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					                   Unicru personality test for employment screening needs analysis

Unicru personality test for employment screening
needs analysis


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If you are seeking a job at major retailers, you WILL be taking this
test. The company that produced the test is called Unicru. The test is
to see if you are qualified to be a cashier, warehouse, sales, etc. If
you fail this test, you will NOT get interviews. One CEO that took the
retail test for his own company failed it. The order of the questions
was a total mess, so I tried to group them. Patterns did emerge, but
what they mean to being a cashier, vs stockroom is not readily
apparent. Millions of people take this test, every year. Can anyone
break this code and tell us what to answer to get the job as stocker,
cashier, warehouse etc? I grouped these as best as I could, but it is
just my own interpretation. Each statement has 4 answers: Strongly
disagree, disagree, agree, strongly agree.

You can do whatever you set your mind to
You expect to succeed in whatever you do
You have plenty of self−confidence
You have confidence in yourself
You want to be the best at everything you do
You try to make everything you do perfect

Energy/interest in change:
You have a busy, active schedule
You always have a lot of activities going on
In your free time, you go out more than stay home
You are somewhat of a thrill−seeker
You have a lot of different abilities
You can wait patiently for a long time
You make new friends all the time
You are always learning about new things
You like to try things that are new and different
You shy away from trying new things
You would like a job that is quiet and predictable

You have no big worries
You get mad at yourself when you make mistakes
You think a lot about things that have bothered you

Unicru personality test for employment screening needs analysis                                        1
                   Unicru personality test for employment screening needs analysis
You can easily cheer up and forget a problem
You feel bad for a long time after you've made a mistake
You bounce back right away from disappointments
Any trouble you have is your own fault
It bothers you a long time when someone is unfair to you
You think a lot about the worries and stresses you have
You've had some disappointments that you'll never get over
You look back and feel bad about things you've done
You have no big regrets about your past
Compared to others your age, you have achieved a lot

You keep calm when under stress
You have trouble dealing with sudden changes
You feel nervous when there are demands you can't meet
When things go wrong, it's hard to control your temper
When something goes wrong, your whole day is ruined
When under pressure, you think about all that can go wrong
You would do well in a job with difficult deadlines every day

You often feel nervous about something
A lot of things can make you feel tense
You get angry more often than nervous (and anger ... w/e)

You act pleasant even when you feel bad
You show it when you are in a bad mood
You do not always feel hopeful about your future

You change from feeling happy to sad without any reason
Your moods are steady from day to day
You feel tense when someone watches you work
You are always cheerful
You are well aware of your inner feelings
You are hard to get along with when you are in a bad mood

You don't believe a lot of what people say
Many people cannot be trusted
It is maddening when the court lets guilty criminals go free

Blunt expression:
You usually like to be by yourself
You do what you want, no matter what others think
You don't care what people think of you
You don't care what people think of you
You don't worry about making a good impression
You don't act polite when you don't want to
You say whatever is on your mind

Unicru personality test for employment screening needs analysis                      2
                   Unicru personality test for employment screening needs analysis
People's feelings are sometimes hurt by what you say
You do not fake being polite
You don't care if you offend people
You don't care if you offend people
You are careful not to offend people

Criticism/Arguments/Difficult people
You give direct criticism when you need to
You criticize people when they deserve it
When you are annoyed with something, you say so
When people make mistakes, you correct them
When someone criticizes you, you criticize back
You are not afraid to tell someone off
You ignore people's small mistakes
It is easy for you to ignore small problems
You avoid arguments as much as possible
People have a lot of arguments with you
You swear when you argue
you agree with people more than you argue
You can argue hard but still keep it friendly
You could not deal with difficult people all day
There are some people you really can't stand
People do a lot of annoying things
People are often mean to you
Slow−moving people make you impatient
People do a lot of things that make you angry
You do some things that upset people
When someone treats you badly, you ignore it
You ignore people you don't like
When someone is rude to you, you get over it quickly
Most people are easy to get along with
You are a friendly person

Empathy/interest in people's affairs/friends:
You try to sense what others are thinking and feeling
You love to listen to people talk about themselves
You always try not to hurt people's feelings
Other people's feelings are their own business
You worry about saying the wrong things to people
You pay close attention to people's feelings
It is easy for you to feel what others are feeling
You would rather not get involved in other people's problems
You know when someone is in a bad mood, even if they don't show it
There's no use having close friends; they always let you down
You have friends, but don't like them to be too close
Your friends and family approve of the things you do
You are not interested in your friends' problems
You are a fairly private person

Crowds and group relation:
You'd rather blend into a crowd than stand out

Unicru personality test for employment screening needs analysis                      3
                   Unicru personality test for employment screening needs analysis
You like to be in the middle of a big crowd
You do not like to meet new people
It's fun to go out to events with big crowds
You prefer to do things alone
You are unsure of yourself with new people
You love to be with people
You feel lively and energetic at parties
You like to be alone
You hold back from talking a lot in a group
You are a quiet person
You like people to notice you
You attract attention to yourself

Talk and communication/literacy:
You do not like small talk
You like to talk a lot
People who talk all the time are annoying
You talk cheerfully to people you meet
You are lively and talkative
You are talkative
You are unsure of what to say when you meet someone
You chat with people you don't know
It is not easy for you to put your ideas in writing
You are a good reader

Leadership and competition:
You take the lead in conversations or discussions
In groups, someone else usually takes the lead
You often tell other people what to do
You would rather work on a team than by yourself
You are good at leading people
You like to take the lead with others
You do not like to take orders
You tend to follow others more than lead
It bothers you when you have to obey a lot of rules
You are seen as a leader when you are in groups
You naturally take the lead in a group
You are good at taking charge of a group
You are skilled at convincing people
You can be very convincing when you want something
You believe that you would be very successful at a sales job
You'd rather not compete very much
You do all you can do to win

school, punctuality:
You have always had good behavior in school or work
You've done your share of troublemaking
When you go someplace, you are never late
In school or on a job, you could be doing better than you are
You sometimes thought seriously about quitting high school
You were absent very few days from high school

Unicru personality test for employment screening needs analysis                      4
                   Unicru personality test for employment screening needs analysis
You got mostly good grades in high school
In school, you were one of the best students
You look forward to going to work (or school)
You are proud of the work you do at school or on a job

Thinking/problems solving/decisions:
You rarely act without thinking
You quickly see the solutions to new problems
You work better with your hands than your mind
You solve even difficult mental problems
You make more sensible choices than careless ones
You think of yourself as being very sensible
You do things carefully so you don't make mistakes

Interruption and timliness:
You have to give up on some things that you start
You like to plan things before you start to do them
Realistically, some of your projects will never be finished
You follow through on everything that you start
It bothers you when something unexpected disrupts your day
You finish the work you have to do, even when you're tired or bored
You don't like to be interrupted when you are doing something
You hate to give up if you can't solve a hard problem
You finish your work no matter what
You are more relaxed than strict about finishing things on time
You keep your promises, no matter what

You don't work harder than you have to
You wait to start your work until you are told to
When you are done with your work, you look for more to do.
You like to take frequent breaks when working on something difficult
It is important for you to feel good about your work
You like to have a lot to do
You work hard at what you do
When you need to, you take it easy at work
It is hard to really care about work when the job is boring
You don't work too hard because it doesn't pay off anyway
Right now, you care more about having fun than being serious at school
or work
You work best at a slow but steady speed

Your stuff is often kind of messy
You could describe yourself as 'tidy'


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                 Unicru personality test for employment screening needs analysis
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