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TI’s New Ultra-Low-Power
MCU Generation
  MSP430F5xx Roadmap
                       Production                                                                  5xx-6xx
                       Sampling                                                                    Up to 25MIPS
                       Development                                                F5xx/6xx         Up to 256KB
                                                               F261x       F5495    F541x5
                                                               F241x                               6xx – w/LCD
              F = Flash   2xx-Catalog                                       USB      USB

                                                         F23x-F24x     F5419     F543x     CC430
              C = ROM     16MIPS
                          1-120KB                     F23x0
                          500nA Standby          F22xx
                            F20xx                                         F/CG461x
                                                                       Fx43x          F471x7
                                                                  F44x          Fx47x
                                    F/C11xx                                                        8/16MIPS
              8MIPS                                         Fx42x          F47x4
              1-60KB                                 Fx42x0                                        4-120KB

MSP430 Application Spaces
             Medical and
          Industrial Metering                       Sensoring

      • Glucose and cholesterol            • Alarm system, smoke /
        meters, thermometer, EKG,            fire detector
        heart rate monitor,                • Home control and automation
        pulse oxymeter                     • Wireless asset tracking
      • Voltage, current, temperature,     • Wireless sensors
        pressure, pH...meters

            Utility Metering                   Portable Consumer

      • Energy                             • Cell phone, digital camera, MP3
      • Water                              • Sport watch and sensors
      • Gas                                • Toothbrush, shaver
      • Automated Meter Reading (AMR)      • Remote control
      • Advanced Metering Infrastructure   • Wireless keyboard and mouse
      • Heat Cost Allocation
MSP430F5xx: The Next Generation

                 • Latest generation for the
                   MSP430 platform
                 • Continues to expand
                   MSP430’s industry
                   leadership in the ULP
                   16-bit MCU space
MSP430F5xx: The Next Generation
      Leading performance in ultra-low-power space
      Designers can tap into 25MHz of performance while
      consuming as low as 160uA/MHz

      Increased design options
      Increased memory and integrated peripherals like USB,
      RF and LCD interfaces allow designers to do more with less

      Complete ecosystem
      Tools, collateral, third party support, training and university
      programs facilitate ease-of-use and shorten time to market
MSP430F5xx : Leadership Performance
in Ultra-Low-Power Space
            • True 16-bit, up to 25MHz
              – Designers can tap into 25MHz of
                performance while consuming as low as
                160uA/MHz operation
            • Multi-channel DMA enables
              communication between
              peripherals and memory
              – In both active and standby modes
            • Industry’s highest code density
            • Instant wake-up from standby
              – Less than 5us
MSP430F5xx : Lowest Power
            • As low as 160uA/MHz
            • 1.5uA standby includes:
              – 32-bit RTC running
              – Complete status retention
              – Enables 20+ years battery life
            • Cutting-edge power management
              technology for flexible power optimization
              – Low supply voltage (1.8-3.6V) supports
                direct battery operation
            • Unified Clock System (UCS)
              –   ULP 32KHz clock source for RTC
              –   REFO for crystal-less operation
              –   Sub-200nA VLO
              –   Failsafe clock system
MSP430F5xx : Increased Design Options

            • Intelligent, high-performance
              analog peripherals
              – Operate autonomously and consume
                no power when not in use
              – Leading performance specifications
            • Future devices will include
              USB, encryption, RF and LCD
            • Up to 1 MB of linear system memory
              – 256KB+ Flash and 16KB+ RAM enables
                low-power RF sensor networks, rich user
              – 1.8V Flash read/erase/write
            • Consistent architecture/peripheral
              suite provides easy upgrade path
MSP430F5xx : Complete Ecosystem

            • Comprehensive collateral
              – Extensive library of application notes
              – 100+ 5xx code examples
            • Broad range of affordable,
              easy-to-use hardware/software
              tools complemented by Enhanced
              Emulation Module (EEM)
            • Comprehensive worldwide
              training options
              – Online & hands-on deep dive technical training
            • Global customer support network
            • Extensive community
              – University and third parties
Target Applications

                  • Portable medical instrumentation
                    – Personal medical devices
                    – Wireless electrocardiogram
                     • Sensors and security
                    – Electronic stethoscope
                         – Asset tracking active
                   • Consumer goods RF tags, sensors
              •          – automation
                  Home Energy harvesting remotes
                       – Self-learning universal
                       – Feature- and detectors
                   – Intelligent smokeoption-rich appliances
                         Sensors and security
                   – Automated meter reading
                   – Voice-prompt security systems
                   – Voice activation
                   – Movement detection
MSP430F5xx Generation
MSP430F5438: MSP430F54xx, the First
Series of the 5xx Generation
• Up to 256KB Flash and
  16KB RAM
• MSP430F5438 sampling now!
• MSP430F5436, MSP430F5419
  sampling in August!
    Part Number     Memory (Flash/RAM)     Package

   MSP430F5438IPZ      256KB/16KB         100 pin QFP

   MSP430F5437IPN      256KB/16KB         80 pin QFP

   MSP430F5436IPZ      192KB/16KB         100 pin QFP

   MSP430F5435IPN      192KB/16KB         80 pin QFP

   MSP430F5419IPZ      128KB/16KB         100 pin QFP

   MSP430F5418IPN      128KB/16KB         80 pin QFP
       MSP430F5438 Block Diagram

                                                                                               PA             PB             PC          PD               PE             PF
       XT2IN             XT2OUT       DVcc DVss    AVcc AVss     RST/NMI
                                                                                        P1.x    P2.x   P1.x    P2.x   P5.x   P6.x     P7.x    P8.x   P9.x P10.x      P11.x

                                                                 Power                     I/O Ports      I/O Ports      I/O Ports       I/O Ports       I/O Ports    I/O Ports
 XIN                                     256KB       16KB      Management                    P1/P2          P3/P4          P5/P6           P7/P8          P9/P10         P11
               Unified        ACLK
                                         192KB                                             2x8 I/Os       2x8 I/Os       2x8 I/Os        2x8 I/Os        2x8 I/Os     1x3 I/Os
                Clock                                                        WDT+
                              SMCLK                                LDO
                                          Flash      RAM         SVM/SVS                      PA             PB             PC              PD             PE           PF
                                                                 Brownout                  1x16 I/Os      1x16 I/Os      1x16 I/Os       1x16 I/Os      1x16 I/Os     1x3 I/Os

              &                                                                                                                                                                     DMA
           Working                                                                                                                                                                3 Channel


                                                   Timer0_A5   Timer1_A3    Timer_B7                                                     ADC12_A
            JTAG/                         MPY
             SBW                                                                               RTC_A          CRC16      Ax UART,
                                                     5CC         3CC          7CC                                                          12-bit
           Interface                     32 x 32                                                                         IrDA, SPI
                                                   Registers   Registers    Registers                                                    Autoscan
                                                                                                                        Bx SPI, I2C
MSP430F5xx: Breakthrough Performance
for Ultra-Low-Power
• F5xx—TI’s new generation of the MSP430
  ultra-low-power MCUs

• F5xx Generation offers designers:
   – Leadership performance in ULP space
   – The lowest power consumption
   – More design options
   – A complete ecosystem

• MSP430F5438IPZ devices are sampling now,
  the MSP430F5437IPN, F5436IPZ, F5435IPN,
  F5419IPZ and F5418IPN will be released in
Broad Portfolio of Processors
  MSP430F5xx vs. previous MSP430 Families
                                            2xx                           4xx                            5xx
CPU Clock (max)                  16MHz                      8MHz                        25MHz
*Active Current                  220uA / 300uA to 365uA /   200uA / 300uA to 400uA /    160uA / 160uA
                                 515uA                      600uA
(2.2V / 3.0V)
                                 2KB / 128B (Flash / RAM)   8KB / 256B to 120KB / 8KB   256KB / 16KB (Flash / RAM)

Wake-up Time From LPM3           1us                        6us                         5us
Standby LPM3 Current             0.9 – 1.1uA                1.1 – 2.5uA                 1.5uA (with active true RTC)
LPM4 Current                     0.1uA                      0.1uA                       1uA (LPM4)
                                                                                        0.1uA (LPM5)
Flash ISP Minimum DVCC           2.2V                       2.7V                        1.8V
Port I/O Interrupt Capability    P1/P2                      P1/P2                       P1/P2 (F5438)
                                                                                        Add’l pins in future devices
Prog. Port Pin Drive Strength    N/A                        N/A                         All port pins
Prog. Pull-ups/-downs            All port pins              N/A                         All port pins
Available MCLK Sources           DCO                        FLL                                           FLL
                                 LFXT1                      LFXT1                                       LFXT1
                                                                                               UCS      XT2 (if available)
                                 XT2 (if available)         XT2 (if available)
                                 VLO                                                                     REFO

Available FLL Reference Clocks   N/A                        LFXT1                       LFXT1, REFO, & XT2 (if available)

       * Depending on memory configuration
What Has Changed?
            1xx                   2xx                       4xx                  5xx
     Basic Clock System   Basic Clock System +       FLL, FLL +             Unified Clock
                                                                            System UCS

     Core voltage same    Core voltage same as       Core voltage same as   Programmable Core
     as supply voltage    supply voltage             supply voltage         Voltage with
                                                                            integrated PMM
     16-bit CPU           16-bit CPU, CPUX           16-bit CPU, CPUX       16-bit CPUXV2

     GPIO                 GPIO w/ pull-up and        GPIO                   GPIO w/pull-up
                          pull-down                                         and pull-down,
                                                                            drive strength
     N/A                  N/A                        N/A                    CRC16

     Software RTC         Software RTC               Software RTC with      True 32-bit RTC
                                                     Basic Timer, Basic     w/Alarms
                                                     Timer + RTC
     USART                USCI, USI                  USART, USCI            USCI, USB

     DMA up to 3-ch       DMA up to 3-ch             DMA up to 3-ch         DMA up to 8-ch

     MPY16                MPY16                      MPY16, MPY32           MPY32

     ADC10,12             ADC10,12                   ADC12                  ADC12_A

     4-wire JTAG          4-wire JTAG, some          4-wire JTAG            4-wire JTAG and
                          devices with Spy-Bi-Wire                          Spy-Bi-Wire