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									Making it Big in Software
Author: Sam Lightstone

Edition: 1

Here's all the information you need to jumpstart your software career: the best ways to get hired, move
up, and blaze your way to the top! The software business has radically changed and this book reveals
today's realities—everything your professors and career counselors never told you. Author Sam
Lightstone has briefed dozens of leading companies and universities on technology careers, trends, and
emerging areas of research in his 20 years of employment at IBM. He currently works on product
strategy and product architecture for one of IBM's top software products and spends a good part of his
professional time recruiting and mentoring software engineers. This book shares all the success lessons
he's powerful insights from 17 of the industry's biggest stars. Want to make it big in
software? Start right here Discover how to... Get your first job in software developmentMaster the
nontechnical skills crucial to your successUnderstand the "sweet science" of software R&D"Work the
org" to move up rapidlySuccessfully manage your time, projects, and lifeAvoid "killer" mistakes that could
destroy your careerMove up to "medium-shot," "big-shot," and finally, "visionary"Even launch your own
winning software company 17 exclusive interviews on software career success with Steve Wozniak, Marc
Benioff, James Gosling, Marissa Mayer, Grady Booch, Mark Russinovich, Linus Torvalds, Bjarne
Stoustrup, Jon Bentley, and many other software legends!

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