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 We are pleased that you have asked for more information regarding subscriptions
 here at Theatre IV and Barksdale Theatre. We have put together five subscription
 packages for you to choose from. It’s the first time we have combined all four of
 our venues, simply to give you a sampling of the quality within our company and
our productions. Please come experience all of the exciting and entertaining shows
  that we have to offer. We look forward to you joining our subscription family!

Theatre IV at the Empire Theatre
                  The Wizard of Oz
                  April 27- May 20, 2007
                  One of the true classics of American literature, The Wizard of Oz has stirred the
                  imaginations of young and old alike for over four generations. Come follow the
                  adventures of Dorothy Gale and her dog Toto as their Kansas home is swept away by a
                  cyclone and they find themselves in a strange and wonderful land called Oz. Featuring all
                  the music from the classic MGM film. This Theatre IV favorite is guaranteed to transport
                  children of all ages over the rainbow.

Barksdale Theatre at Willow Lawn
                  Intimate Apparel
                  April 13- May 20, 2007
                  Esther, a 35-year old single black seamstress in ragtime era New York, stitches together a
                  life making exquisite lingerie for wealthy socialites uptown and women of ill-repute
                  downtown. Though independent, Esther still struggles with loneliness and wishes for the
                  kind of fulfillment she cannot find behind a sewing machine. When correspondence
                  begins with a man from across the world, her hopes for finding companionship and love
                  take an unexpected turn. Her talent weaves a collection of close relationships bound by
                  romance and disappointment as Esther learns that a woman’s happiness depends on her
                  own emotional strength and self-confidence.

                  Into the Woods
                  June 15- August 19, 2007
                  Are you certain what you wish is what you want? Sondheim’s brilliant music—together
                  with bakers, witches, and vain handsome princes straight out of the Brothers Grimm—
                  vividly illustrates the potential for treachery in our innermost wishes. An ambivalent
                  Cinderella? A bloodthirsty Little Red Riding Hood? A Prince Charming with a roving
                  eye? A Witch...who raps? They're all there. When a Baker and his Wife learn they've
                  been cursed with childlessness by the Witch next door, they embark on a quest for the
                  special objects required to break the spell, swindling, lying to and stealing from
                  Cinderella, Little Red, Rapunzel and Jack. Everyone's wish is granted at the end of Act
                  One, but the consequences of their actions return to haunt them.
Barksdale Theatre at Hanover Tavern
                                        Smoke on the Mountain
                                        February 23- April 15, 2007
                                        Set in the 1930s, this good time bluegrass gospel musical introduces the
                                        singing Sanders family, who perform their traditional and original gospel
                                        songs for the members of the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church in Mount
                                        Pleasant, NC. Pastor Oglethorpe welcomes the family to the church, where
                                        their individual stories and beliefs are shared during the concert. With the
audience serving as the "congregation," Smoke on the Mountain lovingly recreates a delightful and musically
unforgettable slice of Americana.

                                 The Odd Couple
                                  June 29- August 12, 2007
                                  The most hilariously mismatched roommates in the history of Broadway comedy
                                  are back at Hanover Tavern in this brand new production of one of America's
                                  favorite comedies. Last produced by Barksdale in 1973, Neil Simon's irresistibly
                                  funny play tells the story of two friends (one divorced, the other recently
                                  separated) who decide to share an apartment … with sidesplitting results. Don't
miss the sheer pleasure of rediscovering all over again the reasons we all first fell in love with The Odd Couple.

                               September 14- October 21, 2007
                               Sidney Bruhl is a middle-aged playwright famous for his oh-so-clever whodunits,
                               but he hasn't had a hit in twenty years. When one of his former students sends him
                               the only draft of a new murder mystery, Sidney devises a plan to ensure his own
                               fortune. Will Sidney's scheme lead him back to Broadway? Will the student be the
                               victim of malicious jealousy? Will Sidney's wife be able to withstand the horror in
                               her household? Will the eccentric psychic who is visiting Sidney's neighbors unearth
the nastiness next door? Only one answer is certain: missing this classic Broadway thriller would be a deadly

                                      Swingtime Canteen
                                      November 16- January 6, 2008
                                      The '40s burst onto the scene in this sentimental journey with a sassy attitude.
                                      This eagerly awaited Off-Broadway hit, featuring over 30 hits from the big
                                      band era, is not only nostalgic to those who lived through them but will
                                      resonate through any Baby Boomer or Generation X-er who hungers for a
                                      taste of our nation's last age of innocence.

Barksdale Theatre and The Steward School
at the Paul R. Cramer Center for the Performing Arts

                                 High School Musical
                                 July 20- August 5, 2007
                                 Gabriella Montez is a shy, studious new student at East High School; but that all
                                 changes when she is forced to sing at a karaoke contest with Troy Bolton, the
                                 captain of the school's basketball team. After spending time with each other, both
                                 realize they share a passionate love for music and singing. But will they retain this
                                 love when their school is telling them they cannot be together?
Subscription Package Options…

A. Smoke on the Mountain                   *date and time: _______________________________
    Into the Woods                         *date and time: __________________________
    The Wizard of Oz                       *date and time: _______________________________
    Springtime Canteen                     *date and time: _______________________________
      # of subs: ___________         Price Per Subscription $112.50           total $_____________

 B. Smoke on the Mountain                  *date and time: _______________________________
    Intimate Apparel                       *date and time: _______________________________
    Into the Woods                         *date and time: _______________________________
    The Odd Couple                         *date and time: _______________________________
     # of subs: ____________        Price Per Subscription $115.50             total $_____________

C. The Odd Couple                          *date and time: _______________________________
   Deathtrap                               *date and time: __________________________
   Into the Woods                          *date and time: _______________________________
   The Wizard of Oz                        *date and time: _______________________________
     # of subs: ____________       Price Per Subscription $112.50               total $____________

D. The Odd Couple                          *date and time: _______________________________
   Springtime Canteen                      *date and time: _______________________________
   High School Musical                     *date and time: _______________________________
   The Wizard of Oz                        *date and time: ___________________________
     # of subs: ___________        Price Per Subscription $96                  total $ ____________

 E. The Wizard of Oz                       *date and time: _______________________________
    Into the Woods                         *date and time: ___________________________
     # of subs: ___________        Price Per Subscription $52.50              total $ __________

Name: _______________________________________ Phone Number: ___________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

City: ___________________________________ State: _________ Zip: _________________

Method of Payment: (circle one)     Check         Visa        American Express        Mastercard

Name as appears on card: ________________________________________________________

Card Number: __________________________________________________________________
   * Please check in the brochures or visit us on line for performance dates to choose from.
   Our websites are and You can also
   contact our Box Office directly with any questions at 804.344.8040. Subscription forms (along with
   checks) can be mailed to: c/o Box Office 114 W. Broad Street Richmond, Va. 23220.

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