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November 17-18, 2009 • London

Marketing On A Tightrope: From Surviving
The Downturn To Thriving In An Upturn

November 17-18, 2009
Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel
London, United Kingdom
                              FORRESTER’S MARKETING
                              FORUM EMEA 2009
                                       Dear Colleague,
    3   Role-Based Forum
                                       Let’s face it. A year of recession became a year of turmoil, reactive actions, resetting
    4   Speakers
                                       budgets, and short-term planning.
    6   Expert Advice
                                       At some point the tide will turn. What will be the basis for planning key marketing
    7   Agenda                         initiatives and allocating marketing budgets in 2010? A conservative plan that gets
                                       you through tough times with tightly controlled spending? Or do you kick off the new
    8   Track Information              decade focused on innovating your marketing, upgrading your online activities, and
                                       developing new products and services? Now is the time to start making preparations
    11 Registration                    and think about how you’ll leapfrog competitors out of the recession, how you’ll enrich
                                       your online engagement with customers, and which product and service innovations
    12 Venue & Sponsors
                                       you’ll be ready for.

                                       Forrester’s Marketing Forum EMEA 2009 will provide a platform where marketing and
                                       customer experience professionals will be able to share innovative best practices,
                                       network with peers, benefit from keynote and track sessions, and pose direct ques-
                                       tions to top Forrester analysts during One-On-One Meetings.

                                       I look forward to seeing you in London!

                                       Michelle de Lussanet
                                       Vice President, Research Director
                                       Forrester Research

                 Key Questions
            Key Questions
            Attendees of the Marketing Forum EMEA 2009 will come away with a vision of the future and fresh ideas for how
            you can maintain your momentum during the recession and on into recovery:
            • How have interactive media and social technologies changed the relationship with customers?
            • What steps can marketers take to meet today's economic challenges and prepare for future growth?
            • What's the new marketing behavior? What marketing mix and online strategies will ensure the
              highest return on marketing's investments?
            • What do consumers expect from the online channel and is it meeting consumer needs?
            • How can companies use digital channels as the center of their relationships with consumers?
            • What is the role of mobile in connecting with consumers?
            • What tools, technologies, and skills will enable richer customer experiences?

2         For more information visit: www.forrester.com/marketingEMEA2009

Role-Based Forum                                                              Why Attend?
This Forum is designed for the following roles:
•   Consumer Market Research Professionals                                    • Benefit from the unbiased research and
•   Consumer Product Strategy Professionals                                     expertise of Forrester analysts.
•   Customer Experience Professionals
•   Customer Intelligence Professionals                                       • Identify opportunities for intelligent
•   eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals                                   cost-saving.
•   Interactive Marketing Professionals
•   Marketing Leadership Professionals                                        • Hear keynote addresses from leading
•   Technology Product Management & Marketing Professionals                     industry executives and Forrester

                                                                              • Choose from six topic-specific tracks.

                                                                              • Network with more than 250 of your

                                                                              • Meet one-on-one with top Forrester

     Who Are We?
Who Are We?                                                                   • Leave with profitable action plans and
Forrester uses personas like us to represent clients in their                   strategic initiatives.

professional roles and deliver a uniquely relevant and

solution-oriented experience.

        “A well organized and informative event that gave a good overview of the state of the market, that was
                                 particularly useful in these difficult economic times”
                                                                              Tanya Peasgood, Europcar UK

     Role-Based Track Sessions
      Marketing Forum EMEA will deliver six different role-based tracks, three per day, so you can benefit from the maximum
      amount of analyst-driven research during the event. The role-based tracks will include:
     • Marketing Leadership: Leading Marketing In Tough Times
     • Interactive Marketing: Implementing And Measuring Relevant Digital Strategies
     • Consumer Product Strategy: The Digital Transition Of Media And What It Means For Brands, Technology Companies,
       And Access Providers
     • eBusiness & Channel Strategy: Next-Generation Sales And Service
     • Customer Experience: The Future Of Customer Experience: How To Delight Customers In The Recovering Economy
     • Technology Product Management & Marketing: B2B Social Marketing And Sales Enablement In The Technology

                                                                           To register call: +31 (0)20 305 4848               3

      Industry Keynotes
    Industry Keynotes
           Bernhard Glock, Vice President Global Media Purchases, Procter & Gamble (Until Sep. 30, 2009)
           & President, World Advertising Federation, then Founder, Bernhard Glock Media Leadership Company
           Bernhard Glock joined Procter & Gamble (P&G) in 1985 and held various brand and media management roles in
           Europe, Asia, and the US. In 2006, he became P&G’s global Vice President for Media and Communication, and in
           2007, he became responsible for P&G’s global media purchasing. Mr. Glock has also been an active leader of the
           World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) since 1998 and has held the position of president of the WFA since 2006.
           At the end of September 2009 Bernhard will be leaving P&G and has set up the Bernhard Glock Media
           Leadership Company.

           Conny Kalcher, Vice President Consumer Experiences, LEGO
           Conny Kalcher joined The LEGO Group in 1985 as Product Manager for Fiction & Publishing. Since then, she has
           held various key management positions in departments ranging from toys and software to publishing, theme
           parks, and innovation and marketing. Based in the UK, Ms. Kalcher was recently appointed global leader of
           Consumer Experiences. The department was created to ensure that The LEGO Group constantly improves the
           understanding of the LEGO consumer and uses insights to create even better consumer experience.

           Diederick van Thiel, Chief Consumer Marketing Officer, ING Retail
           Diederick van Thiel is Chief Consumer Marketing Officer at ING Retail, a position he has held since 2006. Within
           ING Bank the retail marketing department is responsible for the customer, distribution & portfolio strategy,
           business development, and the commercial and financial performance of the ING Bank in the Dutch retail market.
           Alongside his work at ING, Mr. van Thiel is a professor of the future of financial industries at the TIAS Nimbas
           Business School, as well as a professor of experience marketing at the Academy for Management. In 2008, he
           published, together with John Goedee and Will Reijnders, Bankieren in 2020: Riding the waves, the future of banking
           starts now! about the impact of consumer trust and technological advances on the future of financial services. In
           the same year, he launched his Web site Coolmunity.nl, an initiative on experience.

      Industry Speakers
    Industry Speakers
           Mike Cripps, Customer Experience Manager, Service Operations, Capital One
           As a Customer Experience Manager at Capital One, Mr. Cripps drives improvements in customer experience across the firm’s
           inbound customer contact channels, including its online account servicing function and the offshore contact center base. He
           spent the first 10 years of his career in automotive manufacturing, where he gained exposure to Lean thinking philosophy
           and Total Quality Management — capabilities that he later applied in management consulting for a wide range of global
           manufacturing companies.
           Sue Wilmot, Head of Customer Strategy Delivery, Orange Group
           Ms. Wilmot is Head of Customer Strategy delivery at Orange Group, where she works with multiple European countries to
           help deliver customer strategy improvement initiatives, including real-time marketing. She has been a CRM specialist for over
           10 years, working both as a consultant and directly in industry. Ms. Wilmot started her career as a commercial manager at
           Marks & Spencer, and has worked at PwC and IBM.
           Alexandra Wheeler, Director of Digital Strategy, Starbucks
           Alexandra Wheeler is Director of Digital Strategy at Starbucks. In this role, Alex and her team are responsible for leading
           strategy and execution across key digital channels, including Starbucks websites and online communities, social media
           channels, in-store screens and paid digital media. Alex’s career spans more than twelve years with seasoned expertise in
           brand development, integrated advertising campaigns, digital strategy and social media. Prior to Starbucks, Alex was an
           Account Director at Seattle agency Cole & Weber United.
           Matthew Guiste, Category Manager for Social Media & Brands, Starbucks
           Matthew joined Starbucks in May 2008 and made an immediate impact, winning industry awards and customer accolades,
           as the Program Manager forMyStarbucksIdea.com, a popular social media website dedicated to giving customers a direct
           voice into shaping the future of Starbucks. In his current role as Category Manager for social media and brand, his team is
           responsible for the corporate presence of all customer-centric online communities including MyStabucksIdea, Facebook,
           YouTube, Flickr, and Twitter.

+ Track Speakers
Casey Harwood, Senior Vice President, Turner Europe, Turner International Broadcasting
Kamel Ouadi, Digital Media Director, Louis Vuitton
+ Panel Speakers
Paul Clark, Vice President of Marketing, SAP BusinessObjects
Barclay Rae, Director Global Services, Axios Systems
James Stevenson, General Manager, UK, Citrix Systems

    Forrester Keynotes
Forrester Keynotes

               Connect The Dots To Transform Marketing
               Mary Beth Kemp, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
 Marketers still struggle to define an integrated strategy and execute a consistent, compelling brand experience for customers
 and prospects. But typical siloed thinking, inside-out vision, and vast media campaigns won’t help companies perform. To
 help their companies out of the recession, smart marketers will instead carefully knit together all their company has to offer
 to best meet the needs of consumers. This keynote will propose a framework to transform marketing by connecting the dots
 across the marketing mix to exploit all the opportunities and involve diverse resources to deliver value to the customer. Three
 questions this presentation will answer are:
•        Why are marketers on the wrong path today?
•        How can you build your strategy around your customers and what role should interactive play?
•        What value can you expect from better integration?

              The Future Of Online Experiences: Prepare Now For Recovery
               Moira Dorsey, Vice President, Research Director, Forrester Research
 Now more than ever, executives say that customer experience is critical to how their firms compete. They're right: Forrester's
 research shows a high correlation between good customer experience and increased customer loyalty. The bad news is that
 most firms get very low marks from their customers. And that translates into lower sales, higher churn, and lost business that
 goes to competitors.
•        What trends will shape online experiences in the next five years?
•        What are the attributes of tomorrow’s online experiences?
•        What should you do to get ready?

   Top 10 Web Site Design Fixes For Improving Business Results
   November 16, 2009, hosted by: Jonathan Browne, Senior Analyst
   Every Web site has usability flaws that stop customers from buying products or services, finding information, and getting help. Yet many of these problems are
   easy to find and not much harder to fix — if you know what to look for.

   Whether you're responsible for online customer experience, interactive marketing, or overall eBusiness performance, you need a fast, objective way to spot the
   common — but serious — design problems that hurt online business performance. This hands-on Workshop teaches participants the same objective
   techniques that Forrester analysts use to find well-known usability problems for research and for clients. These methods apply to any type of site, including
   B2C and B2B Web sites, extranets, and intranets. Based on Forrester's long-running Web Site Review Workshop, this one-day intensive session helps
   participants uncover 10 Web design problems that afflict more than half of the 1,200 sites tested by Forrester, are easy to spot, and produce ROI when fixed.

   Save £500! Sign up for this Workshop and Forrester’s Marketing Forum EMEA 2009 and pay only £795 for this Workshop. For more information about this
   pre-Forum Workshop, visit: www.forrester.com/websitedesignworkshop

    EXPERT ADVICE                                                                                           Meet One-On-One with Forrester analysts.

    Consistently rated as one of the most popular features of Forrester Events, One-On-One Meetings give you the opportunity to
    discuss the unique marketing and customer experience issues facing your organization with Forrester analysts. Marketing
    Forum EMEA attendees may schedule two 20-minute One-On-One Meetings* with the Forrester analysts of their choice.
    *Depending on availability.

    Participating Forrester Analysts And Coverage Areas:
                      Brad Bortner, Principal Analyst                                                           Alexander Hesse, Analyst
                      Role: B2B Market Research                                                                 Role: eBusiness & Channel Strategy
                      Consumer Packaged Goods, High-Tech, Market Research Best Practices, Market                Branch Banking, Business-To-Consumer eCommerce, Consumer Mobile Activities,
                      Research Case Studies, Market Research Segmentation, Market Research Tools &              Contactless Payments, European Consumer Technographics, Financial Services
                      Best Practices, Marketing & Advertising, Professional Services                            Marketing, Mobile Banking, Multichannel Banking, Multichannel Selling Strategies,
                                                                                                                Online Banking, Retail Banking, Credit & Payments, The Mobile Channel,
                      Lisa Bradner, Principal Analyst                                                           eBusiness/eCommerce Adoption
                      Role: Marketing Leadership                                                                Thomas Husson, Senior Analyst
                      Brand Management, Brand Strategy, Branding, Differentiate the brand experience,           Role: Consumer Product Strategy
                      Direct Marketing, Emerging Marketing Channels, In-Store Marketing, Loyalty                Channel Design Strategies, Consumer Mobile Activities , Consumer Technology
                      Marketing, Marketing & Advertising, Marketing Measurement, Marketing                      Adoption, Consumer Telecommunications, Customer Experience, Emerging Marketing
                      Measurement Methods & Techniques, Relationship Marketing                                  Channels, MVNOs, Marketing & Advertising, Media & Entertainment, Mobile
                      Jonathan Browne, Senior Analyst                                                           Entertainment, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Services, Mobile Web, Telecommunications
                                                                                                                Services, The Mobile Channel
                      Role: Customer Experience
                      Brand & Product Web Sites, Channel Design Strategies, Consumer Media &
                      Entertainment, Consumer Travel, Cross-Channel Design Strategies, Customer
                                                                                                                Paul Jackson, Principal Analyst
                      Experience, Design & Usability Processes, Financial Services Customer Experience,         Role: Consumer Product Strategy
                      Interactive Marketing, Marketing & Advertising, Media & Entertainment, Personas,          Broadband & Home Networking, Business Models, Competitive Analysis, Consumer
                      Social Computing & Web 2.0, Social Marketing, The Mobile Channel, Travel                  Electronics, Consumer Market Segmentation, Consumer Technology Adoption,
                      Customer Experience                                                                       Corporate Strategy, Digital Home, Game Platforms, Innovation Best Practices &
                                                                                                                Strategy, Media & Entertainment, New Market Research Strategies, Pricing
                                                                                                                Strategies, Recession
                      Megan Burns, Senior Analyst
                      Role: Customer Experience                                                                 Christine Overby, Vice President, Research Director
                      Business Strategy For Customer Experience, Channel Design Strategies, Customer            Role: Interactive Marketing
                      Experience, Customer Experience Management, Design & Usability Processes,                 Consumer Packaged Goods, Consumer Packaged Goods Marketing, Interactive
                      Expert Reviews, Organization & Culture For Customer Experience, ROI Of Customer           Marketing, Marketing & Advertising, Media & Entertainment, Retail
                      Experience, Web Analytics, Web Site Design

                      Peter Burris, Principal Analyst, Research Director                                        Mary Beth Kemp, Vice President, Principal Analyst
                      Role: Technology Product Management & Marketing                                           Role: Marketing Leadership
                      Application Development, Enterprise Marketing Platforms, High-Tech, Interactive           Consumer Packaged Goods, Direct Marketing, Financial Services, High-Tech,
                      Marketing, Marketing & Advertising, Marketing Automation, SOA & Web Services              Marketing, Marketing & Advertising, Marketing Measurement, Professional Services,

                      David Cooperstein, Vice President, Principal Analyst                                      Holger Kisker Ph.D., Senior Analyst
                                                                                                                Role: Vendor Strategy
                      Role: Marketing Leadership                                                                Application Strategy & Selection, Business Process Management, Customer
                      Chief Marketing Officers, Online Advertising, High-Tech, Media & Advertising, Media       Relationship Management, Energy & Utilities, Information & Knowledge
                      & Entertainment, Retail, Travel                                                           Management, Order Management, Packaged Applications

                      Moira Dorsey, Vice President, Research Director                                           Peter O’Neill, Vice President, Principal Analyst
                      Role: Customer Experience                                                                 Role: Vendor Strategy
                      Channel Design Strategies, Cross-Channel Design Strategies, Customer Experience,          Business Service Management, Data Center Management, High-Tech, IT Asset
                      Design & Usability Processes, Multichannel Customer Experience, Personas, Phone           Management, IT Process Automation, ITIL, Marketing & Advertising, Partner & Affiliate
                      Self-Service, Web Site Design                                                             Marketing, Partner Ecosystems

                      Nate Elliot, Principal Analyst                                                            Emily Riley, Senior Analyst
                      Role: Interactive Marketing                                                               Role: Interactive Marketing
                                                                                                                Behavioral Targeting, Brand & Product Web Sites, Interactive Marketing, Marketing &
                      Develop winning interactive marketing strategies, Harness emerging customer
                                                                                                                Advertising, Marketing Measurement, Marketing Measurement Methods &
                      trends, Improve program performance, Justify interactive marketing investments,
                                                                                                                Techniques, Marketing Planning, Media Buying, North America, Online Advertising,
                      Optimize the marketing and media mix, Thrive on market and technology change
                                                                                                                Social Marketing

                      Benjamin Ensor, Vice President, Research Director                                         Scott Santucci, Senior Analyst
                      Role: eBusiness & Channel Strategy                                                        Role: Technology Product Management & Marketing
                      Branch Banking, Contactless Payments, Financial Services, Financial Services              Competitive Analysis, Corporate Strategy, Go-To-Market Strategies, Marketing &
                      Marketing, Insurance, Insurance Distribution, Investments, Mobile Banking, Mobile         Sales Strategies, Packaging, Pricing Strategies, Product & Solutions Strategies,
                      Payments, Multichannel Banking, Online Banking, Online Financial Products &               Strategy Execution & Measurement, Strategy Frameworks & Models, Tech Marketing
                      Services, Online Payments, Retail Banking, Credit, & Payments                             Case Studies, Channel Strategies, Tech Marketing Value Proposition Development &
                                                                                                                Messaging , Vendor Positioning
                      Ian Fogg, Principal Analyst
                      Role: Consumer Product Strategy                                                           Nick Thomas, Analyst
                      3G Mobile Broadband Access, Remote Access & Fixed Wireless Access, Channel                Role: Consumer Product Strategy
                      Design Strategies, Consumer Technology Adoption, Customer Experience, Emerging            Broadcast & Cable Television, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Media &
                      Marketing Channels, Enterprise Mobility, Marketing & Advertising, Mobile Marketing,       Entertainment, Consumer Media Behavior, Consumer Online Activities, Consumer
                      Product & Solutions Strategies, Telecommunications Services, The Mobile Channel,          Portals & Search, DTV, Digital Content, HDTV, IPTV, Internet Video & Audio, Media &
                      Wireless Data Services                                                                    Advertising Trust, Media & Entertainment, Media Customer Experience, Portable
                                                                                                                Media Players, Publishing, Video On-Demand
                      Mark Mulligan, Vice President, Research Director
                      Role: Consumer Product Strategy
                      Consumer Media & Entertainment, Consumer Media Behavior, Consumer Technology
                      Adoption, Digital Content, Digital Music, Media & Entertainment, Music, Radio


   Tuesday, Nov. 17
Tuesday, Nov. 17
08:00 - 09:00      Registration And Refreshments In The Technology Showcase
09:00 - 09:15      Welcome/Setting The Stage
09:15 - 10:00      Transform Marketing Through Interactive Channels
                   Mary Beth Kemp, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
10:00 - 10:45      Industry Keynote: Bernhard Glock, VP Global Media Purchases, Procter & Gamble (Until Sep. 30, 2009)
10:45 - 11:15      Morning Networking Break In The Technology Showcase
11:15 - 11:55      Platinum Sponsor Keynote: Magiq
11:55 - 12:40      Industry Keynote: Diederick van Thiel, Chief Consumer Marketing Officer, ING Retail
12:40 - 14:00      Lunch In Restaurant And Dessert In The Technology Showcase
14:00 - 14:40      Track Sessions
                   Marketing Leadership            eBusiness & Channel              Consumer Product Strategy
14:40 - 14:45      Intermission
14:45 - 15:25      Marketing Leadership            eBusiness & Channel              Consumer Product Strategy
15:25 - 15:55      Afternoon Networking Break In The Technology Showcase
15:55 - 16:25      Guest Executive Forum: Blast Radius                      Guest Executive Forum: SalesRiver
16:25 - 16:30      Intermission
16:30 - 17:10      Marketing Leadership            eBusiness & Channel              Consumer Product Strategy
17:10 - 17:15      Intermission
17:15 - 17:55      Marketing Leadership            eBusiness & Channel              Consumer Product Strategy
17:55 - 19:00      Networking Reception In The Technology Showcase

   Wednesday, Nov. 18
Wednesday, Nov. 18
08:30 - 09:00      Registration And Refreshments In The Technology Showcase
09:00 - 09:05      Opening Remarks
09:05 - 09:50      The Future Of Online Experiences: Prepare Now For Recovery
                   Moira Dorsey, Vice President, Research Director, Forrester Research
09:50 - 10:35      Industry Keynote: Conny Kalcher, VP Consumer Experiences, LEGO
10:35 - 11:05      Morning Networking Break In The Technology Showcase
11:05 - 11:35      Guest Executive Forum: EMC Consulting                     Guest Executive Forum: Acxiom
11:35 - 11:40      Intermission
11:40 - 12:20      Track Sessions
                   Interactive Marketing            Customer Experience              Technology Marketing
12:20 - 12:25      Intermission
12:25 - 13:05      Interactive Marketing            Customer Experience              Technology Marketing
13:05 - 14:05      Lunch In Restaurant And Dessert In The Technology Showcase
14:05 - 14:45      Interactive Marketing            Customer Experience              Technology Marketing
14:45 - 14:50      Intermission
14:50 - 15:30      Interactive Marketing            Customer Experience              Technology Marketing

                                                                  All session speakers, themes, and times are subject to change.   7

    Track A: Marketing Leadership                                                                                                    Melissa Laken
    Leading Marketing In Tough Times                                                                                                 Professional

    Marketing leaders are under pressure to deliver results while enduring budget cuts in excess of 20%. In a challenging
    economy, CMOs and their teams must drive their companies marketing strategies actively, making hard calls about which
    channels, target markets, and media are delivering. Responding to short-term demands is critical — but so is protecting
    long-term brand health. Join Forrester analysts and industry leaders in examining the leadership tactics that will help you
    guide your marketing organization to strong results both now and in the future.
                                                                                               Five Marketing Strategies That Resonate
                  Innovation For Fun And Profit                                                In A Recession . . . And A Recovery
                  Paul Jackson, Principal Analyst                                              David M. Cooperstein, Vice President, Principal Analyst

    • What is innovation? How do marketing leaders innovate under                - How has the recession fundamentally altered consumers’ approach to
      budgetary pressure?                                                        spending on brands?
    • How do firms apply an innovation process without breaking the bank?        - What initiatives have marketers embraced in the recession era
    • What technologies will drive my firm’s brand innovation in the years       economy?
      to come?                                                                   - What strategies will survive even when spending rebounds?
                  Adaptive Marketing: Rethinking Brand
                  Management In The Digital Age
                  Lisa Bradner, Principal Analyst
    • How the emergence of digital is altering the traditional “hub and
       spoke” model of brand management.                                         Plus industry speaker:
    • The challenges and opportunities for creating integrated global            Kamel Ouadi, Digital Media Director,
       multichannel marketing.                                                   Louis Vuitton
    • How you can use the current downturn as a springboard for rethinking
       your marketing organization.

    Track B: eBusiness & Channel Strategy                                                                                         Eric Chang
                                                                                                                                  eBusiness &
                                                                                                                                  Channel Strategy
    Next-Generation Sales And Service                                                                                             Professional

    As more and more customers rely on the Internet to research goods and services, buy products, and reach customer
    service, the Web is replacing shops and branches as the most frequent customer touchpoint. Even as the recession bites,
    consumer adoption of technologies like social networks and the mobile Internet grows unabated. Many firms haven’t
    changed their strategies enough to meet their customers’ growing appetite for interacting through electronic channels.
    eBusiness and channel strategy executives need to plan and develop a new generation of electronic sales and service that
    puts the Web at the heart of customer relationships and combines the Web and mobile to create more effective ways to
    deliver information, sales, and service.
                                                                                             Adding A Mobile Dimension To Your
                  Developing The Next Generation Of Sales                                    Multichannel Strategy: A Mobile POST
                  And Service                                                                Analysis
                  Benjamin Ensor, Vice President, Research Director
                                                                                              Thomas Husson, Senior Analyst
                                                                                 • How do consumers use mobile phones today? How will they in three
    • What does changing consumer behavior mean for firms’ channel
                                                                                 • How can you use Mobile POST to add mobile to your multichannel
    • What are the characteristics of the next generation of electronic sales
      and service?
                                                                                 • What best practices are we seeing across industries today?
    • Where should eBusiness and channel strategy executives start?
                                                                                              Tactics To Increase Online Self-Service
                                                                                              Customer Adoption
                   The Elements Of Next-Generation                                            Chad Mitchell, Senior Analyst
                   Financial Services Sites
                   Alexander Hesse, Analyst                                      - How are Europeans using online self-service?
                                                                                 - Why does self-service adoption remain low for many firms and
    • Why do today’s financial services sites fail in leveraging the channel’s   industries?
      full potential?                                                            - What is the ROI of online self-service and what are the benefits for
    • How should you start to create a next-generation financial site?           eBusiness?
                                                                                 - How can eBusiness executives increase online self-service adoption?


Track C: Consumer Product Strategy                                                                                         Christopher Powell
                                                                                                                           Consumer Product
The Digital Transition Of Media And What It Means For Brands, Technology                                                   Strategy

Companies, And Access Providers

Traditional distribution models are crumbling under the shift toward the consumption-based era, while advertising business
models are facing unprecedented pressure from audience fragmentation and the softening ad market. Against this back-
drop, consumer willingness to pay for digital content remains elusive. Traditional media business models based on scarcity
and control are fundamentally challenged by the new realities of digital media consumption. As disruptive as this process is,
it creates exciting new opportunities for brands, technology companies, and media companies alike, which this track will

               How Media Will Never Be The Same Again                                 Smart Device Strategy In The Post-Media-
               Mark Mulligan, Vice President,                                         Meltdown World
               Research Director                                                      Ian Fogg, Principal Analyst

• What will the media landscape look like after the media meltdown?      • What are the key connected devices that media companies must
• What are the prospects for premium content?                              target?
• How will value chains evolve?                                          • How significant are Apple's iPhone ecosytem and other smart mobile
                                                                           handsets in the post-meltdown world?
               We Are All Media Companies Now: How                       • Should media companies build their own hardware, and if so, with
               Brands And Technology Companies Can                         whom should they partner? Should they opt for Amazon.com’s Kindle
               Benefit From The Media Meltdown                             model or an Xbox/PlayStation-style model?
               Nick Thomas, Analyst
• What new opportunities does the media meltdown present?
• How should nonmedia companies use media?
• How will the notion of “content” change?

Track D: Interactive Marketing                                                                                             Ileana Mendez
Implementing And Measuring Relevant Digital Strategies                                                                     Professional

In an economic downturn, European marketers are faced with uncertain economies and consumers who are increasingly
reluctant to spend. But marketers can’t simply bury their heads — and budgets — in the sand. What’s more, consumers will
be turning to the Web like never before for research, connections, learning, and entertainment, providing unprecedented
opportunities for marketers. In this track, Forrester shows marketers best practices for breaking through to consumers by
focusing on what really works. Sessions will explore how to make the most of customer relationships through Social Comput-
ing, targeting, measuring, and testing. Additionally, sessions will feature case studies that show real-life examples of how to
implement current technologies and tactics.

               The Analog Groundswell: Using Social Media                             Social Media Measurement Realities
               To Drive Offline Influence                                             Nate Elliot, Principal Analyst
               Nate Elliot, Principal Analyst

- How to use online social media to drive offline influential behavior   • How should marketers determine the most appropriate metrics for
- How to give consumers powerful offline brand experiences                 metrics for a social media application?
- How social technology can amplify and extend offline influence         • What metrics are most useful — and which are not?
                                                                         • What emerging technologies and social media can you test in a
                                                                           cost-efficient manner?
               Measuring The ROI Of Online Marketing
               — The Art Of Attribution
              Emily Riley, Senior Analyst
                                                                         Plus industry speaker:
• Learn about the promise versus the reality of attribution today.       Toyota Uses Social Media to Launch the New iQ On
• Understand how attribution can help measure branding and               A Tight Budget
  social marketing.                                                      Toyota
• Get best practices for how to use attribution for your own online
  marketing efforts.


 Track E: Customer Experience                                                                                                         Carl Erickson
 The Future Of Customer Experience: How To Delight Customers In The                                                                   Experience
 Recovering Economy
 Now more than ever, executives say that customer experience is critical to how their firms compete. They're right: Forrester's
 research shows a high correlation between good customer experience and increased customer loyalty. The bad news is that
 most firms get very low marks from their customers. And that translates into lower sales, higher churn, and lost business that
 goes to competitors.
               Finding Money For Web Experience Work                                        The State Of Online Experience
               In A Tough Economy                                                           Jonathan Browne, Senior Analyst
               Megan Burns, Senior Analyst

 • How is the economy affecting customer experience budgets?                 • Which firms are succeeding at creating online experiences that
 • What projects and positions are most likely to resonate with executives     support the brand and meet customer needs?
   in this environment?                                                      • What are the best practices of firms that want to differentiate their
 • What should Customer Experience professionals do to make the                brands online?
   most of the budgets they have?                                            • How can you get on the right track to deliver useful, usable, and
                                                                               enjoyable online experiences?
 Plus industry speakers:
 Building Customer Loyalty With Every Interaction:                           Taking Control Of Call Quality In Your Contact
 How "Centralized Decisioning" Helps Orange To                               Center
 Transform Contact Centers Into Profit Centers                               Mike Cripps, Customer Experience Manager, Service
 Sue Wilmot, Head of Customer Strategy Delivery,                             Operations, Capital One
 Orange Group

 Track F: Technology Product Management & Marketing                                                                        Travis Martin
                                                                                                                           Technology Product
                                                                                                                           Management &
 B2B Social Marketing And Sales Enablement In The Technology Industry                                                      Marketing Professional

 According to Forrester, B2B buyers in technology-oriented markets are the world’s most aggressive adopters of social media,
 but what are they doing with it? And what impact is their use of social media having on B2B marketing and selling strategies
 in tech and all other B2B industries? This track will explore shifting marketing and selling approaches, both strategic and
 tactical, in the global B2B technology industry. It will provide concrete examples of B2B marketing and sales investments
 that can deliver critical returns during the downturn, as well as pave the way for greater success as the economy improves —
 and customers further blend social media into business operations.

               Community Marketing: Embedding Social                                        Strategic Sales Enablement: How To
               Media Into B2B Marketing                                                     Drive Technology Sales Productivity
               Peter Burris, Principal Analyst, Research Director                           Scott Santucci, Senior Analyst

 • What are the impacts of globalization, commoditization, consumerism,      • How can I organize and deliver the right content to support meaningful
   and the social groundswell on business solution providers?                  customer conversations?
 • What are the best practices for adopting community marketing as           • What are the tools and deliverables that can drive improved sales
   a way to capitalize on fundamental changes in business marketing?           results?
                                                                             • What are the initial steps that can prove the value of this approach?

               Use the Internet and Web 2.0 to Glean                                        Case Study Panel: From Market Strategy
               True Market Intelligence                                                     To Customer Commitment
               Brad Bortner, Principal Analyst                                              Peter O’Neill, Vice President, Principal Analyst
                                                                                            Holger Kisker, Ph.D., Senior Analyst
 • What are the new modes of online research?                                               Paul Clark, Vice President of Marketing, SAP BusinessObjects
 • What role does Web 2.0 play in this?                                                     Barclay Rae, Director Global Services, Axios Systems
 • How should market researchers take advantage of hybrid research to gain                  James Stevenson, General Manager, UK, Citrix Systems
 better market insights?

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