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									                STRIKER SEED BLENDS


Selected through extensive trialling for disease resistance,
      durability, density & overall turfgrass quality,
Striker Seed Blends contain the latest exclusive cultivars.
Turf Managers will notice improvements in their turf density,
  colour and wear capabilities when they use Striker Seed.

                     Contact your local Nuturf Territory Manager
                      on 1800 631 008 or visit
                   Description                                            Application             Sowing Rate

Striker SOS        STRIKER SOS (Super Over Seeder) is a unique            Sports fields and       3-5kg per 100m2
                   blend that contains our new Panterra Turf              tees.
                   Annual ryegrass and our leading turf perennial
                   ryegrasses. Striker SOS will provide an extreme
                   fast germinating, quality dense turf with good
                   wear tolerance and vigour during the winter
                   period. Designed to get sportsfields back to
                   play the quickest! Two blends available 50:50,
                   70:30 Panterra:Gold.

Striker Gold       An elite blend of ryegrasses containing 3 of the       Premium sports          3-5kg per 100m2
                   best: Premier II, Brightstar II and Barlennium ryes.   surfaces.
                   Backed up by independent ANTEP results!
                   Australia’s # 1 sports ground ryegrass blend.
                   Specifically researched and formulated for
                   oversowing high quality sportsfields used for
                   winter play. Striker Gold has a beautiful dark
                   green colour, fast establishment and excellent
                   wear tolerance.

Supersod           Contains Premier II, Charisma and Stallion             High grade              3-5kg per 100m2
                   Supreme ryes. Proven performers in Australian          sportsfields, golf
                   conditions. Premier II and Stallion Supreme are        surrounds, tees,
                   top rated in ANTEP and local trials. Supersod          close cutting.
                   has excellent germination and wear tolerance.

BF 1000            A blend of wear tolerant, fine-leaf ryegrasses.        Sportsfields.           3-5kg per 100m2
                   Ideal for repairing council sportsfields at an
                   economical price.

GP 2000            An economical blend of ryegrasses that will            Sportsfields, passive   3-5kg per 100m2
                   provide winter growth in combination with high         recreation.
                   wear tolerance. Ideal when the need for quick
                   establishment is paramount.

Striker Fine Tee   Striker Fine Tee is an equal proportion blend of       Golf course             2-3kg per 100m2
                   Bridgeport Chewings fescue and Cindy Lou               surrounds, tees and
                   Creeping Red fescue. This fine fescue blend            fairways.
                   exhibits a very fine texture turf with high shoot
                   density, uniformity and quality. Striker Fine Tee is
                   a dark green blend adapted to low fertile
                   shaded conditions.
Diamond            A mixture containing Premier II and Barlennium         Golf tees,              3-5kg per 100m2
                   ryes, in combination with Cindy Red Fescue             surrounds, shady
                   and Bariviera Poa Trivialis. This mix has been         areas.
                   formulated using the best shade tolerant
                   varieties and is ideal for high quality, fine cut,
                   shaded situations. This blend has fast
                   germination and establishment.
Emerald            Contains Premier II and Barlennium ryes as well        Tees, surrounds,        3-5kg per 100m2
                   as Red Creeping fescue. Rapid germinator with          feature lawns.
                   shade tolerance.

Royal Tee          Contains the highest quality fine rye, Cindy red       Golf tees and           3-4kg per 100m2
                   fescue and bentgrass. Quality of cut is a              surrounds.
                   feature of this mix.
Enviro             The latest in low maintenance fine fescue              Golf roughs, low        1-2kg per 100m2
                   cultivars with high drought tolerance. Minimal         maintenance
                   mowing required. Contains Quatro Sheep                 areas.
                   fescue, Eureka hard fescue as well as Cindy
                   Red fescue.
Quartz             A mix of tall fescue and Perennial rye designed        High wear areas.        3-5kg per 100m2
                   for tough, dry conditions.

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