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					Call Centre & Contact
       What is Call Centre
   Call centre is a centralized office of
    the company.
   Answers incoming phone calls.
   Handles outbound calling campaigns
    on behalf of the Client Company.
   Respond the queries of letters,
    Faxes, Emails & internet chat.
    What is Contact Centre
   The centre where
    multiple functions
    are handled in one

For example
 Letters

 Emails

 Telemarketing

 Customer services
Basic structure of Call
    Work Station

 Work station includes:
 A computer

 A telephone set

  (Head set) connected
  to a telecom switch
 Supervisor station
 Scope of Call Centre Facility
from a Business point of view
   Using varieties of state of art of

   Call centers connects customer with
    the organization in real-time, to
    provide better professional customer
       Technologies used in
       Call/Contact Centers
   Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

   Text Messaging (SMS)

   Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

   Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

   Web Integration
Who will get benefit
  Both the Business and
   It’s a two way traffic.
      Types of Call Center
   Inbound Call Centre
   Outbound Call Centre
   Web Enabled Call center
   CRM Call Center
   Telemarketing Call Center
   Phone Call Center
        Inbound Call Centre
   An inbound centre is one that
    handles calls coming in from outside.
   They work to build a strong,
    successful long-lasting relationship
    with customers.

   Representatives in inbound call
    centers are called CSRs (Customer
    Service Representatives).
    Inbound Call Center
- Catalog Orders
- Consumer Response
- Customer Service
- Toll Free Response
- Help Desk
- Direct Mail Response
- Seminar Registration
- Inquiry Handling
- Technical Support
       Outbound Call Centre
   In outbound call centers the call are
    initiated by the representative,
    mostly with the aim to sell a product
    or a service to a customer.
   Representatives in outbound call
    centers are called TSRs (Tele Sales
  Outbound Call Center

- Direct Mail Follow-up
- Lead Generation
- Product Promotion
- Debt Collection
- Appointment Scheduling
- Decision Maker Contacts
- Up Sell/Cross Sell Campaigns
    Web Enabled Call Centre
   A web enabled call center improves
    the e-commerce initiatives by
    offering high quality customer

   Various features offered by Web
    enabled call center are:
   Web Callback

   Web Chat

   Email Management
          CRM Call Centre
   CRM is the business strategy that
    aims to understand, anticipate,
    manage and personalize the needs of
    an organization's current and
    potential customers.

   CRM allows you to capture and store
    all available customer information in
    the central history database.
   In a CRM call center, customers
    communicate in multiple ways that include

   Phone

   E-mail

   Web chat

   Personal Sales Representative
    Telemarketing Call Centre
   Telemarketing refers to the business
    or practice of marketing goods or
    services by telephone. It is the act of
    selling, promoting or soliciting a
    product over the telephone.
       Telemarketing Call
   Developing and implementing professional
    inbound/outbound B2B and B2C
    telemarketing lead generation.

   Appointment setting

   Telesales

   Market research programs
         Phone Call Centre
   The phone call centers offer
    personalized call management by a
    team of professional operators who
    know about the client and his

   The phone call centers provide 24/7
    answering and business services that
    help keep the customers satisfied.
         Phone Call Center

   The phone call centers offer :

   Flexible call routing

   Superior IVR capacity

   Predictive dialing systems