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Absentee Hotline by chenshu


									  Schnecksville Elementary                                                                          November 2009
                   Mr. Bowen’s                       November Guidance                          New Parkland Library
                    Message                              Message                                       News!
                                                                                              A    representative    for    the
                                                 Recent guidance lessons in K-5 have
                It is so hard to believe that                                                 Parkland Library will make a
                                                 focused       on      identifying      and
the first marking period is ending, and that
                                                 communicating           our       feelings
                                                                                              presentation at the November
means conference time. Conferences are           appropriately, friendship-making skills,     PTO meeting on 11/19 at 9:30
scheduled for November 19th through the          responsibility, taking the perspective of    am. We’ll hear plans about the
25th. If you have multiple children in the       and having respect for others. All of        new Parkland library being built
building, and have not scheduled your            these skills help us to be more              and library services available to
conference with Ms. Roth-Ivory, please call      accepting of others while also               our children.
her to set the times for your conferences.       preventing the development of conflicts
Please use conferences as a way to               in our school.
discuss your child’s progress with his or her
teacher. Being informed about their
schoolwork is very important and will help
them be successful. It is also a great time      These topics set the stage for
to ask questions about the curriculum, your      National Mix It Up Day, which takes
child’s behavior, or anything else that might    place on November 10th, 2009. This
be on your mind. I am also available during      is a day we will celebrate each year!
this time to discuss any concerns you feel       This day is intended to highlight our             Turkey Trot 11/12
need my attention.                               similarities and our differences while
                                                 promoting a sense of familiarity,
                                                                                                 Volunteers: Check in @ 12:30PM
       Absentee Hotline                          acceptance and respect amongst our                  th
                                                                                                   4 Grade Spectators: 1 PM
                                                 students.       Schnecksville will be               th
                                                                                                   5 Grade Spectators: 2 PM
If your child is absent, please remember to      celebrating this day during lunch time
call the absentee hotline before 9:30. We        where students will be paired with one       November at a Glance…
ask that you NOT call the Schnecksville          another and asked to get to know each        6: Movie Night in the Gym
office.                                          other through a series of questions
                                                                                              6: Poinsettia Sale Begins
                                                 provided.       Whether paired with
   610-351-5900 ext 24711                                                                     9: Market Day Order Pick Up
                                                 someone they know, or someone they
                                                 don’t, this will give students the
                                                                                              10: PTO Board Meeting
              Weather                            opportunity       to       communicate       10: Mix It Up Day
                                                 appropriately with one another and get       11: School Store Open
As the cool weather approaches, please           to know each other better. The more          12: Turkey Trot
make sure your child is dressed                  familiar we are with each other the          12: Yearbook Meeting 9:30 Cafeteria
appropriately for outside recess. We will go     more likely we are to treat one another      19: General PTO Meeting 9:30 am Café
outside for recess unless it is raining or the   with respect.                                19: Early Dismissal / Parent Conferences
temperature is extremely low. We do not                                                       20: Early Dismissal / Parent Conferences
allow the children to play in the snow (when     Remember, your children listen to            24: School Store Open
it gets here). Speaking of weather, please       and absorb the things they hear you          23-25: Early Dismissal / Parent Conferences
read the included message from Dr.               say.     Be aware of your own                26-27: School Closed – Thanksgiving
Donohue.                                         stereotypes and biases, as we all            … & Early December
                                                 have them, but try to recognize that         4: 5th Grade Band & Chorus Concert &
                                                 our differences are what make life           Reception
                                                 exciting! We hope you will join us in        4: Poinsettia Sale Order Pick Up
                                                 promoting respectful and accepting           7: Market Day Order Pick Up
                                                 behavior    in  our    school,   our
                                                 community and our world!
    President’s Message                  The Great Schnecksville                  Next Meeting: November 12th at
                                             Snowball Fight                       9:30 in the cafeteria.
This month I am excited to tell you                                                               CAC
                                                                                   Community Advisory Council
more about our expanded Scrips                     Starting December       1st,
                                                   for every 10 BoxTops a         The meeting on October 15th
Gift Card Program. In addition to                                                 concerned the District’s decision
                                                   class turns in, they will
the over 100 Retail Gift Cards we                                                 not to report class rank beginning
                                                   receive a Snowball of
offered last year, we now offer                                                   with     the    Class      of    2013.
                                                   Kindness to “throw” at
Weis Gift Cards as well as Giant                                                  Increasingly,     colleges        and
                                         another class of their choice. The
Supermarket Cards.      These cards                                               universities do not view it as a
                                         classroom throwing the most
provide an opportunity for our                                                    requirement of admission and
                                         snowballs and the class receiving
families to purchase gift cards on a                                              Parkland was actually in the
                                         the most by December 16th, will
regular basis and then use them for      meet for The Great Schnecksville         minority of schools still reporting it.
their weekly grocery shopping. The       Snowball Fight on December 21st          Both sides of this sensitive issue
majority of my shopping is done at       in the Gym.                              were       represented       in    the
Weis, so I plan on buying $200 in                                                 discussion. More information can
Weis Gift Cards per month. This          The Snowball Fight will actually be      be found at
will generate $10 per month in                                          
                                         a friendly game of Dodgeball
profit for the PTO and over the                                                   content/uploads/classrankrecomm
                                         using soft, squishy Phys Ed class
course of the year, that’s $120. If                                               endations.pdf
                                         gym balls and it should be great
even 10% of our over 300 families        fun for the kids. For this event, a
participate in this way we could                                                  Assistant Superintendent Sniscak
                                         special collection sheet will be
raise $3,600 with no additional cost                                              also discussed the redistricting
                                         sent home with the students next
                                                                                  plan, which will go into effect for
to our families.     No wrapping         week. Additional sheets can be
                                                                                  2010-2011 when the new Jandl
paper, no candles, no pizza to buy!      obtained outside the main office.
                                                                                  Elementary School opens.        For
Please consider this program if it       All BoxTops collected during this
                                                                                  more         information     about
works for your family. There is no       event will be counted towards the
                                                                                  redistricting,      please     see
minimum amount that you must             ongoing 1000 Box Tops-Philly
purchase and even small gift card        Pretzel Party incentive and the
purchases add up.                        soon-to-be-announced February
                                         BoxTops Contest.
Last month the PTO distributed our                                                Next Meeting: November 19, 2009
                                                                                  @ 7 PM in the Admin Center
Annual Student Directory. This is a
                                                                                  Topic: Funding for Special Education
very time consuming and tedious             Capital Improvement                   Programs, Budget Mandates/Legislation;
project and I would like to thank                Committee                        by Mr. John Vignone Rob Thornburg
Jill Meckes for taking on the                            The Capital
challenge. Another large Back-to-
School project is compiling our PTO
Volunteer List. Our volunteers are
the backbone of the PTO and we
                                                         with Emery
wouldn’t be able to do the things
                                         Landscaping to redo all the
we do without our wonderful
                                         beds around the school. Mulch
volunteers. Michelle Curch did a                                                          Next Meeting:
                                         and dead trees were removed,
great job, taking over 150 three
                                         a new tree was planted and                      Nov 19th @ 9:30 am
page Volunteer Sheets and turning
them into a cohesive spreadsheet         landscape paper and red rock                         Cafeteria
that is easy to distribute. Thanks to    were put down for a clean,               Hear plans about the new
both these ladies for their time and     maintenance-free look.                   Parkland library being built and
talents.                                                                          library services available to our
Finally, I would like to thank all the              Yearbook
families that clip and save BoxTops.
These little coupons add up to real      This year the PTO will be sponsoring
money for our school and your            a Yearbook Club for 5th Graders.
                                         This club will take Yearbook Pictures
efforts are greatly appreciated.
                                         using the camera the PTO recently
I wish you all a happy & healthy         purchased.       Mrs. Andreoli has
Thanksgiving Holiday.                    volunteered to oversee the club
                      - Laura            and train the photographers.
                School Store               who are very close to reaching         Campbell’s Soup Labels
                                           1000 collected. See the
                Shop the School            complete list of totals below.         Campbell’s rewards us with free
                Store during lunch                                                merchandise like playground
                11/11 and 11/24            Due to your outstanding work, we       equipment, school supplies and
                                            will be receiving a check from        electronics just for sending in the
                                               BoxTops in December for                         UPC labels from the
                                                 $2170.00. Way to go!!!!                       backs of the cans. It’s
Enjoy the City/KidStuff                                                                        easy to do. Just clip
       Book Sale                           Special thanks to Diane Strock,                     the UPCs from the
                                           Kathy Milander, Brianna                             labels and send them
Our Enjoy the City and KidStuff Book       Carpenettti, Sonia Wehbey and                       in to school. There is
sale was a huge success. We sold           Michelle Kaetzel for all their help                 a collection bin near
285 KidStuff books giving us a profit      trimming and counting the BoxTops.                  the PTO box for you to
of $3562.50 which was $1062.50                                                    deposit them in. If you have any
over budget!! Way to go! Our               Andreoli        1594                   questions or would like to help
Enjoy the City sale was also               Andress         972                    count and trim labels, please
successful with about 220 books            Dietrich AM     892                    contact Ruth Tobia at
sold for a profit of $2200!!               Dietrich PM     507           or 610-769-4760.
Combined the 2 fundraisers brought
                                           Hahn            1675
in $760 more than we projected for                                                 Annual Poinsettia Sale
the sale. Thanks so much to Denise
                                           Hausman         799
Bartynski and Joyce Smith for              Hoffman         789                    Our annual
chairing these events. If you still        Leibensperger   1108                   poinsettia sale will
haven’t returned any unpurchased           Lesser          662                    be starting 11/6.
books, please do so as soon as             Mandry          1039                   Look for order
possible. If you are still interested in   Marshaleck      1366                   forms arriving in
purchasing either book, please             Myers           481                    your child’s
contact Jeanine Snyder at 610-799-                                                backpack early this month or print
                                           Piston          852
5266 or
                                           Reichard        785                    one from
                                           Rizzo           367           Like
                                           Shiffer         695                    last year, we will be using Dan
Our next Market Day pickups are            Stettler        919                    Schantz as our vendor who
on Monday, November 9th and                Urban           276                    supplies us with beautiful, healthy
December 7th. If you have any              Weaber          1208                   plants just in time for the holidays.
questions or are able to help with                                                Pick up of all plants will be on
                                           Wilder          1135
the sale, please contact Tammy                                                    Friday, December 4th during the
Staudt at or                                                   5th grade concert.
                                           Our next contest starts today and               Order yours today!
                                           runs through February 19th. It will
                                           be made up of several smaller          Daily Number Calendars
 BoxTops for Education                     contests culminating in the
                                           GRAND PRIZE. The class collecting      Back by popular demand, we are
                 And the winner                                                   offering our Daily Number
                                           the most BoxTops wins a trip to an
                 is… Mr. Hahn’s                                                   Calendars through the end of
                                           Iron Pigs baseball game!! There’s
                 class with 1675                                                  November. For $10, you can select
                                           only one caveat – your class must
                 BoxTops collected!                                               a three-digit number that gives you
                                           collect at least 1000 boxtops
                 Mr. Hahn’s class                                                 31 days to win. Your number will be
                                           between now and February 19th.
                 will be celebrating                                              valid for all 31 days in
                                           Check out the other article            December with each day
with a trip to Spring Hill golf for an
                                           explaining out first “mini-contest.”   paying a different amount.
afternoon of miniature golf and
                                           The student donating the most          Simply choose a number
ice cream. Congratulations!!
                                           BoxTops over the course of the         or numbers and send in the order
Several other classes have
                                           year will win a $25 gift certificate   form with your check payable to
already reached the 1000 mark
                                           to Barnes and Noble. Any               Schnecksville PTO. If you win, we
and will receive soft pretzel
                                           questions, please contact              mail you a check! It’s that simple.
parties. These classes include Mrs.
                                           Jeanine Snyder at 610-799-5266 or      Check your child’s backpack for an
Leibensperger’s, Mrs. Weaber’s,
                                                     order form or visit
Mrs. Wilder’s, Mrs. Mandry’s, Mrs.
Andreoli’s and Mrs. Marshaleck’s.
And, there are several classes
   Community Outreach
       Committee                                                                            Printer Cartridge
                  The      Community                                                Our school                earns FREE
                             Outreach       Hopefully by now you’ve received        money and                 we help the
                  Committee            is   our updated Scrips gift card order                                  environment
                  looking forward to        form. Our Scrips gift card              by                             recycling
                  a busy year. Our          fundraiser runs all year long. We       used                              printer
                  first project is in       have many cards available for           cartridges.               Simply drop
                  conjunction      with     places you visit on a regular basis.    them in the collection box by the Main
Family Movie Night on November              We have Weis Markets, Giant             Entrance.
6th. We’ll be raffling off the movie        Foods, restaurants, department
at the end of the night. To be              stores and more. Have a birthday
entered, bring a gently used (or            party coming up? How about a                  Target Visa Card
new) book for any age reader. This          Toys R Us gift card! Consider
project is in support of PSD’s effort to    purchasing a Scrips gift card for all   Do you shop at Target?
benefit Cops-n-Kids of the Lehigh           your shopping and gift giving           Do you use a Target Visa Card?
Valley. Their goal is to collect 4,500      needs. These cards are easy to
books in time for the holidays for          use and you can purchase them                     If you’ve answered yes,
students at several schools in
                                            at no additional cost to you.                     please consider
                                            Simply fill out an order form,          registering your card at
                                            enclose a check made out to    to support
Also, we will have a Food Drive             “Schnecksville PTO” and put it in       our school. 1% of all your Target
during November to benefit the
                                            an envelope with “Scrips” on the        purchases and ½% of all other
Agape Food Bank in Schnecksville.
                                            box. Your gift cards will be            purchases is donated to our
Collection bins for non-perishable
                                            delivered to you in about a week.       school at no additional cost to
food items and baby products will
be in both lobbies. Food will be
                                            If you have any questions, or need      you. We have earned over $3000
delivered    in   time    for  the          an additional order form, contact       from participating in this program.
Thanksgiving      Holiday.     Visit        Jeanine Snyder at                       And, it’s absolutely FREE! Please or 610-799-          sign up today!
ml to find out what we’re up to.            5266. The most up-to-date order
                                            form is also available at
                                                         Web Site Stats
Rotary Club Grade 3
Student   Dictionaries                                                              This number tracks unique page
                                                                                    views. Note that the October
For the fifth straight year, The                                                                  Shark Report was
Rotary Club of Allentown West                                                                     put online on
graciously     purchased      student                                                             October 9th.
dictionaries for each third grade
student in the Parkland School                                                                      Date Views
                                              Birthday table thanks                                 Oct 8   357
District. These dictionaries can be
kept in their desks or taken home.                      Sep: Toni Schaller
                                                                                                    Oct 9  2,374
 Classroom teachers have said these                     Oct: Tara Carrigan &                        Oct 10  464
dictionaries are great and students                     Denise Bartynski
love them. A sticker has been placed                    Nov: Melody Terrano         Thanks for checking us out online!
in the inside cover by the Rotary                       & Michelle Wahlmark         As we try to reduce the amount of
Club. The objective of the Rotary                                                     papers sent home, continue to
Club is to encourage and foster the                                                  visit the web site when you want
ideal of service as a basis of worthy        PTO 2009-2010 Budget                        to know what’s goin’ on 
                                            Our 2009 – 2010 budget was
                                            voted on and approved at the
                                            October meeting. Email
                    Gift Cards
                http://www.schneck                                                       Next Edition: Fri Dec 4th           if you’d like a copy.
                                            Superintendent’s Message
                     Closing or Delaying School for Inclement Weather- A Most Challenging Decision

        One of my least favorite responsibilities as Superintendent of Schools is making the decision regarding
school delays or cancellations. And yet, given the geographical location of our school district, inclement, wintry
weather will always be a seasonal challenge.

          Because it is getting to be that time of year again, I want to share a few thoughts about the process that is
utilized in making inclement weather decisions in Parkland. Hopefully, this information will demystify the process
and minimize the frustration associated with not knowing how decisions are made.

         In much the same manner as everyone else, we learn about approaching weather conditions from
television, radio and computer reports. Once the weather alert occurs, our Transportation and School Services
Departments begin to make preparations.

         If the weather front is occurring in the evening or overnight, Transportation will have a couple of drivers
out at about 4:00 a.m. First they will check those roads that are typically most problematic. As you know, from
north to south, our school district spans 75 square miles and varies greatly in road and weather conditions. At the
same time, we will be speaking with the municipalities and Penn Dot about plowing/cindering/salting schedules.
We also speak to key personnel in surrounding school districts to ascertain any information that may be helpful.

        Typically, by 5:00 a.m., we will have gathered all of the most current information that is available. This
information is coupled with our knowledge of Parkland School District demographics:

                Weather conditions vary greatly across the district
                We have in excess of 1,000 bus stops
                Our buses will travel in excess of 1,000 miles during a school day
                We transport approximately 10,000 students per day
                Our buses will be operating within the typical traffic flow
                Many of our bus stops may be affected by snow plowing
                Our Grounds Department will need time to plow parking lots and clear walkways

         Based upon all the data and knowledge we have about our weather conditions and demographics, I
typically make a decision by 5:30 a.m. Once I make this decision regarding a delay or cancellation, I start to
make the necessary contacts. The radio and television stations are notified and key personnel are called. This
year will be the second season that we will also be utilizing our emergency phone system so staff and parents will
receive a personal phone call to the number designated for this purpose. If your phone contact information has
changed please notify the school office as soon as possible. The message is also posted to our web site under
Important / Updated Information in bright yellow print.

          On most of these occasions we will make ONE decision early in the morning- to close or delay- and that
will be final for the day. We believe this is easier for most parents as you make plans for the day. Once in a great
while the timing of a weather event is such that buying a little extra time with a delay MIGHT allow us to safely
open school. In these rare events, the message will state that we will provide an update by a certain time. The
same means of communication will be used to provide an update when necessary.

        Please remember- it is the responsibility of parents / guardians to make arrangements for the care
of your children in the event that we need to close or delay our schools for weather or any other potential
emergency situation.

        This information is being shared to provide you with some insight into what happens behind the scenes
during bad weather events in Parkland. Please know that student safety is the central focus of this exercise.
Entrusted with the safety of over 9400 students, we will always err on the side of caution in making weather-
related decisions; no decision is more important.

        THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION AND UNDERSTANDING! Let’s hope for a mild winter and
an early spring!
                                                      Louise E. Donohue, Ed.D.
                                                      Superintendent of Schools

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