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                                              What is Solution TeleProspecting?
                                              Solution TeleProspecting is a proven 5-Step cold-calling
                                              teleselling process incorporating the highly effective
                                              Solution Selling® sales methodology used for generating
                                              high-quality closable sales opportunities by telephone.

                                              Improving Sales Prospecting Performance
                                              The Solution TeleProspecting workshop measurably increases the
                                              performance of phone-based sales prospectors. It teaches a standardized
Why this workshop is unique:
                                              sales prospecting process, critical for improving prospect consistency and
The challenges and responsibilities of        caller performance. The workshop also presents numerous prospecting
dedicated prospectors are fundamentally       best-practices and tactics to increase prospecting effectiveness and
different from those who sell. The Solution
                                              promotes prospect quality. The learning experience is thoroughly
TeleProspecting workshop was designed
from the ground up with this in mind. It      reinforced with numerous review exercises and realistic skills-building
utilizes the professional experience and      role-plays.
proven process used by a leading business-
to-business lead generation and sales         This two or three day workshop is for organizations with dedicated sales
prospecting firm for more than 15 years.      prospectors or sales representatives responsible for developing large
The workshop is NOT an “enhanced”             territories, and is ideal for companies selling complex, expensive, or
SALES training program, repackaged as a       intangible products and services.
prospecting solution.
                                              The core of the workshop presents the proven 5-Step TeleProspecting®
                                              process, developed by Meta Marketing, a leading Solution Selling certified
                                              sales prospecting firm. Since 1996, Meta has executed 1000’s of prospecting
    What clients have said about
   the Solution TeleProspecting®
                                              campaigns for 100’s of clients with hard-to-sell offerings.
      process and workshop:
                                              Sales prospecting issues addressed by the workshop:
  “We quickly recognized a doubling in        ▪ Low productivity and poor quality results from sales prospectors
  our prospecting team’s productivity.” -     ▪ Poor prospect qualification and opportunity exploration
   Tracey McMullen, Cincom Systems
                                              ▪ Difficulty penetrating key accounts and reaching the right people
  “It greatly increased the success rate of   ▪ Trouble identifying all the sales opportunities within a limited market
 our callers.” - Tom O’Shaughnessy, iflex     ▪ Difficulty overcoming voicemail systems, blockers, rejection,
 Solutions, now Oracle Financial Systems
                                                and no interest
    “It literally swamped us with good        ▪ High prospector turn-over and the
    opportunities to pursue.” - Jeffrey         cost/effort to get new prospectors            Knowledge Reviews
         Wallace, SunGard Systems
                                                                                               Best Practices                  -
                                                                                                                      Sk ing
                                                                                                                        il d es
                                                                                                  Tactics            Bu rcis
        POWERED BY                                                                                                   E xe

                                                         Key Elements of the Solution   Prospecting Fundamentals
                                                         TeleProspecting Workshop                                                        ©Sales Performance International – All Rights Reserved
Who should attend:                            Workshop participants will gain:

▪ Sales prospectors whose primary         ▪ An understanding of standard prospecting terminology
  job is to build & maintain sales            and concepts, such as; suspect, prospect, pain, demographic
  pipelines                                   fit, area-of-responsibility, and buying team & roles
▪ Sales representatives responsible for
                                          ▪   An appreciation for a standardized prospecting process, key
  developing large sales territories,         to higher prospecting performance and consistency
  including inside & outside direct       ▪   An ability to quickly filter out bad opportunities early in the process
  sales reps.                             ▪   The ability to identify, reach, and qualify high-level decision-makers
▪ Those who generate & qualify leads      ▪   Individual experience performing all the key phases of the sales
  (Demand Generation & Marketing)             prospecting process
                                          ▪   A comprehensive workbook that includes all workshop slides,
About Meta Marketing                          as well as a customizable sales prospecting call-guide, generic
Providing B-to-B Sales Teleservices           lead tracking sheet, and a prospect quality hand-off checklist
since 1992 utilizing its proven 5-Step    ▪   A certificate of successful completion
TeleProspecting® process.                 ▪   Knowledge of numerous prospecting best-practices and tactics
Valued SPI Partner since 2006
                                               » How to deal with voicemail systems, blockers, and gatekeepers
                                               » How to differentiate “rejection” from “non-interest”
                                               » Proper qualification, exploration, and intelligence
                                                  gathering techniques
                                               » Overcoming cost questions, requests for references, and objections
                                               » How to identify active, as well as future (latent) sales opportunities
                                                  allowing you to enter the sales-cycle before the competition
t: +1.513.531.0300                             » How to uncover more business in existing accounts and
t: +1.800.531.6382                                target market(s)
                                               » How to manage a prospect pipeline

About SPI
SPI is a global sales performance
improvement firm. The Solution
Selling® Learning Suite is the gold
standard for sales training and has
been taught to over 600,000 sales and
marketing professionals.

                                                                                    Solution TeleProspecting Process
                                                                                    Flow Diagram

                                          Prerequisites and compatibility with existing sales processes
SALES PERFORMANCE                         There are no prerequisites for this workshop and it is not necessary that the
  INTERNATIONAL                           individuals following up on the generated opportunities use the Solution
                                          Selling® methodology, but it is advantageous.
4720 Piedmont Row Drive,
Suite 400                                 Broadening the learning experience
Charlotte, NC 28210 USA                   This workshop may also be taught as a forerunner to, or following the standard
                                          Solution Selling® workshop, to enhance the practical application of the front-
                                          end of the Solution Selling® methodology.
t: +1.704.227.6500
f: +1.704.364.8114
                                                                     TeleProspecting® is a trademark of Meta Marketing, Inc.                                                     ©Sales Performance International – All Rights Reserved

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