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north carolina do not call list

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									                                     Roy Cooper
                            North Carolina Attorney General

                            NORTH CAROLINA’S DO NOT CALL LAW

       "North Carolinians should be able to decide who comes into their homes, whether it's through the
       front door or over the telephone line. This new state law gives consumers a chance to enjoy dinner
       again. I commend the legislators who worked hard to let consumers choose whether to receive
       telemarketing calls."

                                                             – Attorney General Roy Cooper

The North Carolina General Assembly, at the urging of Attorney General Cooper, enacted a state Do Not
Call law (NC General Statute 75-100 through 75-105) on July 19, 2003. The Do Not Call law gives
North Carolina residents the freedom to choose whether or not to permit telemarketers to contact them at

Legislators have put in place a law that will protect consumers from unwanted telephone solicitations and
cut down on telemarketing fraud. North Carolina consumers who sign up for the national Do Not Call
Registry, announced last month, will automatically benefit from the state protections. Once a North
Carolina resident puts his or her number on the Registry, telemarketers will be prohibited from calling
that number with a few limited exceptions. The new state law means that North Carolinians who register
will be protected even if rulings in court or changes in regulations dismantle the national Registry. Under
the measure, individual consumers and Cooper’s Consumer Protection Division will have the power to
enforce the law against telemarketers through action in state courts.

   •   The Do Not Call Registry is simple for consumers to use.

       This law ensures that North Carolinians have a free, easy way to put their home or cell phone
       number on a Do Not Call list. All it will take is a few clicks of the mouse or a toll-free call to join
       the national Do Not Call list. Already, as of mid-July, North Carolinians had registered 975,000
       phone numbers on the national Do Not Call list.

   •   North Carolina’s Do Not Call Registry is designed to work with the national Registry to ease
       its administration and simplify telemarketer compliance.

       Under this new law, North Carolina will not need to create, operate and maintain a separate state
       Do Not Call Registry. North Carolina consumers who sign up for the national Registry will
       automatically benefit from the state protections, as well. Because the state Registry uses the
       national Registry, this bill has no fiscal impact on the state in these tough budget times. The bill
       also incorporates effective federal consumer protection standards into North Carolina law to
       protect consumers and provide uniformity for telemarketers.

                 NC Department of Justice PO Box 629 Raleigh, NC 27602-0629 (919) 716-6400

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