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					                 Office of the Registrar

                            Strategic Plan
                             2003 – 2008

                             September 2005
(Envisioned in January 2002, originally published in September 2003, reviewed monthly)

Introduction ................................................................................................................................ 1
Mission ...................................................................................................................................... 3
Envisioning the Future (2003-2008)........................................................................................... 4
 Operating Principles and Values.............................................................................................. 4
 Strategic Goals ........................................................................................................................ 4
Strategic Planning - Roles and Responsibilities ........................................................................ 5
Strategic Plan Implementation ................................................................................................... 6
Project Management.................................................................................................................. 7
Making Connections .................................................................................................................. 8
Appendix A:           Division of Enrollment Management Organization Chart .................................... 13
Appendix B:           Office of the Registrar Organization Chart.......................................................... 14
Appendix C:           Office of the Registrar Planning Retreat Agenda ............................................... 15
Appendix D:           Office of the Registrar Planning Retreat Reflections Sheet ................................ 16
Appendix E:           Sample notes from the 2005 Office of the Registrar Planning Retreat ............... 17
Appendix F:          Office of the Registrar Project Charter Template ................................................ 19
Appendix G:           Sample page from Office of the Registrar Action .............................................. 21
Appendix H:           Office of the Registrar High Priority Initiatives .................................................... 22
Appendix I :          Supporting the Campus Plan ............................................................................ 24
                              University of Wisconsin-Madison
                                   Office of the Registrar
                                       Strategic Plan
Who we are
The Office of the Registrar is one of four offices within the Division of Enrollment Management at the
University of Wisconsin – Madison (See Appendices A & B, organization charts). The Division, formed in
November 2004, is comprised of the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Student Financial Services,
the Office of the Registrar and Integrated Student Information Services (ISIS Central). Our offices
collaborate to provide a continuum of services to our students and support services to campus.

The Office of the Registrar is an office that consistently works behind the scenes to provide student
record information (degree audit, transcripts, etc.), enrollment and degree verification, up-to-date catalog
and timetable information (including classroom scheduling), and enrollment services (including web
enrollment, the assessment of tuition and fees, and determination of residency for tuition purposes) for
campus. Our office also ensures academic eligibility for our student athletes and provides benefit
services to our student veterans. We ensure student privacy in compliance with the Family Educational
Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and ensure that electronic access to record information is secure and

The Office of the Registrar plays a critical role in facilitating the attainment of campus strategic goals and
initiatives by providing some of the academic and administrative infrastructure necessary for continued
service to students and campus. In concert with the goals of the new Division of Enrollment
Management, the work of the Registrar’s Office emphasizes collaborative efforts, integrated services,
efficient communication processes, and student success.

Our challenges
Our office faces many challenges related to budget, technology and resources. We have seen no
increase in our base budget for more than ten years, while realizing that the technology improvements
and initiatives we take on to better serve campus often require more highly skilled resources and
additional time. We are facing many retirements of long-term employees, a major upgrade in
Oracle/PeopleSoft software, and a move to a new location in the next year, followed by a second move
in 2009. Despite these challenges, we continue to provide excellent service to our stakeholders, and
continue to initiate new efforts to improve that service.

What we are doing
The Office of the Registrar has seen a shift in how we do our work over the past couple years. While we
continue to provide the traditional services, we also are taking a proactive approach to technology,
resources and continuous improvement.

Our office is developing an operating philosophy that helps guide our planning, choices and actions.
This philosophy focuses on the following:
    Supporting our employees and providing a structure for change management
    Identifying and responding to customer and stakeholder requirements
    Implementing improvements and efficiencies, within the Office of the Registrar, in the context of
        the Division of Enrollment Management, and in the services we provide students and campus
    Aligning our goals with our core competencies
    Planning and measuring what we do; developing metrics

Office of the Registrar, Strategic Plan 2003-2008                                                      1
Division of Enrollment Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Updated September 2005
        Establishing methodology for process improvement and project management
        Building partnerships and appreciation for each other
        Collaborating with the Division of Information Technology and being a leader on campus for new
        Linking what we do to our strategic plan and the campus strategic plan (see Appendix I,
         Supporting the Campus plan)
        Facilitating easier access to information by taking advantage of the My UW Madison portal, the
         data warehouse, the query library and PeopleSoft/Oracle self-service functionality
        Being fiscally responsible by continually improving what we do to gain efficiency
        Developing collaborative relationships and partnerships with Division of Enrollment Management
         units, and working in concert to achieve our goals

Supporting our staff
We recognize the important role our staff plays in reaching our objectives and action plans. As such, we
envision a renewed emphasis on staff development, support, and satisfaction. We will focus on:
    Promoting and supporting professional development
    Conducting performance reviews, which provide a forum for workplace feedback and a focus on
       the future
    Developing an employee handbook of resources, guidelines and information
    Providing cross-training opportunities
    Developing a comprehensive internal communication plan
    Involving and engaging employees at quarterly all staff meetings
    Recognizing employees through the efforts of the Sunshine Club
    Promoting team work and involvement in projects
    Involving staff as we plan our work environments at our new future locations

Measuring our Success
We are striving to define and identify our measures of success. We believe that the impact of our work
can be quantified or qualified, and that these measures will help us evaluate our success, adjust our
actions, and plan for our future. Though still in the early stages, it is our goal to become better at
measuring as a tool for continuous improvement.

Our vision for our future
As we look to the future, our office recognizes its critical role in growing a strong future for UW-Madison.
We will continue to strive to provide superior customer service, to take advantage of emerging
technologies when appropriate, and to be a leader on campus for performance excellence.

We will collaborate with our fellow Division of Enrollment Management units to provide a seamless
continuum of service for students. At the same time, we will work to define our exact role within the new
division. We will also continue to provide service and service improvements to campus administrative
staff and faculty and advisors, and involve them in our planning.

Like the other offices within the Division of Enrollment Management, the Office of the Registrar staff
operates quietly and without fanfare so the rest of campus can accomplish its work. It is our vision to
celebrate the accomplishments of this staff and its contributions to the university.

The strategic planning information that follows provides an outline of our efforts to chart our path in
response to the current and future needs of the campus community.

Please see the September 2003 version of our strategic plan (located at for
additional information and background about our office.
Office of the Registrar, Strategic Plan 2003-2008                                                         2
Division of Enrollment Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Updated September 2005
                                   Our Mission is to ensure the integrity
                                     of curricular and student records

    We fulfill this mission by linking students, faculty and staff with information and
    services that support and enhance the educational experience.

                                                  Office of the Registrar
    The Administration oversees all operations of the Office of the Registrar; it provides overall
    leadership and office policies; manages office budget and fiscal activities; manages and provide
    guidance on strategic planning, large office initiatives, and communication; processes payrolls;
    provides employee benefit information; and maintains central subject and personnel files.

    Auxiliary Services provides support services for office operations including campus and first
    class mail services; DoIT output distribution; package receipt and dispatch; document copy and
    preparation services; forms and materials inventory, retrieval and distribution; and sales credit

    Customer Service facilitates processing of official transcripts, and enrollment and degree
    verification; serves as an information clearinghouse for students, the campus community and the
    general public; coordinates compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
    (FERPA); and provides veteran services.

    Enrollment Services determines residency for tuition purposes; manages course enrollment; and
    assesses tuition and fees.

    Information Services coordinates, modifies and enhances technological services for the Office of
    the Registrar to ensure efficient and effective service; serves as the primary liaison to DoIT;
    coordinates the production of student-related institutional statistics and reports; supports LAN
    functions and desktop support; maintains the Office website; manages ISIS security procedures;
    and coordinates the development and maintenance of ISIS functions.

    Student Records serves as the campus resource for student and alumni academic record
    information; coordinates degree audit and posting; issues diplomas; and ensures athletic

    Timetable and Classroom Scheduling Services maintains the curricular database; publishes
    class and exam schedules; manages course sections to facilitate enrollment; schedules campus
    classrooms for courses and special events; contributes to university course catalogs; and meets
    reporting requirements to campus and UW System.

    See Appendix B, Office of the Registrar Organization Chart

Office of the Registrar, Strategic Plan 2003-2008                                                   3
Division of Enrollment Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Updated September 2005
Envisioning the Future (2003 - 2008)
Laying the groundwork for our path to the future involves working within a set of operating principles and
values that support our seven Strategic Goals.

                                       Operating Principles and Values

We are, first and foremost, a service organization

We uphold the integrity of the student record by ensuring campus compliance with the Family Education
Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

We are innovative in how we use technology

We engage in creative thinking and risk taking (we ask ―what is the worst that can happen‖)

We measure what we do and we link it to our strategic goals

We strive to listen to - and meet - the needs of the campus community

We strive to communicate with each other and with the campus community in a timely, friendly, and
effective manner

We foster an environment of fun, acceptance, energy and enthusiasm

We share responsibility for internal health and well-being

We trust each other to be honest and professional

                                                      Strategic Goals

1. Automate processes to increase efficiency

2. Increase expert base

3. Define and promote our role on campus

4. Deliver ―Wow‖ customer service

5. Develop fiscal plan to support our vision

6. Foster a positive work environment with shared vision

7. Create a well-planned physical environment

Office of the Registrar, Strategic Plan 2003-2008                                                   4
Division of Enrollment Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Updated September 2005
                          Strategic Planning – Roles and Responsibilities
Our office engages in a formal strategic planning process, including an annual retreat (see Appendices
C, Retreat Agenda; D, Reflections Sheet; and E, sample page from Retreat Notes) which started in
2002. Listed below are the roles and responsibilities for our staff involved in the process.

Leadership Team
Responsibilities include ongoing assessment of the strategic goals and initiatives, sponsorship and
implementation of strategic initiatives.
Joanne Berg, Karen Hanson, Marilyn McIntyre, Sharon Pero, Catherine Sheskey, Jim Steele

Strategy Team
Responsibilities include meeting regularly to review and discuss Office of the Registrar goals, strategy
and action items/high priority initiatives, and participating in the annual strategic planning retreat.
Joanne Berg, Connie Chapman, Carol Gosenheimer, Karen Hanson, Michelle Kelley, Marilyn McIntyre,
Sharon Pero, Terry Ruzicka, Catherine Sheskey, Jim Steele, Cheryl Wise

Strategic Plan Coordinator
Responsibilities include ongoing assessment of the strategic goals and initiatives, implementation of
strategic initiatives, drafting strategic planning documents and worksheets, working with the Office of
Quality regarding the planning process, and ensuring that the planning documents are current.
Carol Gosenheimer

Individual(s) who facilitate annual retreats and/or other improvement projects or initiatives.
Staff appointment by the Office of Quality or other facilitators from outside the Office of the Registrar

Point People
Individuals that are responsible for ensuring the goal is progressing as planned. Point person has the
view of the whole, connects people with each other when their efforts are related. The point person
measures, summarizes and reports on progress and may or may not have authority over others

Staff Members
Registrar staff can help the Office to achieve our strategic goals by taking responsibility for
understanding and appreciating our operating principles and shared values, and by participating in
strategic initiatives, process improvement, and project teams.

  Strategy Team Member                         Role in the Office of the Registrar
  Joanne Berg                                  Registrar/Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management
  Connie Chapman                               Manager – Student Records
  Carol Gosenheimer                            Strategic Planning Coordinator and Communications Manager
  Karen Hanson                                 Assistant Registrar – Enrollment Services
  Michelle Kelley                              Manager – Enrollment Services
  Marilyn McIntyre                             Manager – Information Systems
  Sharon Pero                                  Assistant Registrar – Timetable & Classroom Scheduling (TACS)
  Terry Ruzicka                                Special Assistant to Assoc. Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Mgmt.
  Catherine Sheskey                            Assistant Registrar – Customer Service
  Jim Steele                                   Assistant Registrar – Student Records
  Cheryl Wise                                  Senior Administrative Program Specialist – TACS
Office of the Registrar, Strategic Plan 2003-2008                                                           5
Division of Enrollment Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Updated September 2005
                                          Strategic Plan Implementation
 An important part of strategic planning includes communication of the plan to our staff and stakeholders,
 setting action plans, and monitoring progress towards our strategic goals. The information below
 provides detail on how we address information sharing and checks on our progress.

                                                   Rollout of 2005 Version
 Presenting Strategic Plan to Internal Staff – September- October 2005
  Announce Strategic Plan rollout by email
  Distribute copies of the Strategic Plan to all Office of the Registrar staff
  Post Strategic Plan on Office of the Registrar website
  Joanne Berg (Registrar) and Carol Gosenheimer (Strategic Planning Coordinator) will visit unit staff
     meetings to discuss the Strategic Plan and Action Items. Staff will be asked to consider where we
     are as an office, how we are doing, what is missing from the picture, and to think about our
     accomplishments. In addition, staff will be asked to consider where they see themselves in the
     plan, and how they are contributing to the efforts.
  Include a copy of the Strategic Plan with new employee materials.
  When possible, display goals and visions around the office.

 Presenting Strategic Plan to Campus – Begins October 2005
  Communicate information to the campus community via email. Include a link to our Strategic Plan
     on the web.
  Host campus-wide Forum (listening session) with PowerPoint presentation and summary handout
     on Strategic Plan.
  Share feedback with campus.
  Present Strategic Plan to Division of Enrollment Management directors, AAC and other campus
     groups, as appropriate.

                          Establishing Action Plans and Monitoring our Progress
 Our office has an Action Items list (our action plan) that addresses short- and longer-term strategic
 objectives (see sample page in Appendix G). The Action Items list includes information about our
 projects and initiatives, resources, check dates, target completion dates and how the projects tie to our
 strategic goals. We have developed this list as part of our planning process to help promote
 organization-wide understanding and deployment of our goals.

 We have also developed a High Priority Initiatives worksheet to provide a ―birds-eye view‖ of our major
 projects by target completion month (see Appendix H). This planning resource has proved useful for
 assessing resource needs and as a communication tool summarizing our office’s commitments.

 The strategy team reviews these documents on a regular basis. Any staff member wishing to review or
 discuss action plans and/or high priority initiatives is encouraged to contact a member of the strategy

Office of the Registrar, Strategic Plan 2003-2008                                                   6
Division of Enrollment Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Updated September 2005
 We monitor our progress towards reaching strategic initiatives with scheduled planning meetings,
 reviews of action plans, etc. These are listed below.

  Checks                                                        Responsible Parties
  Weekly Updates and Progress Checks                            Leadership Team
  Weekly Monday Strategy Sessions                               Strategy Team
  Weekly Unit Calendar Checks                                   Unit Managers, Staff

  Monthly Review and update of Action Items                     Strategy Team
  and High Priority Initiatives

  Quarterly Review of Progress                                  Leadership Team
  Quarterly All-Staff Meetings                                  All Registrar’s Office Staff

  Annual Review and Progress Checks                             Leadership Team, Coordinator
  Annual Campus Listening Sessions/Forums                       All, as appropriate
  Annual Strategic Planning Retreats                            Strategy team, facilitator, and other invitees as agenda

                                                  Project Management

We achieve many of our strategic goals through process improvement, information technology (IT)
projects and other strategic initiatives. As our office matures, we continue to formalize and develop
standards for approaching these projects. In addition, we are breaking new ground in our collaborative
relationship with the Division of Information Technology (DoIT). New models of success and best
practices have developed in our recent initiatives, including the e-Class Roster, e-Grading and, more
recently, the e-Request for Official Transcript projects.

We begin work on projects by developing a project charter (See Appendix F), a new standard for our
office. This charter has helped ensure success by specifying project objectives and deliverables,
customers and stakeholders, resources, constraints and boundaries. The charter facilitates information
sharing, and acts as a resource to demonstrate sponsor support. Additionally, having a well-defined
project charter helps ensure that our projects stay in scope.

Project Management and Communication
We have also formalized our project management and communication approaches. By designating
overall project coordination and communication specialists, we have been successful in developing and
launching our initiatives. In addition, we are becoming recognized on campus for our efforts; our
colleagues are looking to us as the model of how to organize, collaborate with others, promote and
implement initiatives.

Celebrating our Success
We recognize that our employees are the key to reaching our goals. We value their efforts,
contributions, decision-making and time dedicated towards our initiatives. To that end, we place value
in celebrating their accomplishments and appreciating their role in our success through recognition
events and by celebrating project milestones and completion.

Office of the Registrar, Strategic Plan 2003-2008                                                                 7
Division of Enrollment Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Updated September 2005
Making Connections
Collaborating with our customers and stakeholders is part of the new cultural landscape of the Office of
the Registrar. We believe that by strategically collaborating on a number of issues and initiatives, we will
be better able to achieve our vision for the future. We have also forged key relationships with our
colleagues in higher education; it is through these relationships that we exchange information and
collaborate to discuss technology and policy issues common to our institutions.

UW-Madison Campus: administrative staff (including deans and directors), advisors, Business
Conference Services, Central Reservations, faculty, instructional staff, Physical Plant, students, fellow
Registrar’s Office staff.

Beyond the UW-Madison Campus: Alumni, applicants, employers, financial institutions, former
students, governmental agencies, legislators, media outlets, Minnesota Higher Education Service
Office, National Student Clearinghouse, parents, prospective students, colleagues at other institutions,
scholarship agencies, UW-Foundation, UW-System Administration, Veteran’s Administration, Wisconsin
Department of Veteran Affairs, Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA), Wisconsin Military Affairs.

The Registrar’s Office has built strong business associations with a number of units across campus. In
particular, strong ties exist with the following units (examples of our associations follow each listing):
 Academic Planning and Analysis (academic planning, institutional reporting requirements)
 Academic Departments (Timetable development, course catalog submissions, course enrollment
     management, e-grading, DARS, advising support, data warehouse support, student record-related
 Admissions Offices (Connections Program, residency for tuition purposes, transfer students, UW-
     System e-application)
 Building Managers (classroom ad hoc maintenance scheduling, building unlock/lockup schedule)
 Bursar’s Office (tuition billing, waivers)
 Offices of the Dean of Students (recording of disciplinary holds and transcript notations related to
     misconduct, dean’s certifications)
 Division of Continuing Studies (Evening and Distance Learning catalog, Summer Sessions Bulletin)
 Division of Information Technology (DoIT) (applications technology and middleware (including UDS
     and LDA), architecture, academic technology (Learn@UW), DRMT (including data warehouse),
     security, My UW-Madison, production services)
 Facilities, Planning and Management (classroom management, maintenance, upgrade and
     accessibility; designing space and planning for moves to Park Street and University Square)
 Housing (Learning Communities – reserved class sections)
 Integrated Student Information Services (ISIS) Central (ISIS maintenance and upgrades, Campus
     Community, training)
 International Student Services (SEVIS reporting)
 International Studies and Programs (Study Abroad Programs, certification documentation for
     traveling students)
 Legal Services (FERPA, HIPAA, Safeguarding Law compliance, subpoenas for student records)
 Office of Quality Improvement (data warehouse, process improvement, strategic planning)
 School and College Deans’ Offices (academic actions, advising support, course catalog
     publications, DARS, data warehouse support, degree conferral, FIGS, grading, policy interpretation
     and enforcement)

Office of the Registrar, Strategic Plan 2003-2008                                                     8
Division of Enrollment Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Updated September 2005
     Secretary of the Faculty (commencement activities, Divisional Committee activity, policy
     Student Financial Services (expected graduation term, institutional collaborations, veterans
     Student Orientation Office (information to parents, SOAR)
     University Communications (Timetable, Graduate and Undergraduate Catalog publications, media
     UW Athletics (NCAA and Big 10 academic eligibility, data exchange to support administration of
     UW Foundation (alumni records)
     UW Police Department
     Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA) (alumni records, e-request for transcript project)
     Wisconsin Union (Photo ID/service eligibility)

Committee Involvement
Through committee participation and leadership, we build relationships with campus colleagues and
contribute to building the future of the University. Committee roles include membership, non-voting
consultants, and frequent guests/advisors.

      Academic and Related Technology Committee                      ISIS – Training
       (ARTC)                                                        Joint Admissions Group
      Access to Data Team (A2D)                                      Letters and Science Advisers
      Administrative Processes Group (Data                           My-UW Advisory Team
        Warehouse and Query Library subcommittee)                    My UW– Madison Academic Tab Team
      Adviser Data (AAC subcommittee)                                My UW– Madison Student Record Tab
      Archives/Retention                                              Team
      Associate Administrative Council (AAC)                         Non-Resident Tuition Appeals Committee
      Athletic Department Advising Groups                            21 N. Park Street Tenants Association
      Athletic Department Compliance                                 Plan 2008
      AuthNZ Coordinating Team (ACT)                                 PASE (Populations, Affiliations and Service
      Campus Communicators                                            Entitlements) Policies and User Interface
      Connecting for Academic Success (CAS)                          Priority Enrollment Criteria (AAC
      Council on Academic Advising (CAA)                              Subcommittee)
      DARS Encoders                                                  Retention Data View Committee
      Data Integrity Group (DIG)                                     SOAR Leadership Team
      Division of Enrollment Management – Diversity Team             SOAR Processes Committee
      Division of Enrollment Management – Directors                  Space and Remodeling Policies
      Division of Enrollment Management – Efficiencies                Committee (SRPC)
       Task Force                                                    Summer Sessions Dean’s Council
      Freshman Interest Groups (FIGS)                                Transfer Student SOAR
      General Education Technical Committee                          University Academic Planning Council
      Graduate Coordinators                                           (UAPC)
      Identity Management Leadership Group (IMLG)                    University Directory System (UDS)
      ISIS – Campus Community                                        University Relations
      ISIS – Change Management                                       UW-System – Collaterals
      ISIS – Coaches                                                 UW-System – Help Office
      ISIS – Security                                                UW-System – CDR
      ISIS – MMT                                                     UW System - SOAR Work Group
      ISIS – Self Service                                            UW-System – TIS
      ISIS – News & Student Information Networking                   Web CT/Desire 2 Learn (Learn @ UW)
       Committee (NSINC)
      ISIS – Tech Forums

Office of the Registrar, Strategic Plan 2003-2008                                                                  9
Division of Enrollment Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Updated September 2005
Professional Associations
 American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO)
 American Association of University Registrars (AAU)
 College and University Computer Users Association (CUMREC)
 Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC) Registrars
 Council on Law in Higher Education (CLHE)
 Higher Education Users Group (HEUG)
 University of Wisconsin System Registrars
 Wisconsin Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (WACRAO)
 Wisconsin Higher Education PeopleSoft Users Group (WHEPSUG)

We rely on vended software more now than at any time in the past. This strategy provides benefits,
including the shared economies of scale created by a vendor, and allows us to focus on our core
competencies instead of engaging in the development and maintenance of major software. Our
software vendors and the services we use are listed below.

  Vendor                                                             Service
  CollegeNet                                                         Classroom scheduling software
  Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS)                               Degree audit solution
  First Logic                                                        Address cleansing solution
  National Student Clearinghouse (NSC):                              Degree verification services
  Oracle (formerly PeopleSoft)                                       Student administration software
  Perceptive Software, Inc. (ImageNow)                               Imaging software

Internal Work Groups
Handbook Committee makes recommendations to the leadership team regarding the content,
presentation, ongoing development and management of a staff handbook. The committee will prepare
a draft handbook and present it to the leadership team, and to fellow staff members when finalized.

             Mary Bingham – Chair                     Aaron Apel                     Carol Gosenheimer
             Joan Irwin                               Gary Lee                       Deb Lucas
             Chris Moore                              Kari Smith                     Margie Whalen
             Matt Yeakey

Imaging Team coordinates the imaging system in the Registrar's Office.

             Kim Orwin – Chair                               Jenny Hefty             Donna Markgraf
             Marilyn McIntyre                                Cheryl Wise             Matt Yeakey (technical lead)
             Aaron Apel

Park Street and University Square Move Team plans for our moves to the new 21 N. Park Street
building in 2006 and to the new USQ building in 2009.

             Mary Bingham – Co-chair                  Carol Gosenheimer – Co-        Kim Alling
             Joanne Berg                              Kathleen Cummings              Marilyn McIntyre
             Catherine Sheskey                        Jim Steele                     Cheryl Wise
Office of the Registrar, Strategic Plan 2003-2008                                                               10
Division of Enrollment Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Updated September 2005
Professional Development Committee develops, coordinates, facilitates and communicates professional
development opportunities to the Registrar’s Office staff. The committee meets on a monthly basis to
discuss professional development opportunities, prepare professional development communication
materials, and to discuss and plan office-wide presentations.

             Carol Gosenheimer – Chair                Mary Bingham                   Phil Hull
             Gary Lee                                 Ed McGlinn                     Joan Irwin
             Craig Stevens

Self Service Team reviews student records functionality in Oracle/PeopleSoft Self-Service, customizing
delivered functionality or creating new functionality as needed. The V89 Self Service Working Group's
short term foci are on the uPortal and V89 Oracle/PeopleSoft upgrade timelines and associated issues,
and on reviewing specific v89 Oracle/PeopleSoft self service for students and faculty. The tentative
cross-campus team includes Office of the Registrar members and representatives from DoIT, ISIS
Central, Admissions, Student Financial Services and the Bursar’s Office. The team includes Osmond
Chen, Laura Hesse, Jim Helwig, Bob Mayville, Ilene Seltzer, Dave Leszczynski, Mary Hillstrom, Phia
Vang, Tip Vandall, and Gloria Lehman, in addition to the Office of the Registrar staff below.

             Karen Hanson – Chair                   Jene Atkinson (technical lead)     Jason Dinkelmann
             Chuck Dvorak                           Jean Ferkovich                     Marilyn McIntyre
             Leah Meicher                           Sharon Pero                        Jim Steele
             Catherine Sheskey

The Sunshine Club organizes efforts to allow the office staff as a whole to recognize individual
employee’s significant life-events such as births, graduation, illness, or death in the family. This group
was an outgrowth from the FISH! Committee, originally chaired by Joan Irwin, FISH Ambassador.
While the FISH! Committee is not currently active, Joan continues to coordinate social events for the

             Jenny Hefty – Chair                      Deb Lucas                      Barb Rathbun
             Kari Smith                               Linda Struck                   Margie Whalen

Web Team coordinates web content management, develops and coordinates adherence to standards,
initiates periodic reviews of the website and ensures that the content and navigation is user-friendly and

             Jason Dinkelmann – Chair                 Dave Ableman                   Randy Black
             Sue Dolfin                               Michelle Kelley                Terry Ruzicka
             Lars Skog                                Matt Yeakey

Office of the Registrar, Strategic Plan 2003-2008                                                         11
Division of Enrollment Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Updated September 2005
Supporting the Community

Charitable Giving
The Office of the Registrar supports nonprofit organizations that improve the quality of life in our
community. Our staff has made generous contributions throughout the years. Below are the major
groups we have supported as an office.

             Partners in             Susan G.                Second            Family Centers   Juvenile Diabetes
             Giving                  Komen                   Harvest food      of Madison       Research
             Campaign                Foundation              pantry                             Foundation
  2004       $4,483                  $255                    2335 meals        $1,700           $377
                                                             ($276 + 505#
                                                             of food)
  2003       $3,362                  $230                    2016 meals
                                                             (total for 2002
  2002       $3,319                  $205                    & 2003)

Supported Employment
Since 1987, the Office of the Registrar has provided a supported employment position through Goodwill
Industries of South Central Wisconsin. Through their program, we have had the good fortune of
providing meaningful employment to a member of the community with developmental disabilities. Our
supported employee has enjoyed a productive work life and camaraderie with the employees in our

Student Learning
The UW-Madison Strategic Plan identifies Advance Learning as a strategic priority. This priority is
described as follows: ―It is our mission to foster and support an appreciation of learning that is constant
and enduring, that carries through the life of every individual we touch in a manner that enriches and
extends his or her experience. Every person who works on campus is in the business of learning and
educating, whether by direct action or by efforts to make learning possible.‖

In support of this campus priority, our office is hosting two students for the fall semester. We are
providing an internship opportunity for an engineering student earning a technical communications
certificate. We are also working with a student studying higher education to provide observation hours
for her coursework. We hope to continue to host students in the future to help enrich their education.

Thank you for reading our strategic plan. Should you have any questions or comments, or if you would
like to know more about our strategic planning process, please feel free to contact Joanne Berg or Carol
Gosenheimer (contact information below). Also, please visit our website at

University of Wisconsin-Madison -- Office of the Registrar/Division of Enrollment Management
Joanne E. Berg, Registrar/Associate Vice Chancellor
130 A.W. Peterson Building, 750 University Avenue, Madison, WI 53706
Phone: (608)262-3964

Carol Gosenheimer, Strategic Planning Coordinator
151 A.W. Peterson Building, 750 University Avenue, Madison, WI 53706
Phone: (608)263-5216 email:

Office of the Registrar, Strategic Plan 2003-2008                                                             12
Division of Enrollment Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Updated September 2005
Appendix A                                                                 University of Wisconsin-Madison
                                                                      Division of Enrollment Management                                      September 2005

                                                                              Peter Spear (retiring 10/31/05)
                                                                                     Interim Provost
                                                                                     Virginia Sapiro

                                                           Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management
                                                                                       Joanne Berg

                    Office of the Registrar                    Office of Student Financial           Office of Undergraduate         ISIS Central (Integrated
                   Joanne Berg, Registrar                                Services                           Admissions                   Student Info Sys)
                                                                (position open), Director             Rob Seltzer, Director           Ilene Seltzer, Director

                                                                             Division of Enrollment Management
                                                                                      Support Services

                                      Human Resources Manager                          Budget Manager                    Special Assistant
                                        Mary Bingham, Interim                           June Ganser                       Terry Ruzicka

Office of the Registrar, Strategic Plan 2003-2008                                                                                                               13
Division of Enrollment Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Appendix B                                                                         Organization Chart                                                             September 2005
                             University of Wisconsin-Madison - Division of Enrollment Management -- Office of the Registrar

                                                    Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and Registrar
                                                                               Joanne Berg

                           Program Assist Adv/Conf                    Univ Svcs Assoc 2                                   Strategic Planning
                                Mary Bingham                              Kari Smith                                      Sr. Admin Prg Spec
                                                                                                                          Carol Gosenheimer

                               Auxiliary Services
                               Deb Lucas, USA 1
                               Daryl Wilde, USA 1

          Assistant Registrar                 Assistant Registrar               Assistant Registrar                Assistant Registrar                 Director of Information
               Records                        Customer Services                 Enrollment Services                    Timetable                              Services
              Jim Steele                      Catherine Sheskey                   Karen Hanson                       Sharon Pero                          Marilyn McIntyre

        Student Svcs Prg Mgr 3                                                Student Svcs Prg Mgr 3
           Connie Chapman                        Customer Services                Michelle Kelley                 Timetable and Classroom                Information Services
                                              Randy. Black, SrStuSvcsSp                                                   Scheduling                Cari Anderson, IS Bus Auto Sp
                                               Linda Struck, USPA (B)                                          Linda Gonstead, Sr Adm Prg Spec      Jene Atkinson, IS Bus Auto Sp
                                              Marilyn Strouse, USPA (B)                                          Cheryl Wise, Sr Adm Prg Spec    Jason Dinkelmann, IS Sys Dev Svcs Prof
            Athletic Eligibility                 Judy Day, USPA (B)              Enrollment Services               Sue Dolfin, Adm Prg Spec         Jean Ferkovich, IS Bus Auto Sp
          Sr Student Svcs Coord                    Gary Lee, USA 2            Kim Alling, IS Bus Auto Sp         Charles Dvorak, Adm Prg Spec         Phillip Hull, IS Bus Auto Sp
                Joan Irwin                      Karen Crosser, USA 1           Arlene Custer, USPA (B)            Ed McGlinn, Adm Prg Spec           Leah Meicher, IS Bus Auto Sp
                                                  See Vang, USA 1               Jamie Luby, USPA (A)           Sherrán Pak, Assoc Adm Prg Spec         Kim Orwin, IS Bus Auto Sr
                                               Lydia Barry, USA 1 (prj)     Lars Skog, IS Bus Auto Analyst                                            Matt Yeakey, IS Bus Auto Sr
            Student Records                                                  Pam Weaver, IS Bus Auto Sr                                                Jeff Gear, IS Tech Svcs Sr
          Nikki Demro, USPA (B)
          Jenny Hefty, USPA (B)
         Donna Markgraf, USPA (B)
            Deb Moy, USPA (B)                                                    Tuition Assessment
                                                                            Aaron Apel, IS Bus Auto Analyst
                                                                           Craig Stevens, IS Sys Dev Svcs Sr
        Degree Audit & Diploma
         David Ableman, SSE 2
          Kathy O’Brien, SSE 2                                                       Residency
        Barb Rathbun, SSE 2 (.6)                                                Susan Batt, Advisor
         Lynn Drechsel, SSE 1                                                   Mary Narkis, Advisor
        Christopher Moore, SSE 1                                             Roselyn Lovelace, USPA (B)
        Margie Whalen, USPA (B)

Office of the Registrar, Strategic Plan 2003-2008                                                                                                                                         14
Division of Enrollment Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison
                                                       Appendix C
             Office of the Registrar Planning Retreat Agenda

                                          Registrar’s Office Leadership Retreat
                                               Tuesday, February 8, 2005
                                                       Pyle Center
                                                       8 a.m.-noon

Meeting Aims:               1. Visualize our future 5 years out
                            2. Plan for how we will maximize the “freeze time” (May-
                            Dec. 2005)
                            3. Identify how we will know that we are moving in the right
                            4. Encourage and support each others’ growth as leaders

7:30-8:00 a.m.              Refreshments

8:00-8:30 a.m.              Welcome and overview
                                        Joanne Berg, Registrar

                                      What did we do right this year? How do we know?
                                      What could we have done differently?
                                      Are there any areas where having data would have helped us?
                                             Kathleen Paris, Facilitator

8:30-9:15 a.m.              What do we hope Wisconsin Week headlines will say about
                                  us and/or our work in 3-5 years?

9:15 a.m.-9:30 a.m.                   What can we do during the ―freeze‖ that it would be
                                      difficult or impossible to do if it was ―business as usual‖ ?

9:30-9:45 a.m.              Break

9:45-11:00 a.m.                       How should we deal with challenges related to the following:
                                      1. Resources
                                      2. Communication
                                      3. New Division of Enrollment Management

11:00-11:15 a.m.                      How will we know that we are heading in the right direction?

11:15-11:50 p.m.                      The ―Big Easy‖ and the ―No-So-Easy‖
                                      Review our self-survey.
                                      1. What does it suggest in terms of our collective strengths and
                                      areas for growth?
                                      2. What can we do as individuals to grow as leaders?
                                      3. What is the best way to support each other in these areas?

11:50 a.m-12:00 p.m. Wrap up and next steps

Office of the Registrar, Strategic Plan 2003-2008                                                        15
Division of Enrollment Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison
                                                       Appendix D
       Registrar’s Office Planning Retreat Reflections Sheet
                       Office of the Registrar Planning Retreat – February 8, 2005

                                               Personal Reflections Sheet

Please use this sheet to note personal reflections and ―a-ha moments‖ you wish to capture today during
our discussions.

This is intended to help you take your learning and ideas from the retreat back to your office – you will
not be asked to share your sheet with the group.

Office of the Registrar, Strategic Plan 2003-2008                                                           16
Division of Enrollment Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison
                                                              Appendix E
                      Office of the Registrar Planning Retreat Notes
                                                 Registrar’s Office Leadership Retreat
                                                           February 10, 2005
                                                              Pyle Center

       I. What did we do right this year and how do we know?

What We Did Right                                          How Do We Know?
a. Agendas for Management Team meetings                    People noticed the time when the agenda wasn’t there
b. Strategic in working with other areas on                --fewer instances of negative feedback
campus—pre-planning and communication                      --fewer instances of people saying, ―Why didn’t I know about this?‖
                                                           --more positive feedback
c. Performance Reviews                                     --immediate feedback that staff appreciated the reviews
                                                           --presented opportunity to get things out in the open and to know how people are
                                                           feeling about things

                                                           --Clarified goals and position expectations—less ambiguity
                                                           --Updated positions descriptions
                                                           --Opportunities to fill in gaps
d. Catherine, Michelle & Connie meeting regularly          --enables brainstorming on how new staff can get acquainted, understand what
to share information                                       everyone does.
                                                           --opportunity to put to rest rumors and misinformation
e. The break with Alumni                                   --no communication about it!
                                                           --Freed up a staff person
                                                           --alumni will be served better
                                                           --less frustration in Registrar’s Office

f. E-Grading Project—met with all departments—             --Completion rate--slightly above average response from faculty
took a proactive approach in planning it.                  --Faster time getting grades to students
                                                           --Increased accuracy
                                                           --Will continue to increase efficiency in the future
g. E-Grading Project—working with a team that
was dedicated and caring
h. Culture efforts—break room, FISH embassy,               --Jenny makes it a point to wish everyone happy birthday
birthday celebrations                                      --Hobby-sharing was a big success
                                                           --Break room offers a chance to talk to people you ordinarily wouldn’t have the
                                                           chance to talk to
                                                           --Receiving a card during an illness really mattered.

i. Partnership with DoIt (E-Grading, IAA, etc.)            --There IS a partnership now
                                                           --After E-Grading presentation, people within DoIT said they envied the
                                                           relationships we have --Last year we invited DoIT people to our retreat.
                                                           --Bob and Diane really help—―they care‖
k. TACS—we were able to seamlessly get things              --We met all our deadlines
done—when people were overloaded, others took              --knitting and laughter at lunch time
l. Finished paperless timetable and toolkit and are        --Are getting a lot of questions about when we will eliminate the paper timetable.
ready to implement                                         --Loved the committee!
                                                           --Good feedback on the committee from Linda Neuman about the mix and what
                                                           she learned about how the campus works.
m. Reaching out and communicating with the                 --schools and colleges are in the habit using the Registrar’s Office
campus and making a conscious effort to do so.             schedule/deadlines. They want to be coordinated with us.
n. Central coordination for process improvement            --8 months to complete a very complex project

       Office of the Registrar, Strategic Plan 2003-2008                                                                              17
       Division of Enrollment Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison
                           Registrar’s Office Planning Retreat Notes (continued)

IV. What do we hope WISCONSIN WEEK headlines will say about us and/or our work in 3-5 years?
    Registrar’s Office Staff Remain Sane Despite Harrowing Years—Psychologists Shocked!
    RO Delivers E-everything
    No More Paper Records—WOW, How Did that Happen?
    Students Enroll through Osmosis
    Student Portfolio Enhances Job Opportunities for Students

    Transcripts Exchange Now Electronic
    Paperless Registrar’s Office Is a Reality
    RO Roles out Electronic Transcript—First in Nation
    Online Forms Make Enrollment Easier for Students and Campus
    The Virtual Registrar—Everything Electronic, but there When You Need Them
    New ―High Tech‖ Classroom Building in Central Campus
    RO Wins ―Best Office‖ Award from Students
    RO Model of Campus Service Culture
    RO Leadership Model Cited as ―Best on Campus‖
    Wisconsin Forward Award Goes to Registrar’s Office….despite two office moves, staff retirements, major

    technological challenges, the Office of the Registrar…
    University Square Registrar’s Office is Welcoming and Customer Friendly
    Students Get Great Service at University Square
    The Registrar’s Office Really Cares
    The Registrar’s Office—Quietly Meeting their Customers Needs
    Registrar’s Office Stays Ahead of the Needs
    How Does the Registrar’s Office Know?
    RO Closed Due to Excess Donut Fumes

                            [Headlines are sealed in a “time capsule” to be opened in February, 2010]

Office of the Registrar, Strategic Plan 2003-2008                                                            18
Division of Enrollment Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison
                                                            Appendix F
                         Registrar’s Office Project Charter Template
                           UW-Madison Office of the Registrar (Project Name)
                                           Project Charter
                                                    Updated (date) Version 1.0

Project Name
Project Manager
Primary Stakeholder
Project Description

Business Case/Statement of Need

Customers (direct users)                                             Customer Needs/Requirements

Project Definition
      Functional            
        Goals               
 (primary and core to
    success of the
Non-Functional Goals        
 (supplemental goals,       
                                Describe objectives, deliverables; customers & their needs; stakeholders

                                                   Constraint                                        Mitigation
   Constraints and

    Assumptions             
Project Challenges/Risks
Business Services Internal Audit & Student Representation
Should Business Services Internal Audit and/or a student representative be involved in this project?
Implementation Plan/Milestones

Test Plans
Communication Plan

    Office of the Registrar, Strategic Plan 2003-2008                                                             19
    Division of Enrollment Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Change Management Procedures

Project Management Team Roles and Responsibilities
 Team member            Roles                     Responsibilities

Major Stakeholder Roles and Responsibilities (those who provide input to project, are affected by project and/or who care
about project)
 Stakeholder                               Roles and Responsibilities

    _____________________________________________________                      Date: ____________
    (name, role)
    _____________________________________________________                      Date: ____________
    (name, role)

    Resource Managers
    _____________________________________________________                      Date: ____________
    (name), resource manager
    _____________________________________________________                      Date: ____________
    (name), resource manager

    _____________________________________________________                      Date: ____________
    (name), (role)
    _____________________________________________________                      Date: ____________
    (name), (role)

    Office of the Registrar, Strategic Plan 2003-2008                                                             20
    Division of Enrollment Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison
                                                                                       Appendix G
                                                                          Office of the Registrar Action Items

                                                              Point                                          RO                                                    Target
   Project                Description                         Person        Team              RO Unit(s)     IT   Status                  Check Date                Date      Tie to Strategic Goal
                                                                                                                  Not started yet.
                                                                                                                  Dependent on
                                                                                                                  decision re: servers
                                                                                                                  used for WF email
   Canceled Section                                                         Laura Hesse       Enrollment          from ISIS. Also V8.9
   Notices to             Workflow email to instructor and    Karen         Karen Hanson      Services and        upgrade date will                                           Deliver "wow" customer service,
   students.              students when class canceled.       Hanson        Shari Pero        TACS                impact.                              3/1/2006   8/15/2006   Automate processes
                          Create an employee handbook                       Deb Lucas,                            Committee has been
                          that provides policies,                           Aaron Apel,                           meeting since
                          guidelines and information that                   Margie Whalen,                        August 2004; draft
                          will benefit and inform                           Chris Moore,                          will be available for
                          employees; handbook will be                       Kari Smith,                           Leadership Team
                          available on the RO website                       Carol                                 review in August
                          and as a paper/printable                          Gosenheimer,                          2005. Leadership

   Handbook for           document                            Mary          Matt Yeakey,                          reviews and                                                 Foster a positive work environment
   employees                                                  Bingham       Joan Irwin        All            N    approves final copy.             8/17/2005       09/05      w/shared vision

   Implement use of
   Rational Robot for                                         Karen         Karen Hanson      Enrollment
   patch/fix testing      Automated testing scripts.          Hanson        Michelle Kelley   Services                                             3/15/2006      12/1/2006   Automate processes
                          Add checkboxes for each office
                          that imposes minimum term
                          credits; adtl setup table for
   Enhance Deans          these values. Coordinate with                     Karen Hanson
   Term Credit            the SEVIS overload                  Karen         Kim Alling;       Enrollment          Enhancement with

   Override.              enhancements.                       Hanson        Leah Meicher      Services            v89.                            10/15/2005      12/1/2005   Automate processes
                                                                                                                  Startup and
                                                                                                                  discovery phase:
                                                                                                                  1/05-8/05. Design
                                                                                                                  phase: 9/05-11/05.
                                                                            RO Staff; DoIT                        Development phase:
                          Provide on-line service for                       staff; Internal                       10/05-3/06. Testing
   e-Request for          students to request and pay for     Catherine     Audit; Cash       Customer            3/06-5/06.                                                  Deliver "wow" customer service,
   Official Transcripts   transcripts                         Sheskey       Mgmt; WAA         Services       Y    Implementation: 6/06                 monthly     06/06      Automate processes
                          Electronic storage of
   E-rest decision        Professional Schools'
   process for            admissions applications for a
   Professional           more efficient residency                          Imaging Team
   Schools'               determination process and to                      Offices of
   admission              store directly into an electronic   Michelle      Admissions        Enrollment
   applications           permanent document file.            Kelley        Residency         Services       Y    In progress.                     12/1/2005      2/1/2006

Office of the Registrar, Strategic Plan 2003-2008                                                                                                                                                                  21
Division of Enrollment Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison
                                                                         Appendix H
                                                        Office of the Registrar High Priority Initiatives
         Strategic Planning Timeline (target completion months)                                                                                     This document is reviewed and updated monthly
          June         July        August       September       October                         November           December          January          February       March       April      May
          2005         2005          2005          2005          2005                             2005               2005             2006              2006          2006       2006      2006
                                       Min credit        Image current    Central Files        Presentations      Deans Term       Imaging – Res    Timetable                      Grad            Web
                                       SQR sevis I       record cards                          at WACRAO:         Credit           letters          Toolkit                        School          viewer
                                                                                               e-Grading &        override                          enhancement                    auto res        R25 on
                                                                                               transcript proj.                                     s II                           check           web
                                       E-res Decision    UDS-ISIS         RO campus            DARWIN to          Workflow         All Staff        Graduate                       Transcript      e-
                                       - Special         phase II         listening            MUM for            Residency        meeting          School ISIS                    project         Request
                                                         use new feed     sessions             students           (notify FA)                       efficiencies                   integrated      for
                                                                                                                                                                                   system          Transcrip
                                                                                                                                                                                   testing         t ready to
                                                                                                                                                                                                   go live
                                                         Data             Set registered                          Verifications    E-grading        NCAA feed of                   Vets
                                                         warehouse fix    flag for data                           through MUM      enhancement      scholarship                    informa-
                                                         for registered   warehouse                                                s II             info to ISIS                   tion on
                                                         flag (Kim A)                                                                                                              the web
        Implement      e-Res                             Data             Handbook                                                 DARWIN to
        x25            decision -                        warehouse fix    draft ready for                                          MUM for
                       grad                              for admit term   leadership                                               advisers
                                                         (Marilyn)        review
        Veterans                     All Staff           New FERPA        RO strategic                                             Self-service
        Data base -                  meeting (FPM        forms &          plan rollout to                                          for advisers &
        Launch                       presentation –      brochure         internal staff                                           auxiliary
                                     move to Park        (content only)
                       Draft RO      SS # and CID     Cleanup of
                       strategic     with             admit type
                       plan          Admission
                                     Actions – all
                       RO Committee membership                                                                                     Portal
                       reviews                                                                                                     Migration
        Preparation for December ISIS upgrade to V8.9
        ISIS upgrade
        Performance Reviews (April-August)

            June            July          August          September         October             November           December          January         February          March          April          May
            2006            2006           2006             2006             2006                 2006               2006             2007             2007            2007           2007           2007
        E-pdf creation    Move to Park Street
        e-Request for
        Student Test
        scores in
           Non-Registrar initiative with varying degrees of impact                  Critical                                Project completed             Roman numerals indicate project phases
Office of the Registrar, Strategic Plan 2003-2008                                                                                                                                                               22
Division of Enrollment Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison
       Strategic Planning Timeline (completion months)                       Office of the Registrar – High Priority Initiatives
          August         Sept.       October      November                   December       January 2005        February             March            April           May
           2004          2004         2004          2004                        2004                              2005               2005             2005            2005
       Wisc Edu         E-class         Workflow –         E-grading                          DARS to             RO Planning      Self-service   Timetable        Instr/Adv
       required for     rosters with    Academic                                              DARWIN              retreat          schedule of    Toolkit Roll-    ISIS UDS
       students         e-mail          Action pilot (I)                                                                           classes – II   out              feed
                                                                                                                                   & PDF TT
       Workflow-                                           Transcripts off   Self-service     Survey of           Alumni Records   e-Req. for     Enhancement      e-Grading
       Exam                                                mainframe         course catalog   Faculty re: E-      customization    transcript     s to E-grading   email
       Scheduling                                          (completed)                        grading & post-                      project def.   I                notifi-
                                                                                              mortem                                                               cation pilot
                                                           Learn@UW grade submission                                               Dean’s Drop    Replace e-       DARS to
                                                                                                                                   Request        Service with     track
                                                                                                                                                  Pre-Upgrade      NCAA
                                                                                                                                                  Transcript       eligibility
                                                                             Response to                                                          All staff
                                                                             on-line                                                              meeting
                                                                             All staff                                                            Record
                                                                             meeting 12/15
                                                                             UDS/ISIS feed
                                                                             for applicants
                                                                             Upgrade 12/5
                                                                                              Quality 101 class                                  Preparation for December ISIS
                                                                                                                                                 upgrade to V8.9 begins
                                                                                                                                   Performance Reviews begin

               Project completed (Roman numerals I, II, etc. indicate
               project phase)

Office of the Registrar, Strategic Plan 2003-2008                                                                                                                                 23
Division of Enrollment Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison
                                                                             Appendix I
                                                                     Supporting the Campus Plan

The Office of the Registrar provides infrastructure and guidelines for myriad student and faculty services that support and enhance the academic mission of
the university.

The table below shows how the Office of the Registrar supports each of the Campus Priorities through our achievements, future plans and strategic goals.

              Campus                   2003-2005 Office of the Registrar             2005-06 Office of the Registrar             Office of the Registrar
              Priority                        Accomplishments                                  Initiatives                           Strategic Goal
        Promote Research             Rolled out Mode of Instruction to allow                                                    Automate processes to
        – Invigorate &               students to more easily search for distance   Provide veterans information on the web      increase efficiency
        Expand Student               education courses
        Educational                                                                Provide student test scores in My UW         Deliver ―Wow‖ customer
        Opportunities                Supported Capstone and certificate            Madison                                      service
                                                                                   Review and revise/redesign Office of the
                                     Launched Veterans database                    Registrar website

        Advance Learning             Developed Leadership Record for students      Continue Timetable Improvement Projects      Automate processes to make
                                     (record of extra curricular activities)        Redefine the timetable process             them more efficient
                                                                                    Eliminate printed Timetable
                                     Full implementation of e-grading (including                                                Define and promote our role
                                     interface with D2L)                           Implement electronic request for official    on campus
                                                                                   transcript process
                                     Launched E-class roster in Fall 2003;                                                      Deliver ―Wow‖ customer
                                     eliminated paper rosters                      Prepare for portal upgrade                   service

                                     Track NCAA eligibility in DARS                Prepare for ISIS upgrade                     Develop fiscal plan to support
                                                                                                                                our vision
                                     Promoted awareness of student privacy         Build an early-alert system for faculty to
                                     rights (FERPA)                                allow electronic notification to notify
                                                                                   students about their academic progress
                                     Launched Study Abroad ―department‖
                                                                                   Adapt DARSweb application for use by
Office of the Registrar, Strategic Plan 2003-2008                                                                                                                24
Division of Enrollment Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison
              Campus                   2003-2005 Office of the Registrar          2005-06 Office of the Registrar   Office of the Registrar
              Priority                        Accomplishments                               Initiatives                 Strategic Goal
                                     Timetable Improvement Projects
                                      Developed and rolled out Timetable
                                         Planning Toolkit
                                      Began transition to a paperless
                                         Timetable through enhancements to
                                         electronic timetable and new PDF
                                         timetable. Resource savings
                                         (monetary and environmental) through
                                         reduction of printed Timetables

                                     Rolled out self-service online course

                                     Customized our alumni records and
                                     eliminated redundant work efforts between
                                     the Wisconsin Alumni Association and the
                                     UW Foundation.

                                     Implemented ―Workflow‖ functionality
                                      Final Exam Scheduling
                                      Academic Action Processing

                                     Initiated process to automatically capture
                                     and image electronic applications for
                                     Undergrad and Special Student
                                     admissions; have imaged ~300,-000
                                     records (75% of total), to date

                                     Launched electronic request for official
                                     transcript project, to allow customers to
                                     order their transcripts online

                                     Developed DARSweb application for
                                     advisors and degree auditors

                                     Developed and implemented online Deans
                                     Drop request form and process to eliminate
                                     paper form

Office of the Registrar, Strategic Plan 2003-2008                                                                                             25
Division of Enrollment Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison
              Campus                   2003-2005 Office of the Registrar                2005-06 Office of the Registrar              Office of the Registrar
              Priority                        Accomplishments                                     Initiatives                            Strategic Goal
                                     Collaborated to define approval process for
                                     nonstandard fee courses and programs (in
                                     conjunction with campus reps)
        Accelerate                   Established Study Abroad ―department‖ to                                                       Automate processes to make
        Internationalization         facilitate posting Madison credits for                                                         them more efficient
                                     students who study abroad, and to provide
                                     these students with a meaningful transcript                                                    Deliver ―Wow‖ customer
                                     Participated in International Entry Delay
                                     Task force, which was established to assist
                                     students and faculty with delayed entry into
                                     the United States
        Amplify the                  Shared information and lessons from major        Share information and lessons from major      Define and promote our role
        Wisconsin Idea               project (e-grading) with colleagues (e-          projects with colleagues at state-level and   on campus
                                     grading, e-request for transcript) at national   national conferences. Present e-grading
                                     conference (Higher Education User Group)         and e-request for transcript sessions at      Develop fiscal plan to support
                                                                                      Wisconsin Association of Collegiate           our vision
                                                                                      Registrars and Admissions Officers
                                                                                      (WACRAO) annual conference; and
                                                                                      present e-grading session at American
                                                                                      Association of Collegiate Registrars and
                                                                                      Admissions Officers (AACRAO) national

        Nurture Human                Provided more self-service opportunities to      Continue to provide more self-service         Deliver ―Wow‖ customer
        Resources –                  students (see section on Advance                 opportunities to students (see section on     service
        Students                     Learning)                                        Advance Learning)

                                     Focused on staff development for customer        Develop new FERPA forms and brochures
                                                                                      Review and revise/redesign Office of the
                                     Improved SOAR presentations?                     Registrar website

                                     ACT 185 implementation for veterans

        Nurture Human                Provided more self-service opportunities to      Help prepare staff for move to Park Street    Automate processes to make
        Resources –                  staff and faculty (see section on Advance        Gateway building by hosting an information    them more efficient
        Faculty and Staff            Learning)                                        and question/answer session with Facilities
                                                                                      Planning and Management                       Create a well-planned physical
Office of the Registrar, Strategic Plan 2003-2008                                                                                                                    26
Division of Enrollment Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison
              Campus                   2003-2005 Office of the Registrar           2005-06 Office of the Registrar                Office of the Registrar
              Priority                        Accomplishments                                Initiatives                              Strategic Goal
                                     Provided professional development                                                           environment
                                     workshops and training                      Successful move to Park Street Gateway
                                      FISH! Philosophy Workshop                 building                                        Develop fiscal plan to support
                                      Leadership training in process                                                            our vision
                                         improvement tools                       Finalize and roll out Office of the Registrar
                                      Staying Healthy While you Work            Employee Handbook to staff                      Foster a positive work
                                         session                                                                                 environment with shared vision
                                      Reclaiming Balance, Creativity and Fun    Hold Office of the Registrar Listening
                                         in the Workplace workshop               Sessions                                        Increase expert base
                                      My-Professional Development
                                         demonstrations                          Review and revise/redesign Office of the
                                      Campus Tours                              Registrar website

                                     Enhanced desktop support for Registrar’s    Expand self-service for advisers & auxiliary
                                     Office staff
                                                                                 Create online tutorials for e-Grading and
                                     Implemented performance reviews for all     DARS on the Web
                                     RO staff

                                     Redefined space needs; worked with FP&M
                                     and architects to define and design space
                                     for two upcoming moves

                                     Developed and charged new web
                                     management team

                                     Formed and launched Office of the
                                     Registrar Handbook Committee, charged
                                     with recommending and developing content
                                     for an employee handbook

Office of the Registrar, Strategic Plan 2003-2008                                                                                                                 27
Division of Enrollment Management, University of Wisconsin-Madison