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the „BEAT‟


the „BEAT‟

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									   APRIL 2010
                              the „BEAT‟                                                         “Music
                                                                                                is Life!”

                                                A MESSAGE FROM STEVE
                                            Hi everyone and welcome to       I would like to personally
                                            another big year at              acknowledge Kelly who has
                                                                                                               Oska, Guitar    Frank, Drums
                                            Learn2play Music!                taken on the role of music
                                            It‟s been almost 18 months       school co-coordinator in
                                                                                                            We have made a vow to give
                                            since Learn2play Music took      2010 after a number of
                                                                                                            you the very best advice,
                                            the big plunge and moved         years with us as a teacher.
                                                                                                            service and prices so why not
                                            into our exciting new            Kelly‟s caring nature and
                                                                                                            shop in our retail store
                                            premises on the Kingsway at      strong organisational skills
                                                                                                            whenever you can. Reagan is
                                            Caringbah.                       will ensure you get the
    MEET THE TEAM                           It‟s been a lot of hard work     very best service. It‟s a
                                                                                                            very keen and excited to help
                                                                                                            you get what you need when it
                                            and long hours behind the        tough job but I know Kelly
                                                                                                            comes to music products so
                                            scenes to bring our vision to    is relishing the challenge
There are lots of new faces around                                                                          even if you don‟t see it on the
                                            life, which is to give you the   and she is perfect for the
this so here is the team for 2010:                                                                          floor Reagan will get it for
                                            very best music learning         role.
                                                                                                            you at the best price possible.
DIRECTOR – Steve                            facility possible. We know
                                                                             In our retail store we have
RETAIL MANAGER – Reagan                     from the feedback and the
                                                                             recently appointed Reagan      My personal dream is to help
SCHOOL CO-ORD – Kelly                       growth of numbers that you
                                                                             as the head of all things      people of all ages and abilities
RETAIL - Ryan                               love what we offer and
                                                                             retail.                        stretch themselves and grow
                                            teachers also appreciate the
                                                                             Our retail store‟s success     through learning music. I
PIANO                                       purpose built studios to get
                                                                             plays a major part in us       believe we are doing that in a
Steph, Tori, Ana, Megan, Nadia,             the very best results for
                                                                             being able to continue to      very unique way but we are
Jillian, Sarah                              students learning music with
                                                                             offer lessons in a first       always keen to improve so if
                                            us. So it is exciting watching
                                                                             class facility while           you think we could do things
GUITAR                                      you grow with us.
                                                                             maintaining reasonable         better please come and tell us
Daniel I, Justin, Andrew, Bryan, Nick
                                                                             rates for lessons.             and we‟ll do our best to be
C, Nick P, Tyler, Graeme, Matt,
                                                                                                               even better!

WOODWIND                                                                                                       Have a great 2010
Michael, Daniel B, Vanessa                                                                                     everyone, aim high and do
                                                                                                               your best.
SINGING                                                                                                                             Steve
Jess, Sandy, Shauna
                                                                                                                    HOURS OF OPERATION
                                                                                                                          Retail School
                                                                                                                Mon-Thurs 10-8 11-7:30
Graeme, Paul
                                                                                                                Fri       10-7 11-6:30
VIOLIN                                                                                                          Sat       9-3    9-2:30
                                                                                                                 Hours will vary in School Holidays
Jess, Alanna, Victoria

                       is a great             IMPORTANT DATES                                      MUSICAL FIND-A-WORD
                      place to be”                                                        PIANO
                                         School Term 2 – 19/4/10 – 3/7/10
                                        School Term 3 – 19/7/10 – 25/9/10                 SAX
                                       School Term 4 – 11/10/10 – 18/12/10                BASS
                                     1st AMEB Exam Period - 24/4/10 – 12/6/10             MUSIC
                                         MID YEAR CONCERT – 27/6/10                       AMP
                                       2nd AMEB Enrolment Cutoff – 30/7/10
Summer, 9, Guitar & Singing                                                               TUNER
  April, 2010
                                                   STUDENT FOCUS
                                             INTERVIEW WITH LAUREN WRIGHT

         LAUREN WRIGHT IS A STAR.                        How much practice do you do each                   Any other
                                                         week?                                              comments?
    Lauren learns Bass Guitar, Singing and is                                                               Bass guitar is
                                                         10-15 mins, 5 days a week at least & 1
    a member of one of our awesome Rock                                                                     really fun. Reagan
                                                         hour every Wednesday at school.
    School Bands. Lauren has completed and                                                                  my teacher and the people
    passed her Grade 1 CPM Bass Guitar                                                                      at Learn2play Music make it even more
    exam. Dedication and passion for music               What do you love about Learn2play                  fun. Rock school is great to learn about
    oozes from Lauren and she is an                      Music?                                             what it is like to be in a band. I also do
    inspiration to us all.                               That it is so friendly and there is always         singing lessons at Learn2play.
                                                         someone to help you and they always
    What do you love about playing music?                                                                       SEE LAUREN AT OUR MID YEAR
                                                         greet you with a smile.
    That it is a great way to express myself                                                                              CONCERT
    and it is also lots of fun.                                                                                        (Sunday June 27)

   “Hi Everyone at Learn2play its BIG JASE here!
                                                      great attitude towards success which means doing your
                                                      best with what you have. Ultimately it has lead to more
   I‟ve really enjoyed my time as a student at
                                                      work for me and it‟s been done in such a warm and
   Learn2play Music. I came to get help with my voice
                                                      supportive environment. So guys if I bump into you
   and I‟ve met so many passionate and dedicated
                                                      around the place please come up and say HI.
   people here who have really helped me to pursue my
                                                      All the best with your music from Big Jase!”
   dreams of working in the media.
   Attitude is the big difference and Steve and the
                                                                   SEE THE FULL VIDEO INTERVIEW AT
   team at Learn2play Music really help nurture a          

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                  “Use FAST FRET ($29.95) to keep your fingers moving fast on the fret!”

                                 APRIL BIRTHDAYS
        From the team at Learn2play, we‟d like to wish a VERY Happy Birthday to:                           NEED A GUITAR RESTRING?

Nathan Wallace       Hannah Mackenzie      Louis Apostolopous      Jade Ritter                           PRESENT THIS VOUCHER TO GET
Brett Mclachlan      Jai Anderson          Will Bevern             Grace Macpherson
Miah Panovrakos      Grace Macpherson      Josh Linnegar           Rhiarn Zarzhavsky                                     $10 OFF
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Emma Blanch          Blake Holden          Kimberly Leben          Amelia Bussing                              YOUR NEXT RESTRING
Justin Keevers       Phillip Ivanov        Keira Whitford
                                                                                                                  Valid until: 30/4/10
                     Did we miss your birthday? Let Kelly know 

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