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Friends of Wythe County Public Library


									                                                                  WCPL Friends Meeting Minutes

  Friends of Wythe County Public Library

DATE: August 27, 2009
TIME: 7:00 PM

Members present:
Paul Dillenger, Carroll Stewart, Mary Lou Campbell, Jocelyn Willoughby, Mary Hartley, Dale
Hartley, Beth Marcotte, Mary Etta Clemons, Bette McGee, and Martha Cox

The meeting was called to after the Book Feast and end of Summer Reading program. The
meeting was called to order and Mary Etta Clemons gave a report that Coke bottle caps reward
program could be used for ordering magazines. Shelves for the old case will be ready soon. The
Children’s Library workers are weeding to find more shelf space and moving shelves around to
update the Junior Fiction section. Teen volunteers are helping. The short fall in the budget may
require some donations for books. The Adopt-A-Book program has been revived. The first book
order for the fiscal year will go out in September.

The minutes were read and approved. The treasurer reported $254.20 from the book sale and
$10,954.28 in the bank. One new member, Ann Langenbach, has been added to the
membership. Memberships received in the fall will carry thru for the next year. Mary Lou
Campbell will write an article about membership for the Wytheville Enterprise.


The project to protect the items in genealogy section is moving ahead. Mary presented a
sample of the finished product. Six binders and 600 sheet protectors have been purchased at a
cost of $219.89. A motion to spend $200.00 on the project passed. Patrons can remove pages
and photocopy them safely.

Adam Webb is taking photos of items the Friends need to get rid of and putting the items on an
Internet site for other libraries to purchase. Some old computers need to be disposed of
properly. The conference room will be cleaned out as soon as possible.

Lights in the kitchen and staff break room areas need new ballasts. Stick up lights will be used
until the issue is resolved. Dale Hartley will purchase and install.


Beth Marcotte passed a letter to the Wytheville Town Council thanking them for keeping the

                                                                 WCPL Friends Meeting Minutes

library funds in the budget. A letter will be sent to the Wythe-Grayson Regional Library Board of
Trustees to express concern about the library budget shortfalls.

Mary Lou Campbell will fill in as Friends Present for Beth Marcotte in September. Beth will be
attending the Library board meeting.

Bette McGee, president of the Wythe-Grayson Regional Library Foundation Board, presented to
the group the purpose of the Foundation. Six members are appointed by the Library Board of
Trustees with one trustee to serve on the Foundation board. Currently the Foundation is one
member short. The Foundation maintains the Federal 501-c3 tax status and manage memorials
that are left to the library. The Foundation reports to the Board of Trustees once a year. The
report is included the minutes for all to read. The Foundation helps keep information
confidential for the donors that do not want their names used. Adam Webb and Bette McGee
attended grant writing workshops in order to apply for the many available grants for regional
and library use. The Foundation needs to raise money like never before and would like to have
some fund raising events in the future. The Foundation is the official fund raising organization
for the library system.

After questions and answers section the Friends adjourned at 8:15 PM.


The next meeting will be held September 24, 2009 at 7:00 PM in the Conference Room of Wythe
County Public Library.


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