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					                                     EXAMPLE SCC APPRAISAL #2
                                    Appraisal for Chris Accomplisher

Part I – To Be Completed For All Employees

In the space provided, enter the rating number in relation to accomplishing the duties and responsibilities
identified on the Position Description of Record:

1 2 3 4   5     1. Quality of Work. The employee maintains an acceptable skill level of capability, skill
                   and thoroughness in effectively accomplishing assigned duties and responsibilities.
Chris produces very high quality of work by checking and rechecking the complex system analyses and
                     financial reports generated each reporting period. Chris’ results are always correct and
                     include additional information that helps interpret the data. Chris maintains a detailed
                     understanding of the platform codes and local requirements and for this reason is
                     sought out by teammates for expertise. Errors in reports have dropped under Chris’
                     management. Calls to our help desk concerning these reports have also dropped due
                     to the instruction and “How to Read” sections added by Chris.
1 2 3 4 5        2. Quantity of Work. The employee maintains a level of production that is sufficient to
                     accomplish assigned duties.
Chris took on a significant additional amount of work this year without jeopardizing any dates or quality.
                     Reporting data increased by approximately 40% while four additional (brand new)
                     reports were also generated. This increase in departmental reporting required 14
                     additional program entries into the division database. Chris scheduled these additions,
                     piloted their introduction to the database and IT team, and rolled out each change with
                     zero errors.
1 2 3 4 5        3. Dependability. The employee reliably completes assigned duties in a conscientious
                     manner with minimum supervision.
Chris requires minimal supervision. Because Chris has produced more in less time and with zero defects,
                     I can direct my concerns to other areas of the operation. Chris’ process of initial and
                     secondary checks, including manual and automated processes, ensures accurate and
                     timely data. Chris co-created this process with IT and will assist teaching other Units
                     how to implement it.
1 2 3 4 5        4. Initiative. The employee thinks constructively and responds accordingly; is a self-
                     starter, plans and initiates appropriate action.
Chris consistently investigates methods to improve our key measures (service, quality, and productivity).
                     On three occasions, Chris proposed process improvements that were evaluated and
                     adopted by our Unit Total Quality Management (TQM) team. On each initiative, Chris
                     volunteered and played a lead part in each phase of the effort often giving extra time
                     before and after regular work hours.
1 2 3 4 5        5. Adaptability. The employee demonstrates a willingness to learn and accepts and
                     meets changing conditions.
Over the past year, Chris has demonstrated much adaptability by remaining positive and willing to learn
                     and change. This was greatly demonstrated by our major system upgrade last year.
                     During this upgrade, 90% of our core procedures were impacted. Many required formal
                     process change requests via our configuration control board (CCB). Chris was the
                     originator of six change requests and saw them through to the end. Chris championed
                     these changes, maintained a positive “can do” approach, and was requested by the
                     Director of Product Management to assume the lead position of the CCB next year.

1 2 3 4   5      6. Accuracy. The employee's tasks are completed with a minimum of errors.

This past year, due largely to Chris’ initiatives, we achieved a 100% test case execution and completion
                    rate during our first integration test cycle for release 2.2. This set a high standard for
                    the system test team. During the year, Chris’ report errors moved from 10% error rate
                    to 2% and within acceptable range.
1 2 3 4 5        7. Attendance and Punctuality. The employee's pattern of attendance does not interfere
                    with the assigned duties and responsibilities.
During this evaluation period, Chris’ attendance and punctuality met and sometimes exceeded
                    expectations. For example, Chris was most often working prior to work start time and
                    after work end time. Chris was at work and worked a full day everyday as specified.
                    Chris is not a “clock watcher” and does feel entitled to a regular break time or lunch
                    time. Chris requested time-off with adequate notice.
1 2 3 4 5        8. Equipment and Safety. The employee complies with safety rules and
                    responsibly maintains and operates equipment.

Chris complies with all safety and rules related to equipment.
1 2 3 4 5        9. Interpersonal Relations. The employee relates to and cooperates with co-workers,
                     other college employees, students, and visitors in an acceptable manner. Employee
                     generally maintains a positive attitude.
I can rely on Chris to appropriately and professionally communicate to employees at all levels and any
                     students. In fact, during this past year, I started to ask Chris to attend meetings on my
                     behalf. I have received feedback from teammates that Chris’ participation has been
                     valuable and professional. On several occasions, Chris had gone the extra mile to
                     assist co-workers with problems ranging from PC application software to directions to
                     the airport. Each time Chris has been courteous and polite. On each occasion, Chris
                     gives a little extra. For example, Chris took her lunch time to assist teammates on a
                     new system procedure. On another occasion, Chris allowed students to use her PC to
                     change an airline ticket reservation.
1 2 3 4 5        10. Time Management. The employee manages time effectively.

Chris uses every minute of the day wisely and is excellent at managing time. Chris does not get side-
                  tracked in social conversations, personal phone calls, or e-mails. Many of Chris’ extra
                  accomplishments are achieved because of time well spent. Even with an
                  overwhelming schedule, Chris managed to help organize the corporate employee
                  appreciation day and train our several new hires.

Overall Appraisal:
_____           Unsatisfactory
_____           Needs Improvement
_____           Meets Expectations
_____           Exceeds Expectations
__X__           Outstanding