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									The UKPS biometrics
enrolment trial
The UK Passport Service (UKPS) is running a six-month trial to test the recording and verification
of facial recognition, iris and fingerprint biometrics. Approximately 10,000 participants will take
part in the trial. Results from the trial will help inform the Government’s plans to introduce
biometrics to support improved identity authentication and help prevent identity fraud.

                                         The objectives of the UKPS biometrics        face, iris and fingers. The second stage
                                         trial include the following:                 of the trial is verification during which
                                         • to test the use of biometrics through      participants’ biometrics are compared
                                           a simulation of the passport process       with those given during enrolment.
                                         • to include exception cases, e.g.           On completion, participants will receive
                                           people who may have difficulties           a demonstration card carrying both
                                           in enrolment                               printed and electronic information. There
                                         • to measure the process time and            are only a few minutes between the
                                           hence estimate costs                       enrolment and the verification stages.
                                         • to assess customer perceptions
                                           and reactions                              Biometric collection and recognition
                                         • to assess practical aspects of             Facial recognition, iris pattern and
       Demonstration biometrics card       incorporation of biometrics into a         fingerprint images were nominated the
                                           biometric database                         most suitable biometrics for use at border
                                         • to identify issues and risks               controls and passport issuance by the
                                           and produce an outline                     International Civil Aviation Organisation
                                           implementation plan                        (ICAO) in May 2003. No physical contact
                                                                                      is required to collect the facial and iris
                                         Who is running the trial?                    biometrics. The participant looks at a
                                         The UK Passport Service is running the       camera and the process is safe and
                                         trial in partnership with the Home Office    secure. Fingerprints are collected by
                                         Identity Card Unit and the DVLA.             pressing fingers against a reader. No ink is
                                         The trial will take place in the London      involved and again it is safe and secure.
                                         Passport Office, Leicester Post Office,
                                         Newcastle Registrar’s Office, and            Demonstration smartcard
                                         DVLA Local Office Glasgow. To ensure         Each participant will receive a card
                                         wider geographic coverage there will         with their photograph on the front.
                                         also be a mobile enrolment unit.             The chip embedded in the card will
    Facial recognition and iris camera
                                         The technical delivery will be undertaken    contain an electronic photograph and
                                         under contract by Atos Origin and the        the person’s biometrics. The card is
                                         recruitment of participants will be          issued solely as a demonstrator and
                                         managed by MORI.                             cannot be used for travel or
                                                                                      identification purposes.
                                         About the trial
                                         This trial simulates a potential future      At the end of the trial
                                         biometric collection process; people will    All the biometrics obtained from the
                                         go through enrolment and then have           participants will be destroyed at the
                                         their biometrics verified. The participant   end of the trial. All process recordings
                                         is first welcomed at reception and their     and the participants’ questionnaires will
                                         biometrics are then enrolled in a            be anonymous and analysed by the
                                         purpose-built booth that has been            UKPS. Results of the trial will help to
                                         equipped to record the images of the         inform the UKPS in its future initiatives
                                                                                      to reduce fraud.
                                                 Questions and Answers

                                                 Can anyone take part in the trial?            What will happen to my biometrics?
                                                 There is only one restriction, which is       Your biometrics will be anonymised and
                                                 that participants must be aged 18 or          will not be passed to any other
                                                 over. In some locations we may target         organisation. Your biometrics will be
                                                 particular groups to ensure that all          stored only for the duration of the trial
                                                 sections are represented, but anyone          and then destroyed. Recordings of
                                                 outside of a target group who is 18 or        process details and participant’s
                                                 more is still welcome to take part.           questionnaires will be anonymous
                                                                                               and analysed by the UKPS.
                                                 Can biometrics be obtained
                                                 from anybody?                                 Are participants exempt from
                                                 Most people will be able to provide their     enrolments in future government
                         Fingerprint enrolment   biometrics, but there are conditions          initiatives?
                                                 which could make it impossible                We will destroy all of the images we
                                                 (e.g. a physical impairment) or difficult     record at the end of the trial. So
                                                 (e.g. worn finger tips due to heavy           participants would have to enrol in
                                                 manual labour). One of the objectives         any future scheme.
                                                 of the trial is to evaluate these types
                                                 of enrolments .                               When will the Government introduce
                                                                                               biometric passports or identity cards?
                                                 The application of biometrics technology      The UKPS will implement a facial
                                                 is only one of several methods the            recognition biometric (which can be taken
                                                 UKPS can use to establish and verify          from a passport photograph) in the British
                                                 identity. The UKPS will continue to           Passport book in accordance with
                                                 establish identity through documentation      international standards in 2005.
                                                 and biographical history when                 The UKPS is also considering the
                                                 biometrics are introduced.                    introduction of a passport card holding
                                                                                               biometric information. The inclusion of a
                                                 What do you mean by biometrics                secondary biometric, either the image of
                                                 enrolment?                                    the bearer's iris pattern or fingerprints, in
                                                 The enrolment stage of the trial              a later version of the passport/passport
                                                 simulates what could happen in a future       card is being considered as well.
                                                 process where an applicant’s biometrics
                                                 could be recorded and checked against         Subject to legislation, the passport card
                                                 a central database to prevent duplicate       will form part of a family of identity cards
                                                 entries. If no match is found the             to be introduced under the National
                                                 applicant’s biometrics are added and the      Identity Cards Scheme announced by
                                                 applicant is therefore enrolled. To make      the Government in November 2003.
                                                 the trial as realistic as possible, we        The Government expects that new style
About Atos Origin                                will compare the participants’ biometrics     passport identity cards will become
Atos Origin, an international information        against a database of anonymised iris         available to all those applying for new
technology services company, has been            and fingerprint images collected outside      and replacement passports from around
selected by the UK Passport Service to           the United Kingdom and the biometrics         2007/8 onwards.
conduct its six month biometric trial.           collected during the trial.
Atos Origin has designed, built and will                                                       Your current passport is unaffected by
maintain the pilot equipment and                 Is the process safe?                          these developments, and will remain
software. In January 2004 Atos Origin            Yes. No physical contact is required for      valid for the entire period for which it has
acquired SchlumbergerSema, the                   the facial and iris biometrics. A small       been issued, subject to passport rules.
previous service provider.                       amount of physical contact may be             For further information about biometric
                                                 required for fingerprint collection to help   passports, please visit
                                                 press the fingers against the reader, but For further
                                                 there is no ink involved. The equipment is    information about national identity cards,
                                                 cleaned each time after it has been used.     please visit

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