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 I touched the one thing
 fourth-grade language Sun Hongyan Yu
 in our of life, everyone will experience a lot of moving things, and I
have experienced the one thing I was most moved.
 I remember one year, one time after school hours, I do not know why the
mother did not come pick me up, I can only look at other students stood
one by one to be home with the parents, their own feel alone, helpless,
and only looking forward to there mother's figure quickly. Suddenly, I
saw an aunt, Kuaibu Xiang I came over. I was afraid, thinking she would
not be a story of bad people lie? Then she walked me asked: "Look, are
you doing? How is a person that way?" I will not lie, they tell the
truth: "My mother has not come yet, I'm waiting for my mother yet." That
Bit aunt said: "I'll give your mother a call and let her come soon, tell
me, your mother's phone number." As I am afraid, can not remember one
time my mother's phone number. I said: "I forgot." Aunt said: "That I
will go with you! Days are late, a child more scared!" Aunt who was with
me and so on mother.
 finally, my mother hurriedly rushed to the scene, turned things to the
delay. Mother to see me safe, but also know things through the post, on
the aunt said a lot of thanks. Aunt, said: "You're welcome, everyone has
their own children everywhere." At that time, I thought, Auntie is really
good man!
 That matter has been in the past several years, has lost count of the
aunt's face, but every time I walk in the road time, there will always
remember, there is the warm heart touched, felt that the world is really
beautiful Great! - Thanks for reading this article, this article from
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