PERMISSION AGREEMENT

Matt H. Evans (“Licensor”) and ___________________________________ (“Licensee”)
hereby enter into a Permission Agreement dated _________________________ whereby
Licensor will allow Licensee to copy the following titled works:

1. ________________________________________________________
2. ________________________________________________________
3. ________________________________________________________
4. ________________________________________________________
5. ________________________________________________________
6. ________________________________________________________
7. ________________________________________________________
8. ________________________________________________________
9. ________________________________________________________
10. _______________________________________________________

The above referenced works can be found over the internet at
The above referenced works are offered in two forms: Portable Document Files (*.pdf)
and Word Documents (*.doc). * refers to the short course number assigned to the work.

The intent of this license agreement is to allow the Licensee the right to distribute the
titled works referenced above. This agreement does NOT convey copyright ownership
and under no conditions or circumstances shall the licensee offer the above referenced
titled works in a commercial type distribution. The above referenced titled works shall be
distributed openly and freely in a manner that permits access with no form of
consideration required on the part of the recipient of the titled work(s).

1. Licensed Materials

This Permission Agreement applies to the above referenced works and is subject to the
terms and conditions of this Permission Agreement. This Permission Agreement
constitutes the entire agreement and supersedes any and all understandings that both
parties may have entered into.

2. License

Licensor grants Licensee the non-exclusive rights to copy and reproduce the above
referenced works in the following manner:

____ Web Site Pages (HTML, Java, etc.) – URL Address is _____________________
____ Event Handout – Name / Date of Event is _____________________________
____ Published Collection – Name / Distribution is _________________________
____ Diskette / CD – Title of Disk is ___________________________
____ Other - __________________________________________________________
Licensor retains exclusive rights granted to him under the U.S. Copyright Laws,
including but not limited to the right to copy, alter, modify, reproduce, sell, distribute,
display, or disseminate in any form the above referenced works.

3. Use of Licensed Materials

The licensed works as referenced in this Permission Agreement shall not be altered,
modified, changed in any manner or form without the express written consent of the

4. Materials

Licensor agrees to provide the Licensee with the above referenced works in a manner and
form that is suitable to the Licensee. Licensor may also provide additional materials, such
as teaching guides, answer sheets, and other materials to assist the Licensee in the
distribution and teaching of the titled works by the Licensee.

5. Fee

In consideration of the rights granted to the Licensee, the Licensor shall not charge a fee
provided that the Licensee furnishes the Licensor with publicity for the above referenced
works. Publicity shall include:

a) Attribution and acknowledgement of the Licensor as the author and source of the
works in all methods of delivery – oral, written, or otherwise as created by the Licensee;

b) Contact information related to the Licensor, such as web site address
(, email address (, phone number (1-877-689-
4097), physical address (6903 29 th St N, Arlington, VA 22213), or other information that
allows consumers of the works to gain access to the Licensor in a manner that is suitable
with the how the Licensee has used said works.

6. Warranty

Licensor warrants that the referenced works in this Permission Agreement are owned and
controlled by the Licensor as an original published work protected under the U.S.
Copyright Laws. The Licensor also warrants that titled works published and distributed
from the web site have been registered with the U.S. Copyright
7. Interpretation

This Permission Agreement shall be governed in accordance with the laws of the State of
Virginia. This Permission Agreement expresses the complete understanding of the
Licensor and the Licensee with respect to the subject matter and supersedes all prior
representations and understandings.

8. Term

This Permission Agreement shall be considered indefinite in length and each party has
the right to cease performance subsequent to the effective date of this agreement by
serving written notice as described below:

Licensor                            Licensee

Name: Matt H. Evans                 Name: ___________________________________
Title: Owner                        Title: ____________________________________
Address: 6903 29th St N             Address: _________________________________
        Arlington, VA 22213         _________________________________________
Date: ___________________           Date: ____________________________________
Signed: _________________           Signed: __________________________________

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