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									United Nations Development Programme

                                        ANNEX IV
                                   Offer Letter Format

[insert: Place and Date]

The Resident Representative
United Nations Development Programme
14, Avenue de l’Armée
Kigali, Rwanda

Dear Sir or Madam,
Subject: RFP_50174-2008-001_TOMPRO_Software for Protected Areas Biodiversity

Having examined the Solicitation documents, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged,
I/we the undersigned, offer to perform and deliver the services in full conformity with the said
Solicitation documents.
I undertake, if my Offer is accepted, to commence and complete delivery of all services
specified in the contract within the time frame stated in the Solicitation documents.
I agree to hold this Offer valid and binding on us for a period of one hundred twenty (120)
calendar days from the date fixed for submission of Offers, during which period it may be
accepted at any time by UNDP Rwanda.
Until the formal final Contract is prepared and executed, this Offer together with the written
acceptance of UNDP Rwanda shall constitute a binding contract with me/us.
I understand that you are not bound to accept any Offer you may receive.
[Authorized Signature]
[Full Name of Signatory]

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