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									Straight Scotch
News from the Scotch College Old Collegians Association: Issue 7, Nov 2006    Newsletter
A Note From                                    that the Old Collegians Association has
                                               towards communicating with its members
                                                                                                This is our newest interest group which is
                                                                                                fantastic and Tom expects that over time
The President:                                 and I believe that you will be able to see       they will be able to add another couple of
                                               continued improvement in the coming              teams to what is already a very successful
                                               months and years.                                A Grade team.

                                               No Application Fee                               The Netball team continues to grow in
                                               Old Collegians no longer have to pay an          strength and now has four teams playing
                                               application fee when placing their child on      over three nights during the summer
                                               the waiting list for a spot in the College.      season. There has been an enormous
                                               It is important to get your applications in      demand for spots within the netball club
                                               as soon as possible, given the demand            and I understand that there have been
                                               for entry points within the College,             many new faces putting on the Scotch
                                               especially the Junior School, as being an        colours.
Old Collegians Week                            Old Collegian does not necessarily grant
We had a very, very successful Old             you an automatic place for your child. I         The Terracing
Collegians Week with a number of activities    encourage anyone considering sending             Congratulations to the terracing group,
throughout the week. The Annual City           their children to the College to book a          led by the Friends of the First XVIII and the
dinner was relocated from the Convention       place on the waiting list and given that it      Old Collegians Football Club, who did a
Centre to the Hyatt with positive feedback     costs nothing, there is no reason to wait        magnificent job in refurbishing the terrace
about the change. The Hyatt did an             any longer to get your application in.           section along the edge of the main oval.
excellent job and while numbers were                                                            There have been a number of very positive
slightly down on the night, I think it has     Interest Groups                                  comments about what is aesthetically a
built a solid foundation for some fantastic    What an outstanding result in the football       major improvement and the Old Collegians
dinners in the future.                         this year! All three teams managed to            Association, albeit on a small scale, are
                                               make the finals, while C Grade won               proud to be part of such a project.
Thank you very much to everyone who            its fourth premiership in five years.
participated throughout Old Collegians         Congratulations to Michael Richter (‘79)         Contact
Week and we hope you thoroughly enjoyed        and Sean McGregor (‘89) for being the            If you ever have any queries in relation
yourselves and look forward to your            Coach and Captain respectively.                  to Old Collegian matters please do not
participation in future years.                                                                  hesitate to contact John Forbes (‘90)
                                               Once again, congratulations to the Football      at the Development Office on jforbes@
Website                                        Club committee. Their outstanding       or 8274 4314 and he will
Over the coming months the website will        management skills have provided an               certainly be able to point you in the right
undergo a major upgrade with the aim           excellent environment for developing new         direction.
to improve communication between Old           and old Old Collegians and special thanks
Collegian members. There will be a number      to Geoff Heard (‘69) and his committee for       I take this opportunity to wish everyone
of new features, including the ability to      their contribution to the entire Old Collegian   a safe and Merry Christmas and we look
book functions online. In addition, interest   community throughout the football season.        forward to catching up with more and more
group pages will be revamped to include                                                         of you in the New Year.
a considerable amount of new material.         The Gaelic Football team is up and running                                -Todd Roberts (‘88)
This demonstrates the major contribution       with Tom O’Malley (‘02) leading the charge.

                It is now here!
                Take the time to visit and register yourself
                onto the online community database, there are nearly 700 Old
                Collegians online and more new users log on every month.
                The largest alumni groups are as follows
  New Website

                1992 - 33         1991 - 26       1998 - 18          1978 - 11
                1966 - 32         1993 - 26       1976 - 17          2003 - 11
                1986 - 31         1994 - 24       1980 - 17          1999 - 10
                1987 - 31         1981 - 23       1997 - 17          1973 - 8
                1988 - 31         1984 - 21       1989 - 13          1982 - 8
                1990 - 29         2000 - 21       1974 - 12          1979 - 7
                1985 - 26         1995 - 20       1983 - 12

                    Did you know? Scotch College closed down for the first six weeks of first term 1938 because
                     of a serious outbreak of polio. All students were taught by correspondence for this period.

                                                                                                             Straight Scotch
Straight Scotch
2006 Reunion Reports                             The evening started with a gathering
                                                 beneath a fabulous commemorative
                                                                                                 1976 Alumni 30 Year Reunion
                                                 banner designed by our own Simon
1981 Alumni 25 Year Reunion                                                                      We like to think of ourselves as the children
                                                 Ingerson, of course to get a group photo        of the radical, free thinking, heavy rock
The rumours, however, were true and              later in the evening, the drinks had to be      music 70s. We prided ourselves on being
the Class of ‘81 did gather at the Garage        cut off!                                        uncaring of school pride and certainly
restaurant and bar for our 25 Year Reunion                                                       would not be into reminiscing about our
on Friday October 20.                            There were a few moments to recognise           school days. For all this, on September
                                                 those who weren’t there, but whom had           2, over 50 young at heart Old Collegians
                                                 sent messages from all over the world, and      met at the School for a 30 Year Reunion.
                                                 for those who were no longer in this world,     We were there to relive our days at the
                                                 but they were all remembered with good          school and seriously reminisce. It was
                                                 cheer for the antics they used to get up to     a night of laughter, old friends and new
                                                 in “the old school yard”                        understandings.

                                                 Many photographs were shared of children
                                                 and partners, it was discovered that the
                                                 range of children from this year was from
                                                 28 to 1 (I know the math doesn’t quite
                                                 work). There were some excellent displays
                                                 on the dance floor, even clothing removal
1981 25 year reunion.
                                                 at one stage (and this was one of the
Organised from a far by the fabulous Jakki
Govan (with a little help from the writer        I’m not sure who was last to leave Light
and a whole lot from John Forbes in the          Square, but it was light when a large group
Development Office) the acceptances and                                                          ‘76 30 Year Reunion organising
                                                 straggled out of Hindley Street, I know
cash finally trickled in and a final 50 (give
                                                 my houseguest (Simon) got home after
                                                                                                 committee: Sue Chase, Simon Firth,
or take a few) gathered for a fabulous                                                           Meridith Evans, John Camens and
                                                 the paper was delivered! We of course
cocktail party and a damn good catch up!                                                         Mark Young.
Considering this was the year that turned        can thank the introduction to alcohol to
the school Pink on muck Up Day, they             the creation of it in Ken Webbs Chemistry       We had had a fantastically successful 25
were clearly going to be in for a good time!     classes.                                        year reunion and we tried not to expect a
                                                                                                 similar, spectacular, turnout only five years
In terms of guests, we had a little of           By Saturday, most of the group had spread       later. We were therefore delighted that
everything, wine makers, drinkers, a non-        out, but there was a gathering at my place      so many people made the effort to come
smoker who sells cigarettes, a whole lot of      for the interstate travelers with no Adelaide   -from interstate, overseas and from here in
smokers (one attendee got expelled very          ties! Way too much to eat and way too           Adelaide. (Either they had heard how good
late in Year 12 for just such a crime…),         much red wine consumed (and thrown              the last one was or some of them even
artists, financial planners, fishermen,          all over the room) till after 3am again!! We    remembered how good it had been!)
hoteliers, restauranteurs, teachers (you         hear that others gathered for a surf at
                                                 Middleton, but in the main the promise and      Everyone appreciated the traditions that
would think after what we put our teachers
                                                                                                 are a part of any Scotch get together,
through it would have put us all off) a tattoo   the threat was to do it all over again.
                                                                                                 including the Piper as we arrived and Peg
artist and, yes, even a used car salesman!
                                                                                                 Lemmey, performing another memorable
Law enforcement was well represented;            I think a great weekend was had by all and      Address to the Haggis complete with kilt,
you could be arrested, defended and              it’s only 60 months till we do it again! Roll   dirk, Scottish accent and whisky. And who
locked up, all without leaving the venue!        on 2011, the date has already been set          could forget Yogi’s Selkirk Grace?
                                                 October 22.
The beautiful thing about a gathering of
                                                                                                 A particularly special part of the night was
40somethings whose time used to be               Attendees on the night ranged from those        the guest speaker, Mr Peter Read, who
spent together playing spin the torch            who only attended for one year at Scotch        as a renowned staff member of our time,
on Goose Island, creating spit bombs,            to those that were there from Primary to        spoke with his usual caustic wit keeping
preparing for Blue and Golds and                 Year 12, but to all some sort of impact was     the audience in fits of laughter with his
competing in Head of the Rivers, sports                                                          reminiscences of events such as the Bird
                                                 made by this place that our parents had
days and the like, is that you don’t really                                                      Man Rally in the pool, the Gymkhana on
                                                 chosen to give us a great education and
need any thing to break the ice. From the                                                        the cricket oval, the wandering players at
                                                 we all remember a place of great friendship
second people walked in the door you                                                             lunchtimes and the notorious Newsboard.
could barely hear the DJ from immediate          that created great memories.
                                                                          Sally Hamilton (‘81)   Thanks Mr Read, it was a glorious time.
chatter and “how the hell are you?
resounding through the venue.                                                                    We also had the opportunity to review the
                                                                                                 nostalgic DVD prepared by Philip Camens

                          Did you know? When the Roy Taylor Memorial Swimming Pool opened in 1938
                                   the water was unfiltered and you could not see the bottom.

Straight Scotch                          
                                     News from the Scotch College Old Collegians Association: Issue 7, Nov 2006

for the 25 Year Reunion. To the music of
the number one hit for 1976, Fernando by
                                                 Have You Heard?                                Canberra Capitals. Abby also is in the
                                                                                                U/19 Australian Gems Team and the
ABBA, we watched as a procession of the                                                         Australian U/21 Sapphires Team. The
young and beautiful people we were then,
                                                 Veronica Wood (‘86)                            World Championships will be held next
                                                 It was great to catch up with so many of       year in the Slovak Republic and Russia.
paraded themselves on the screen before
                                                 you at the 20 Year Reunion having missed
us. We had the chance to remember that
                                                 the 10 Year one (yep Tim, just slack).         If any Old Collegians are ever in the
Anderson house won almost everything
                                                 Despite having always lived in Adelaide        Territory please call into the Threeways and
there was to win that year. We also had a
                                                 I don’t see anyone from Scotch. I can’t        say hello to Lexi and Ben.
sombre moment remembering those who
                                                 believe how much bigger (taller and wider
are no longer with us.
                                                 not that there’s anything wrong with that)
                                                 so many of you guys are! It was fun to         Mark Boxer (‘94)
The night finished with an after party, kindly   reminisce and I had lots of laughs (mainly
hosted by Scott Rickards, which went on                                                         Worked as a mechanic for a while until I
                                                 at other people’s expense - sorry!)            made my way into the magazine industry.
until the very early hours of the next day.      For the record I have been married to Geoff    Moved to Sydney and became the Editor
                                                 for 9 years and have two beautiful children,   of a popular performance car magazine.
Thanks for the success of the night must         Lisa(7yrs) and Matthew(4yrs). Geoff says
go to John Forbes and the staff at the                                                          Rode for two seasons doing shows with
                                                 boys can’t be beautiful but mine is.           a motorcycle stunt team in Sydney before
Development Office for all their support and
assistance, to the caterers, Peg, Mr Read,                                                      moving to the US for a while to work on
                                                 For those who live in SA and have used the     a magazine in Southern California. Back
the organising committee (John Camens,           services of the CYWHS and have any
Simon Firth, Mark Young, Sue Chase (nee                                                         in Sydney now working as a Business
                                                 issues please feel free to contact me.         Development Manager for a publishing
McFarlane) and Meredith Evans (nee Miles)        I am on the Peak Consumer Advisory
and a special thank you to John and Scott                                                       company. Bumped into a few old school
                                                 Committee and also the Health Care             friends the other week while I was back in
for cleaning up the next day.                    Safety and Quality Review Committee and        SA. Would love to catch up with some old
                                                 am committed to raising awareness of           friends again some time.
Also, congratulations to the school for          the issues facing families in the SA health
managing to instil a sense of belonging that                                                    Boxer
has lasted all this time for so many people.
Who, in the 70s would have thought it?           To those who are single:
We had a fine time in 1976 and in 2006.
We will do it again.
                                                          May you be lucky in love
                                                 To those who are not:
                                                                                                 For The 2007 Diary
               Meredith Evans (nee Miles‘76)              May your love grow stronger
                                                 To those who have children:                     24-27 May Scotch College Fine Art Exhibition
                                                          Cherish every moment                             Tickets available through the
                                                 To those expecting babies:                                Development Office
                                                          May you get enough sleep to                      Sue Fox Tel: 8274 4317
Your Reunion Could Be Next Year                           enjoy life                                       Email:
One of your classmates – listed below -          To those without children:
has nominated themselves to help organise                 Enjoy the tranquility                  30 July - 3 Aug Old Collegians Week
the event, however naturally they would
appreciate some help. Please feel free to        Sending healthy, happy vibes to all.            31 July     Old Collegians Assembly
contact them or the Development Office to        Cheers,
register your interest.                          Ronni (nee Veronica, Vron & VJ)
                                                                                                 3 Aug       Old Collegians City Dinner
2002 Alumni – 5 Year Reunion                                                                                 Hyatt Regency Adelaide
                                                 PS Still wondering after 20 years- who was
John Fargher:            responsible for the tank on the lawns and
                                                 the mini on the Staff Room steps on our         10 Aug      Blinman Community Dinner
1997 Alumni – 10 Year Reunion                    last day?
Nicholas Kidman:                                                             August      London Dinner
                                                 Alexia Bishop (‘81)                                         Convenor:
1987 Alumni – 20 Year Reunion                    I have worked in Local Government for                       Iestyn Llewllyn-Smith (‘97)
Andrew Cosh:                    eight years the last two in the Lord Mayor’s                Mob: 07786 058 490
                                                 Office in Adelaide. Decided a change was                    Email:
1982 Alumni – 25 Year Reunion                    needed, so have purchased Threeways
Michael Dilettoso:           Roadhouse Tourist Park, 25 kms north of         October     Back to Blue and Gold
                                                 Tennant Creek with my brother Ben Knight,                   Tickets will be on sale in August
1977 Alumni – 30 Year Reunion                    who with his wife Emily and three children
                                                                                                             - last year sold out, don’t be
Richard Allen:         managed Linda Downs Station, 250kms
                                                 south of Mt Isa for the last eight years.                   disappointed
1967 Alumni – 40 Year Reunion
Convenor required, please contact John           My middle daughter Abby (17) left the AIS       9 November Sydney Community Dinner
Forbes:                 in September where she was on a two                      Convenor: Jock Gilchrist (‘90)
                                                 year scholarship for Basketball. Abby is                 Tel: 0438 847 574
                                                 currently playing in the WNBL with the                   Email:

               Did you know? The original Scotch College gymnasium (from the 1920’s until after WWII) was in
             the old stables building (now part of the Art Centre). The floor was covered with tan bark and it was
                        equipped with trapeze, rings, parallel bars, a horizontal bar and climbing poles.

                                                                                                             Straight Scotch
Straight Scotch
Gary Graham (’67)
Graduated from Adelaide University
                                                Leanne Hawke (‘94)
                                                After Scotch I carried out a Science
                                                                                                 Gratton Era Group
B.E. Elec. 1974. Married Barby in               Degree with Honours in Marine Biology at         The Gratton Era Group is a committee
1975. We have seven children and four           Flinders Uni. I then worked for five and a       who support our older Old Collegians by
grandchildren.                                  half years at the Royal Adelaide Hospital        hosting the 50 Year and Before Reunion,
                                                and Queen Elizabeth Hospitals as the             the 60 Year and Before afternoon tea,
I worked for Pope Electric Motors for four      Ear, Nose and Throat surgical specialties        sending birthday cards to Old Collegians
years before shifting to Dunlite Power          Research Co-ordinator. In Nov 2005 I went        celebrating an 80 plus year birthday and
Generation for 10 years in design and           to Darwin for eight months and trained to        visiting Old Collegians who otherwise
engineering.                                    become a Police Officer of the Northern          cannot get to the College.
                                                Territory Police Force. I am currently           If it has been some time since you have
Moved to Cooma NSW in 1989 for four             living and working in Alice Springs as a         managed to get back to the campus
and a half years to work with Snowy             Police Constable. In amongst all of this I       the gentlemen of the Gratton Era Group
Mountains Hydro Electric Authority. I met       have enjoyed numerous trips overseas to          wish to extend an invitation to all Old
John Wilson at a school fete of all places.     Europe, UK, USA and Malaysia.                    Collegians to attend a personal tour. You
                                                                                                 can either arrange a small group or make
Returned to South Australia in 1993 and                                                          an appointment as an individual. In some
worked again with Pope Electric Motors                                                           cases, dependant on location, a member
until company closed operations.                Upcoming Events                                  of the Gratton Era Group may even be able
                                                                                                 to pick you up from your home and drop
                                                                                                 you back. Please contact the Development
Started my own consulting electrical            Principals Picnic                                Office 8274 4314 to register your interest
engineering company in July 2001 -              Bring your picnic hamper and some drinks         and a Gratton Era Group member will be in
predominantly in the fields of earthing and     to the College and take the opportunity to       touch with you.
Lightning protection. I have been active as     meet the new Principal Mr Tim Oughton
a Christian in local churches for the last 21   and his wife Heather.
years.                                          February 23 from 6:30pm.

Jane Fishlock (‘84)                             Art Exhibition 2007
Scotch seems a lifetime ago - Duane and I       The very successful Audi Scotch Fine Art         Disclaimer
have three children - Taylor 14, Ben 12 and     Exhibition is on again. Opening night is
Troy 11. We own a cattle station 70kms          Thursday 24 May 2007 with the exhibition         Comments and opinions published
out of Katherine NT: Sturt Downs, Jetset        running until Sunday 27 May.                     are those of the individual, they do not
Travel in Katherine (where I have been for      Sponsorship and advertising packages are         necessarily reflect the views of the Old
almost 20 years), and a Rodeo Company           still available for this event, please contact   Collegians Association committee.
where we run our own rodeos and supply          Sue Fox 8274 4317 or sfox@scotch.
bucking bulls throughout the NT to other for more details.
                                                Annual City Dinner
I left Scotch after Year 10 and completed       After a very successful 2006 dinner the
my schooling in Katherine - so haven’t          Annual Dinner committee have booked               Published by
been in touch with many Scotchies - I’m         the Hyatt as the venue for 2007. The
                                                                                                  Scotch College Old Collegians Association
easy to find if you get to the NT... Travel     opportunity to catch up with fellow Old           Carruth Road, Torrens Park
quite a bit - but still call Katherine home.    Collegians, hear from the President of            South Australia 5062
                                                the Old Collegians Association and the            Telephone: 08 8274 4314
Our daughter Taylor will be boarding at         new Principal, Mr Tim Oughton, will               Facsimile: 08 8274 4346
Scotch in Year 10, 2007.                        occur Friday August 3 2007. Tables can  
                                                be booked with John Forbes (‘90) in the
Todd Leech (‘00)                                Development Office.                               Editorial Committee
After school finished, I studied Arts for two
years at Adelaide Uni before turning my         Back to the Blue & Gold                           John Forbes (‘90)
attention to offshore sailing where I gained    Now becoming the biggest event on the             Anna Robinson (‘98)
my skippers ticket in 2003, while sailing       Old Collegians calendar, the Back to the
throughout Australia, Asia and Europe.          Blue & Gold will be on again next year.           Designed and
Am currently living on the Sunshine Coast       Keep an eye out for the date and ticket
in Queensland, with two semesters of a          details in coming publications. Remember          Produced by
Marketing degree to complete.                   this is a whole community event, not
                                                                                                  Kwik Kopy Printing (Norwood)
Would love to hear from any of my               specifically for Old Collegians, so bring your
old friends, who I have so many great           family, uni friends and work colleagues.          Telephone: (08) 8362 3443
memories of.
Toddy                                                                                             Facsimile: (08) 8362 4024

                      Did you know? The first musical production at Scotch was in 1926 – “H.M.S. Pinofore”
                             – directed by a teacher with the wonderful name of B.O.W. Dryvynsyde.

Straight Scotch                           

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