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									Philanthropy in a Flat World
The AFP/Fund Development

Author: Jon Duschinsky

Edition: 1

Open, honest, and challenging, this visionary guide looks at the forces at work in creating the global
philanthropic world of tomorrow. It is a must-read for every fundraiser and nonprofit manager seeking to
compete and succeed in today's "borderless" world. This compelling and practical resource reveals how
your nonprofit can become more flexible, adaptable, and international in approach to help it survive the
coming challenges.
"Jon is an inspired fundraiser: wise, inventive, energetic, irrepressible. If you want to understand
philanthropy, if you want a rare glimpse into the fine art of fundraising, or if you want to be charmed out of
your pocketbook for causes great and small, Jon is your man."

--Stephen Lewis, Chair of the Board

Stephen Lewis Foundation

You have a choice. Put your head in the sand and pretend the world is still round and suffer the
consequences, or take advantage of this incredible opportunity. Philanthropy in a Flat World: Inspiration
Through Globalization is your insider guide to meeting and exceeding your nonprofit's goals for decades
to come.

"Duschinsky is a gifted storyteller, and his ability to weave disparate threads of thought from many
disclipines into an integrated action plan for nonprofits is truly impressive. Whether engaged directly in
philanthropic enterprises or not, readers will find this book fascinating-a thought provoking look at our
emerging global village."

"...consultant Duschinsky explains what today's "flat' world, characterized by lowered trade and political
barriers and telecommunications advances, means for nonprofits and their donors. He gives advice to
nonprofit managers and fundraisers on attracting donors, competing against other flat world fundraisers,
and reacting to and growing with the opportunities presented by the flat world."

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