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					                                Lesson 4 Memos

A memo is a way of written communication frequently used between offices in a
company for te purpose of reminding employees of something important. It’s
normally short and informal.



From: HGW                                        To:       Department managers
Date: 21/4                                       Subject: In-service English classes
C.C: Bobo

From Monday 8 May English classess will be held in the Training Centre (room 317).
There will be two groups: intermediate level (8:30-10:00) and advanced level
(10:30-12:00). Please encourage your staff to attend one of the sessions. All teaching
materials will be provided but students will be expected to do homework and
preparation outside working hours.

Please send me the names of all interested staff by noon on Wednesday 26 April. They
will be given an informal oral test during the first week of May so that we can decide
which of the classes is best for them.

The size of each class will be limited to 12 participants.

                                                                  HGW (signature)

Match the English words in the left column with their Chinese meaning in the right.

Group 1

postpone                             办公室内部的
memo(randum)                         收件箱
correspondence                       推迟,延迟
communication                        (书面形式的)交流沟通
in-box                               备忘录
intra-office                         交流沟通

Group 2

conference                           张贴
post                                  禁止
misplace                             适用于
prohibit                             混乱,乱七八糟
clutter                              会议
apply to                              弄错地方

Group 3

strictly                             警告
restrict                             坚持
copy                                 严厉地
warning                              试用,实习
probation                            复印件,副本
persist                              限制

Group 4

gossip                              部门
termination                         聊八卦
department                          关于……
dictation                           分发
offense                             终止,结束
regarding                           记录,听写
distribute                          违反,冒犯
         Phrases                                  Examples
bulletin board
hear about               I didn’t hear about the meeting tomorrow.
get lost                 My important document got lost on my desk.
effective immediately
pile up                  Books get piled up on my desk.

※ Dialogue 1
A:I've been waiting here in the conference room for ten minutes already.What time
  does our meeting start? Where is everyone anyway?
B:Didn’t you hear about that? Our meeting was postponed until Friday.
A:What? The meeting was postponed? No one told me anything about it.
B:Didn’t you get the memo?
A:What memo? There haven’t been any memos this whole week. check my in- box
  every day.and I haven’t seen anything.
B:The memo went out three days ago.It should have made it to your in-box,but
  maybe it got lost in all the clutter on your desk.
A:You know how things get piled up on my desk when I am busy. I know that
  sometimes I do misplace things,but I always read all the memos that go
  around. They go directly to my in-box.Are you sure it was sent to the whole
B: should have gone around to everybody.        They also posted a copy of the memo in
  the break-room.Don’t you ever look at the messages posted on the bulletin
A:I'm usually too busy to take a bunch of coffee breaks and gossip by the water
  cooler.Anyway,I am sure the memo never got to my in-box.I'll have to talk to
  our secretary about it.
B:That’s right.You never know what you’re missing out on if you don’t read the
※ Dialogue 2
A:Ms.Dawson,I need you to take a dictation for me.
A:This should go out as an intra-office memorandum to all employees by this
  afternoon.Are you ready?
B:Yes,sir.Go ahead.
A:Attention all staff…Effective immediately, office communications are restricted
  to email correspondence and official memos . The use of Instant Message
  programs by employees during working hours is strictly prohibited.
B:Sir,does this apply to intra-office communications only? Or will it also restrict
  external communications?
  It                                       not
A: should apply to all communications, only in this office between employees,
  but also any outside communications.
B: sir,   many employees use Instant Messaging to communicate with their clients.
A:They will just have to change their communication methods.I don’t want any-
  one using Instant Messaging in this office.It wastes too much time! Now,please
  continue with the memo.Where were we?
B:“This applies to internal and external communications.
A:Yes.Any employee who persists in using Instant Messaging will first receive a
  warning and be placed on probation.At second offense,the employee will face
  termination . Any questions regarding this new policy may be directed to
  department heads.
B:Is that all?
A:Yes.Please get this memo typed up and distributed to all employees before 4 pm.

Please translate the following sentences into English.

1 John,你的收件箱里有一封新的备忘录。
John, there is a new memo in your in-box.
a new memo has come to your in-box.

2 公告栏上张贴着一张备忘录的复印件。
A copy of the memo is posted on the buletin board.
There is copy of the memo posted on the buletin board.

3 Jasmine,明天中午之前请务必把这份文件分发给所有员工。
Jasmine, please get the memo distributed to all employees(staff) before tomorrow
Jasmine, please get the memo gone around to all employees before tomorrow noon.

4 听说市场营销部经理因为和小秘闹绯闻,可能要下课。
It was said that the marketing manager might be fired(dismissed) as a result of the
affair with his secretary.

5 此项规定立即执行:上班时间严禁用 QQ 聊天。
This rule shall be effective immediately: QQ-chatting (chatting by QQ) is strictly
prohibited during working hours.