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									To Whom It May Concern:

        Enclosed is a brief description of a class that is being offered as new branch of
10th grade P.E. for the 2009-2010 school year. The class is an independent physical
education course that revolves around the student recording their physical activity on a
heart rate monitor (provided) and meeting individually with the teacher on a weekly basis
(before school/ lunches/ after school). The short meetings are to upload their workout
data from the heart rate monitor and to discuss various fitness goals and topics they have
chosen to focus on. I am hoping to gain your support with this class by bringing this new
option to the attention of your 9th grade students. This class option is not restricted to only
athletes or 4.0 students. But, please keep in mind that this class would best serve students
who are responsible, motivated students who could succeed in a more independent
situation. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments, or


Bobbie Parsons
T.C. Williams Physical Education Teacher
25th Hour Physical Education


25th hour physical education is a class designed to teach students how to take control of
their physical activity choices and implement into their lifestyles. This is a class that
takes place outside of the regular school day and allows students to independently
manage what fitness and healthy living goals they wish to achieve. In this branch of
physical education students will be responsible for recording their own workouts (by use
of heart rate monitors and journals), workout goals, and fitness modifications. The goal of
this course is to give the students experience in independently finding what they enjoy for
physical activity and then guide them as they learn to make their lifestyles include regular
physical activity.

Why 25th Hour?

T.C. Williams embraces many students with various needs, wants, and priorities. 25th
Hour Physical Education is a class that happens outside of the regular school day and will
therefore allow students to take advantage of an open section in their schedules. In
addition to schedule flexibility 25th hour P.E. will give students the opportunity to
practice personal, goal driven fitness plans that will carry over into their adult lives.

How 25th Hour?

This branch of 10th grade physical education will be closely monitored by the teacher.
Each student will be scheduled each week to meet individually with the teacher; they will
discuss short term (weekly), and long term (from September- June) fitness goals. The
students at this time will also be handing in assignments regarding nutrition, physical
wellness, etc. Since every student at T.C. Williams has a laptop and access to
Blackboard, they will be responsible for taking online tests. The most exciting factor for
this class is that each student will be assigned a heart rate monitor which has the
capability to upload their workout to the computer. These heart rate monitors report to the
teacher the length and intensity of the student’s workout; this is where the participation
grade will be taken from. The report can be printed out for both the teacher and student to

What about Driver Education and CPR?

Since driver education is a part of the 10th grade curriculum, students will still be offered
driver education as an early bird course every morning from 7:30- 8:30 for one quarter of
the year.

CPR is another great opportunity that the T.C. William’s physical education staff offers
to the 10th grade students. This will also be made available to the 25th hour students either
during the morning or after school hours (class decision).

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