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					                                                                        Case Study
                                                              Korn Ferry International

In a global fiercely competitive business world where high profile candidates for
executive positions are often located in other countries the new means for first
interviews is obvious – videoconferencing. Not only does it save time for the
candidates, it also helps reduce travel time and costs whilst getting through the
process of creating a shortlist.

Korn Ferry International in London is specialised in finding CEO’s for their clients. Its
executive search team, work with candidates from all over the world with the aim to
finding the perfect candidate for each position.

Facilities manager Lisa Dolphin at Korn Ferry says, “Our consultants have to travel quite
a lot to meet potential candidates in the initial stages of the process where the focus is
on assessing if there could be a potential match. Not only is it costly, but it also means
spending a great deal of time out of the office – even out of the country. We were
therefore looking for ways in which we could cut the time and the costs involved”.

Korn Ferry turned to vc-net – a company specialised in dedicated Videoconferencing and
other Rich Media Collaboration services. vc-net’s dedicated technology solutions span
the globe and make meetings simple and time-efficient.

Face-to-face - instantly

According to Lisa Dolphin, “We quickly understood that we could benefit tremendously
by a service which could put us ’face-to-face’ in a virtual meeting room - instantly. The
system not only proved helpful in cutting down on the amount of business travel the
consultants take on each year, but has also proved a cost effective and reliable way of
keeping in touch with clients and prospective candidates alike”.

As one of the world’s largest senior executive recruitment companies, Korn Ferry is
headquartered in Los Angeles and has more than 70 offices in 35 countries. The
company decided to use the videoconferencing suite in its London office to conduct initial
meetings with potential candidates from all over the world before recommending them for
a face-to-face second interview.

Important differentiator

The service allows Korn Ferry to effectively find and screen the right person for the job,
irrespective of the candidate’s location and proximity to a Korn Ferry office – an
important differentiator for a company specialising in global appointments of the highest

As the first trials proved to be very successful, Korn Ferry decided to increase the use of
videoconferencing and today vc-net not only provides a dedicated network to host the
video calls, but also acts as Korn Ferry’s international meeting room booking service,
hiring video suites across the world, if for example, a potential candidate needs to meet
away from their office.

Before starting to use vc-net, Korn Ferry had been without support for a
videoconferencing system that was installed in 2001. Since then vc-net has helped bring
its equipment up to standard. All staff, working in 16 different market sectors within the
London office now has access to the technology.


                                                    the world is a single office
                                                                             Case Study
                                                                   Korn Ferry International


Facilities manager Lisa Dolphin said: “We had been through a number of other
companies for our video conferencing services and found them to be inconsistent
because they didn’t turn up or they didn’t do everything we needed.

vc-net helped us upgrade our equipment and the company is a joy to work with because
they do so much for us.

“What we liked most was their flexibility and the fact that we can even arrange room
bookings through vc-net, with an all-in-one service and now we also have a maintenance

Korn Ferry International’s London office have found dedicated videoconferencing so
useful for interviewing high profile candidates that the company is planning to expand
use of the system across five more European offices.

The Korn Ferry International set-up:

     •    vc-net’s dedicated videoconferencing network over their
          videoconferencing systems
     •    vc-net supports and maintains the system
     •    vc-net runs dedicated help desk and trouble shooting
     •    vc-net provides international room-booking service for remote interviews

About Korn/Ferry International

Korn/Ferry International, with more than 70 offices in 35 countries, is the premier
provider of executive search, outsourced recruiting and leadership development
solutions. Based in Los Angeles, the firm partners with clients worldwide to deliver
unparalleled senior-level search, management assessment, coaching and development,
and recruitment outsourcing services through its Futurestep subsidiary. For more
information, visit the Korn/Ferry International Web site at www.kornferry.com or the
Futurestep Web site at www.futurestep.com.

To find out more about vc-net, contact
vc-net                107-112 Leadenhall Street, London EC3A 4AH United Kingdom
Sales:                +44 (0) 20 7491 9500 - sales@vc-net.net
Customer services:    +44 (0) 20 7398 3515 - support@vc-net.net
Technical support:    +44 (0) 800 376 8295 / +44 (0) 20 7398 3518 - support@vc-net.net

vc-net – the collaboration company
As the first company in the world to build a dedicated international videoconferencing network with
POPs throughout Western Europe, Southeast Asia and North America, vc-net is committed to the
provision of high quality video solutions and other enterprise collaboration services. Further
information available at www.vc-net.net

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