St Therese's Primary School Lakemba Playground Duty Supervision Policy

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					         St Therese’s Primary School Lakemba
         Playground Duty Supervision Policy
We believe that the presence of a teacher in the playground is essential for the safety
and well being of students at play. Duty of care remains with the class teacher until it
is passed onto another teacher or parent/ Guardian. Therefore students are to be
walked to the playground as a class and teachers are to remain with their class until
the teacher on duty arrives and assumes duty of care.

• Teachers will be rostered to supervise areas of the playground according to the
need for effective supervision.
• Supervising teachers will perform their duties actively, moving about the
playground, halting games or activities likely to cause injury to students and
encouraging peaceful resolution of disputes. Teachers must confiscate any dangerous
• Supervising teachers will attend to children’s minor injuries. Any more serious
injury will be referred to the school’s designated first aid officer.
• Parents who may happen to witness any offence in the playground are asked to
speak to the teacher on duty.
• Supervising teachers are to remain “on duty” until all children have been collected
by their class teacher.

A duty roster is prepared at the beginning of each term by the Co-Ordinator. Duties
associated with the roster are as follows:

•   Be punctual for your duty.
•   If unable to attend to a duty due to an excursion or inservice, make arrangements
    to exchange or replace a duty as soon as possible with a colleague teacher. (It is
    recommended that you record arrangements on white communication board for
    quick reference.)
•   Any temporary or permanent changes need to be addressed to the Co-Ordinator .
•   Teachers are asked to remain on duty until relieved.
•   Teachers need to circulate the playground to maximize observation .
•   Teachers are asked to remind students about playground cleanliness and to leave
    their duty with the playground tidy.
•   Designated classes take responsibility for the garbage bins: playground,
    classroom, and administration/staffroom. The Assistant Principal co-ordinates the
    bin patrols in co-operation with the classroom teachers.
•   Serious injuries must be reported in the Accident Book kept in the
•   First Aid will be administered:
                        on the playground (Bum bags containing Band-Aids)
                        in the reception area of the office (by the school secretary.)
•   Classroom / verandah doors MUST be locked at recess and lunch times.
•   During recess and lunch times, no students will be permitted into classrooms,
    library, and hall areas unless supervised by a teacher.
•   Students are restricted from playing in Toilet and Canteen areas . Teachers must
    patrol these areas too.
•   Inappropriate playground behaviour should be reported to the Executive.
•   Students displaying inappropriate behaviour are sent to a time-out area for a
    specified time.
•   NO HAT NO PLAY rule applies to all students. Students without a school hat
    MUST sit in the shaded areas.

Wet Weather Duty:
• An announcement will be made on PA system if Wet Weather Duty is
• During Wet Weather it is expected that each teacher take the opportunity to have
  lunch and a break during the session.
• Supervision of classes is essential during session breaks, however two classes may
  be watched by one teacher.
• ESL and specialist staff may assist with supervision process.
• No child is to be in the rain without a raincoat/umbrella or both.
• Toilet and Canteen access will be monitored by hall duty teacher.( see timetable)
• In the event of wet weather before school, children are to be supervised by teacher
  on duty unless it is deemed necessary for teachers to take children to class.

Morning Duty   : 8.30-8.45am
• All Students to gather on Yerrick Rd Playground ONLY for Supervision.
• Open toilets and breezeway access to Garrong Rd.
• Encourage placement of playground bins.
• Gather students, facing Admin. for morning assembly.
Recess Duty:   10.45-11.15am
• Two playgrounds in use, three teachers supervising.
• Warning Bell to remind students to use toilets and have a drink.
• Final bell to call students to gather outside classroom areas.
Lunch Duty:   1.15-1.25pm
• Classroom/ grade teacher supervises classes eating lunch in designated area.
• All Students must sit during this time.
• Teachers are responsible for verifying the seating area is clean after each session.

•   1.25- 2.05 pm playtime.
•   Two playgrounds in use, three teachers supervising.
•   Bell at 2.00pm indicating time to visit toilets and have a drink.
•   Final bell to call students to gather outside classroom areas.
•   A teacher on duty to ensure no student is left on the playground.
Afternoon Supervision:    3.05-3.20pm
• No play is allowed during this time.
• Students left at school after 3.20pm must be taken to the Administration for an
   Executive member to supervise.
   •   Extra teachers or teacher’s assistants may be rostered on to supervise children
       with special needs.
   •   See class chart “ Playground equipment” for rules concerning balls etc.

Playground consequences

The following steps are to be followed by staff to assist students who are not
managing their behaviour appropriately. Usually the first three steps are all that will
be needed.

   •   Consistent expectations eg. No hat, no play, no out of bounds areas, play
   •   Listen, talk and establish the facts. Have children demonstrate what happened
       and what preceded it. Identify the rule being broken.
   •   Send the student to time-out or stay with the teacher or pick up papers or
       remove equipment.
   •   Alert class teacher to playground misdemeanour and action taken.
   •   Violence or serious incidents go straight to office with blue card ( stored in
       bum bag) – I need to see the Principal or AP.
   •   For particularly violent episodes or for a third playground offence, parents will
       be called.
   •   In some cases a behaviour plan will be developed in consultation with class
       teacher, parents and principal or delegate to determine the possible causes of
       consistently inappropriate behaviour and ways to modify that behaviour.
   •   Extreme disruption or violence may result in immediate suspension for the
       safety of others.
   •   Expulsion according to CEO guidelines.

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