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					March 24, 2008

TO:          The Department of Workforce Education (DWE)
             Federal Surplus Property (FSP) Donees

FROM:        Duane Bell, Manager
             AR Federal Surplus Property
             Phone 1.501.835.3111

SUBJECT:     Want List (revised 10-01-01)
             3-24-08 Property Listings
             Tagging Procedures 5-15-00
             Equitable Distribution
             Purchase Order Process 9-08-03

Special Note: Effective 10-1-2001, major property listed on the WANT LIST hold
             time will be changed from ten (10) days to five (5) working days
             after contact to view the property and five (5) working days to take
             possession of the property. Arrangements must be made within
             the 10 day period or the next donee will be contacted.

When you e-mail, we only get the e-mail address, be sure to include your name
and donee organization name with your e-mail allowing us to better identify the
e-mail. Remember to contact us when you change your email address.
Contact Kathy Fugatt at 501-992-1023 or

WANT LIST: Federal Surplus Property (FSP) offers a service through a WANT
LIST for those hard to find, limited quantity, high cost items for our donees. The
list is active for one year and the donee must contact FSP to renew requested
items on the WANT LIST. To place items on the WANT LIST, contact Butch
Campbell at the following e-mail address:

To inquire about property in this newsletter, please contact:
Butch Campbell, or 501-772-7194
William Sanders, or 501-772-7345
Keith Christy, or 501-772-8497
James Stafford, or 501-772-7238

The following FSP ground rules must be followed to assist in reducing
disappointment with this new system.

1. Anyone acquiring FSP property must be a donee in good standing with FSP.
   Our office (501-835-3111) can verify your present donee status.
2. You must follow the chain of command established by your entity to become
   a person able to acquire FSP property. The chief official for your entity or
   their designee may sign for FSP property.

3. Come prepared (truck and/or trailer) to take the property with you. In the
   event transportation is not possible at the time you visit FSP, property may be
   tagged and must be picked up within 10 working days or the second hold will
   be contacted. You may request one five-day extension.

4. FSP property must be put into use within 12 months from the date acquired
   or request an extension and used for 18 months from the date the property is
   put into service. After 18 months of use, the property becomes the property
   of the entity.

5. It is an imprisonable offense to use FSP for personal use, given to, or sold to
   individuals during the 12 months until the property is put into service and
   during the 18 months once put into service until completion of services.

6. The property must be listed on the entity's inventory and primarily used in

10 Day Holding Period: Effective 5-15-2000, when a donee holds property for
10 days, the hold date starts the next working day and runs for 10 working days
excluding holidays and weekends.

Attention: See Special Note in “Want List” information located on page
one (1).

Tagging Property on the FSP Yard: Effective 5-15-2000, property put on hold
on the yard must be marked with a permanent, weatherproof marker. This is
due to elements fading the paper and pen tags to the point where the hold can’t
be read. After 5-15-2000, paper tags will be a gamble. If paper tags are lost, not
legible, or for whatever reason have been removed, the donee having a legible
tag or using the permanent, weatherproof markers will be contacted. Contact
any FSP employee for a permanent, weatherproof marker to use.

Equitable Distribution: Limits on the amount of property tagged by a donee
representative will depend upon availability, equitable distribution to all interested
donees, and time restraints. (2-7-01)

NIB means New-In-Box

GSA Office of Civil Rights Notice: Be sure your Title VI & IX Non-
discrimination Poster is displayed. Contact: Vernon Cook, in the event you need a poster to display or call him
at 1.501.835-3111.

Purchase Order Process: Effective October 8, 2003, for those agencies using
a purchase order, the Federal Surplus Property Program will only accept a hard
copy of the signed purchase order. Unless specified on the FSP Authorization
Form that anyone with a purchase order can sign for property, FSP will not
accept a purchase order in lieu of a person being on the authorization list or a
letter signed and dated authorizing that person to sign for property.

               17TH Department of Workforce Education (DWE)
                          Federal Surplus Property
                        E-mail listing March 24, 2008

3          10.00     Office chairs (8-700-04; C1)

5          30.00     Metal file cabinets (8-700-05; B2)

1          10.00     Chair (8-700-08; C1)

16         20.00     Chairs (8-700-11; D1)

6          20.00     Metal, 2-drawer file cabinets (8-700-12; A2)

1          40.00     6’ blue server rack (8-700-13; A3)

3          30.00     Metal file cabinets (8-666-01; B2)

5          20.00     Metal 2-drawer file cabinets (8-666-02; A2)

2          15.00     Break room tables (8-645-01; D3)

2          15.00     Break room chairs (8-645-02; C1)

3          40.00     Cabinets, wood (8-645-03; B2)

1          75.00     Dental exam chair (8-680-01; N2)

7          20.00     Office chairs (8-680-02; C1)

1          15.00     Household chair (8-680-03; B1)

1 lot    400.00      Panasonic video camera, 2-tripods, lens case & rolling
                     cabinet (8-711; H1)

1          10.00     Pentax automatic 35MM camera (8-583-01; F2)
1          40.00     Olympus 35MM camera w/case & flash (8-583-02; F2)

1          60.00     Pentax 35 MM camera lens, 300MM zoom lens (8-583-04;

1          20.00     Pentax 1:4 70-210MM zoom lens (8-583-05; F2)

1       2300.00      1988 Chevrolet S-10, V-6, gasoline, miles-33,292, runs, VIN
                     1GCCS14R7J8175998 (8-654; Y6)

5         500.00     Detroit diesel, 3-cylinder diesel engines, MDL: 50335001 (8-
                     647; H3)

Make the trip and save money at the same time. Bring a truck and/or trailer
with you to bring the property you need back when you visit. This alone cuts
your transportation and employees costs in half.

This notice is sent to 3,700+ donee representatives and quantities are limited.
This is an effort to make your visit to FSP worthwhile. Bring enough securing
material as needed for the load and a big truck and/or trailer with you.

If you haven’t been to our new web site, it is worth the trip! It is new and
moving. Be sure to check out the color pictures of the major pieces of
property at:


Place your curser on the address above and click your left mouse button to get to
                                   the site.

Please consider joining the National Association of State Agencies for Surplus
Property (NASASP) Associate Membership Program. This is our national
association dedicated to providing you the best property available and our
representative in Washington, DC.

                   NASASP Associate Membership Application

The Arkansas State Agency for Surplus Property (Surplus Services) and the
National Association of State Agencies for Surplus Property (NASASP) is
dedicated to the pursuit of obtaining Federal surplus personal property for local
programs like yours. We know that budgets are tight. We know that you, like
many local governments, schools, non-profit organizations, and volunteer
emergency services, are scrambling to meet the ever-increasing needs of your
constituents in spite of ever-decreasing resources to meet those needs.
NASASP and the Arkansas Federal Surplus Property Program are here to assist
you in cutting your expenses by providing surplus property at low cost.

However, we are also scrambling to meet your needs. Federal surplus property
transferred to FSP has declined over the last ten years. Each State Agency for
Surplus Property is but one voice in a sea of many with respect to requesting
property from the Federal Government. Even as an Association, we are only 56
voices strong. The most powerful way to make your needs heard in Washington
is for all of us to join as one voice. This is your opportunity to join with that one
voice, to express your concerns regarding the decreasing availability of the
equipment and supplies that enable your community to survive, that enable your
community to thrive.

You are not required to join to receive Federal Surplus Property, but you and
your organization can show your support of the donation program by joining and
becoming a NASASP Associate Member. Associate Membership dues are only
$39 annually – a small cost to ensure the continued availability of heavy
equipment for your municipalities, of emergency equipment to protect the men
and women who protect your community, of educational supplies to ensure that
your children are prepared to enter society as productive adults.

Please, consider joining your voice with ours. Together, we can protect and
enhance the Donation Program that has provided so much for so many. The
NASASP Associate Membership Form is attached for your convenience. Thank
you for your loyal support for the continuance of the donation program.


Duane W. Bell, AR FSP Manager
       National Association of State Agencies for Surplus Property, Inc.

Employer ID # 22-2923977

Associate Membership Application (1-12-05)

Donee Representative Name: _________________Title: __________________

Organization: ____________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________

City: _______________________ State: ____________          Zip: ___________

Phone Number: _______________         Email Address: ____________________

New:           ___ Renewal: _________

Make $39.00 membership checks payable to: NASASP

Mail To: Arkansas Federal Surplus Property
         8700 Remount Road
         North Little Rock, AR 72118

Membership is for one year from membership date. Remember, membership is
not a requirement, but an honor. Your support is appreciated!

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