The Perfect Match

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					                                         The Perfect Match
Out for a morning walk on a cool Monday, I could see        and put the team’s success before your own?
how we all naturally gravitate towards lifestyles and       Great...unless the role is for a solo ‘achiever’ with
work roles that suit us.                                    individual targets and limited team support.
At 6.30am, a neighbour was loading up for the morning       So why not just use the good old job interview? While
one-hour drive to work. That takes some dedication. It      great interviewing is still important in recruiting, alone
was recycling day, and a driver was working through         it’s not reliable. Some candidates become expert
gaps between parked vehicles, despite the near darkness     interviewees, and while they over-achieve at the
successfully grabbing bins with those inflexible            interview might underachieve on the job. Some are the
mechanical arms. You’d need good hand-eye                   opposite. Reference checking, while still important, is
coordination, driving and navigation skills...and the       also unreliable - a smart candidate will only provide
ability to get out of bed early.                            referees who they know are onside and it takes skill for
                                                            recruiters to get past this barrier.
Joggers jogged, walkers walked, newspaper deliverers
tossed; everyone seemed matched nicely to what they         The best-practice approach now includes effective
were doing.                                                 psychometric testing.
It reminded me of when I was helping a client fill a role   Psychometrics deals with using and interpreting tests to
leading a team doing financial analysis and reporting.      measure variables such as intelligence, aptitude,
                                                            leadership style, general personality profile, or even the
One of the candidates appeared from their CV to be a
                                                            ability to work in high stress-factor environments.
good fit, and did well enough at interview. But
something rang the alarm bells. As the process              They help weed out candidates who don’t meet role
continued it became clearer that this candidate was         profiles, and identify that sought-after perfect match.
relatively disorganised, not good with detail, and would
                                                            Some candidates wonder if it is possible to fool these
bend the rules if they got in the way. She’d be bored
                                                            tests and appear as the type of person being sought.
monitoring work, and was change-oriented rather than
                                                            While you can fool some tests some of the time, you
into routine.
                                                            can’t fool them all, and the better tests have built-in
It was now clear that she didn’t match our needs. What      detectors for respondents answering in an unrealistic or
we had identified here - through psychometric testing -     ‘socially desirable’ way.
was a person who
                                                                                                  Anyway, why would
was spontaneous,
                                                                                                  you want to?
global, flexible,
                                                                                                  Successfully fooling a
creative, and
                                                                                                  test to gain
adaptable. If we’d
                                                                                                  appointment would
been recruiting for a
                                                                                                  only help you get
‘creative accountant’
                                                                                                  into something that
focussed on
                                                                                                  doesn’t suit. This
developing new
                                                                                                  would probably end
businesses, she might
                                                                                                  up like any unhappy
have been ideal.
What about your
                                                                                                 Psychometrics help
match - how would
                                                                                                 both employers and
you respond to these
                                                                                                 candidates, and are
                                                                                                 a vital tool in today’s
Are you a person who                                                                             job market. If you
quickly moves from one task to another? Likes to get a      get the chance to complete one, look at the upside. If
job over quickly? Won’t waste time with something if it     you’re honest and the results are well interpreted, it can
isn’t working? Always keen to take on new challenges        only help you get into the role that gives you that
with enthusiasm?                                            ‘perfect match’.
If you answered yes to most of these questions, that’s      For assistance with psychometric testing to help find
perfect – unless the role requires high levels of           your best fit either as employer or candidate, you’re
persistence and a natural preference for working around     welcome to give us a call.
obstacles and pushing long complex tasks to completion
in a stable environment.
                                                                             Contact Paul Murphy
Or these? Do you work well in groups, enjoy cooperating                      Phone 03-5442-6445
with others, find that two minds are better than one,           

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