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									Microsoft IIS 6 Delta Guide
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Author: Don Jones
Author: Martin C. Brown

Edition: 1

Microsoft's Internet Information Server 6 is an Internet server program that works with the Windows Server
2003 operating system. IIS is Microsoft's answer in the Internet server market to Apache, the open
source and #1 Internet server in use. In the US 9.7 million servers run IIS (28 percent of the market)
powering 5.3 million .com domains. Delivered as a fee add-on for the Windows 2003 Server, IIS 6 is a
major upgrade from version 5 with increased security, better .NET programming integration, and stronger
abilities to work with non-Microsoft languages and servers. Companies using IIS Server as part of their
backend systems include: Krispy Kreme, AT&T, Home Shopping Network, Rolling, plus many

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