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hmmwv tm


									                                                         Covert Illumination
                                                         For Night Vision
    MADE IN USA - Patent Pending

    Enhances Night Vision Performance
    Travel Safer & Faster At Night
    Anti-Glare Matte Finish
    High Impact & Heat Resistant

BlackoutTM Kit HMMWV

                                                  Tactical vehicle operations at night can often be
                                                  difficult due to a lack of illumination. Driving with
                                                  just NVGs not only slows down your element’s
                                                  rate of movement, but also makes recognition
IR Headlight Filters       Running Light Covers   more difficult and increases your risk of fratricide.
       (2)                         (4)            U.S. Night Vision’s BlackoutTM Filter Kits for the
                                                  HMMWV, Army 5 ton, Army 2 ½ ton and the
                                                  Marine Corps 7 ton are an instant force multi-
                                                  plier for tactical vehicle operations.

                                                  Each BlackoutTM Filter provides as much IR illu-
                                                  mination, when seen through night vision, as a
                                                  headlight seen by the naked eye at night; facili-
IR Brakelight Filters     “Orange” Light Covers   tating a safer, faster and more efficient means of
        (2)                        (2)            travel.
BlackoutTM HMMWV Kits (USNVBF-10)
Two IR Headlight Filters (Also Sold Separately)   The infrared headlight filters provide illumination
Two IR Taillight Filters                          for night vision. The taillight filters, also made of
Two Orange Headlight Covers (Black)               infrared material, allow break lights to be seen
Four Running Light Covers (Black)
Nylon Kit Bag
                                                  by other vehicles. All running lights are covered
Mounting Screws                                   with high impact plastic to mask light. BlackoutTM
Instruction Manual                                Infrared Filter Kits are made in the USA and are
1-Year Warranty                                   available only to the U.S. Military and its allies.

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