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									Helpful Excel Spreadsheet for Cleaning Up Vendor Files
These spreadsheets were taken from the data converted from Escape Classic to Escape Online 5 the week of
December 5, 2005. NOTE—We DO NOT recommend you print this spreadsheet; use the Data Sort tool,
described below, to select just a part to work on. Then add information (such as an X) to note the rows you
want to group together, sort and then print using the selection command.
1. Select the cells to print.                                  2. From Menu, choose File Print, then choose

The Data Sort features allows you to quickly view vendor data in various ways. This tool could be used for
reviewing your Vendors and determining what changes you want to input in Classic Vendor records to clean up
records for:
   1099 Reporting
   Independent Contractor Reporting
   Conversion to Online 5

Getting Started—Understanding the Spreadsheet
Column Names and what they represent
Column       What is the data?                            Is data in Classic?
Changes?     Blank space for reviewer to put note or      NO
Status       Classic Vendor status                        Yes: Inactive=I, Active=A or Blank
Reqs         Does this Vendor have Requisitions in 2005? Yes, but not as a yes/no field; Gary built this
             Y or N                                       from records
TID Type     Online 5 Field based on information in the   Gary built this from Tax ID number format
             TaxID field                                  for TIN or SS#
Vendor ID    Vendor number                                Yes
Name         Vendor name                                  Yes
NameSort     Vendor Sort name                             Yes
Omit 1099    The same as Classic—if Y in classic a Y in   Note that for Classic a Y means to NOT send a
             spreadsheet                                  1099 form.
                    Data below is based on Vendor Issue Address only from Classic
Street       Vendor street                                Yes
City         Vendor City                                  Yes
State        Vendor State                                 Yes
Zip Code     Vendor Zip                                   Yes

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Using Excel Auto Filters
                                                                  Whenever a down arrow
                                                                  is blue (instead of black) a
                                                                  selection has been made.
                                                                  Selections generally
                                                                  reduce the number of rows
                                                                  you see.

These have been turned on for your spreadsheet. Using the down arrows makes it easy to look at just one area
of vendors by choosing what you want to see. They can also be turned off.

For example:
Reviewing Vendors that should get a 1099
   1. To see Vendors that have had Requisitions this year and should get a 1099
      Choose the Reqs Column u and choose yes

                                                            To clear any selections—
                                                            click the down arrow &
                                                            choose all. To be more
                                                            specific—go to another
                                                            column and choose again.

        The list will shorten to just the rows where Yes is in the column.
        Then click in the Omit1099 column and choose N and the list will be shorter.
   2. Now you can sort the remaining rows using Data Sort however you want to review the data. Identify
        the rows to make changes and then go into Classic and make needed changes to those Vendors.
Tip: To print what only what you need to make changes use the Excel feature of Print Selection. Select the
rows and columns you want to print, from the Menu choose Print and from the Print dialog box choose o
Selection. Then use the Preview button to see if any other changes are needed.

Reviewing Vendors to make then Inactive
    1. Repeat #1 above except choose No (you will still need to review the list)
    2. Click on the status column and choose Blank
    3. You could resort however you want to work the list or choose another column such as Omit1099 and
        choose Y or N depending on what you want.
Once you have a list of Vendors to make changes to; sort by Vendor number and then call up the list to work in
Classic to make changes. There are many variations using the Data Sort option. Use the column noted user
notes to mark records you want to sort & select by to print a small part of the spreadsheet.
Helpful Web Information

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Using the Escape system for generating 1099’s & Independent
Contractor Reporting.
Clean up 1099 Vendor Files
Tip: You could use the data sort options in the Excel file to prepare for these updates

   1. AP Module Vendors Process 1099 Select Tax Year 2005
   2. List 1099 by Tax ID Number (Building the list may take some time!)
      *Check W9’s or send for new W9 if missing Fed Tax ID or SS# update each Vendor with missing
      Tax ID entries
      *Also, check for duplicate tax ID number investigate & correct
      *Also, check the bottom of this list for valid number
   3. List 1099 by Alpha (Building the list may take some time!)
      Look for duplicate Vendors and correct/merge
   4. List 1099 by Zip (Building the list may take some time!)
      Look for missing or incomplete addresses

Review if Vendor should receive a 1099
Selecting Vendors to update 1099 codes
From AP Module Vendors Alpha a to zz F3
When list appears, key in zz
       Wait a few minutes—you will see it show all Vendors (if you don’t do the zz, it just shows 1 page and
you have to keep using Page Down)

Then back to menu
Reports Vendors Set up to Receive 1099’s Vendors set up to Receive 1099’s

This is another option other than using the Excel spreadsheet (above) to review Vendors.

Can check this against W9’s to see if require a 1099

Using the Escape system for generating 1099.doc                                Page 3 of 6
Recommend that at a minimum 2 checks be completed
   1. For all entries with Fed Tax ID instead of an SS#--check the W9 or request a new one to see if they
      really should be marked to receive a 1099. (Entries with a Fed. Tax ID will not be subject to
      Independent Contractor Reporting)
   2. Check entries with SS#--if this is only for Employee pay backs such as mileage and direct pay
      reimbursements; change Escape Classic code to Omit 1099 = Y (they will not receive a 1099)

To use Escape Classic to prepare for the
Independent Contractor Report File
After printing the above-Escape once & you will be back at the list of all vendors.
Menu Independent Contractors Select by Requisition

Requisition Dates—search goes faster if use end of month date
When list appears, again use the zz and wait
        You will notice the Alpha list at end will be at end of alphabet, also will see total selected number be
greater than the 1 page count.

Using the Escape system for generating 1099.doc                                  Page 4 of 6
Use Control + Page Up to get back to start of the list
Enter on 1st Vendor—can use F8 to go thru the list, when find a vendor with a Federal Tax ID rather than SS#,
Escape out to mark that record. Continue on until you have marked all records with a Federal Tax ID, then
Remove those records from the list for Independent Contractor Reporting.
Indep Contractor Remove Marked Records (now you have a list of Independent Contractors)

Follow the balance of the detailed instructions in
Independent Contractor Reporting

From the steps involved; you can see that having the 1099 Vendors properly identified can save time!

Another Option for Identifying Independent Contractors
After you have cleaned up your Vendors and have a good 1099 Vendor list of active vendors.
A Commodity Group of IC has been added to each districts Purchasing Codes
       (Exception: ACOE already had ICR created for Independent Contractors.)
You can see this from Purchasing Module Codes Fixed Asset Groups/SubGroup

After cleaning up the Vendor Files; this code can be Added to the Vendor Screen as a Commodity Code which
you can use to select vendors that may require Independent Contractor Reporting:

Go back to Vendors, build your list for 1099 Vendors, then review and determine if they also qualify as
Independent Contractors for EDD reporting requirements. If so:
Enter on each one to add the commodity code.

                                                                               Shift + Enter in the
                                                                               Commodity field will
                                                                               bring up the list.

You can add this Commodity Code if the vendor would be subject to independent contractor reporting criteria.

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Then you can go back and clear the Select/Sort and then re-select
Select/Sort Commodity Group

Finish the tasks outlined in the handout.

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