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The Polar S710i Heart Rate Monit


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									                                                  Watch & Time Keeping Functions

                                                      r   All Polar S-series hrm's share the same time keeping functions

                                                  Heart Rate Monitoring Functions

                                                      r   All S-series hrm's share the same HR monitoring functions
                                                      r   ECG accurate wireless heart rate
                                                      r   OwnCode - coded transmission
                                                      r   OwnCal s - calorie expenditure
                                                      r   OwnIndex s and Polar Fitness Test

                                                  Memory Data and Functions

                                                      r   Total exercise time
The new Polar S710i advanced monitoring and           r   Time in target zone (in, below, above)
memory features for the serious cyclist or            r   Average and maximum heart rate of total training
multisport enthusiast.                                r   Recovery heart rate/time after exercise
                                                      r   Up to 99 split lap memory
           A personal fitness test, performed         r   Lap number indicator
           at rest, that predicts your aerobic        r   Lap/intermediate times with heart rate
           fitness level.                             r   Maximum and average heart rate of laps
                                                      r   Number of intervals with average heart rate of intervals
                                                      r   Maximum heart rate of interval conclusion
           Measures energy expenditure                r   Calorie & cumulative calorie consumption
           levels enabling dietry intake levels       r   Exercise set (5 settings)
           to be planned around training.             r   Date and starting time of exercise session
                                                      r   Unlimited complete exercise files
                                                      r   5, 15 and 60 second HR sampling rates
           Automatically tracks laps and
                                                      r   Memory capacity 250 hours
           intervals allowing you to
                                                      r   exercise reminder
           concentrate on your training
                                                      r   Settings lock
                                                      r   User ID displayed
                                                      r   IR Data transfer via a Polar serial or USB IR interface
           Fast and efficient transfer of             r   IrDA compatable data communications
           exercise data via an IrDA                  r   Uplink
           compatable device.                         r   Precision Performance 4.0 software
                                                      r   Polar precision toolkit

           The wireless Polar speed sensor
           is included with the S710i.
                                                  Additional S710i Features

                                                      r   Trip meter and odometer with total riding time
           The wireless Polar cadence                 r   Average and maximum Speed
           sensor which measures pedal                r   Distance based interval and recovery
           rpm, is available as on option.            r   Altitude readout
                                                      r   Temperature
                                                      r   Bike mount
           Altitude readout is integrated into        r   Optional cadence sensor (wireless)
           the Polar S710i.                           r   Optional power output sensor kit

           Temperature readout is integrated
           into the Polar S710i.

           Power output sensor displays
           pedalling power (Watts) and power
           balance between pedals.

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