Chris has just welcomed eight       acquired company, Cargo Master.                they stepped inside, they have done
Vision FleetSpec vehicles into operations         “We chose the Vision FleetSpec              nothing but sing the praises of these
and believes these vehicles truly are the      because of price, low tare, good driver        trucks. They have been amazed by the
best equipment money can buy                   acceptance during the one week trial, and      turning circle and can’t believe how
   “If you give drivers bum gear, they’re      also because they’re an Australian made        comfortable the ride is.”
going to treat you like a bum too. It’s that   product, built here with an Australian            Vision FleetSpec packages
simple. They deserve to be paid the right      company backing it. Mack has been              performance, productivity and low
money and given decent equipment. That         around for a long time and you know that       operating costs into the one dynamic
adds up to a happy driver and you really       at the end of the day, you can get any         unit, and its industry leading low tare of
see the results. You get hard workers who      part you need.”                                7050kg ensures a solid return on
take care of the machinery,” says Chris.          Chris points out that another major         investment.
   Since commencing operations two             advantage offered by Mack is the 24 hour          “They are very, very light tare weight
short years ago, Tactical has established a    service centre.                                trucks. Coupled with the trailers we use,
name for itself as a specialist supplier in       “Mack’s Sydney dealership currently         which have really light weight gear, it
the areas of sea and airfreight, general       services the Tactical fleet during night       means that our payloads in and around
freight and linehaul services.                 time hours. This has been a huge saver         town are always up over the 29 tonne
   As Chris and his partner Stephanie          for us and it’s something we’re looking to     mark. And that adds value for our
King point out, logic dictates that the        replicate here in Melbourne.”                  customers as well because we can carry
more steps and suppliers involved in the          The Vision FleetSpec model was              some of the heavy boxes around town.
logistics chain, the more costly and time      released in July and was designed with            “So we’re left with smiling drivers and
consuming the process. Tactical's value        urban short haul in mind. The CCRS             happy customers – we couldn’t have
proposition to the customer is to              engine housed under the strongly styled        planned it any better.”
compress the chain by providing the full       bonnet is undoubtedly the most efficient
gamut of services by being a true 'one-        and environmentally friendly engine ever
stop shop'.                                    built by Mack.
   “We have two parts to our business,”           “They are very fuel efficient trucks from
explains Chris. “We’re a container freight     our point of view. The price of fuel is so
station and attached to that is our            incredible at the moment that we’re
transport division which either works with     looking to save every cent we can, and
the container freight station or directly      the cost saving nature of Vision was a big
with the end-user customer types who           reason behind our decision.”
require a transport operation.”                   The Tactical Visions take care of
   The headquarters for Tactical can be        container cartage in and around
found at Botany in Sydney where 14             Melbourne with two of the trucks working
Mack Qantums work local and tanker             around the clock, shifting tankers by night
distribution, and it was the launch of their   and containers during the day. It’s the
new venture in Melbourne that gave             type of work where the 15.7m turning

10 The BULLDOG Magazine
                                                                             WELCOME TO THE PACK


Even as a youngster, Peter Champion            your business than a tough looking truck,        working it hard enough at the moment. I’m
was mad about machinery. At the age of         and few on the road demand more                  worried it might glaze the engine up.”
11 he convinced his older brother to wag       respect than Peter’s pride and joy.                 “Only joking,” he adds. After a chuckle,
school with him for the day so that he            “I get calls every week from people           Peter explains that old time truckies will
could buy his first tractor. Peter’s brother   who’ve seen the Super-Liner out on the           get a laugh out of that.
Ron didn’t take much convincing. Thanks        road. They ring just to say how amazing it          “Seriously,” he continues, “the Super-Liner
to their father, Charles, the two Champion     looks – especially at night,” says Peter.        hasn’t missed a step. I have no hesitation
boys were obsessed with all things                The Super-Liner has been specifically         putting it on the night shift as well.”
mechanical, especially trucks with the big     set up to fast fill the 200 tonne Caterpillars      And after a lifetime of devotion to the
shiny Bulldog on the bonnet.                   on site at Coppabella Mine located 140           Mack product, there’s no doubt Peter
   Peter grew up surrounded by Mack            kilometres west of Mackay. The success of        knows what he’s talking about. While the
trucks and true Mack men. His father           this design has meant a saving of more           LT is a true work horse that pays its own
worked in the logging industry in              than two cents a litre at the coal face, and     way, Peter also has a collection of more
Tasmania, well-known Bulldog country,          when you’re paying record breaking               than 150 vintage trucks and tractors. B-
and over the years Peter has remained          prices for diesel, it’s a major bonus.           Models, Flintstones, an AC, Super-Liners,
true to the brand his family and friends          “The money we are saving is terrific,”        CHs and CLRs are amongst the mix,
have entrusted for generations.                says Peter. “But this wasn’t the only            many of them restored to better than
   Today, Peter operates one of                advantage that sold me on the truck. The         original condition.
Queensland’s most well-known coal              flexibility that the Super-Liner allows in          “I have a little CH tray truck called ‘Big
mining contract companies, Peter               its application and set up means that I          Ute’. That’s my hot rod,” says Peter. “And
Champion Mining (PCM). And at the front        can pass these options on to my client.          I have a CLR at the moment which is a V8
of operations is his shiny new Super-Liner     They then have the opportunity to do so          525 that I’m planning on restoring in a
LT. There is no better way to advertise        much more because of this truck, and             similar way to the CH. Now that will be a
                                               that helps everyone.”                            great looking truck.
                                                  The Super-Liner carts 48,000 litres of           “I’ve always had a love for Mack trucks
                                               diesel each load between Mackay and              and I always will. And that’s part of the
                                               the mine, and currently works a five             reason I chose the new Super-Liner for
                                               day week. However, expansion plans               our fuel truck. I didn’t even go and see
                                               for the company may see the LT                   the opposition, as much as they tried to
                                               running the clock both night and day.            convince me. Sometimes you just know
Pride of the pack Peter’s fully                Peter points out that this could be a            what’s right.
                                               good thing for the truck.                           “A truck has to have the big shiny dog
restored 1929 chain drive AC gives
                                                  “I have no doubt the truck will handle the    on the bonnet – you’ve gotta have that,
the Super-Liner a run for its money.
                                               extra work load. In fact, I don’t think we’re    no question.”

                                                                                                                     The BULLDOG Magazine 11
classic mack style - now hauling 26 metre b-doubles. New industry codes mean you can now run
selected Mack bonneted prime movers on B-Double configurations up to 26 metres in length. That
means Mack frontal underrun protection up front, room for a sleeper out the back and a ride that’s
pure Mack. And because FUPS can be retro-fitted to certain models, your versatility can be greatly
improved. Talk to any of our nationwide service centres or see your Mack dealer for details.

Did you                                      What’s Up with FUPS?
                                             We’re all familiar by now with the fact that
know?                                        new regulations allow 26 metre B-Double
                                             combinations. But what does it all mean?
                                             There are two special vehicle requirements
                                             needed to operate 26m. Firstly, all suitable
                                             trucks built in 2006 need to be fitted with a
Bulldog Plus Maintenance
                                             cab that complies to the updated European
Agreements have been                         cab strength test (ECE29). Secondly, the truck
working hard for years to make               must also have an approved Front Underrun
sure customers have the best                 Protection System (FUPS).
service and repair package                      Mack’s recently released FUPS offers
                                             increased protection against the underrunning
possible. They’re the best
                                             of smaller vehicles in the event of a collision
friend a truck owner can have.               and allows the operation of 26m B-Doubles.
   An emphasis on customer                      FUPS bumper and bullbar options have
satisfaction is one of the                   now been released for selected Mack models
reasons Mack is at the forefront             including:
of our industry and specialised                 • Super-Liner LT
                                                • Super-Liner HD                                      stainless steel highway bullbar.
maintenance agreements are
                                                • Trident Axle Back                                     It’s important to note that all truck
just one of the ways Mack is                    • Trident Axle Forward                                manufacturers who fit a FUPS device must fit
making sure we stay there.                      The FUPS device for the Super-Liner                   an approval plate.
   Bulldog Plus Maintenance                  models is available in two stainless steel                 Mack is also offering a FUPS retrofit kit now
Agreements cover agreed rate                 forms – outback and highway bullbar. The                 available through the Parts and Service
                                             Trident series is fitted with an impressive              network for selected models built before 2006.
servicing and repairs by highly
trained factory technicians at
Mack workshops throughout
Australia. There are three
agreement levels available:
                                               Improved Lighting for Bonneted Models
Deluxe, Premium and Ultimate.                  Due to increasing demand, LED tail lamps                 LED lighting continues to gain
Each is flexible and can be                    will be available for all bonneted Mack                popularity offering higher performance
                                               models ordered from September onwards.                 and durability over standard bulb lighting.
adjusted from year to year to
meet your needs.
   Bulldog Plus gives you
thousands of trouble free
                                               Advanced Stopping Power
   For more information visit                  All Mack models built from October will                • The actuation mechanism is totally
your local Mack dealer.                        have the option of using EX brakes on the                enclosed with no exposed moving parts
                                               rear. The new brake offering applies to all            • Improved environmental sealing
                                               Mack models that run the RT46160 axles on              • Weight-optimised design
                                               either HAS461 or PRIMAAX suspension, or
                                               the RT40145 axles on HAS461 suspension.
                                                  EX brakes offer improved efficiency and
                                               performance as a result of their design. The
                                               pads used have a larger friction area and
                                               diameter rotor. They house a more robust
                                               internal automatic adjusting mechanism
                                               and are compatible with EBS systems when
                                               appropriate components are specified.
                                                  Some advantages of EX brakes include:
                                               • Standard fitment of brake pad visual wear
                                                 indicator and electronic pad wear warning
                                                 indicator (PWWI); the PWWI has an in cab
                                                 warning lamp or buzzer

   For all enquiries regarding these updates, please contact your local Dealer or phone Paul Illmer, Sales Support Group Supervisor on 07 3718 3321.

                                                                                                                               The BULLDOG Magazine 13
                                                                      Mack can trace the Australian pedigree
                                                                        back to 1919 when Vacuum Oil took
                                                                      delivery of two ‘Bulldog’ AC-models…
          The Bulldog m
          ha d yet to be adop
                              ted                                         those trucks earned their keep
          in the late twenties
          when Mack built
                             the AB.
                                                                      throughout 33 years of faithful service.

  The first export Mack trucks were the           Vacuum Oil Company – the forerunner          downtime for the Vacuum Oil ACs was
  1914 AB model and the 1915 AC model.            of Mobil Oil. A second AC Mack was           when they were converted from solid
  Both of these trucks used four-cylinder         delivered six weeks later.                   rubber to pneumatic tyres. Both trucks
  petrol engines, with the AB having a four-         The Vacuum ACs were fitted with Davis     were used until 1939, when they were
  inch bore (100mm) and five-inch stroke          1000-gallon (4546 litres), two-compartment   sold complete with some unopened
  (127mm). The AC had a five-inch (127mm)         tanks and were used for delivering heating   boxes of spare parts to a crane hire
  by six-inch (152mm), four-cylinder engine.      oil throughout suburban Sydney. Gross        company where they remained in faithful
  The AB used a forward mounted radiator,         mass was 3.5 tonnes and the wheelbase        service until 1952.
  while the AC’s radiator was located             was 168 inches (4267mm).                       Probably the best known AB Mack in
  behind the engine – which made it an               The AC Mack’s arrival in Australia was    Australia today is the 1927 32Hp model,
  excellent World War I machine.                  the result of Vacuum Oil’s transport         purchased for $1400 by Thomas Mills &
    The first known Mack truck sold in            manager’s wartime experiences in France.     Sons, a Rose Bay (Sydney) removalist. The
  Australia was a 1919 AC model, chassis          Having seen the Mack AC in action, he        bodywork was supplied for $600 by Tom
  number 733122, which went into                  wouldn’t hear of buying anything else.       McCotter Pty Ltd of Chippendale, also of
  service in October of that year with the           As the legend goes, the only major        Sydney. This vehicle had the distinction of

            The Venerable AC, the first Mack to travel Australian roads.

14 The BULLDOG Magazine
                                                                                                            & Sons’
                                                                                               Thomas Mills              n
                                                                                               1927 AB Mack Furniture Va
                                                                                                             Ultra-Liner 11.
                                                                                               dwarfed by an

 being the first engine-powered furniture                                                   three-speed ‘selective sliding mesh’
 pantechnicon in Australia and was retired                        As the legend goes,       gearboxes to double reduction rear
 as recently as 1958, after some 30 years’ of                                               axles. Brakes were 18-inch (457mm),
 continuous service.                                            the only major downtime     cam and lever, acting on rear axle
   Originally supplied on wooden wheels                                                     drums only, boosted by vacuum from a
 with solid rubber tyres, it was                               for the Vacuum Oil ACs was   midships-mounted reservoir. The
 ‘modernised’ in 1932 with a Mack-                                                          parking brake consisted of a manually
 supplied pneumatic tyre kit.                                  when they were converted     operated external transmission.
   Other AB Mack trucks found their                                                           The reliability of these Mack trucks
 way into service as buses with                                   from solid rubber to      came to the attention of many of
 Adelaide’s Municipal Tramways Trust.                                                       Australia’s early transport operators and
 These 40 trucks had 42Hp engines,                                  pneumatic tyres.        they paved the way ahead for the bulldog
 driving through 12-plate wet clutches to                                                   breed’s future down under.

      Adelaide                                                                                                   The Rugged
                                                                                                                 Engineering of the
      Tramways Trus
                   t                                                                                             early Macks trucks
      AB Mack Bus.
                                                                                                                 was the key to their
                                                                                                                 Australian success.

Information in this article was reprinted with permission of
Mack Down Under and Truckin’ Life magazine.

                                                                                                                 The BULLDOG Magazine 15
    Beating the Bowser
                 Fuel is like gold these days with prices going up and up.
               Toll recently went prospecting at Mack and uncovered their
                           biggest find yet, the fuel-efficient Titan.
Toll Liquid Distribution is discovering first           were certainly built for a hard life, an
hand that outback legends really do only                enduring life. But these days they have
improve with time as a mighty Mack Titan                reliability and comfort in one package.
is welcomed into their hard working fleet.                “I think the cab suspension set up on
   With 10,000km about to click over,                   the Titan is fantastic and the drive
management and drivers of the new                       compared to a cab over truck is like
Titan are raving about its power and                    driving on air.”
comfort, a surprising package for old-                    As Andrew talks about the official hand-
time Mack drivers like Andrew Hack,                     over that took place recently in Townsville,
Queensland Business Manager for Toll                    he is quick to point out that the biggest
Liquid Distribution.                                    surprise of all has been the fuel economy.
   “I can honestly say the ride quality of              And he has the figures to back it up.
the Titan is exceptional. I’ve driven a few               “I’ve just been looking at the fuel
Mack trucks over the years and they                     consumption figures and I’m very
weren’t always tools of comfort. They                   impressed with what we’re seeing.

16 The BULLDOG Magazine
                                                                                                Andrew Hack, Queensland
                                                                                                Business Manager for Toll
                                                                                                Liquid Distribution (right)
                                                                                                and Frank Dumay, Area Fleet
                                                                                                Manager for Mack Trucks, both
                                                                                                believe Titan is the complete
                                                                                                package for road work.

We’re averaging 1.4km a litre which, for     throughout the Queensland and                   the operators has been tremendous –
a brand new truck pulling an AB triple,      Western Australia regions, and that’s           we just can’t keep them off the phone.
is exceptionally good.                       a good sign of their ability.                   They really love it and it certainly
   “The fuel economy is well beyond            “The truck will complete roughly              looks the part on the road.”
my expectations and that can only                                                              The positive response coming from
improve as the engine wears in.”                                                             Toll is like music to the ears of Mack
   Taking its place amongst a mixed
                                              “The fuel economy                              engineers who have worked tirelessly
fleet of more than 150 prime movers,            is well beyond                               over the past two years in an attempt
the Titan has been given the task of                                                         to recapture the former glory of the
carting fuel twice a week from                 my expectations.                              Titan model.
Townsville to Mount Isa. Truck and              We’re averaging                                First released in 1995, the Mack Titan
driver then hit the dusty dirt roads that                                                    changed the face of heavy haulage in
lay between Mount Isa and Cloncurry              1.4km a litre                               Australia and the new and improved
transporting diesel to a fertiliser plant     which, for a brand                             model is set to regain its dominance in
and mine at Phosphate Hill. The diesel                                                       the heavy haulage sector. The group at
they deliver is the lifeblood of the           new truck pulling                             Toll are amongst some of the first to
mine and camp, with more than
100,000 litres needed each week.
                                                an AB triple, is                             experience the improved Titan.
                                                                                               “Titan has everything we need.
   “Each job the Titan does is               exceptionally good.”                            Terrific fuel economy, impressive tare
extremely important. Titan has a                                                             weight, and driver comfort.
reputation as the truck of choice for        230,000km a year, so it’s not the                 “This might be the first Titan for
heavy-duty road train work and that          highest mileage truck in our fleet. But         Toll but I’m sure it won’t be the last,”
certainly helped us make our decision.       the driver acceptance has been                  says Andrew.
There are so many Titans in service          wonderful. All of the feedback from               “Not with these results.”

                                            • A Titan holds the record as the fastest diesel powered truck in the world,
                                              running 400m in less than 12 seconds with a record speed of over 300 km/hr.
                                            • Titans operate in South Africa, Indonesia and New Zealand.

       Titan                                • In its debut outing to the 1995 Truck & Machinery Show,
                                              the Titan model was awarded Truck of the Show.

                                            • More than 1000 units have been built.
                                            • Titan set the new world record for the longest road train ever pulled with a single
                                              prime mover. The 113 trailers weighed 1300 tonne and measured 1.5km.
                                            • In 2004 Titan won Truck of the Show at the Auto Africa Expo in Johannesburg,
                                              South Africa. It is the largest show of its kind in the southern

                                                                                                                The BULLDOG Magazine 17

Local connection for Albury                   Mack Trucks has always been a strong           consider he’s only 35 years of age.
                                              believer in the old saying, “No one knows        “I want to be a part of the growth
                                              local issues like a local.” And Darren         of this industry. That means taking
                                              O’Connor is ready to prove just how true       care of the people who are a part of it.
                                              this sentiment is.                             Customer service has to be your
                                                We would like to announce the                number one priority.”
                                              appointment of Darren O’Connor to the            Darren has appointed managers to each
                                              position of Dealer Principal for Volvo         key area of the business with the mission
                                              Commercial Vehicles Albury. The dual           of improving customer satisfaction.
                                              branded dealership represents stable-            “I won’t say our Albury dealership hasn’t
                                              mates, Mack and Volvo with big plans           had problems. But we’re dedicated to fixing
                                              for the future.                                the issues our customers have flagged. We
                                                Born and raised in the region, Darren        have nominated managers for our Parts
                                              has been a member of the dealership since      and Service teams and as a unit we are
                                              January 2005 when he joined as Sales           committed to making terrific things happen.
                                              Manager. Local transport operators were        You can expect to see big improvements in
                                              glad to have a familiar face representing      customer service over the coming months.”
                                              the mighty Bulldog brand and have offered        Darren’s breadth of experience in all
                                              Darren their support time and time again.      areas of business from management to
                                                Darren’s career experience includes          sales will further strengthen the Albury
                                              more than 15 years in the transport            dealership and help usher operations to
                                              industry. It’s a big effort when you           the next level.

Community receives                                                                           RTA Awards
Premium Care
Mack Trucks has ramped up their support
of Queensland’s RSCPA Education Mobile
Unit (or EMU) with the donation of a new
and improved prime mover.
   Mack first began supporting EMU in
2002 and reconfirmed their commitment to
the campaign at Brisbane’s EKKA on 13th
August with The Hon Peter Beattie, MP and
Mark Townend, CEO of RSPCA Queensland
there to thank Mack for their generosity.
   EMU is a state-of-the-art classroom on
wheels, using the latest in computer and
audiovisual technology to teach children         “The effect of animal welfare is an issue
and adults alike about humane values and      felt throughout the wider community. Not       David Schweizer, Operations Manager
animal care. For the past four years a Mack   only do we believe in humane and               for Mack’s Sydney dealership was
Premium has been used to transport this       responsible treatment of animals, we also      honoured for his continual service to the
valuable trailer to schools and               see our investment as benefiting future        transport industry.
communities across Queensland and             generations of people too.                        David was named as a finalist at the
northern New South Wales, reaching more          “Strong links between crimes of violence    New South Wales RTA awards held at
than 200,000 people along the way.            and animal cruelty have been well              Randwick Racecourse in June. David was
   Powered by a new Premium 4x2, EMU          documented. EMU helps promotes healthy         nominated for the award as a result of his
will now be bigger, stronger and more able    behaviours and attitudes towards animals       outstanding contribution to the Australian
to manoeuvre across the state.                and wildlife through education and in turn,    Transport Industry. The entire team at
   Weighing in at 13 tonnes and soaring       promotes these same ideals into the            Mack Sydney are extremely proud of
four metres high, EMU delivers                greater community. We hope that by             David for his nomination and his ongoing
impressive education programs that Gary       reaching people at risk, we can help break     involvement with the broader industry and
Bone, Senior Vice President for Mack          the cycle of domestic abuse.”                  Mack Trucks. David’s career with Mack
Trucks believes can help generate a safe,        The Premium will be fully maintained by     spans more than 20 years, just one of the
happy and healthy community for               Mack and is expected to travel more than       ways he has shown his commitment and
generations to come.                          25,000 kilometres in the next six months.      dedication to Australian transport.

18 The BULLDOG Magazine

                                                a handful of facilities                               determine whether the vehicle
                                                across Australia to                                   passes the regulation or not. The
                                                offer the DT80 test                                  test is pass or fail. If a vehicle
                                                which is used to                                    passes, it is certified for a two

 in Sight
                                                measure engine                                      year period."
                                                emissions so vehicles can comply with                  The test takes about an hour
                                                the latest rebate legislation.               and is primarily designed for any
                                                  Senior Service Advisor, Steve Iverson      operator of a vehicle that is pre-1996
 Mack Trucks’ Brisbane workshop has             explains that the machine is similar to a    and over 4.5 tonne GVM.
 commenced an emission testing                  mobile dyno.                                   Bookings are available between 8am
 program to help operators make the               "The vehicle is driven up onto rollers     and 4pm weekdays. Reservations are
 most of the new fuel tax regulations.          and then a snorkel is put over the           essential. For more information phone
   The Brisbane dealership is one of only       exhaust system. Samples are taken to         07 3718 3620.

QTC: Here for the Long Haul                                                                   AG Grow Rolls On
Queensland Truck Centre (QTC) officially
opened its new look headquarters in
June following months of extensive
renovations. More than 500 people
attended the grand opening to examine
the expansions which have made the
Toowoomba based dealership the largest
of its stable. QTC also operates                                                              The heaven-sent rain didn’t stop crowds
successful facilities in Goondiwindi,                                                         from gathering at Queensland’s Premier
Mount Isa and Gympie with a technician                                                        Agricultural Field Days held in Emerald
based on the Sunshine Coast.                    also installed as a feature of the lounge,    during the second week of July.
  The Toowoomba facility now boasts             allowing customers to oversee the work           AG Grow is one of Australia’s top five field
eight service bays, a spray booth, wash         being carried out on their vehicles.          days and there to help celebrate the downpour
bay, an engine dynameter and chassis               QTC’s mission statement, ‘Here for         were a handful of Mack representatives. The
dynameter. The main administration              the Long Haul’ sums up perfectly the          three day event drew more than 25,000
building has doubled in size and includes       company’s enduring, 13-year plus              people with a dynamic display set up by
two levels. Customer comfort is well            support for the transport industry,           Mack’s Rockhampton dealership.
catered for with a new lounge including         and their willingness to maintain                AG Grow is a must-attend event for
sofas, a television, microwave, fridge and      long-term relationships with each of          people in the region with the Mack brand
cappuccino machine. A large window was          their customers.                              receiving strong interest.

Qantum Power for Team Bray
Something special happens when two              with Mack. We’re very happy to have
legends join forces and the staff at Mack       what we consider to be the number one
Trucks in Brisbane were there to witness it     truck on the market. And now that we’ve
first hand. More than 130 people gathered       got two I’ll get more chances to drive
at Mack’s Wacol facility to celebrate the       them. I like to go for a drive now and
official hand over of a tell-tale red Mack      then, I find it relaxing.”
Qantum to Team Bray Racing.
Victor Bray was there to accept the keys with
son Ben adding to the guest star line-up.
   Victor and his team of drag racing
                                                 Team Bray Qantum
royalty first entrusted Mack with the task of    Model: Qantum 6x4 cab-over
transporting their machinery in 2003. The        Engine: Cummins ISX 500
new Qantum is the second of its kind for         Power: 373kW (500Hp) @ 1900rpm
Team Bray who are very impressed with
                                                 Torque: 2250Nm (1660ft lbs)
the work ethic shown by their bulldogs.
   “Our first Qantum has been very good,”                  @ 1200rpm
said Victor Bray. “The biggest advantage         Transmission: Eaton Fuller RTLO-
of these latest trucks is they have both                   20918B, 18-speed manual
horsepower and fuel economy. With the
                                                 Clutch: Eaton Fuller Easy Pedal
way fuel prices are going, having two fuel-
efficient trucks is a real bonus.                          with VCTplus
   “We’re really proud to be involved

                                                                                                                    The BULLDOG Magazine 19

                                                             A lot can change in 100 years,
                                                           and as part of the RACQ’s birthday
                                                          celebrations, Mack Trucks has lent
                                                         their support to bring motorists a true
                                                         reminder of just how far we’ve come.

Bulldust to Bitumen… and Beyond                  Bulldust to Bitumen… and Beyond tells     that she “felt like Alice in Wonderland”.
captures the spirit of a century of           the story of Queensland motoring in an       The contents of the display fills a 12
motoring and offers visitors a glimpse        informative and entertaining style. It       metre shipping container which has been
into how we might be driving in the           highlights the role motoring has played in   specially tailored to safely transport some
future. This major touring display            connecting communities speckled              of the more fragile items on board. Infact,
showcases the past, present and future        throughout this vast state. An innovative    the container is so full that two of the
of Queensland motoring and has been           blend of traditional and modern display      important vehicles featured, the oldest
busy visiting regional centres for the        media, the exhibition includes:              surviving Queensland built motorcar – the
past 16 months.                               • ‘Automobilia’ from the last 100 years,     Trevethan (built in 1903) and the
   Riding high on the back of a towering        including a 1904 Model G Rambler           UltraCommuter (the University of
Mack Vision, the exhibition first opened        owned by Dr Charles Marks.                 Queensland’s car of the future), have to
at the Queensland Museum in Brisbane          • Oral histories, motoring movies and        be transported separately. The exhibition
on the 20th April 2005. Since that time,        Queenslanders’ stories and                 takes between two to three days to
the mighty Mack truck and its                   photographs of their first cars.           assemble, and three days to dismantle.
companion trailer have pitched camp at        • A stunning locally designed concept          Coined as RACQ’s ‘birthday gift to the
ten centres including Longreach, Roma,          vehicle that we may be driving in          community’ the exhibition is free to enter
Hervey Bay, Rockhampton and Mackay,             the future.                                and is not just for car enthusiasts.
with a further five stops to go. All up, it      The 150-metre square exhibition has an      An even wider appeal is assured due to
is estimated that the display will cover      immediate impact as soon as you enter.       the strong thread of local history woven
more than 8500 kilometres.                    One of the younger visitors commented        throughout the exhibition. A trip down

20 The BULLDOG Magazine
memory lane for many, various eras are            strongly on behalf of motorists, and it was     with whom we share many common goals
explored from the fondly remembered               the organisation’s dedication to                and ideals. Driver safety is a crucial issue,
RACQ picnic days for orphans and                  community minded service that moved             and one that is close to both our hearts.”
disadvantaged children, to the home-front         Gary Bone, Senior Vice President of Mack          Bulldust to Bitumen… and Beyond will
contributions of motorists in two world           Trucks, to be a part of the celebrations.       visit a further five centres over the
wars. Children and teachers alike can                “Mack Trucks would like to congratulate      coming months and is set to return to
share in a complementary educational              RACQ on the ten decades of tireless             Brisbane in December. Don’t miss your
resource kit developed to help optimise           service they have offered to the people of      chance to be a part of the birthday
participation by school groups.                   Queensland. We are proud to support this        celebrations – the story told within the
  Since 1905 RACQ has advocated                   exceptional organisation – an organisation      Bulldust walls is worth enjoying.

  Take a
  look inside

Touring Guide
Mount Isa                   Cairns                       Gympie                        Maryborough                Final Stop…
15th July – 13th Aug        21st Aug – 24th Sep          29th Sep – 31st Oct           3rd Nov – 3rd Dec          5th Dec
Museum of Tropical          Cairns Regional              Gympie Historical             Maryborough Community      Brisbane
Queensland                  Art Gallery                  Museum                        Arts Centre

                                                                                                                       The BULLDOG Magazine 21

“Life isn’t like a bowl of cherries or
peaches. It’s more like a jar of
jalapenos. What you do today might
burn your arse tomorrow.”
   That’s the motto that has served Terry
Muddle very well in his 40 year career
within the transport industry. Terry is a
straight-shooter. He calls a spade a
spade and he always puts his
customers first – no exception.
   “Customer care is the most important                                Terry
                                                                             ’s firs
thing in this business. You need to make                              depa          t job
                                                                            rtmen          was a
sure you’re doing everything you can to                                             t stor       s a ce
                                                                     NSW                  e in h        llar h
                                                                           . Terr               is ho         and i
meet their needs, no excuses,” says Terry.                          looki         y wa                 me to         na
                                                                          ng bl         s 15 a                wn o
   Terry is a Sales Representative for                                           oke i        t the                 f Dun
                                                                                       n the         time                 gog,
Mack’s Newcastle dealership located                                                          dark           (he’s
                                                                                                   shirt,         the g
a stone’s throw from the Pacific and                                                                       centr        ood
                                                                                                                 e bac
New England Highways. An ideal spot                                                                                    k row
for the work he does.
   “We get a fair few people who see us
from the road and wander in for a look.
That’s a great way to get them
interested in our product, if they’re not
already. I see myself as a consultant
and mediator. It’s my first priority to
advise the customer on the best unit for
their application and then try to work
out a win/win agreement. It’s really
important that the customer walks away
happy – and I need to make sure my
boss is smiling too.”
   Terry has been a high-achieving                                    ack’s mo
                                                              one of M
kennel member for more than ten years          Today Terry is              tives.
(with a fully stocked trophy case to                     l Sales R
prove it), and has had a hand in training
up some of Mack’s key front men. Dean
Bestwick, National Sales Manager for
Mack Trucks first came to the company
as a Sales Rep for the Newcastle             market in Australia today that’s for                “Mack is a unique company to work
dealership. Terry took him under his         sure. For every application, Mack has             for. They really do look after the people
wing and with some seasoned advice,          you covered. We have a history older              they hire and here in Newcastle, we
Dean has taken on the management             than Adam himself to draw from, and               couldn’t dream of having a better team.
role with the full support of the Mack       we’re chewing up that market share,                 “We’re a dedicated bunch,
team. Terry also ‘groomed’ Jason Mann        bit by bit.”                                      professional too. And we even offer our
for big things. Jason’s first role within       Ain’t that the truth. In July, Mack            customers 24 hour service in the
the company was as a Sales Rep, and          recorded their highest market share               workshop. We’ve also just appointed
three short years later was promoted to      figure for the year (over 13%), elevating         two new blokes as Sales Reps to make
the position of Dealer Principal for the     the brand to second place for the month.          sure our customers are getting the
Coffs Harbour facility. Jason now            It is the second consecutive month in a           support they need – Raymond Williams
operates the business with the same          row that Mack has maintained their hold           and Scott Hughes. Now that’s how you
level of commitment and pride that           on the position and is working hard to            put your customers first.”
Terry has for the brand.                     bridge the gap between first place. Terry           Of course, as Terry would say, the
   “Mack is one of the true, legendary       believes Mack has the product and                 bonus of putting your customer first is
brands. There’s no greater truck on the      people to make this goal a reality.               that you have a burn free bum.

22 The BULLDOG Magazine
                                            September                                 21       Red November
                                                                                               Remembrance Field
                                                                                               Glen Aplin QLD
                                            1 – 9   Royal Adelaide Show
                                                    Adelaide Showgrounds SA           21 – 28 Australian Small Winemakers
                                                                                              Show Stanthorpe QLD
                                            1 – 10 Brisbane River Festival
                                                   Brisbane QLD                       23 – 27 Mercedes Australian Fashion
                                                                                              Week Melbourne VIC
                                            1 – 30 Bulldust to Bitumen… and Beyond
                                                   Cairns Regional Art Gallery,       26       Australian International
                                                   Cairns QLD                                  Motor Show
                                                                                               Sydney NSW
                                            2 – 7   North Queensland Mining
                                                    Industry Billfish Challenge       28       The Cox Plate
                                                    Townsville QLD                             Melbourne VIC
                                            6 – 7   Heritage Ag Show                  28 – 29 Bega Field Days
                                                    Toowoomba QLD                             Bega NSW
                                            7 – 8   Newdegate Field Days              28 – 29 2006 Citilink Australian Touring
                                                    Newdegate WA                              Car Challenge Calder Park VIC

     Where will                             7 – 10 National Expo: Truck &
                                                   Commercial Vehicle
                                                   Sydney Showground, Sydney
                                                                                      28 – 29 Clermont Country Music Festival
                                                                                              Clermont Civic Centre QLD

    the big bird                            8 – 9
                                                   Olympic Park NSW

                                                                                      2 – 5    Mud Bulls & Music
     land next?                                     Lismore NSW

                                            8 – 10 Kempsey Country Music &
                                                   Trucking Festival                  3 – 30
                                                                                               Landcruiser Mountain Park QLD

                                                                                               Bulldust to Bitumen… and Beyond
                                                   Kempsey NSW                                 Maryborough Community Arts
                                                                                               Centre QLD
September                                   15 – 17 41st Australian Nationals
                                                    Willowbank Raceway QLD            10 – 12 Ferodo Tasmania Challenge
3        Teviot Downs Father’s Day Picnic                                                     Round 11 V8 Supercars Symmons
         Teviot Downs QLD                   19 – 21 Henty Machinery                           Plains Raceway, Launceston TAS
                                                    Henty NSW
9        RSPCA Dakabin Shelter                                                        10 – 12 Tasmanian Triple Challenge
                                                                                              Symmons Plains TAS
         Birthday Celebrations              21      Mildura Country Music Festival
         Dakabin QLD                                Mildura VIC                       16 – 19 Margaret River Wine Festival
                                                                                              Margaret River WA
19       Crocfest Kempsey                   25 – 27 Yorke Peninsula Field Days
                                                    Paskeville SA                     18 – 19 Brown Brothers
         Kempsey NSW
                                                                                              Wine & Food Festival
                                            29 – 30 Deni Ute Muster                           King Valley VIC
26       Crocfest Moree                             Deniliquin NSW
         Moree NSW
                                                                                      14       Limestone Coast Ute & Truck
30       Gold Coast Animal Expo             October                                            Muster Naracoorte SA
         Gold Coast QLD                     3 – 5   Elmore Machinery Field Days       25 – 26 2006 Citilink Australian
                                                    Elmore VIC                                Touring Car Challenge
                                                                                              Wakefield Park NSW
October                                     5 – 8   Bathurst 1000
17 – 19 Orange Field Days
                                                    Bathurst NSW                      December
        Orange NSW                          6–7     Pro-Ag Field Days                 7 – 10 Australian Mastercard Masters
                                                    Macksville NSW                           Golf Huntingdale Golf Club VIC
November                                    13 – 14 Wandin Silvan Field Days          8 – 10   V8 Grand Final Phillip Island
                                                    Wandin East VIC                            Grand Prix Phillip Island VIC
18       Beachmere Spring Fair
         Beachmere QLD                      13 – 15 Walkamin Country Music Festival   20       The Night the River Sings
                                                    Walkamin QLD                               South Bank QLD

  EMU’s calendar is                         14 – 15 Murrumbateman Field Days
                                                    Murrumbateman NSW
                                                                                      26       The Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht
                                                                                               Race Sydney Harbour NSW

 constantly growing                         17 – 19 Australian National Field Days
                                                    Orange NSW
                                                                                      27       Woodford Folk Festival
                                                                                               Woodford QLD
    so for the most                         21      Caulfield Cup                     29       Hopman Cup
                                                    Melbourne VIC                              Perth WA
up-to-date information                      19 – 22 Gold Coast Indy                   31       New Year’s Eve Fireworks
                                                    Surfers Paradise QLD                       Darling Harbour Sydney NSW
  call Kellie Ireland,
 Principal Education
Officer for RSPCA Qld                         Melbourne Cup Carnival                                           November
                                              4        AMI Victoria Derby Day         9         Crown Oaks Day
   on 07 3710 9803.                           7        Emirates Melbourne Cup Day     11        Emirates Stakes Day

                                                                                                           The BULLDOG Magazine 23

                                                                         A FINE LOOKING

     ORDER                                                               RIG ALWAYS
                                                                         BRINGS A SMILE                                     FAN101
                                                                                                                            Blue and White
                                                                                                                            T-Shirt $23.50


                                                                          White T-Shirt, OLD Yellow
                                                                          Truck $23.50
                                                                                                                   Garage Shirt

                                                                         Mack Boxers
                                                                                                                                                               Mack Blue


                                              FAN003                              FAN002                                                              FANBIKINIS
 FAN001                                                                                                                                               Mack Performance
 Cornflower/White/Navy                        White Ladies’ Shoestring            Black Ladies’ Shoestring
                                              Singlet $24.95                      Singlet $24.95                                                      Bikini $45.00
 Baseball T-Shirt $22.50

 ON LONG HAULS YOU’LL NEED                                          HAULING A LOAD?

                                          Retro Cap                                                   NCM7213
                                          $19.95                   NCM7216                            Vision Day Cab Belt
                                                                   RD Model Dump Belt                 Buckle $22.50
                                                                   Buckle $22.50                                                             FAN631
                                                                                                                                             Men’s/Ladies Upmarket
                                                                                                                                             Watch $131.95

      FAN202NAV                                                                Pull-a-Part                                                   FAN607/FAN608
      Navy and Tan                                                                                    NCM0075
                           FAN0408RD                                           Keyring                3-D Bulldog Solid Key                  New Men’s/Ladies Watch
      Baseball Cap         Red Mesh Cap                                        $5.00                                                         $89.95
      $19.95                                                                                          Chain

     IT’S EASY TO ORDER ONLINE AT www.macktrucks.com.au

24 The BULLDOG Magazine

YOUR RIG WON’T GET FAR                                               IT’S NOT UNCOMMON
WITHOUT REFUELLING                                                   TO HAVE MORE THAN
                                                                     ONE LOVE ON THE ROAD

  FAN196 Bar Runner – Super-Liner LT Series 2 $34.80

 Mug – Bred                              FAN195
 to Work                                   Mug –
 Series 1                                 Super-
 $15.00                                  Liner LT
                                         Series 2

                       FAN194                    Wetsuit
                        Wetsuit                 Cooler –
                       Cooler –                                        NCM0944                   FAN207                 FAN0950 Golf Bag $292.85
                                                 Bred to               Two Ball Golf Gift Pack   Drink Bottle
                    Super-Liner                    Work
                    LT Series 2                                        $19.95                    $6.90
                                                Series 1
NCM7341                   $7.00                    $7.00
Stainless Steel
Travel Mug $19.95

BBQ Set                                                              FAN215                       FAN216                  FAN214
$45.90                                       NCM1042 Stainless       Soccer Ball                  AFL Ball                Rugby League Ball
                                             Steel Dog Dish $28.00   $22.00                       $22.00                  $22.00

       FREE 2007
    Filled with spectacular images,
   the 2007 Mack calendar will take
     you on an authentic journey
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 HURRY STOCKS ARE LIMITED                                                                                       THIS OFFER ENDS 30 NOV 2006

                                                                                                                               The BULLDOG Magazine 25

Going On?

Send your pictures, letters,
stories, anecdotes and other
correspondence to:

Leah Davis
Bulldog Editor
Mack Trucks
PO Box 364 Richlands
QLD 4077
Phone: 07 3718 3497
Fax: 07 3718 3392

Letters may be edited due to space restraint

To join our mailing list, simply
email your postal details to the
above address, or contact your                 Mack shares a strong, 25 year-old                      trade under the guidance of both Mack
local Mack Dealer.                             partnership with the Australian Defence Force          dealerships and the Army Reserve.
                                               and remains an active contributor to the                  For more information, please contact Alan
                                               Military Vehicle market world-wide.                    Wilkins, Workshop Manager for Mack
                                                 FACT: Since 1981 more than 1000 trucks               Brisbane on 07 3718 3625 or email
                                               have been built for the Royal Australian Army,         alan.wilkins@macktrucks.com
                                               Navy and Airforce at Mack’s factory in Wacol,
                                               Queensland. These Australian made trucks
                                               have been put to task throughout the world in
                                               locations including Iraq, Rwanda, Somalia,
                                               Afghanistan and East Timor. To this day the
                                               Mack Defence Force trucks, including the
                                               three original prototypes are still in service.
                                                 But Mack isn’t just about trucks. They’re
                                               invested in developing skilled people too.
                                               That’s why they’ve joined forces with the
                                               Army Reserve to offer young apprentices a
                                               unique opportunity.
                                                 Dubbed Operation Patriot, Mack and the
                                               Army Reserve have set up a program that
                                               offers mechanics two valuable career paths.
                                               The four year program will see aspiring
                                               mechanics develop their heavy commercial

                                                                                   Blast from the Past WINNER
                                                                                  Congratulations to Micheal Keohane from WA who was the first
                                                                                     to (correctly!) name this truck. It is a Mack Junior introduced
                                                                                     in 1909. The Junior was a light-weight 1-1/2 tonne truck with
                                                                                       a four-cylinder petrol engine, a ‘honeycomb-type’ radiator
                                                                                           and ‘jump spark’ ignition. The Mack Junior was the
                                                                                              forerunner of today’s local delivery vehicles.

26 The BULLDOG Magazine
         ven in its earliest advertising, the
         proven partnership between Mack
         and the Defence Forces is clear.
The advertisements communicate messages of
product reliability, toughness and low operating
costs. And why shouldn’t they? There is not a
single recorded instance of a Mack truck ever
being immobilised in times of war through any
cause other than enemy action. That shows the
true strength of our Battlefield Bulldogs!

                                The BULLDOG Magazine 27
‘Built like a Mack truck’ also means built to satisfy the demands of Australia’s Defence Forces. Ruff.


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