Autumn Term 2009

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					                          Autumn Term 2009
                          27 November 2009
Dear Parents

Christmas Play – “Something in the Air”
Tickets will be available from Monday 30th November in the school office,
when you can choose on which night you would like to come to the play. We
are arranging the children in their house colours and so that you have a good
chance of seeing your own children, we are going to try to allocate you to a
block facing them. We will not, therefore be numbering the tickets, just
directing you to the „red‟, „blue‟, „yellow‟ or „green‟ seats according to which
house your child is in. You can then choose your seat within the relevant
section on the night. You may choose either performance but if the split is not
similar on each night, it may mean that you will be further away from your
child. We will be offering 2 tickets per family for the evening performances
but a limited number of additional tickets may be available for the afternoon
performance, once we know how many of the older residents are joining us.
If you are not able to come into the school next week to collect your tickets
please call or email and we will send them home in your child‟s book bag.
When requesting tickets it would be very useful if you know your child‟s
house colour.

Monday 14th December    2.30 pm - Older Residents of Clophill
                                  Zig-Zag pre-school and toddlers
                                  Parents with pre- school children
Tuesday 15th December   6.00 pm - Adults and school aged children
Wednesday 16th December 6.00 pm - Adults and school aged children

We do need all of the children at all three performances, regardless of which
one you come to watch. Please remember that for our evening performances
you may use a ticket for children of school age and above, but not for babies
or preschool children. This is to give the children the best chance of being

To make the Christmas play costumes easier to manage please find below
what your child will be required to wear.
Angels       white t-shirt (long sleeved if possible) and bottoms, such as
             tights or pyjama bottoms (tabards already in school)
Kings        a long tabard of rich colours - (we will be making the crowns in
Shepherds a long striped or plain tabard in subdued colours
Animals      black, grey, brown or white tops (long sleeved if possible) and
Christmas cards
These will be available for collection in the playground today but if you have
not been able to pick them up they will be in the school office next week.

Christingle service in Church on Sunday 6th December at 4.30pm
We hope you will join us when we go to church for the Christingle service on
the 6th December. It is a lovely candle lit service which marks the beginning
of Christmas. There will be Christingle workshops in school on Friday 4th
December when the children will make the Christingle oranges.

Arena Theatre – Puss in Boots – Thursday 17th December
Once again, Arena Theatre will be coming into school on Thursday 17th
December, this year to perform “Puss in Boots”. We like the children to have
this treat at the end of the term as they all work so hard to make the
Christmas Play a special event for parents. The theatre charges £250.00 for
the visit so if any parents would like to make a contribution towards the cost,
we would be very grateful.

School Christmas Dinner – Thursday 17th December
Christmas lunch is a very special time when, just for once, the children all sit
down together and are served their lunch by the staff. In addition, we
sometimes have a visit from a very special visitor on that day! Thank you to
those of you who have already replied to indicate whether or not your child
would like Christmas dinner. We would like to remind you that ALL children
should return the reply slip even if they would normally have a school dinner
as the Christmas dinner needs to be ordered and paid for separately and in
advance. We originally asked for all replies to be in by Friday 27th November
(today) but we have negotiated an extension in order for you to return your
forms and so now will be placing the final order on Friday 4th December. If we
have not received a slip from you by then, we will assume that your child is
bringing a packed lunch on that day.

PTA News
Older residents‟ Christmas tea party.
Thank you to those of you who have offered to help with the tea party. We
really appreciate the support that you give us, and it is still not too late to
sign up! Please would you complete the slip below if you are able to help us?

Surprise Shop
By popular demand, we will be holding our Christmas Gift Shop on Tuesday
8th December and Thursday 10th December. If your child would like to buy
gifts for any members of the family please send in £3.00 per gift in a sealed
named envelope. It would help us very much if you could label the envelope
with the names of the people your child wants to buy gifts for e.g. mummy,
sister, granddad; then we can help them choose.
Raffle Prizes
As we will be holding a raffle at the evening performances of the Christmas
Play we would like to ask for any donations of unwanted gifts/bottles of
wine/chocolates etc. that we might be able to use. Please send them into
school by Monday 14th December.

Race Night
The Clophill Village Hall Committee are organising a RACE Night on Saturday
28 November. £7.50 per ticket and includes a Fish and Chip supper, bring
your own drinks. Enjoy a great night and support your Village Hall
Committee. Please contact Sharon for tickets on 01525 861038

Chestnut Class
Charlotte Benjamin (Harriet‟s Mum) has kindly offered to compile a „social‟
contact list for parents with children in Chestnut class. This can be
particularly helpful for parents new to the school. If you would like to be
included on the list please contact Charlotte, either in the playground or on
01525 861185. She will require your name, name of child and telephone
If you have a child in another class and would like to be put on the relevant
list please contact the following parent;
Chestnut:             Lisa Quinlivan - Fox (Miles, Erin) and Kyra Puleston
                      (Lorna, Katherine)
Birch:                Sara Beattie (Amelia) and Dave Garner (James)
Hazel:                Maria McCaffrey (Kieran, Ryan) and Caroline Broome
                      (Maisie, Lexi)
Rowan:                Jane Moorhouse (Phoebe) and Wendy Grant (Peter)
Oak:                  Candice Hartner (Jade) and Debbie Stevens (Charlie)

Children in need
We are very proud to have raised over £100 and would like to thank you all
for your support. Please see the report from the school council.

„High Street‟ Road Closure
Please be advised that the council are working on the High Street from the
7.12.09-10.12.09 and the road will be closed between the hours of 9am-
3.30pm therefore you will still be able to access the school. In the event of
an emergency and provided it is safe they will allow parent access during that

Parents with children in all classes are once again invited to lunch on the 4 th
December. If you are interested, please could you send in an envelope £1.70
(if you would like a child‟s portion) or £2.85 for an adult portion – clearly
labelled with your name, your child‟s name and their class, by Wednesday 2
Feedback in writing would be appreciated and will be forward to Ali Bradbury.

Following the overwhelming generosity of the Village at Harvest Festival,
(including the parents and children of St Mary's), in giving tinned fruit and
vegetables and other dried and packet food to NOAH, Mr Wilton (Governor)
and I took four of the children to visit NOAH in Luton at the beginning of
November. NOAH is a charity for the homeless in Luton which offers not only
a place where people can have something hot to eat but also somewhere
where they can find help and advice, a shower, medical care or just friendship
and someone to talk to. NOAH stands for "New Opportunities and Horizons"
and we all had a tour of the facilities including the kitchen, dining room,
common room, the little shop where people can buy clothes and other goods
for a small amount and the room where people can learn to paint, play in a
music group or do drama. The children, Iona Hicks, Claire Winch, Alistair
Wood and Olivia Benjamin were especially pleased to visit the Food Store
where all the tins and other goods which people donate are kept. They
exclaimed at the numerous tins of Baked Beans and Soup and were quite
prepared to help unpack some boxes and stack the shelves!! They met Gino
the chef who was busy preparing Spaghetti Bolognaise for lunch and Jim,
who took us round, explained to the children that Gino chooses his menus on
the basis of what is in the Food Store at any time. He said that they had had
a delicious soup one day which had been a mixture of whichever different
varieties of soup were left in the Food Store at the time. The children asked
sensible questions and were told that NOAH feeds approximately 80 homeless
people a day, including Christmas Day and about 1000 different people during
the year. They were also told that NOAH is raising money for new purpose-
built premises in the hope that one day there will be much better facilities and
not just an open air sink where the pots are washed. It was hard for the
children to have any concept of not having somewhere to sleep or wash and
not having any food or even access to a bar of soap or toothpaste.
We then went on to see the Furniture store which is run by NOAH in what
used to be the old Luton Herald premises, which are shortly to be
demolished. Here Leah, the store manager, showed the children how
furniture and white goods which are donated to NOAH are taken to the
workshop and cleaned, repaired, tested and then priced and sold in either the
store or in the shop which NOAH has in the Arndale Centre in Luton. They
learnt how some of the homeless people who NOAH helps are given the
opportunity to learn a skill such as carpentry so that they can help to repair
the furniture and in so doing gain some self-esteem.
They met the girls who answer the phones and arrange collection and
delivery of goods and furniture throughout the area and they met one of the
drivers of the three delivery trucks which NOAH Enterprises owns and which
have emblazoned with hope on their sides "Restoring Furniture, Restoring
Charlotte Benjamin
During the summer months when FunZone held it‟s Holiday Club at Clophill
Village Hall, one of the activities engaging the children was the design of a
poster for a “Healthy Action Competition” run by Central Bedfordshire. A lot
of fun was had by one and all, and all that excitement is now compounded by
a prize! Laura Woollard‟s entry has been awarded a prize of an HMV Gift
Card. Many congratulations to Laura.
And further success for one of our FunZone children – we all enjoyed a
wealth of activities during Children in Need week and Ava Potter earned
herself a cuddly toy in the prize draw. Congratulations to Ava.
Well done to all the FunZone children for taking part in these events.
There will be a lot of activity making Christmas cards and trees at FunZone
next week, and the session booked for Friday 4th December when Story Roots
make a welcome return, is now fully booked.
The FunZone committee has reviewed it‟s Cancellation Policy and
cancellations will now be charged at the full rate and no refunds will be

St Mary‟s Church
On Sunday next 29th November starting at 10.00 am we join together with St
Mary‟s Church Haynes and All Saints Church at Campton for a Benefice
Advent Carol/Communion service. This service will begin with a procession of
light into the church and we would like as many children as possible to take
part in the procession, each holding a candle (small children will need to be
accompanied by an adult). It would be good if the children could wear a
white T-shirt/school shirt, though they will need a jumper to wear after the
procession is over!

Yours sincerely

C A Spurgeon


Name of Child ……………………………………… Class ……………….

I   enclose a donation of £______ towards the cost of the food
I   will be able to offer lifts on the afternoon of the 14 December ____
I   will send homemade mince pies _____
I   will help by making sandwiches on the morning of the 14th ____

Signed _________________________________________

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