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					                Telephone Conferencing

Conference Call Service for
Not for Profit Organisations

Improve Client Services

    Web based management & booking system
      - reduced staff & volunteers to manage calls = reduced costs
      - no Teleconferencing operator required = reduced costs

     nfocus systems provides for both Outbound & incoming calls
      - start conference calls on time as control is now in the facilitator’s hands
      - control call costs

     Billing is itemized by State, Conference Room, & includes all outgoing & incoming
      - provides easy allocation to correct cost centres

    Support home bound & isolated clients
      - connect clients, social groups and families nationwide
      - telephone conferencing can replace costly staff visits to client.
      - provide the clients with a “tool” to manage the social groups, in a controlled

    Competitive pricing for NFP’s
      - call costs are less than normal commercial rates = reduced costs.

    Manage & control your conference calls
      - easy to allocate costs to the appropriate cost centres.

    No bookings required
      - makes it easy to have ad hoc conferences or changes to times.

    Utilize in-house expertise to moderate conference calls
      - instead of using a convener external to the agency = reduce costs
    nfocus TeleConference supports up to 30 participants in a single conference
         -   not restricted to 8 to 10 people per conference

    Record your conference calls
         -   no need to have a note taker / secretary present at each conference call
         -   download an MP3 file and transcribe later & more accurately.

    Excellent sound quality
      - helps with people who may have hearing impairments.

    Nation wide coverage
      - agencies from anywhere in Australia can join the nfocus Teleconferencing
      - calls can emanate from anywhere to anywhere.

Why you need nfocus:
    Faster and easier to administer so your team can spend more time doing and less
    time administering
    Cheaper to operate, allowing you to deliver more service for the same money
    Easier to use, so that you can be more flexible in the way you staff

How does it work ?
    The meeting facilitator dials into our system and enters a PIN code. The system will
    immediately begin dialling the people taking part in the meeting.
    The participants will hear, “Hello, this is your telephone meeting with Zoo Poo NFP
    Australia; press one to join the meeting.”
    This puts all of the participants together rapidly. The facilitator will then ask who
    is in the meeting. If someone that was expected is not present, the facilitator can
    leave the meeting participants chatting while he/she dials out to the missing

                          To Book a call – phone 03 9817 7297
How is the service managed ?
     The lists for each meeting are managed online.
     Members of a list can be made active/inactive to make it easier and faster to make
     temporary changes.
     The lists can be managed by one or multiple administrators.

Use the service in-house:
     You can also use the teleconference service for your internal meetings at the same
     great rates.
     If you have remote staff and volunteers that you don’t want to pay to join a
     meeting they can dial a 1800 so that the call is free

Easy to use:
It's easy to start or join a conference call, just dial a telephone number and then enter a
security code! Automatically dial out to the remaining participants or have the ability to
dial out to the individuals listed in your group.
The moderator can manage the connection of external participants without the other
conference participants being interrupted.

Conference Calls when you need them - no booking:
Hold conference calls with up to 30 lines at any time without making a booking. If you
require additional lines please let us know in advance (we may be able to help).

Excellent sound quality:
nfocus uses the same equipment as the world’s largest conference call service providers
and the highest grade telephone lines (not voice over the internet—VOIP). You can be
sure the sound quality will be the best available, making your teleconferences more
productive. The sound is very clear, assisting clients who have hearing difficulties.

How am I charged ?
There are no set up or ongoing charges and you only pay for the time you use. Call costs
are very competitive, and substantially below normal corporate rates.

                            To Book a call – phone 03 9817 7297
50% cheaper than most providers:
Many Teleconferencing vendors have not changed their pricing structure over the last
ten year. Many of their customers are paying the same today as they were years ago
even though the cost of delivering the service has fallen dramatically.
nfocus is different, we have broken ranks with the teleconferencing industry by
publishing low conference call prices; we can do this because all nFocus customers get
competitive rates. Please refer to price comparison sheets.

Control your costs:
To control costs you need more than low prices, you need easy to read, detailed
invoices, showing who was connected to each conference and for how long.
See Appendix on nfocus cost efficiencies.

Record your conference call:
Record the conference call and download the recording as an MP3 file - all for only $10.
Most companies charge between $50 and $100 for this!

A reliable and professional service you can rely on:
nfocus uses the same systems as the largest global teleconference service providers and
the founders are the most experienced team in the Australian teleconferencing industry.
You can be confident the service will always be reliable.

Easy to establish account with nfocus:
Complete our online form and we will send your account details in one hour (during
business hours). Alternatively call us on Ph 03 9817 7297 or email us on

Creating a teleconference account with nfocus is free and does not commit you to
anything. You can use the service as much or as little as you choose.

nfocus Pty Ltd   e-mail
                 Ph:      03 9817 7297
                 Mob:     0418 696 968
                 L 19 / 15 William street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000
                 (P.O. Box 3005, Auburn Victoria 3123)
                 A.B.N. 30 102 614 291

                              To Book a call – phone 03 9817 7297

Cost efficiencies for nfocus :-

Starting on time by using the automated dial out system.

      The dial out component saves time and money for instance, if one or more
      participants dials in 5 to 10 minutes late, then you will have 8 people waiting to
      commence the conference being charged at a cost of about $15 – and the meeting
      will probably run an extra 10 minutes in order to complete the agenda at another
      $24 – culminating in additional unnecessary costs per meeting of up to $40 per
      conference call.

      nfocus invoice layout provides a total cost per meeting and an itemised
      account of all participants by phone number and cost – saves office
      administration time in analysing the conference call expense and allocating costs
      to appropriate cost centres.

      The conferencing system allows for the efficient recording of the conference,
      enabling the minute taker to participate in the conference call and type the
      minutes when time allows.

      The participating staff costs are minimised if the conference commences in a
      timely fashion.

      nfocus conferencing provides the connection of up to 30 participants in a single

      A participating organisation does not require internal conferencing

      nfocus conferencing can be managed by the participating organisation and
      does not require an external organisation to connect or schedule the calls.

      Reduced administration set up time because of easy to manage web based
      “meeting rooms” – means that a participating organisation can have multiple
      conference meeting rooms set up on a permanent basis. Changes are easily
      effected by ticking or un-ticking the activation boxes for each participant.

                           To Book a call – phone 03 9817 7297

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