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					                                                                28 January 2010 - Minutes

Westminster Works Board Meeting:
Draft January Meeting Minutes, Decisions and Actions
Date Thursday 28th January 2010
Time Commissioners 1pm – 3pm / Providers 1.45 – 3pm
Venue 17.04, Westminster City Hall, 64 Victoria Street

Commissioners                  Providers                              Presentations
Rosemary Westbrook (Chair)     Neil Johnston                          Damian Highwood
WCC, Housing                   PDT (Skills and work)                  WCC, Performance
Mike Potter                    Angela McConville                      Jeremy Hempstead
WCC, Children Services         Vital Regeneration (Skills and work)   London Apprenticeship
Cath Attlee                    Kay Buxton                             Company
Westminster Primary Care       PWP (Employers)                        Nicola Howe
Trust                          Marco Torquati                         WCC, Policy
Mick Hickey                    Church Street (Northern / Southern
Jobcentre Plus                 WW reference group)                    WW officers
                               Sue Thompson                           Tom Harding
                               Westminster Kingsway College           Louise Pirini
                               Keith Cowell
                               City of Westminster College            Apologies
                               Barbara Holm                           Lorraine Downes
                               Westminster Adult Education            WCC, 14-19 Manager
                               Service                                Andy Wilson
                                                                      Principal, Westminster
                                                                      Kingsway College

DRAFT Meeting minutes and decisions:
1.               TH ran through budgets and updates.
Commissioners’   1) Discussions underway with Housing team around commissioning the pot ring-
update           fenced to housing (£132,000).
                 The Board noted the need to commission earlier so not approached for bits and
                 pieces out of unspent pots.
                 2) Funding approved to support Training Manager, match funded through CPU
                 and managed by PDT.
                 MP provided background – identified more training needed and that funding
                 could be channelled away from admin tasks towards a training manager.
                 MH –Training Manager should work with FND providers to work with training for
                 WW/ JCP beneficiaries.
                 3) Board was asked to retain £10k for contingency to review in Autumn.
                 CA – experienced more project slippage (underspend) than overspend
                 It was agreed that this funding be added to the pot for a strategic project (see 4
                 4) The Board was asked to use the remaining contingency (now £44k) to fund a
                 strategic project to be approved at the next Board meeting. For example – work
                 underway for government to identify ESOL supply and demand - may identify
                 group project that could benefit everyone.
                 RW – Evidence base could direct where we’re going, need to consider other
                 factors e.g. what do we know about economic issues / gaps around what we’re
                 MH – could create more FJF opportunities. Government is giving £6,500 per job
                 start – could we look at ways to increase wages therefore increase attraction.

                                                                  28 January 2010 - Minutes

                    Currently paying minimum wage for 25 hours a week. Could extend e.g. £5 to £7
                    / hour. Could create jobs in hotspots where only local people can apply for local
                    jobs – high demand in Islington because offering Mayor’s wage (£7.60 per hour).
                    The commissioners agreed on this as a sound proposal, more productive to add
                    value to an existing project than start a new one at this stage.

                    MP – where does all this work go after 2011? Do we need to fund a sustainability
                    forward plan? Don’t think anything we commission in March (mid way through 2
                    year programme) is strategic.
                    TH – evaluation for WW due to start so will be able to make some decisions
                    around sustainability. New policy adviser to investigate external funding
                    ACTION – TH to provide an update on sustainability at the March meeting to
                    avoid piecemeal commissioning
                    5) Employers funding ring-fenced for several opportunities in the pipeline –
                    discuss in March.
                    6) The Board supportive of brining Real Action into the ESOL group and to
                    support through the ESOL strategy work that the Economic Wellbeing team is
                    7) The Board received an update on the Business and Enterprise group and
                    noted the condition that programmes commissioned through the Neighbourhood
                    Enterprise funding talk to health and social care colleagues.
                    RW - requested Matt Blades attends the next meeting to provide another update
                    on this funding.
                    CA and MP - still keen to join up with Matt Blades before funding commissioned.
                    ACTION – LP to follow up with Matt Blades regarding meeting up with CA and
2. Membership       TH presented a paper to the Board recommending membership from
                    Westminster Community Network.
                    CA – had this discussion at the Safer Westminster Partnership. Mike More
                    stated membership of WCN needs to be consistent across the partnership.
                    The Board agreed that 1 community rep is sufficient, and that members can be
                    briefed as WW agendas and papers are being developed
                    Agreed that 1 Community Network rep would be invited subject to conditions laid
                    out in report.
                    ACTION – TH to meet with Community Network to confirm their membership and
                    outline arrangements
3. Performance      MH – requested a risks section in summary, and RAG rating to make the report
update and          clearer.
reprofile request   MP – not enough time to do justice to the report. To exercise responsibility for
                    performance management need to make enough time and get beyond
                    immediate responses that providers are trying to ‘catch up’.
                    CA – whose role is it to ask performance questions? (e.g. Board or policy team)
                    RW – Board needs reassurance and flagging risks in a more precise way.
                    The Board requested the report in advance.
                    ACTION – Performance report to be updated with risks and RAG rating, and
                    circulated to the Board earlier. More time to be allocated to this section at the
                    next meeting.
                    Board was comfortable with the request to reprofile training outputs on the ESF
                    WW contract.

                                                               28 January 2010 - Minutes

4. Previous      The Board agreed on the minutes in terms of accuracy.
minutes and      Previous actions were reviewed and updated where applicable.
actions          All actions are on track.
                 CA – asked NJ for further analysis of who is dropping out of the WW ESF
                 contract, in terms of providing support if people dropping out had special needs
                 and could be supported in a better way.
                 NJ – problem is capturing the reason people dropped out
5. Observatory   DH presented key findings from Observatory report.
report           AM and MH requested more figures on young people, including unemployed
                 young people rather than just NEETs.
                 KB requested actual figures in wards, rather than just percentage increases, to
                 help understand volume of change.
                 MH – need to be aware of policy changes and impact on figures – for example
                 stock IB claimants moving into JSA – complicated by fact IB claimant data
                 updated 6 monthly whereas JSA updated monthly.
                 MH will share data with DH in order to understand the real number of
                 unemployed residents, including data around hotspots (a geographic area where
                 the rate of unemployment is 1 ½ % above the national average)
                 ACTION – DH to update Observatory report and add in more information on
                 young people (quantum and rates) and numbers with rates.
                 ACTION - DH to explore with MH / JCP the numbers of people shifting into JSA
                 based on policy changes versus impact of economic downturn.
                 ACTION – LP to make Observatory available on-line and email out to board.
6. London        Jeremy Hempstead presented information on the LAC and a case study based
Apprenticeship   on a shared partnership scheme currently in place with Kensington and Chelsea.
Company          WW and council can support LAC by getting LAC in front of gate holders who
                 have apprentices, and in the supply chain.
                 The LAC can offer formal employment, stable and consistent wage, and support
                 for apprentices.
                 JH outlined a proposal for a partnership apprenticeship scheme. The partnership
                 would be an umbrella organisation where apprentices can move around between
                 the Met Police, Westminster Fire Dept, PCT and WCC. For 16 to 24 year old
                 Westminster residents. 2-3 apprentices per partner for 2-3 months per role.
                 JH noted that businesses now understand better the work of the LAC and the
                 role of apprentices e.g. not using in lieu of lower skilled / cheap labour
                 MT – thinks the proposal is excellent and that the Board should recommend this
                 to the City Partnership – provides help getting through the recession.
                 AM – there is buy-in across the voluntary sector to host 1 apprentice across the
                 ACTION – TH to develop paper for Council’s executive Board to raise profile of
7. AOB           WCP
                 Update on WCP proposed changes from Nicola Howe.
                 NH will report to City Partnership on 4 March with 3 alternative options. NH
                 provided a summary of the diverse views and consultation received.
                 ACTION – LP / TH to circulate reminder email and collate feedback for NH by 5
                 School gates initiative
                 MP provided update on school gates initiative
                 Will be based at Churchill Gardens Primary with spokes out to neighbouring
                 primary schools in the South of the city.
                 Considering how to use pump-priming funding to consider how to get schools

                                                                  28 January 2010 - Minutes

                   involved – almost ready to start

                   Churchill Gardens Evaluation
                   TH asked Board to note date of Churchill Gardens Evaluation seminar (17 Feb)
                   and will present summary of findings / key recommendations to Board at next
                   Right to control trailblazer
                   CA gave update on Right to Control Trailblazer. Joint bid with Islington – will
                   report back next time.
                   Beacon for strategic commissioning
                   CA gave update on beacon for strategic commissioning. Put forward proposals
                   for IDEA’s transitional innovation fund around progressing child poverty work.
                   Initial proposal put together around doing specific work to example how work
                   building up and show examples of good practice. Will update next time. No
                   commitments as yet, events will show approaches, experience and best practice.

ACTION                                                STATUS           RESPONSIBLE
TH to provide an update on sustainability at the      To present 2
March meeting to avoid piecemeal commissioning
LP to follow up with Matt Blades regarding meeting    Meeting 12
up with CA and MP.
LP and TH to meet with Community Network to           Meeting 16
confirm representation on the Board
LP to update the performance report with risks and    Circulated 23
RAG rating, and circulate to commissioners earlier.
DH to update Observatory report and add in more
                                                      Circulated 23
information on young people (quantum and rates)                        DH
and numbers with rates.                               Feb

DH to explore with MH / JCP the numbers of
                                                      Email sent 23
people shifting into JSA based on policy changes                       DH
versus impact of economic downturn.                   Feb

LP to make Observatory available on-line and          Circulated 5
email out to board.
TH to develop paper for Council’s executive Board     Paper
to raise profile of apprenticeships
LP / TH to circulate reminder email and collate       Emailed 5
feedback for NH by 5 Feb.                             Feb

Next meeting

Date: Tuesday 2nd March 2010
Venue: City Hall, Committee room 6

Commissioners: 10am / Providers: 10.45am – 12.30pm


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