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Magician Quest Tools of Elemental Summoning by chenboying


									Magician Quest: Tools of Elemental Summoning
Vira the gnome elementalist of Solusek Ro, guards the secrets of     (5 pounds if fresh) and 4 inches thick, for 1gp. She is also
making the tools of elemental summoning. Questers who have           willing to sell gust totems for 915gp, but only to those who have
completed at least one of these quests may inquire about the         proven that they can be trusted by the tribe. This can either
spell primal remedy, which Vira also offers.                         come from being accepted for an audience with the tribal elders,
                                                                     or by having a +1 faction rank with the tribe. Alternatively,
Faction: Temple of Solusek Ro (-6 ranks).                            Ediuv is willing to give one as a reward for completing a task for
NPC: Vira.                                                           her. Ediuv typically carries two gust totems, and has as many as
CR: 14 for each.                                                     2d6+5 in her hut, which overlooks the elder court of the village’s
Reward: Broom of Trilon, shovel of Ponz, stein of Ulissa, torch      main structure.
of Alna.                                                                The Splitpaw gnolls to the north have killed many of their
Consequence: None.                                                   numbers, and engage in dishonorable and cowardly acts such as
Quest Summary: Vira, an elementalist, has given her complete         stealing eggs and deception. Ediuv has a strong desire to help
devotion to the element of fire and Solusek Ro. She creates          her tribe, and will give a gust totem to anyone who brings her
replicas of legendary summoning tools for magicians who prove        proof of the death of gnolls, in the form of 5 preserved Splitpaw
themselves by bringing her raw materials and research                eyes.
components. There are four separate quests that can be                  See EQ: Monsters of Norrath (p. 90) for Clan Torn Ear gnoll
attempted, each resulting in a different summoning tool. All of      statistics.
the four tools can be obtained at once, or quested for separately.
To make each item, Vira asks for the following:                      Broom, Shovel, Stein, and Torch
   Broom of Trilon (air summoning tool)
                                                                        Vira claims these to be the inspiration for the original
      A star ruby
                                                                     summoning tools, of which hers are merely replicas. The
      Feathers from a griffon (20)
                                                                     magician students in Najena’s nearby lair are said to make these,
      A broom of air                                                though the only sure fact is that they use them.
      Toes of a cyclops                                                The archmage Najena’s lair is a dark fortress, crumbling into
      An aviak totem                                                disrepair since she took control. Many hostile creatures call this
   Shovel of Ponz (earth summoning tool)                             location home, including goblins, dark elves, ogre mercenaries,
      A ruby                                                        and elementals of all types. The denizens have learned to live
      Ensorcelled stone eyes                                        with one another, which allows Najena and her ilk to continue
      A lodestone shovel                                            their arcane studies in relative peace.
      Toes of a hill giant                                             The summoning tools found here are weak in power compared
      Report on Thipt                                               to those created by Vira, but they accomplish a similar goal.
   Stein of Ulissa (water summoning tool)                            Each of these items, tied to one of the four prime elements, grant
      A sapphire                                                    a bonus +2 Constitution and +2 Strength to a pet summoned
      Mermaid scales (4)                                            while using the tool. These are mundane, as far as most magical
      A stein of water                                              items go, and have no other properties, save the originally-
      Toes of an ice giant                                          intended use. In fact, it is difficult to differentiate between a
      Some fetid sporali scum                                       normal broom, shovel, stein, or torch, and the magical
   Torch of Alna (fire summoning tool)                               equivalent. A Knowledge (mysticism) (DC25) check can be
      A fire emerald                                                made while inspecting the item, or the spell identify can
                                                                     determine the household tool from the summoning tool.
      Scales from a local fire drake (30)
                                                                        Najena’s magicians will not likely give up their magical tools
      A torch of fire
                                                                     easily. While Vira holds no ill will toward Najena’s people, she
      Toes of a fire giant                                          leaves the methods of acquisition up to the quester.
      A frost totem                                                    Subterfuge and trickery may allow some to enter the
                                                                     compound undetected, so as to steal unattended items. Others
                                                                     may attempt diplomacy and bartering in order to simply
Aviak Totem                                                          purchase the tools. And of course there is the more… direct
  DC 25 bardic knowledge; DC 10 Gather Information (aviaks           approach.
of the Ocean of Tears); DC 30 Knowledge (local [Karanas])
  Though it is relatively well-known that there is a large aviak     Fetid Sporali Scum
village in the southern Plains of Karana, few know that the            DC 23 Knowledge (nature); DC 18 bardic knowledge;
aviaks here craft enchanted items of bone that they call gust        research 2d4 hours (DC 10)
totems. Any aviak within 50 miles of the village knows that the        One could assume that the scum is going to be found on
totems are sometimes sold to kind visitors, and sometimes given      sporali. These are fungus creatures that inhabit many different
as rewards of merit.                                                 underground locales. The closest static and known group
  Avocet Ediuv is the creator of the gust totems, and is entrusted   inhabits part of Runnyeye Citadel.
with their care. She will buy cleaned bones of at least 2 pounds
   The fetid sporali scum grows on sporali who have contacted a       will not do. The easiest way to get these feathers may be to
fungus-specific disease. The sporali have no way to cure this         barter with merchants of the Karanas, where these feathers are
disease, and it is almost always fatal. There are a number of         sometimes found lying around. Each day that a character spends
ways to get the scum that forms on the bodies of the infected.        combing an area frequented by griffons, he may make a Search
One simple way is to kill a sporali with the disease, but this will   check (DC 20); he finds a number of griffon feathers equal to 1
likely be more difficult than killing only one. Another way is to     + the mount by which he exceeded the DC, but there’s only a
speak with their Moldmaster and offer to cure the inflicted (the      10% chance that each is in perfect condition. The body of a
scum must be harvested prior to the cure). Finding a cure to a        slain griffon, as long as it was not killed by fire, will easily yield
disease that affects only fungus may prove to be very                 enough feathers for Vira.
challenging. Their Moldmaster has agreed to allow his tribe to           See EQ: Monsters of Norrath (p. 101) for griffon statistics.
be slaves for Clan Runnyeye, so other opportunities to help this
tribe might exist.                                                    Mermaid Scales
   See EQ: Monsters of Norrath (p. 137) for sporali statistics.
                                                                        DC 15 Knowledge (monster lore [monstrous humanoid]) or
                                                                      bardic knowledge; research 1d2 hours (no check)
Fire Drake Scales                                                       All four of these scales must come from the same mermaid.
   Vira directs her inquirers to find these drakes in the mountains   The larger scales of the sirens usually found in the Ocean of
and crags of Lavastorm, just outside of the temple, so no             Tears are of a different composition, and will not do. Mermaids
Knowledge check or research is necessary. Vira needs a great          are rarely harmed by losing a few of their small scales, and may
deal of these scales, which she uses to cover the torch               be willing to part with a few if asked nicely by someone they
completely. All of the thirty scales must come from the same          have a reason to treat peacefully.
fire drake, and must be unharmed. The easiest way to harm a             See EQ: Monsters of Norrath (p. 114) for mermaid statistics.
fire drake’s scales is to freeze them, so the chances are very low
of getting a large enough set from a drake that was attacked with     Report on Thipt
cold. Fire drakes are sometimes found in the Lavastorm region,
but are very elusive and difficult to track.                             Vira explains that Thipt was the young kerra slave of a visiting
   See EQ: Monsters of Norrath (p. 58) for fire drake statistics.     Teir’Dal magician who, while in the Temple for an extended
                                                                      stay, became friendly with many of the temple residents. His
                                                                      master had little need of him during this time, so Thipt
Frost Totem                                                           entertained the Temple residents with acrobatics and by sparring
   DC 15 bardic knowledge; DC 20 Knowledge (monster lore              with summoned creatures. During this time, he became a
[humanoids]); research 1d6 hours (DC 12)                              follower of Solusek Ro.
   Vira doesn’t use the frost totem to create the torch – rather,        Word has recently come back to Vira that Thipt may have
she simply wishes to have one of these totems for study.              died. Vira is very much interested in the fate of this kind,
   This totem is found on certain ice goblin priests in the           innocent kerra kit. If he is still alive, Vira would like him
Permafrost region as a symbol of their power and authority.           returned to the Temple. If not, proof of his death would be
Rather than living idly among their kind, ice goblin priests tour     rewarded as well.
the igloos there less capable goblins dwell and stand watch.             A Gather Information (DC 12) attempt in the Temple uncovers
They serve under their mistress, the dragon Vox, and brook no         a few who remember Thipt, usually fondly, and his master.
laziness or sullen attitudes. They also tend to do their own          Some remember that he was a dark elf magician named Mezono
fighting rather than leaving it up to their inferiors, although of    X’Wu. Others (Gather Information DC 20) will remember that
course they prefer to let other ice goblins engage in melee while     his caravan left heading for the Serpent’s Spine mountains to the
the clerics support them from a distance.                             southwest, eventually bound for the Rathe Mountains.
   Nessenik (male ice goblin priest, Clr 8, NE, Vox) is typical of       Speaking to those in Neriak (Gather Information DC 15)
an important ice goblin cleric, one normally accompanied by 4         reveals that Mezono’s caravan never made it to its destination.
guards (male or female ice goblin, War/Rog 4-7, CE, Vox).             Others may reveal (Gather Information DC 20) that Mezono
   See EQ: Monsters of Norrath (p. 92) for ice goblin statistics.     returned empty-handed, while Mezono himself or the more
                                                                      informed (Gather Information DC 25) can tell that Mezono’s
Gemstones                                                             caravan was waylaid in one of the more dangerous passes in the
                                                                      Serpent’s Spine by goblins, who took all the valuables and
  The fire emerald, ruby, sapphire, and star ruby requested by        slaves.
Vira must be premium specimens, of a rather large size. Not all          Speaking to those in Highpass Hold (Gather Information DC
gem suppliers will have a large enough gem in stock, but the          20) reveals that a caravan was seen veering from the normal
most likely sources are Ak’Anon, Erud, Freeport, Kaladim,             routes for a more dangerous pass some months ago. Some
Neriak, and Qeynos. These gems will cost at least 50% more            (Gather Information DC 25) may know that it was lead by a dark
than normal, simply due to rarity. Vira mounts each of these          elf and never seen again. Few (Gather Information DC 30) may
gems on the base item provided.                                       have heard that a scout named Davy Slashin saw this caravan get
                                                                      attacked by goblins.
Griffon Feathers                                                         Alternately, a bardic knowledge (DC 25) attempt may reveal
  Most griffons can be found in the Karanas, though some roam         that there was a Teir’Dal-lead caravan going through one of the
over the Serpent’s Spine Mountains. Vira is looking for twenty        more dangerous passes in the Serpent’s Spine when it was
perfect feathers large enough to comprise the bristles of the         attacked by goblins. It should be fairly easy (bardic knowledge
broom, so most feathers from a smaller griffenne or griffawn
DC 10) to know that the most common goblins in the area are          Toes
the Pickclaw and Runnyeye tribes.
                                                                        DC 15 bardic knowledge, or Knowledge (monster lore
   If Davy (male human, mil 2, Ran 4, DN) is located, some
                                                                     [giant]); research 1d3 hours (DC 8)
coaxing may be required to get him to talk. Diplomacy or
                                                                        Vira asks for the toes of a different type of giant for each
generously-offered drinks should do the trick. He reveals that
                                                                     quest. The quester will need to research the probable locations
the goblins were definitely of the Pickclaw clan – he’s so sure
                                                                     of each type of giant separately, though successfully finding
because he knew some of them by name. They killed the leader
                                                                     information on one type allows checks and inquiries about a
of the caravan and most of his guards, and then took all the
                                                                     different giant with a DC 5 lower; alternately, further library
valuables and slaves back to their mines. For a price, Davy
                                                                     research takes only 1 hour and requires no Intelligence check.
offers to guide a group of adventurers to the main entrance to the
                                                                     Giants rarely hide, so most are easy to track and spot from a
Picklcaw mines, but is not willing to go inside unless they
                                                                     distance, but they are nonetheless tremendous foes.
promise to be peaceful. He’s worked hard to gain a good
                                                                        Cyclopes are usually found around the Ocean of Tears, and
reputation with them and doesn’t want it tarnished.
                                                                     sometimes in the coastal regions of areas further south.
   If peace is used, while inside the mines the Pickclaws are
                                                                        See EQ: Monsters of Norrath (p. 128) for Seafury cyclops
barely tolerant of outsiders, but do not attack. Davy knows his
way around, and takes the group to those in charge of slaves.
                                                                        Hill giants are lazy, nomadic, almost bestial brutes living in
Without Davy, a Diplomacy check (DC 25) is required to get a
                                                                     places such as the hill areas of the Karanas and Commonlands,
goblin to point the way to the slavers. An Intimidate check can
                                                                     and in the Rathe Mountains.
be attempted, but will likely result in hostile goblins once word
                                                                        See EQ: Monsters of Norrath (p. 83) for hill giant statistics.
gets out. The goblin in charge of the slaves says that they did
                                                                        Ice giants are now found only in the northern tundra of
get a kerra slave some time ago, but it was killed after fighting
                                                                     Everfrost Peaks, and the icy regions beyond.
back, and Mindripper Shtakeor requested the remains.
                                                                        See Realms of Norrath: Everfrost Peaks (p. 150) for ice giant
   Shtakeor (male goblin, Enc 7, War 2, OE, Clan Pickclaw) is
located in the mine’s Training Quarter, where he trains new
                                                                        Fire giants are only found in Solusek’s Eye and Nagafen’s
mindrippers for the clan. He was particularly impressed by the
                                                                     Lair. Entrance to this area will likely be the most difficult
kerra’s physical hardiness despite his small size, so used his
                                                                     portion of the quest. Resourceful questers will attempt to find a
bones to construct some items. If pressed, he is reluctant to
                                                                     way to lure a fire giant into a more secluded location so as not to
point out that the ribcage is now a chestplate, his humerus is now
                                                                     fight an army of them at once.
a mace, and his femur is now a dagger – mostly because he
                                                                        See EQ: Monsters of Norrath (p. 82) for fire giant statistics.
doesn’t have these items, or the rest of the destroyed remains.
He instead points out that the skull performed well as a
prototype for a new type of skull cap he’d been working on. The      Broom of Trilon
new ones are better, and are given out as rewards for those who         Description: A replica of the broom originally made by the
help the clan, but they’re welcome to take the kerra’s instead.      infamous mistress of air, Trilon. This short-handled and
Shtakeor has many different materials that he needs in his work      deceptively lightweight broom is made with darkly-charred
designing new magical items, but the most immediate is the           wood and a steel cap, which holds griffon feathers for bristles.
largely-intact corpses of 3 gorge minotaurs. Simply return to        The handle has a large star ruby mounted on the end. The shaft
him with these, and he’ll give a cat skull cap or the prototype,     is carved with mystical symbols which refract light slightly, but
made of Thipt’s skull. (Thipt’s skull has a weight of 1 lb. and      are otherwise unnoticeable.
lacks the Magic resistance (1) of a regular cap skull cap.)             Powers: This item functions as a light mace with a +1 bonus
   See EQ: Monsters of Norrath (p. 98) for gorge minotaur            to attacks and damage. Further, as an attack action the wielder
statistics.                                                          can invoke a power identical to the spell reclaim energy.
                                                                        If wielded during the summoning of an air elemental by a
Stone Eyes                                                           magician, the broom of Trilon focuses the caster’s magic to
                                                                     summon a more powerful elemental pet.
  DC 15 Knowledge (monster lore [constructs], mysticism); DC
                                                                        Broom of Trilon (1d6+1, delay 5; hardness 10, 10 hp, Break
20 bardic knowledge; research 2d4 hours (DC 12)
                                                                     DC 26).
  Though Vira is cryptic about what “ensorcelled stone eyes”
                                                                        Dex +1, Int +1
really means, this is an archaic term to refer to the fragile,
                                                                        Focus effect: Elemental Minion (air) I
magical remnants of shattered animated gargoyles. It is difficult
                                                                        Bonus types: Ability scores = augmentation. Attack =
to destroy a gargoyle and keep the eyes intact, however.
                                                                     enhancement. Damage = enhancement.
  Most commonly found guarding the palace of Mayong
                                                                        Activation: Spell Trigger (arcane spellcaster)
Mistmoore, gargoyles can also be found in a number of other
                                                                        Caster Level: 2nd
locations, usually serving as guards. Dead Man’s Rock, of the
                                                                        Market Price: 9,984 gp.
Fairsea Isles in the Ocean of Tears has many gargoyles. These
                                                                        Slot: Blunt.
gifts from Mistmoore come directly from the stock of those that
                                                                        Weight: 3.5 lbs.
guard his castle, though are usually the ones with slight
imperfections in craftsmanship. There is a good chance that
Mayong could replenish this island if the gargoyles here are all     Shovel of Ponz
destroyed. The Lost Temple of Cazic Thule, in the Feerrott             Description: A replica of the shovel originally made by the
Jungle also has some ancient and dangerous gargoyles.                earthen master Ponz. This stout shovel has a sturdy metal
  See EQ: Monsters of Norrath (p. 79) for gargoyle statistics.       handle and a spade that appears made of basalt. The spade’s
face is centered by a large, deep red ruby, mounted as though a         If wielded during the summoning of a fire elemental by a
part of the stone, which is swirled and stretched outwards from       magician, the torch of Alna focuses the caster’s magic to
the ruby. The shovel feels warm, as though alive and waiting for      summon a more powerful elemental pet.
something to animate it back to life.                                   Torch of Alna (1d6+1, delay 5; hardness 10, 10 hp, Break DC
  Powers: This item functions as a light mace with a +1 bonus         26).
to attacks and damage. Further, as an attack action the wielder         Int +1, fire resistance (2)
can invoke a power identical to the spell reclaim energy.               Focus effect: Elemental Minion (fire) I
  If wielded during the summoning of an earth elemental by a            Bonus types: Ability scores = augmentation. Attack =
magician, the shovel of Ponz focuses the caster’s magic to            enhancement. Damage = enhancement. Resistance =
summon a more powerful elemental pet.                                 augmentation
  Shovel of Ponz (1d6+1, delay 5; hardness 10, 10 hp, Break             Activation: Spell Trigger (arcane spellcaster)
DC 26).                                                                 Caster Level: 2nd
  Str +1, Int +1                                                        Market Price: 9,183 gp.
  Focus effect: Elemental Minion (earth) I                              Slot: Blunt.
  Bonus types: Ability scores = augmentation. Attack =                  Weight: 3.5 lbs.
enhancement. Damage = enhancement.
  Activation: Spell Trigger (arcane spellcaster)                      New Items
  Caster Level: 2nd
  Market Price: 9,984 gp.
  Slot: Blunt.                                                        Gust Totem
  Weight: 3.5 lbs.                                                       Description: Crafted from ivory or large, dried elephant
                                                                      bones by avocet Ediuv of the southern Karana aviaks, this item
Stein of Ulissa                                                       is a smoothly-polished statuette of a regal-looking slender aviak,
                                                                      with a comely and enlarged head. Holding this item makes the
   Description: A replica of the stein originally made by the
                                                                      wielder feel a slight spiritual connection with aviaks. Some of
mistress of water, Ulissa. Though this metallic stein is large and
                                                                      the elders of the tribe carry these in order to propel themselves
heavy enough to act as a weapon, its decoration looks delicate
                                                                      high into the perches of the village during raids.
and finely-crafted. On one side is a long, slender sapphire,
                                                                         Powers: This item contains 8 charges of the power gust of
flanked by four shimmering scales. The metal of the stein seems
                                                                      wind. When its command word is spoken, the totem shoots a
to reflect light in a strange manner, as though the light were
                                                                      brief blast of air at the user’s target, with a range limitation of
being filtered through a surface of water.
                                                                      130 feet. If the target fails a Fortitude save (DC13) it is
   Powers: This item functions as a light mace with a +1 bonus
                                                                      interrupted. A Medium or smaller creature must make an
to attacks and damage. Further, as an attack action the wielder
                                                                      additional Reflex save (DC13, +4 for each size smaller than
can invoke a power identical to the spell reclaim energy.
                                                                      Medium) to avoid being knocked prone if it fails the first save.
   If wielded during the summoning of a water elemental by a
                                                                      A flying creature that fails this save is instead blown back
magician, the stein of Ulissa focuses the caster’s magic to
                                                                      1d6x10 feet. This power can be directed at the user to propel the
summon a more powerful elemental pet.
                                                                      user upwards 3d4x10 feet. This may result in falling damage.
   Stein of Ulissa (1d6+1, delay 5; hardness 10, 10 hp, Break DC
                                                                         Spot +1
                                                                         Bonus types: Skill = Competence
   Int +1, cold resistance (2)
                                                                         Activation: Command Word.
   Focus effect: Elemental Minion (water) I
                                                                         Caster Level: 3rd
   Bonus types: Ability scores = augmentation. Attack =
                                                                         Market Price: 915 gp.
enhancement. Damage = enhancement. Resistance =
                                                                         Slot: Miscellaneous
                                                                         Weight: 1 lb.
   Activation: Spell Trigger (arcane spellcaster)
   Caster Level: 2nd
   Market Price: 9,183 gp.                                            Cat Skull Cap
   Slot: Blunt.                                                         Description: The mindripper goblins of clan Pickclaw create
   Weight: 3.5 lbs.                                                   these caps out of the skulls of kerra slaves. Though wearing one
                                                                      around a kerra is of course likely to be seen as disrespectful, the
Torch of Alna                                                         goblins take great care to form the skulls into a comfortable cap,
                                                                      wearable by most anyone. The bone is painted green and gray,
   Description: A replica of the torch originally made by the
                                                                      and decorated with tufts of fur.
fire mistress Alna. The haft is covered with large, black reptilian
                                                                        Powers: Magic resistance (1).
scales, and tipped with a large fire emerald. The torch seems
                                                                        Focus effect: Enhancement Haste I.
more decorative than functional, but is made with very sturdy
                                                                        Bonus types: Resistance = enhancement.
metal and can be used as a torch. The flames burn hot and
                                                                        Caster Level: 5th
yellow, though there is no discernable fuel source built into the
                                                                        Market Price: 2,100 gp.
torch, or being burned by the fire.
                                                                        Slot: Head
   Powers: This item functions as a light mace with a +1 bonus
                                                                        Weight: 0.5 lbs.
to attacks and damage. Further, as an attack action the wielder
can invoke a power identical to the spell reclaim energy.
New Focus Effect
Elemental Minion

  When an elemental pet is summoned, this power increases the creature’s statistics beyond the normal ranges. This power is typed to
each of the four elements, affecting only one type of summoning spell. The following changes should be made to the normal
elemental statistics given in EQ: Monsters of Norrath (p. 188-199).

Air Elemental
                                                                                           type   type   type   type
         type 1    type 2   type 3   type 4   type 5   type 6   type 7   type 8   type 9    10     11     12     13
 Size             Medium             Large                                         Huge
 AC                          19        20                        23       24        24     25     27      29    31
 natAC             +4        +4        +5                        +6       +7        +7     +8     +9     +10    +11
 Slam              1d6                 1d8                                2d6       2d8                  2d10
 Str                         13        15      17       18       19       19        20     21     22      24    26
 Con       12       15       17       18       20       21       21       22       24      25     25     26     28
 Int        5       5         5        5        6        6        7        7        7       8      8      8      9

Earth Elemental
                                                                                           type   type   type   type
         type 1    type 2   type 3   type 4   type 5   type 6   type 7   type 8   type 9    10     11     12     13
 Size             Medium             Large                                         Huge
 AC                          19                20       20       21       21        22     23     24     27     31
 natAC                                +11                                          +14     +15
 Slam     1d8      1d10      2d6      2d8              2d10                         3d8           4d6           4d8
 Dex                10       10       10       10       10       10       10       10      10     10     10     10
 Con                20       20       25       25       26       26       29       29      30     32     33     33
 Int       5        5         5        5        6        6        7        7        7       8      8      8      9

Fire Elemental
                                                                                           type   type   type   type
         type 1    type 2   type 3   type 4   type 5   type 6   type 7   type 8   type 9    10     11     12     13
 Size             Medium             Large                                         Huge
 AC                  17      18                         21       21       22        23     23     25     28     31
 natAC               +4      +4       +4                +5       +5       +5        +6     +7     +8     +10    +11
 Slam               1d6      1d8     1d10
 Str                 13      15       16                17       17       18       19      20     22     23     24
 Con       14       15       15       18       18       19       19       22       22      23     25     26     28
 Int        5       5         5        5        6        7        7        7        7       8      8      8      9

Water Elemental
                                                                                           type   type   type   type
         type 1    type 2   type 3   type 4   type 5   type 6   type 7   type 8   type 9    10     11     12     13
 Size             Medium             Large                                         Huge
 AC                          20                         22                23               25     26     28     30
 natAC             +8                 +9               +10                                 +12    +13    +14    +15
 Slam              1d8       2d6      2d8              2d10
 Str                17                19       21                         23               25     27     29     31
 Dex                13       14       15       15                17       18       20      21     22     23     24
 Con       15       18       20       21       23       24       24       27       27      28     28     31     31
 Int        6       6         6        6        6        6        7        7        7       8      8      8      9

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