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									                    Stairlifts for straight
                    and curved stairs

                                       PTY LTD

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CurvED StAIrS                                    StrAIght StAIrS
Tailored to Your Needs                           Comfort with Control & Safety
We have created a stairlift especially for       With an easy to use swivel seat for stair top
curved stairs, the Solus curved stairlift.       safety, your straight stair Solus makes for
Whatever type of curved staircase you have,      easy and effortless dismounting in complete
Solus’s superb flexibility ensures it will fit   safety.
beautifully.                                     Remote control allows you to call for the
With its advanced engineering and                chair, whether you are at the top or the foot
striking looks with smart leather or woven       of the stairs.
upholstery, the Solus curved stairlift is a      The unique stairlift key, on the control pod,
stunning way to enjoy true one level living      locks your Solus for added safety.
and freedom in your home.                        Special safety sensors come as standard,
                                                 that respond to any stair obstruction,
                                                 bringing your Solus to a safe and gentle stop.
CurvED StAIrS                                      StrAIght StAIrS
Confidence & Convenience                           Elegance & Discretion
Imagine the new lease of life and change of        Your straight stair Sofia blends unique
lifestyle, of one level living in your home. the   classic looks with advanced engineering and
Sofia stairlift can bring you this freedom,        high quality materials to fit effortlessly and
with confidence and convenience.                   beautifully into your home.
A new departure in curved stair style, custom      When not in use, folds flat, leaving a plentiful
designed for you with tailor-made features         space for other stair users. One-step folding,
and options.                                       your Sofia folds and unfolds in one smooth
                                                   gliding motion.
As the world’s leading stairlift manufacturer,
supplier and installer, we are proud to have       The optional Sofia seat belt is easy to fasten.
helped improve the lifestyle of over a quarter     Getting off your Sofia at the bottom of the
of a million people worldwide. Your stairlift is   stairs is easy with the optional two-way
expertly installed with full product support.      automatic swivel feature.
With thoughtful design and sophisticated                             Tailor-made to meet your needs, with smart
technology, the Solus and the Sofia                                  colours and seat fabrics to blend in with your
stairlifts are the ultimate in modern                                home’s décor. With our expert installation
stairlifts for all types of stairs, both                             and full product support, Solus and Sofia
straight and curved design.                                          stairlifts will change your way of life and give
                                                                     you that one-level living experience.

                             Optional rail colours

                                                     COMMON FEAturES
                                                     1. One-step folding                        6. Ergonomically designed chair
                                                     Simply flip up the seat and the arms       Uniquely styled, cushioned back,
                         6                           and footrest simultaneously fold           together with stylish seat for total
2                                                    flat leaving plentiful space for other     comfort.
                                                     stair users.
                                                                                                7. Adjustable arms
                                       8             2. Control pod                             Means your stairlift can be fitted at
                                                     Operated with a light touch, perfect       installation to suit you. Comfortable,
    3                                                for less nimble fingers. The key at        soft-touch arm tops.
                                                     end can be used for locking stairlift.
                1   10                9
                                                                                                8. Seatbelt
                                                     3. Removable link bars                     Optional easy-to-use seatbelt that
                                                     Ensure easy wheelchair transfer.           can be fastened with one hand.
                                                     4. Attractive upholstery                   9. Easy-to-use swivel levers
                                                     Available in leather (Solus only), vinyl   Easy-to-use swivel levers or
                                                     (Sofia) and woven fabrics in a range       optional automatic two-way swivel
                                                     of colours to match your décor.            seat let you get off your stairlift in
                                                                                                the safest position at the top and
                                                     5. Safety edges
        5                      Model shown:                                                     bottom of your stairs.
                               Sofia for             Five safety sensors around the
                               curved stairs         Solus and Sofia base ensure it             10. Seat safety sensors
                                                     stops immediately if it meets an           Ensures your stairlift can’t move
            5                                        obstruction on your stairs.                until you are safely seated.

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