Gift and Stocking Stuffer Ideas by chenshu


									              Gift and Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Tamala
   Knee High Socks
   Badminton Set
   Easel
   Fabric Markers
   Canister Set (Corel has a Royal White Hearthstone set that matches our
    dishes, but any set that isn't ugly will do.)
   Guitar Case
   Chanter, Alto Recorder, or Tenor Recorder
   Books
     The Foundling – Lloyd Alexander
     The Enchanted Forest Chronicle – Patricia C. Wrede
   DVDs
     Pirates of the Caribbean:                    My Fair Lady
        The Curse of the Black Pearl(1)            Anne Of Green Gables (1,2 & 3)
        and At World’s End(3)                      Pride & Prejudice (A&E)
        (I already own the 2nd movie)              Sense & Sensibility
     The Importance of Being                      The Work and the Glory (1,2 & 3)
   Anything that Screams Tamala
   If all else fails, Chocolate, Candles, Bath Items and Hair Accessories are
    always nice. Gift Cards for Thyme Maternity, Michael's, and major department
    stores like Wal-Mart, are also acceptable.

My favourite colour is blue, but I also like greens and purples. (I don’t care for
orange.) I like the scents of coconut, vanilla, lemon, orange, most berries (except
raspberry), and freesia. For themes or designs, I like fantasy or Celtic designs,
butterflies, penguins, cats (domestic and wild), and other cute, fuzzy, or pretty
animals. If you want to get me jewelry, that I have sensitive skin, so go for non-
metal alternatives.
My measurements are 40-35-45, and I wear XL on top and XXL on the bottom.
Remember, I am pregnant, and need room to grow. For hats, my head is 21”

For art supplies, only minimal colours are needed as long as I have close to true
primary colours: MAGENTA, YELLOW, CYAN, BLACK and
WHITE , and a good RED, and BLUE, would also be nice.
(The colours that computer printer inks come in are a good guide for true colours.)

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